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21-04-2006, 00:50
Hello all,

It's been a long while since my last post. I do browse these forums quite frequently though, and it keeps me inspired.

I've been without a workshop for the last year or so but, I just moved and I'm renting a garage. I've been itching to start a new project and I've been collecting materials over the last few months in preparation. I'm doing a Rocky terrain board that I may add some loose terrain pieces to later. I've just completed the base foam sculpting and glued all of the larger pieces to the 2" foam core.

I've taken quite a few pictures but, as usual, most of them were crap. So I'm only posting two...



I'll be filling gaps and covering the outer edges with liquid nails to strengthen and seal the foam. After that I'll move on to the texture and paint phases.

More pics to come...




Quin 242
21-04-2006, 01:07
Looks like it will be a nifty table.

Would like to play on it :)

21-04-2006, 01:19
Wow, that's as detailed as anything we made at the Bunker.:D

Looking forward to the pics.:D

Tech-Priest Foley
21-04-2006, 05:03
You do great work, but just one question. What did you use to cut the foam?

21-04-2006, 05:16
Looks like a good solid start.

Anvils Hammer
21-04-2006, 15:34
looking good so far.

Id watch those cliffs though, you dont want to much impassable terrain around.

can you carve into the base of it? if so, add shallow dried up rivers, craters, scorch marks etc etc.

21-04-2006, 16:53
How about some slight rolling hills (or mounds) in some spots instead of drastic cliff faces? Maybe have a small rock or two poking out. Maybe less than 1/2" in thickness, gradually sanded down smooth to the surface of the blue foam. Might even be able to turn some of those rock-craggs into more flowing hill-sides with a gnarly cliff-face...
just to give it a rolling-rocky feel instead of just rocks scattered about a plain.

21-04-2006, 17:03
I'm using an adjustable box cutter that has been with me for at least 4 years now. I purchase quite a few blades for each project so that I can maintain similar cuts throughout the sculpting process.

The base foam is carvable but nasty. It's like spray insulation they put in attic's, highly compacted and placed betwen two sheets of thick paper. It's super sturdy and lightweight. The perfect substitute for the popular heavy duty wooden frame. I won't be cutting any rivers or craters into this table. I'm hoping to make some loose terrain pieces. Either tau buildings or more imperial structures. I might try to do some alien vegitation or something else but, my creativity is a little low right now...

I always keep a set of miniatures close at hand when building. It allows me to build for gameplay. I like a good balance of passable and impassable terrain on a board. With this table in particular, it's simple. The free formed, terraced cliffs are perfect for developing a surface with multiple diverse playing paths. I hate it when it seems like every other game your moving the same way...

21-04-2006, 17:06
How about some slight rolling hills (or mounds) in some spots instead of drastic cliff faces? Maybe have a small rock or two poking out....

I've sanded the pink foam down in certain areas to try and build the effect your talking about. I'm also going to come back and add boulders and rubble during the texturing phase.


21-04-2006, 18:00
Ooh.....nice base
A tad too much impassable terrain but if set up right it'll be fine.

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
22-04-2006, 17:52
Don't worry about the "too much impassable terrain" posts. If I were to make a board, it would be just like this (but maybe with the aforementioned river going through it).

If I were you, I would keep it as is, maybe add a couple wrecked small buildings here and there, one on top of the rock formations, and then make this a desert terrain board with an oasis in the middle or something of the sort. It would be great for objective games (need...water....very...thirsty...), and just regular all-out warfare, forcing you to adopt new ways of fighting to adapt to the limitid LOS offered.

If you do make this a desert board, may I suggest imposing a rule that vehicles (not equipped with special treads that could cost, say, 20 points a tank, 10 for awalker) have to cut their movement in half because of the loose sand.

01-05-2006, 23:56
Here are some pic's of the table half finished. The quality of the photos isn't the best...

I used fine saw dust and a gravel mix as a base for the texture. I used a polybond wood glue to attach and seal the texturing. I've been using the same $10 container of glue for the tlast two years and it's still going strong. The glue doesn't crack or peal even after a year or two.

The paint I used for this table is a basic mix from my local hardware store based on citadel colours. The base coat is scorched brown. The grey dsrybrushing is codex grey and then fortress grey. The browns are bestial brown and snakebite leather. I should have the table completed by the end of the week...