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19-04-2006, 23:14
thats right.. after going crazy i have decided to build my own fleet for BFG...

i think i will be using the chaos ships as rules as that many lance shots is just too much of an atention draw!

anyway, i have been hacking at plasticard and after a few botched atempts rememebered rabid stoat's light cruiser design


so with abit of playing around, i have come up with 3 basic chasis for my fleet,

they should be fairly obvious which is which [battleship, cruiser and escort]


the cruiser has had the most work put into it so far, and includes various flight decks mounted under the aft wings [i think i have been watching BSG too much, and playing too much homeworld, as i think these designs show!]

here is an underneth shot showing the bays and possible lance locations, [will only be used if the ship has lances! if not wil remain empty...]


the cruiser will not mave that much more work done to it [other than a few basic ditails] as i am planning on taking a mould of it and creating a fleet from there, at least that way i may well have a vaugly unifor fleet!

the most remarcable thing is that due to the angles i have chosen for the wings the standard chaos batteries will fit snigly along the side of the cruiser hull, and thus i will be able to place them above the launch bays, [and fil the bays in] allowing for a goor range of cruiser designs

the two rods of plasticard sticking out the front will be sortened to look like 'lance prodjection points' or 'very large torpedo tubes' depending on the ship..

im also planning a second higher wing on the battleship that will encorporate more bays, [im planning on the carrier battleship] and other nifty stuff!

well C&C apriciated!

20-04-2006, 22:59
ok, i have done some more work, the escort has been filled with milliput and just requires its thrusters making, and whatever i put ontop,

here are 3 more pics of the cruiser with batteries and lances attached
this one shows the position of the redundant fighter bays and the lances, as well as the prow weapons.

obv. the batteries will be flush withthe top if they are used [blame blue tack] and will be slightly moulded into the top plate, but i want something else to go on the top, [that triangle of plasticard is just to see if i like it!]

so if any one has any ideas that are easy to replicate it would be much apriciated!

Inquisitor Konig
20-04-2006, 23:07
looks really great man. what are you going to put ontop?

20-04-2006, 23:14
thats the problem, im not sure...

20-04-2006, 23:31
I'm seeing Star Destroyers. Those are really very cool.

20-04-2006, 23:38
thats the problem, im not sure...
how about launchbays?

21-04-2006, 07:34
if you look at the bottom of the cruiser, when the batteries are not tere ther eis a massed number launch bays... so thats taken care of...

@tom.. i guess they are kinda Star Destroyer esk...

21-04-2006, 09:57
Very nice job atahamas!

I look forward to seeing this completed.