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07-12-2011, 13:22
Hello folks.
Since there has been a bit of a renewal of interest in WHQ of late I thought I would throw out some feelers about a gathering at Warhammer World. The Inquisitor community manage to have a couple of tournament gatherings a year, so why not one for WHQ?!

I've just spoken to a helpful man on the whw events team who has told me that there should be no problem with whq being played, and he has promised to contact me today with some more details about organising a one day event.

So, who would be interested in attending, and what would you folks want from the day?

07-12-2011, 13:27
Well, I don't live quite close enough to participate, but the fact that you are trying to organize such an event definitely has my sympathy! I sincerely hope you will be able to turn this into a succesful event! Good luck with it and I hope people will be interested.

07-12-2011, 13:52
Looking deeper on the whw website, it seems that if your event needs 5 tables or less there is no fee from whw!

Id be surprised if we needed more tables than that, as a whq game usually has four or more players.

09-12-2011, 14:19
I'm sure they used to have warhammer quest tournaments, I remember seeing something about a winning party in white dwarf years ago.

Five tables of four is 20 players, pretty good for a small tournament.

How are you going to score it?

10-12-2011, 09:40
Well, so far I've no idea what we would do.
If it was run as a tournament then the simplest way would be for everyone to play the same quest with set points for achieving things along the way. Survival, wounds remaining, gold collected et cetera.

I'd much rather have something similar to the Inquisitor conclaves though, with people being scored in secret for painting, sportsmanship, and gm'ing ability. With perhaps a modest prize for the highest scorer.

Although, for me, the main reason to have a WHQ event is to get a few players together for some great games of quest!

24-12-2011, 19:30
as a vet of the Inquisitor Gaming Days, the GT method of having each player score the GM (who inturn scores the players) works well :)
Here's the Inq Grand Tournament Rules pack, which may give some inspiration :)

for WHQuest, i'd recommend:
every player needs to supply 1 hero miniature (& relevant cards etc) from one of the standard released packs (either the 4 in the box or the minis that made it into production like Chaos Warrior; things like Halfling Thief or Bounty Hunter aren't allowed!).

signups would need to be done in advance to pool sets; i'm sure each player coming would be happy to loan out a copy of WHQuest to be used; 1 per 5 players (or so). that persons miniatures, cards etc are used on one table and no swapping bits about; saves mix-ups with pieces.

assign one player per table to be Dungeon Master: roll for monsters, draw event cards etc. Their word is law and can are responsible for keeping the game running.
The remaining players each play their chosen character.
At the end of the game (is an hour and a half long enough for a game of standard Quest?) the GM scores each player on:

Timeliness (did they draw things out? were they prompt in actions?)
Fun (did they play as part of a team? were they ruleslawyering?)
Treasure Hunting (add up gold values from monsters and from Treasure Cards then divide by 10 for this value)
Veteran (how well did they know the rules? combined with a bonus if they survive the dungeon!)

at the end of the game the players each judge the DM:
Fun (while they're out to kill the players, the DM is to make the game enjoyable!)
Control (did they suitable chastise slow / difficult players?)
Veteran (how well do they know WHQuest? bonus for each player character slain :D )

it's a bit of work for whoever is running the Tourney (well, gaming day!) inbetween rounds, but should help encourage fun :D