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14-12-2011, 07:03
So I took a break on a few years and have finally decided to come back to goodŽol fantasy battle.

Thing is... I don't remember squat! And what I do remember probably ain't worth squat by now!

I got my hands on a fairly large chunk of Empire that I will paint up as Ostermarks following a power mad wannabe lord, that got hold on a piece of wyrdstone from the former capital. With this he is convincing everything and everyone around him to do exactly what he thinks is right :evilgrin:

Now... I was thinking on basing my army around a large block of swordsmen at 40 men, snapped together with 20 halberdiers as detachment. This will be the foundation of the list, backed up by a fairly large unit of great swords, knights and a unit of huntsmen. In the deal I also got hands on a great cannon, steam tank and two unassembled plastic general kits which I will use with spare parts to convert a whole bunch of characters for this army.

The general theme throughout the army will be "all plastic". I have been stuck with Warmachine for a year now... and I'm craving PLASTIC!!!!:D

But now a question:
How wide should I block my infantry models? Have I understood it right that its all about the depths of the regiment that counts in this edition?

14-12-2011, 08:30
But now a question:
How wide should I block my infantry models? Have I understood it right that its all about the depths of the regiment that counts in this edition?

Correct, but it also depends on the type of the unit. Your Swordsmen, for example, are more like a tar-pit unit so they will like to have deep ranks. They won't kill much, but can pin down the enemy, especially if they have more ranks (which means they become Stubborn). Greatswords, on the other hand, hit a lot harder so they might like a wider frontage to get more attacks in.

14-12-2011, 09:02
ahaa, I see (must check the new rulebook out!). So If I have a deeper set of ranks than my oponent, I get stubborn?
What if someone flanks me, do I loose this privilage (due to loosing rank bonus)?
If so, can I easily negate my enemys rank bonus with a countercharging detatchment?

14-12-2011, 09:25
CheeryMan.. Always great to see someone come back to the hobby.

You should really sit down and have a good read in the 8th Edition Rulebook though. Answering those questions of yours are against forum ettitquette anyway (posting official rules etcetera).
But yeah, you get stubborn (or steadfast as its called in this particular case) if your unit is the deepest (strictly counting ranks, unit strength is gone) .
The only way you can lose steadfast is if you're engaged by another unit that's got equal or more ranks - flank/rear doesn't effect this, but it only takes one enemy rank in your flank/rear to lose all 'rank bonus' (called 'disrupted') so yeah those Empire detachments that you have your disposal can definately cash in some extra combat resolution if you buy them big enough (essentially you'll need to have 10 guys remaining at the end of any combat round where you want them to cancel out rank bonus from the enemy unit).

But truly man.. Get the rulebook. Read it. Lot's of stuff have happened in the last few years I can tell you that.

14-12-2011, 13:07
Oh I have the rule book:D I just haven't had time to get a good read through.
Thanks for the answers thou

15-12-2011, 02:50
Welcome back CherryMan!

without breaking rule posting - here are some pointers:

With 8th ed the game has changed in many ways:

1) The game is totally a 'back and forth' game - you might feel your beating the crap out of the enemy for 5 turns to see it all turn around turn 6 - or vice versa be on the losing end and suddenly pull a rabbit out the Warhammer hat and win! Sometimes it's swinging back and forth each round - so either way it keeps you guessing until the end of Turn 6!!!

2) For once the game is not about: I deploy my army in this 12" deployment zone and you do - then we fight. Each game is different as there are SIX missions that can be played with different deployment zones, etc - which is great as it encourages, by default, balanced lists to take on all situations.

3) Magic - much more random and interesting - access to some simply scary spells that oblitarate entire units, but it's very random. Personally find it a lot of fun in my opinion.

4) Models will die...by the handful!!!! Each game sees me with a very small amount of models left alive - and same for the enemy (unless they are undead who raise their losses!).

5) Armies look like armies now!!! With the excellent percentage based system to chosing lists you see a lot of lists out there now!

6) Infantry are the rulers of the tabletop! Thanks to steadfast you can expect the rank and file to hold the line! So for units with little to no combat ability (I'm looking at you State Troopers!) narrow frontage (5-6) and deep as possible. Units that hit hard (actually halberds with Warrior Priest are fantastic for this) I like to see them 10 wide to maximize the damage output!

7) Every list should have at least:

BSB (CRUCIAL in the game, you can't leave home without one, especially for Empire!)
Some kind of Wizard or Warrior Priest
Engineer (thanks to the FAQ they are just so useful with war machines now!)

Big Block of troops - 40-50 big

Anything else you want....!!! (See, told you it was flexible!)

Eitherway welcome back!