View Full Version : "Don't Touch That!" or NPC's in Warhammer Quest

06-12-2011, 05:23
How would you guys treat/run NPC's in WHQ? Event cards? Objectives? DP in Mordheim? All three? I'm really interested in anything like this you've done in the past, or have ideas for in the future!

06-12-2011, 08:54
Well firstly in WHQ there are NPC events, how can we forget that dying dwarf prospector with the portcullis key for example. There is also the knight panther, mysterious stranger, dying orc and so on. This is the easy way and in a regular game very simple to do with event cards.

Then there is the fun way with a figure on the board. We have played rescue missions where you have to find and escourt the NPC out of the dungeon to safety. They had thier own model, weak stats and a move of 3 which helped slow the party down :D

We also had a good one where the PCs were hired to take the son of a noble on an adventure because he was very very keen. Naturally he was a moderate fighter but over enthusiastic and rolled an extra dice in the powerphase for unexpected events (if the wizard also rolled a 1 that meant two events!). Playing him up as a good GM should, the party were ready to kill him themselves by the 5th double encounter.

NPCs are what you make of them and if your running quest to be more like WFRP its very easy to slip them in with models and moderate stats, remember these guys are not heroes.

Good Luck

06-12-2011, 16:38
Thanks BigRob, your version of NPC's were how I've been thinking of them. Something along the lines of "You have been charged with rescuing a terribly whinging fop Burgermeister from the depth of Karak ____." Have a model on the board, give him pathetic stats, and have th option of something like "pull event cards until you get a booby trap" (notice the name of the thread ;)).

07-12-2011, 02:52
I've been having a blast with NPCs. I write them into the story as often as I can as a GM, because then I have this intense cast of characters in the background that I can always draw upon. The warriors may run into an NPC they originally met at some completely different town a year ago, and (s)he becomes an important element in the story. The players then think I'm a genius gamemaster who plans everything out way in advance, when really it was just that particular NPC who fit the needs of the campaign at that moment, so I pulled them up from my old notes.

I'm about to run a scenario where the warriors join in the defense of a town in the Border Princes from a greenskin horde. There will be tons of NPCs as town watch, militia, and some dramatis personae who happen to also be in the area all join in the battle. We have six people in our group right now (5 players plus the GM) and I'm looking for two or maybe even three extra to temporarily join the game for that scenario and control some of the NPCs, because it will make things much more unpredictable and fast-paced (plus easier for me as the GM) as well as tactically interesting. For instance, the commander of the town watch may have very different ideas from the warriors about the most effective way to defend the settlement, leading to some internal strife and possible problems during the battle! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

07-12-2011, 09:28
If you're handling a lot of npc's at once and can't get the players, Nachie, you could simply use the rules for monsters to control them. Just count the warriors as friendly to them, and the monsters as warriors and things should work out fine. You might want to give non soldier npc's the break rule though to represent the fact they won't usually fight to the death.

08-12-2011, 03:19
Oh, absolutely! I almost just want to have real people control them for the sake of making it into a memorable gaming event (7-8 folks at the same table), but if I can't get them then of course I as the GM will control all the NPC's. I'm looking forward to handing the "NPC" players a few index cards with their different motivations and stuff written out though, and seeing how it all plays out.

I do intend to be doing some psychology rules, maybe using break but then again I think the scale of the battle may be too big to use just break as in the roleplay book. I do intend to have leadership tests and fleeing models and the chance to rally like in WHFB, though. Depending on if a warrior is close enough (12" or whatever) to a panic-testing allied group of models, they'll be able to make the leadership test for them (like a general in WHFB), using either their strength, initiative, or willpower characteristic depending on how they describe their efforts to keep the men in line ;)