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31-12-2011, 10:43
Hi everyone,

I've just acquired a copy of warhammer quest and lair of the orc lord in excellent conditions on ebay.
Yesterday, I tried my first 2 games with two friends, and we came across several questions and doubts concerning rules and the way we were playing.

I'll post them all here in this thread as they come, hoping some of you will help me.

1) line of sight (page 15) : does a model see its target if its line of sight passes on the tip of the corner of a wall ?
In the diagram below which of the 4 positions would enable the orc archer (O) to see and shoot at the wizard (W) ? the rulebook says 3 and 4, but then I can't see why position 2 wouldn't work.


2) the elf special rule says that he can't be pinned. Does that mean he can shoot while next to a monster, or does he have to move in a square not adjacent to any monster?

31-12-2011, 11:02
3) How does the snotlings special rule work concerning their special strength ? Does it work only during their immediate attack after being placed, or also in the subsequent monsters' phases?

To say it differently, do they attack separately (hence multiple attacks with no to hit and strength bonuses) or altogether (hence one "boosted" attack) after their immediate attack ?

4) webbed warriors : we were not sure about that, but when reading the giant spiders' card, we were assuming that a webbed warrior couldn't do anything at all (no move, no attack, no shoot, and no spell) ? Were we playing it right?

5) "6 goblin archers" event card : it says on it "before fighting the night goblin archers, take another event card".
When does one draw the new card? Just after placing the archers, or just before the warriors' combat phase ?

31-12-2011, 11:49
These are just our rules so feel free to ignore (plus they are not noob questions as there a few issues that need claryfying with WHQ);

1. In your example above we would allow the Orc to fire at the wizard from square 2 (because he is adjacent to it and could easily see around it) but not from 4, as according to the movement section, such a case is called a blocked diagonal which stops you moving through it. I have been considering suggesting a house rule to allow the archer to shoot but with to hit modifiers but haven't tried it. Definately 3 can see him though.

2. We play he has to be at least 1 square away to fire his bow. Just because he can't be pinned doesn't mean he cannot be attacked!

3. In the subsequent phases as well, but if you kill some of them their strength will go down. Just one big attack against you and then you make seperate attacks against them in return. Any survivors make another big attack against you, etc.

4. We play that the warrior may not move (and therefore not shoot if there are monsters adjacent) but that magic and HTH is fine. Actually, if he can't move he shouldn't be able to do HTH, hmmm...

5. I pick it straight away. The two groups must be working together, so why not attack together in a way that you would want (ie Minotaurs in hth and archers staying back)

31-12-2011, 12:36
Welcome to the family, you've made a sound purchase in WHQ!

My take on these would be......

1. If you can draw a straight line without it passing through walls or other obstacles you may shot. So in your example positions 2,3,and 4 may fire at the wizard.

2. You must be a square or more away from your target to fire a missile weapon at it. You can be stood next to a monster while firing a missile weapon. You may not fire a missile weapon at a monster you are standing next to.

3. As Daemonslave says, the gang up rule applies in every phase. The snotlings will always attack you together.

4. I play it that when you are webbed you may do nothing except attempt to get free. No combat, no magic, no healing, nothing. Other warriors may assist you in escaping but can not feed you potions, provisions, et cetera or use bandages on you. Magic works on you as normal.

5. I draw it as soon as I read it, and place any extra monsters at the same time as the goblins.

31-12-2011, 12:50
[QUOTE=Necanthrope;5997801]Welcome to the family, you've made a sound purchase in WHQ!

I don't know if it was sound when you consider the price I paid for it :cries: It was more of an impulse buy but I knew I wouldn't regret it anyway :D

Thanks to you and demonslave for your inputs.

For the Los problem, I would also say that the orc can fire from 2 to 4 positions, but maybe I'm biased by other games rules or whatever. The thing is that in the rulebook it says that the orc can shoot from position n4 but not position n2, even if it's the same diagonal. That was what troubled me in the first place.
Then again you have the rule for blocked diagonal, but it is in the movement section so I don't know...

I find this game quite challenging, so far I've played only two games, and we failed in both. We were only three players, playing the barbarian, elf and wizard.
I hope to have a third game tomorrow and get better grasp at the rules and fluidify the game.

31-12-2011, 13:13
Well, Quest is known for being very lethal to new parties of warriors. And if you are playing with less than four warriors you are really handicapping yourself. Try with four, or make sure you reduce the numbers of monsters by 25% on the events.

Also, to make the game more survivable....
Make sure the wizard gets the healing hand spell.
Give everyone maximum wounds to start off with.
Consider giving everyone some bandages or provisions before the first game.

31-12-2011, 18:32
I find this game quite challenging, so far I've played only two games, and we failed in both. We were only three players, playing the barbarian, elf and wizard.
I hope to have a third game tomorrow and get better grasp at the rules and fluidify the game.

Welcome to Quest, its one of the better games GW have made.

Firstly as others have answered your questions, I'll just add in that the Elf cannot fire a missile weapon while in base to base contact with another monster. His Break Pinning: Auto simply means that should he wish to attempt to move away from a monster there is no dice roll required, he is still for all other intents and purposes, pinned by that monster. This was delt with in a FAQ in White Dwarf.

Surviving the first few dungeons is hard, your making it harder by only having 3 heroes, the game is balanced for 4 out of the box. Consider making the Dwarf a "floater" (cue sniggering) and everyone takes a turn at playing him alongside thier character, one player has him this adventure, the next player has him next adventure.

Finally consider a few "starter boosters" which IMO make the game more fun for new players. Give the Wizard "Healing Hand" and "Freeze" and any defense spell, those two are the best picks. Give everyone 6 bandages and let everyone start one maximum wounds and power tokens (as if you had rolled a 6).

Happy adventuring!

01-01-2012, 07:17
Thank you all. I'll try the different options you gave me today (4 heroes, bandages and spells)

Stay tuned for new questions!

02-01-2012, 10:56
Hi, I've got some new questions for you !

6) Invisibility ring and targetability : it says the warrior cannot be attacked. how does it interact with the first attack rule in the example below?


Here the dwarf and the elf (wearing the invisibility ring) are attacked by 4 orcs and 2 archers. The warriors don't manage to kill anything. In the subsequent monsters' phase, who the orcs 1 and 2 are going to attack (first attack) ?

7) dragon shield : I think the wording is not very clear about when and how to use it :

- When do you declare you are using the shield ?
- Then when using it, I guess the monsters can attack you, but their attacks don't do damages, right?
- How long does it work? a turn? a monsters' phase? against one and unique attack? against all attacks from the same monster?

8) We played one of the fire chasm (FC) mission. While crossing the bridge, the barbarian missed and rolled a 4 on the FC hazard table. It says that he may lose a piece of equipment or treasure at random. We assumed he could then lose the lantern, which he did :eek: !! So we lost the game, didn't we? Was that right to play like this ? (we had a good laugh anyway:D)

9) The Fire Chasm crossing :


- Since warriors can move diagonally, is it possible for the dwarf to get on the bridge from his actual position ?
- Can the barbarian attack diagonally from his position?
- if you finish your movement on the bridge, you clearly roll a dice. Do you roll again in the next movement phase to finish crossing the bridge?

10) The Fighting Pit :

There are clearly two floors on this board, with a rope to go up or down. How do you work movement, attack, pinning etc... between models that are on the top floor and in the pit?

We played 4 games yesterday, 3 defeats :eyebrows: and a cave-in that forced us to go back and exit the dungeon :p. We had a lot of fun, mainly because we rolled a ******** lot of 1's all the time, and often in the worst moments :D

02-01-2012, 13:25
Again most of these are my interpretation so feel free to ignore.

6, The invisibility ring last for 1 turn, from when you activate it in your own turn until the start of your next turn, during which time you cannot be attacked. In the example given all the Orcs would only attack the Dwarf as they cannot see the Elf - when the ring wears off normal service will resume.

7. I can't seem to find rules for the Dragon Shield, so I can't help you much there, sorry.

8. The warriors should never be able to lose their starting equipment, whether it be through selling them or having them stolen, or like in the example just given. You should pick a treasure card to lose instead.

9. It is another case of a blocked diagonal, except instead of a wall, there is a fiery fall to your death, so no, the Dwarf wouldn't be able to move like that. However, the rules seem to allow attacks in such direction (strange).

Yes, roll each turn you are on the bridge (a good incentive to cross it in one!)

10. Models on different levels cannot attack or be pinned by those on other levels (barring stairs etc). As for movement up and down the rope, we made it cost a warriors entire movement to go up the rope and 2 movement points to go down [these were just house rules though, I don't think there were any specified]

02-01-2012, 13:56
The Dragon shield is one of the treasure cards from the basic game that does not appear in the tables , Daemonslave.

I'd say you can use it whenever you like, as it's only a one use per adventure item. Wait until an attack reduces you to zero wounds would be my advice.

02-01-2012, 15:37
Dragonshield is used at any time during the resoloution of an attack, rather like skills like Endurance. It's easiest to do it after working out damage dealt before subtracting toughness and armour.

Some people might say, "declare after rolling to hit but before rolling damage". This is slightly more realistic but when your fighting for your life (and after about level 4 when you hit the big monsters) you need all the help you can get.

Deamonslaves point 8 is slightly wrong, the warriors can all loose thier basic equipment, that scrool, potion and rope are only good til they are gone then you have to go buy more. The lantern is never lost, ever unless an event specifically targets it (like a snotling nicking it, the wind blowing it out etc). The lantern is as much an idea and sign of leadership as it is a piece of equipment. So he couldn't drop the lantern in the chasm.