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04-06-2005, 03:25
I'm up in Montreal for a while, any portenters in this great Canadian city?



Lady's Champion
04-06-2005, 14:14
I very much doubt it

Puffin Magician
04-06-2005, 17:18
I very much doubt it
I don't.

I'm pretty sure Tepoc is from Montréal [or close to it], and a city of ~2 million is bound to have a GW crowd. I know there are Portenters from the surrounding area [Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec].

While you're in Montréal, enjoy the many bars and strip clubs, and watch yourself when near any sort of moving vehicle... French-Canadian drivers are terrible. ;)

04-06-2005, 18:06
I don't think he'll be visiting many strip clubs, didn't you say you were 12 in another thread in the wastes?


04-06-2005, 19:50
actually I'm 12...in Martian years. ...or something witty.
i'm 23.

04-06-2005, 20:20
I live in Victoriaville (1.5 hours of road). Very few Portenters come from Québec. I know Moi comes from Sherbrooke (even further) and that's it.

BTW, here are the stores I know:
Carta Magica. I know, the name looks like magic but there are lots of tables to play and they have stuff to sell.
Valet de coeur. Sell most types of games but there's a section about fantasy/40K and the like.

05-06-2005, 02:54
Yeah, I hit up Valet de coeur on St. Dennis often. Crap, so not many portenters there huh? Hmm..

05-06-2005, 15:51
I think Tepoc is from Montreal. He isn't on Portent anymore (well I didn't see him post yet). Maybe Hell's angel, I'm not sure.

That's about it for Montreal :p