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01-01-2012, 07:12
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2011-2012: Month 4 (Dec painting and Jan WIP)

This is the thread where you post what you painted in December.

Please post nothing else for 1 week, and then after the first week of Jan please feel free to comment on the work of others.

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of The Tale of Fantasy Painters, and all Tales for that matter, to help fellow gamers paint their armies by providing them a place to find support and encouragement.

The Tale:

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months.

The way it works is that painting would begin in September and then in the first day or two of October a thread will be put up where you can post what you had done in September (this trend will continue for 12 months). You can include as much information as you wish, but some good things to include along with the picture are: the units, the total points for that month, conversions, highs and lows, plans for next month, and a number between 1 and 6. The number is important because it has to do with feedback.

A week after the initial thread is created you can then (and are encouraged to) add feedback on the work of others. Due to the large number of people who take part in these tales it is suggested that you only comment on those that have the same number as you. Of course if there are ones that really catch your eye, or you are a trooper and want to comment on them all, that is obviously awesome.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys:

Because this is harder than you would think ... As last year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month I have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two categories. 'Men' (painting 200 points/month) and 'Boys' (painting 100 points/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : When can I join in? Does it have to be at the start or can it be any time?
A : Join in any time.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes, but if you can do this time after time then you can probably commit to more. Feel free to sign up multiple times to reflect the amount of work you plan to do (for example sign up for Beastmen X2 and submit 400 points a month, or Beastmen Men + Boy submit 300 points a month).

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example if you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : What do I do when I'm done and the tale isn't over?
A : First thing to do is to include an army shot (everyone loves an army shot) and then it's up to you. Either stay on and paint a model now and then to take part, or start planning for the next tale. If you are really cocky then you can sign up for ANOTHER army is see if you can blitz it in time.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

Q : Can I *insert something here that results in more painting*?
A : A thousand times yes!!!

Q : Can Doi drop out?
A : No he can't.

The Tale So Far:


01-01-2012, 10:40
Ahh - updates time!

I have been a 'busy bunny' in December, and got lots of stuff part-done or finished, aswell as completing some commissions. So here goes:

ARMY: Dwarves - 2000pts (MEN)

UNIT: Dwarf King + Dwarf Queen + Battle Standard

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.

BUILD/CONVERSION: AoW Lord, Citadel BSB. The Queen is a 'Das Schwarze Auge/Dark Eye figure from Ral Partha Europe, with a plastic Citadel axe-head and shield, and GS mohican and toecaps. The stones are provided by nature, and are available from gardens everywhere.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - finishing some rank-and-file (lol).

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR : 565+650 = 1215

DICE ROLL : 6, but I'll try and comment on as many entries as I can!

The King


The Queen - and this is her in a good mood!

Battle Standard. I love the taunting sculpt.

Group Shot

I would have got more done, but I spent a load of time finishing these guys:

Bugman's Rangers (very nearly finished) and Miners (finally finished!)

Yep - the Miners from last year's tale finally got highlighted and based, and the Bugman's Brewers (from before last year's tale even) are right on the verge of completion. So that's 43 Dwarves, and 0 points towards my ToFP 2011-12 (grumble).

Anyway, I have plenty of stuff to get on with - the plan now is to finish the other 3 characters, the Hammerer Command, and Stone Throwers (hoorah!).

01-01-2012, 10:53
ARMY: Gnomes (Empire proxy) - 1000pts (BOYS)

UNIT: 5 Pony Riders (Knights)

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too. The Gnomes/Empire thing is basically an excuse to find a use for old-school figures like wizards, spearmen, archers, and all sorts.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Vanilla GW. 80s LOTR Gimli and Frodo (yes, a hobbit, I know), and 2 pre-slotta Dwarves and a Gnome.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - finishing some rank-and-file (lol).

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR : 250+115 = 365

DICE ROLL : 6, but I'll try and comment on as many entries as I can!

More pony riders


The massed horde of Gnomish/Dwarven/Hobbit-ty doom! :D

The Gnomes are coming on very well. I have only one more batch of pony riders (6 or 7) to do after this, aswell as figuring out how to make a different standard, musician, and Champion. I don't really want to convert the underlying models, but I'm happy to add bits with GS etc.

I've also got to get a mounted Cleric done, and another character (maybe a dismounted Cleric or Wizard) done too. Then a unit of crossbows awaits.

As for the Chaos and Ren/Imperial Dwarves, they are comnig along more slowly. But they are coming along - I promise!

I'll post WIP shots in a few days' time.

01-01-2012, 11:37
ARMY: Ogre Kingdoms

UNIT: 1 Stonehorn

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight of the box, but the rider was assembled in a way that will hopefully allow me to let him pass either as a Hunter or as a normal ogre.

HIGHS & LOWS: I thought it was a very bright idea to undercoat the whole thing in brown and I still think that saved me a ton of time. Regrettably it still cost me a ton of time to paint him anyway. For once I am happy that I wear glasses or otherwise I'd have put my eye out several times with either the tail or a horn.


TOTAL POINTS: 1087 --> Finished!
Originally my plan was to upgrade my Ogres to 2000 points, since I still have a few things lying around, but since I'm struggling with my Dark Elves I want to focus my attention on them. I'll see how it goes and should I finally find my stride with the Druchii the Ogres may make a comeback.


I tried taking an army shot, but all the pictures came out blurry. I'll try again over the next few days and maybe I'll even set up the complete army painted over the last 16 months.

As for my Dark Elves:

But I hope that I can buy back a joker this month.

colonel kane trine
01-01-2012, 15:22
Firstly happy new year to everyone!

Heres the last entry for my tomb kings for a while as im working on my chaos ogre army now.

I have enjoyed the tomb kings and will come back to them eventually

Points for this month

Tomb prince-150 points
37 archers full command-252

Tomb kings total for the month-402 points!

I have enjoyed painting the legions of king raseptra but for the time being they are back in there tomb!
I do want to add more ushabti carrion and 2 warsphinx to the army sometime this year

colonel kane trine
01-01-2012, 16:33
Heres my chaos alliance entry!
I got alot of new things over xmas and ended up with 5k of beastmen to be getting on with!

Gronts army has had many reinforcements flocking to his banner. Beastlord Graktar one horn has pledged his herds to Gront in return for the alliance returning to the old forests and bringing down khazrak. The alliance is currently encamped near the glowing crater above the worlds edge mountains. Mutants, beasts and insane wizards are joining up with the horde bringing new power to the armies. Ogre mercenaries and sell swords are also flocking to the army boosting the ogre horde
Braugh fangtaker the masterhunter of Gronts army has returned from the big hunt. He brings captured beasts of the mountains aswell as foul beasts of chaos.
The unit of hunter maneaters that went with him are still hunting beasts in the mountains.
Its only a matter of time until the amassed horde surges down into the empire.
After all the ogres have to eat...

I managed to complete the following this month
9 ogres f/c if-318 points
Hunter braugh fangtaker blood vulture stonehorn beastkiller name-410 points
Thundertusk-250 points

Wargor festus gorewound great weapon heavy armour talisman of preservation-138 points
5 gor ahw-40 points

Chaos alliance point total- 1156 points

I really enjoyed my painting this month! Not very often I get to do huge centrepiece models so it was a nice change!

My ogres/beasts will be my main focus now as the army isnt far off 12k!

Next up is more gor,2 spawn and a razorgor aswell as some minos if I get the chance!

colonel kane trine
01-01-2012, 16:52
Forgot to get a picture of festus gorehound!

He is technically a human but I eventually want him to lead my mutant rabble horde.

Also please edit my entry to say chaos alliance
And tomb kings as finished
I will add to them sometime but not anytime soon

The pink splodge on the nurgle lords axe haft has been corrected and the ogres all have the same colour base edges now :-)

01-01-2012, 17:48
Army: The High House of Chains, 2400pts of Druchii
Monthly Target: 240 pts
This Months Total: 306pts
Jokers Used: 0

Completed: 6 Dark Riders with crossbows and Herald, L2 Dark Sorceress with Seal of Ghrond

Background: The ill-favoured 4th Wing of the Household Cavalry find themselves thrust into action alongside their comrades, much to their chagrin. The eager Herald Silryia Baneth attempts to instil some much needed discipline amongst the 4th, but many count her days as numbered.

By contrast the fortunes of Nether Damoskien, Adept of the Andii Convent, seem to be ever-upward. The sorceress has pledged her service to the House and many have fallen for her captivating looks and sensuous allure. Her current paramour, Euron Tyr, shows much promise and Nether is more than willing to fan the flames of his ambition. However, her own lust for power knows no limits and she has set her eyes upon the position of Consort to the High House of Chains.

Conversion work: The Dark Riders are a mix of Glade Riders, Warriors and Corsairs, pretty simple to be fair. Nether is possibly the simplest conversion in the army, just a handswap with the Archon. The mini is just too beautiful to mess around with too much.

Highs: Getting the last of the Dark Riders done and by extension most of my basic core choices, for now at least. Nether also turned out really well, very happy with her skin tone in the end.

Lows: I really don't like painting horses. Luckily, I don't have to paint any more.

Next months WiP: Probably a chariot or two and the first rank of 6 converted Black Guard.

Dice Roll: 3.

And the pics.....

4th Wing, Household Cavalry

Nether Damoskien

As ever, more pics and expanded background can be found in my plog. Cheers guys.

01-01-2012, 23:55
Army: The Red Reapers(3000pts High Elves)
Monthly Target: 400pts
This Months Total: Idk lol I didn't count >.> I Think about 700
Jokers Used: 0

Completed: 7 Swordmasters,5 White Lions,3 Shadow Warriors,2 Bolt Throwers,Korhil, Reaver knight Leader
Background: The Reapers are quite the odd bunch of Elves. They are the ones who normally attend to the Old world Empire aid. They mainly stay aboard the vessels of the High Elves Recon Fleets. Having a main force of Seaguard and archers. The forces are posed to strike hard and strike deep. With the Seaguard and Archers supporting the main infantry push. While the Bolt Throwers support from the shoreline or the Fleet itself when landing on the beach. If needed the Bolt Throwers can be Hauled inland by the Crews. Accompaning the Reapers are The Mages Cathar the White and Tytion the Red. The two are brothers in the expedtions and are always present at major battles supporting the Reapers in all there endevors. For a short Durration Korhil and a detachment of White Lions were assigned to the Reapers to help clear out a Druchii encampment in the Old world.

Conversion work: Not much just a sword swap on the Reaver. Mounting the Bolt Throwers on there own bases.

Highs: Getting the Bolt Throwers done

Lows: I hate painting Horses and I still have a ton to go XD

Next months WiP: 10 Seaguard out of the 50 block that I have.

Dice Roll: 4.

And the pics.....


A semi group shot!


The Man himself Korhil


The rank of White Lions


Command for the Swordmasters


Swordmasters Rank

Shadow Warrior 1

Shadow Warrior 2


Shadow Warrior Leader

http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w79/Spartan-11755/High%20Elves/100_0009.jpg Group shot


One of the Bolt Throwers

02-01-2012, 11:04
JOKER for me, sorry, wasn't at home at all this month ! I hope to make up for it in this month

02-01-2012, 13:49
Hi all,

Joker for me for this month please, A'rok near completion, easily finished by end of Jan for next submission window and then to finish the giant :)

02-01-2012, 13:58
Army - Ogres (Mens) / WOC (Boys)

Dice Roll - 1

Points this month - 300pts

Units - 4 Mournfang Cavarly

Highs - Good to see the army coming along and loking forward to using them soon
Lows - didnt make any progress on my WOC as finishing off my space marine army, so playing my first joker for them:cries:

Sorry about the poor light weather was crap :confused:
http://img542.imageshack.us/img542/41/001zzd.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/542/001zzd.jpg/)
http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/5337/003lok.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/26/003lok.jpg/)
http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/5908/004ie.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/100/004ie.jpg/)
http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/3633/002fn.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/407/002fn.jpg/)

02-01-2012, 14:24
Ok im in!

Goal: 2500 points of orcs

IN the ques for January: 5 savage orcs and three river trolls!

02-01-2012, 14:35
So can we start January yet? I'd like to be down for 200 in savage orcs!

Start anything you want. All you hav to do is post pictures to be officially in :)

02-01-2012, 14:37
Malorian's Dec Painting

Units: Savage orc warboss w/ flying carpet and 3 fanatics

Points: 278

Highs: Finally getting something painted, and finally doing the Super-Orc that I had wanted to do for a long time now.

Lows: The low model count is shameful...


I have 18 trolls still only half done so it would be good to finally kill them off, but then again I also picked up some monsters for Christmas...

02-01-2012, 17:19
ARMY: Ogre Kingdoms

UNIT: 5 Iron Guts (two in the photo were previously built)

BUILD/CONVERSION:Mostly bog standard iron guts, but one of them was made using bits from the mornfang box. I think he turned out quite well. I'm going to use this snow on all the bases eventually

HIGHS & LOWS: Solid models, and most of the unit is finished. I couldn't be more happy. The only low is pic quality. These pics were taken with my wifes cell phone, and loose some of the more interesting highlights......


TOTAL POINTS:832+210=1042




02-01-2012, 20:06
Army: at least 1000 pts Expansion of Tomb Kings

Total Points for the Month: Screaming Skull Catapult 90 pts

Total Points for the Tale: 945 pts

Conversions: none

Highs and Lows: What a pain to assemble, will have to do a base.

Plans for Next Month: Hope to do the 10 TG with halberd and/ or casket.

Dice Roll: 4, but I try to do everyone again..


02-01-2012, 21:14
Put me down for a Joker for November. Here's December's entry:

Army: Skaven

Unit: Screaming Bell. Straight out of the box, no conversion work. This thing took me longer than I thought it would, hence my lack of entry last month.

Points: 440 (240 for the Seer, 200 for the bell)

Total: 675

03-01-2012, 00:24
Army: Men's Wood Elves

Total Points for the Month: Three units consisting of Eight Dryads each for 288 points.

Total Points for the Tale: 1040

Highs and Lows: These guys took a while for me to assemble and paint, but I really like the end result.

Plans for Next Month: I haven't decided, as I've been derailed a bit by the Jabbersclythe, Ghorgon, Cygor, and some models for an upcoming Pathfinder game I'm running.

Dice Roll: 3

The Dryads


and the army so far:


03-01-2012, 13:09
Made it!

Army: Empire

Total Points for the Month: 90

Total Points for the Tale: 200 pts

Conversions: none

Highs: I have a horde!
Lows: None!

Plans for Next Month: More halflings!

Dice Roll: 1


The horde unit:

And sorry for being a pain, but I want back in on my Tomb Kings!

Army: Tomb Kings

Total Points for the Month: 166 (sphinx without riders) + 16 (skeleton warrior champion) = 182

Total Points for the Tale: 328pts

Conversions: none

Highs: I have a sphinx!
Lows: None!

Plans for Next Month: Not sure yet

Dice Roll: 1

Sphinx (without riders)

Skeleton Warrior Champ, Mr. Hamrdinharjad, crazed ex-woodcutter. His ambition is bigger than his axe...
Mr. Hamrdinharjad: "C'mere, ye little runt!"

03-01-2012, 16:36
I am having trouble with my camera, will take pics as soon as possible! :O

If it takes too long, i will grab a Joker but buy back later, but should be worked out soon.


03-01-2012, 19:31
Hey you all,

don't kick me out of the game just yet... after two months of not delivering anything the pressure is now on. Also, I've set a date for a game with Gargobot, which gives me a nice incentive to keep on painting on those skellies, especially since I'm well short on infantry for going up against his Empire army...

Anyway, my productions and WIP's:


And the now completely finished:


03-01-2012, 19:41
This is completely finished as well (not a good pic): my second screaming skull catapult:

And this lad is completely done as well:

And finally this one:


Army: Tomb Kings

Points for the Month 1: Warsphinx - 210
Points for the Month 2: -, but lots in WIP
Points for the Month 3: -, but more WIP

Total Points for the Month 4: SSC - 90, Settra - 475, Tomb Prince on foot - 100

Total Points for the Tale: 875pts

Conversions: none

Highs: --
I've got Settra, and he is a joy to paint, a pain in the ass to enemies on the board and one of the best models GW has!!!
--Ow yeah, I also cannot wait to use the Warsphinx in the battle. Can I see hands up for those in favour of Garbobat being forbidden to aim cannon at my sphinx in the next battle in honour of the time and dedication spent in painting it?!?

--Lack of progress over the last couple of months in terms of actually finishing models. Low amount of models finished, though high in points. I need more core...

Future plans:
--letīs get busy on some skellies. Inf. & monstrous inf. this month, cav. + other inf. after that. Then: EXPANSION!!!

Dice roll?

Great horned owl
03-01-2012, 19:42

ARMY: 1000 points High Elves

BACKGROUND: This army defends the kingdom Avelorn, in the north of Ulthuan. After centuries of fighting many elves have died. Especially in the province Avelorn on the border with Nagarythe. The remaining elves mourn for their dead brothers and sisters.

UNIT: Swordmasters, 14 warriors, including standard bearer, musician and Bladelord (champion). The 15th warrior will be Eltharion. I will paint him later this year.
These 14 swordmasters are a total of 212 points. I only have time for 100 points each month, so I will finish them in January.

For now I will post a picture of the green stuffed banner and the empty bases. These are temple bases from from Micro Art Studios.
Most people know that the swordmasters are the defenders of the white tower of Hoeth in Saphery. It is not widely known that there also was a smaller tower in Avelorn. This white tower was a part of the castle of Alarielle, the Everqueen. During the wars between the high elves and the dark elves this tower was destroyed. But the brave swordmasters still defend their homeland and especially their mages.

Low: I hoped that I had time to finish the total unit during the Christmas holiday.
High: I had a pleasant holiday and my brother helped me green stuffing the banner.

POINTS: 212 in 2 months, so 106 points this month




(Swordmasters protected by invisibility spell)

04-01-2012, 11:33
Army: The Stormbreaker Tribe [2000 Points Ogre Kingdoms]

Unit: Brag Stormhand, Bearer of the Trophy Rack [Bruiser Battle Standard Bearer]

Build/Conversion: Out of the box. Great miniature, didn't need any conversion. I thought of giving him the Tyrant's hammer instead of his club, but given that the Tyrant weapon is metal, I didn't expect it to hold properly...)

Still to do: Nothing. Should've looked for miscasts/bubbles more carefully before painting though.

Highs: Awesome miniature. Heaps of incredible detail like the phial below the gutplate, the gutplate itself and the dragon's "whiskers" on the Cathayian Longsword! Tried to paint with less rust this time to show his better equipment, especially on the Longsword, which I tried to appear mastercrafted.

Lows: Finecast. :( As stated above, I thought I checked for bubbles. After priming the right tusk of the gutplate splitted halfway through (you can see in the third picture), and on painting the skin I "discovered" quite a few minor bubbles on the skin. The trigger of the pistol is just not there on my mini (did only see it when directly compared to the studio version), the muzzle is halfway gone because of a bubble (though I "fixed" it by painting it rusty...looks like the weapon misfired once) and the top of the trophy rack has some bubbles as well. I didn't gave it back because I moved to my study place one day after receiving it and GW said they could only replace it by sending it in. Most stuff is barely visible anyways, but it taught me to not blindly buying all shiny new miniatures...

Points: 130 (Bruiser with BSB Upgrade)
Together with the 993 from the last months that makes a total of 1123!

Dice roll: 5

Actual Pictures:
http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/2187/golgfagfront2.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/441/golgfagfront2.jpg/)

http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/5927/golgfagleft1.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/golgfagleft1.jpg/)

http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/6970/golgfagright1.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/263/golgfagright1.jpg/)

http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/2336/golgfagback1.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/818/golgfagback1.jpg/)

Next month: See for yourself...:) (Note: He looks approx. 257 times better in person than this picture might suggest)

http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/1126/ettinfront.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/225/ettinfront.jpg/)

I totally forgot to comment in December, so I will try to comment on everyone this month!

05-01-2012, 00:46
Army - The Nuffle Irregulars (2000 pts. Dwarves) Working on a Blood in the Badlands campaign and thought that'd be nice incentive to get working on these guys.

Background - A floating castle soared over the Blood Bowl pitch and 300 fans took off after it. After crushing the opposing team, naturally!

Unit - 12 crossbowdwarves

Build/Conversion - Just a lot of cleaning up. These guys arrived secondhand in what my better half is calling "The Setback of 2011" and are 12 out of probably 300 old metal dwarves of all shapes and sizes.

Still to Do - One of them is magically missing his basing material. Sigh.

Highs - The old metal dwarves are some of my favorites - so much character and just a blast to paint and work with. One of them will have a purple beard, I promise!

Lows - None. Well, my usual basing technique is a bit fiddly since they're so low to the ground.

Points - 110

Dice Roll - 3

Picture -

05-01-2012, 00:48
Army - 2000 points Demons of Chaos

Unit - 10 horrors of Tzeentch

Build/conversion - Straight out of the box, though they did go together like a dream. I'll give that to GW, the days of my trying to get Epic gargants together are long since behind me.

Still To Do - Just got another ten to get through.

Highs - They're finished!

Lows - This was the most difficult unit I've ever worked with in the Fantasy range, as far as painting went. I've never had any luck with pink and somehow the irregularity of the models was very difficult for me to overcome in any meaningful fashion.

Points - 120

Picture -


05-01-2012, 15:48
Hi folks,

After checking the FAQ, it seems I am able to join late. For whatever reason, i assumed all year-long projects started in January, silly me.

I am working on completely (re)building and painting a Vampire Counts army and will be aiming at over 200 points per month to catch up.

Army: Isolde's lament
Monthly Target: 300 points for January. With a new book arriving on the 14th, I can't estimate very well yet.
This Months Total: None to date!
Jokers Used: 0, assuming I get a fresh start.

Completed: I've done 10 Ghouls 'to date', which were painted at the start of January, so this is my WIP post.

Background: Isolde is the late wife of the fallen knight, Loren Soth. This army follows the woeful tale of Lord Soth's fight against other supernatural forces and his baleful wife, the banshee Isolde Denissa.

Conversion work: Nothing yet, just a mixture of 2nd gen and Heresy ghouls.

Highs: Eager to get started!

Lows: Got a lot to catch up on.

Next months WiP: I plan to do more Ghouls, a Necromancer, possibly a Terrorgheist and definitely the FW wight BSB.

Dice Roll: 4

And the pics.....
http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/395115_10151125712770177_862500176_22377320_677589 511_n.jpg

05-01-2012, 18:32
Army - High Elves

Points target per month - 200

Painted this month - 255

Models painted - 15 white lions with full command

Notes - Really happy with how these guys turned out. I hadnt been happy with last few posts for whatever reason, but it seems im back more to the standard of my seaguard (1st unit i did for this army) and that has given me new inspiration after slowing down in what should have been a busy month for me.
Getting a new puppy 3 weeks ago has also wreaked havoc with my painting time!:cries:

Jokers - 0

Dice roll - 5

Hoping to finally get some time to comment on everyones elses excellent work!

Heres what ive been up to..............





05-01-2012, 21:31


UNIT: A pack of two salamanders and another single salamander to join the one i did last month.


BUILD/CONVERSION: Still experimenting with the temple road effect.

HIGHS: I really like the brightness of the sallies, normally I tone down my minis alot but I may go back and highlight them up a bit. I painted the skinks crests to match their charges, pleased with how it turned out.

LOWS: The washes didnt come out exactly how i wanted but look OK and i was hoping to get something else done to up my points.

NEXT MONTH: Lots of skinks and maybe terradons.

EDIT: Whoop! I made page 2! Oh and sorry about the bad pictures the bulb in this room is truely terrible, its one of those energy saving ones - i got it free off some new-age hippy going door door.

colonel kane trine
05-01-2012, 21:53
Heres my wip
Im working on 10 gor 2 spawn and a razorgor

Im also going to try to fit in the 1st 3 of my 16 strong minotaur unit.

Quick question what paint should I use as a highlight over vermin brown with a devlan mud wash?

05-01-2012, 22:22
Table added thanks to Braad.

05-01-2012, 22:32
Army: Nippon (Empire), Boys.
Model(s): Warrior Priest
Points: ~130
Conversion: None, it's straight out of the pack from okko. Note that the left arm is supposed to be missing.
Highs and Lows: Had lots of fun painting this guy, but he's not quite done.
Still to do: The base, the legs, and the sword/scabbard. I've decided to do snow and ice bases for the army, but I'm going to do them in a big batch later.

Total points so far: ~260



06-01-2012, 10:17
Hi, I have finished my month 3 painting. I will post pictures and what I am painting next month, which will be quite silimar, later on today. Pictures are taken but I forgot to pick my camera and my book up when I left the house this morning DOH!


06-01-2012, 12:44
ARMY: Warriors of chaos

UNIT: Sorc lord of tzeench on disk



STILL TO DO: Highlight the disk, paint the rider.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - Finally got something to post here, Low its not finnished

POINTS: 155 (half of 310 for the sorc lord)

Sorry for the poor photo on this one, makes the flames on the back look alot flatter then they are but will get a better photo once its done.

Also WIP on some chaos warriors :)

Fabius Bile
06-01-2012, 12:59
Army - 2000pts+ Ogre Kingdoms

Points so far - 633pts

Unit - Thundertusk

Points - 125 pts (half points as I will take two months to complete)

Highs/Lows - just built and done some conversion work this month, as well as putting together a scenic base

Dice Roll - 5


Now where did I put my Chaos Black spray?

06-01-2012, 21:24
This month hasn't been too fruitful modelling wise. I have been too busy with christmas and getting married which was fun!

Anyhow I do have a submission for this month although it is a bit of a cop out and didn't take too long!

Army-Vampire Counts

Entry This Month- 3 bases of spirit hosts 195 points

Total Points painted - 1125

Highs- At least I got something done.

Lows- Motivation is waning on the Vamps and getting severly tempted by my first love the greenskins. Getting shiney new savage orcs for christmas not helping!

Dice roll 4



Really rubbish shot of all done for tale so far.


Zark the Damned
06-01-2012, 22:15
Zark's Averland Dogs of War expansion Month 4

Roll: 5

Mengil's Manflayers, expanded to 10 models

Points: 355pts

Total: 1241 + 355 = 1596pts

Bog standard Manflayers from the kit. The crossbow heads were kind of fiddly to attach. Am not 100% happy with how they turned out so may go back and redo some details.

OK, I think it's time to get in with another big unit. Probably the Militia or some Handgunners (Crossbowmen), or maybe Long Drong's slayers.


06-01-2012, 23:05
Firstly, apologies for not commenting on last months entries. Barley had any time to paint or compute over the Christmas period, but I mean to comment on both threads soon.

ARMY: The Sons of the Mountain, 2000 point Ogre Kingdoms Army

UNIT: Ogre Butcher (Scibor Ogre Slaughterer)

HIGHS: Nice fun model to paint, the texture on the skin is fantastic. I also really love the expression on the face of the guy in the sack.

LOWS: The blood. I’m O.K with the colour, but not the actual shape of it. I messed up the initial application and, in trying to fix it, it just spread and spread. :wtf: When I can face it I’ll redo the apron and try again. :)



NEXT MONTH: 4 Lead belchers (90% done) and a Warhammer Forge Ettin.



07-01-2012, 14:47
Army: DoC (boys)

Unit: 1 (one) Flamer

Lows: Really should have stripped the flamers before painting them, they've seen so much paint that the faces are losing detail. Please bear in mind that the goal for this army is tabletop standard.

Points: 35

Points total: 402

Dice roll: 3



07-01-2012, 22:52
ARMY: Dwarfs of Barak Varr

UNIT: 29 Dwarf Warriors and a Cannon

HIGHS: Finishing them. After the final few brushstrokes everything comes together and then they suddenly look awesome instead of..bleh!

LOWS: Took much more time than i thought! Lots of details and being all neat and fine really takes time.

POINTS: 376p


NEXT MONTH: Longbeards and a Organ Gun is up.

Here is a armyshot, its not big, but a small army!

And here is the warriors with the Runesmith that usually sits in there. He is not finished but almost.

And here is another cannon. I got one of the plastic ones from Skullpass but hell.. i will NEVER paint that one. Tooooo ugly. Look like a Disney-cannon.

And a close up of the Warriors.

Well.. that is that. Onward to more dwarfs!


08-01-2012, 10:04
@ kaos

Very nice! Like the choice of colours, and excellently painted!

Nice cohesive looking army!

Keep it up!

08-01-2012, 10:14
Hi Guys! Love your work, here are my comments for this month:

Page 1

@ Purplebeard: Fantastic work as always. The BSB is breathtaking!
@ EmperorNorton: I like most of the Stonehorn, only the fur is a “I don`t really know”!
@ colonel kane trine: a gigantic, never ending and hyperproductive story.
@ JackDaw: Cool work as always, only thing that I don`t really like from an aesthetic point of view is tha pale white .ss in a G-String.
@ GuardsmenHawke: they are nice,, hope your customer knows how lucky he is.
@ daismith906: the shivering Ogres, the group pics will be great!
@ Malorian: SuperOrc is a burner, lol.
@ Confessor_Atol: Nice addition, the rust effect is cool.
@ JohnnyG: solid one, it is bad that this model comes with such a small base. With a little more room one could work wonders with it.
@ Tekore: Lovely dryads. Please one thing. Take the group pics from further away. Most times you have to downsize them, so taking the pic from furthr away would get all the models sharp.
@ juicytomatoes: the horde is looking cool.

Page 2

@ grhino: Sphinx is cool even if I had preferred teeth and nails a little whiter, Settra is great , the rest seems to be coming along cool.
@ Great horned owl: The banner can be very nice, can`t wait to see it finished.
@ Morkash: looking great. Love the weathered look.
@ doomscape: the dwarfs are lovely, lovely, lovely! The horrors.. not my taste.
@ Whitehorn: that is a nice contribution, well done.
@ gogs78: cool as always. Great work.
@ MOMUS: that is progress, the color scheme is really …… interesting!

WIP @ colonel kane trine: definitely a slight drybrush with bleached bone or dheneb stone.

@ Arduhn: The blonde isn`t really convincing, what did you do?
@ reddevil18: Can`t say much with these pics.
@ Fabius Bile: looks great, wan`t to see paint on it.
@ Roostmanuva: That is fine sculpting, well done.
@ Zark the Damned: a nice addition to your other troops.
@ Laborious: Meat Loaf! That is why I haven`t heard from him!
@ Gargobot: and it is real nice tabletop standard.

Page 3

@ Kaos: Coming from you they are Kaos-Dwarfs? Looking really good, I am impressed.

Seems i am well on my way to finish boys category at half time. For second half i will do Chaos Dwarfs, hope somewhere between boys and mens, more depending on the money for those Warhammer Forge Minis then on painting.

08-01-2012, 12:57
Hi, this month painted 10 Plague Monks and 15 Slaves (musician).

Points = 102

Total for Army = 5414

Dice roll 4

Highs: Nice and easy to paint. Nice to see the proportion of painted plague monk increasing. Just over half the unit and the plague furnace finished.

Lows: 85 more slaves in that unit.

This month exactly the same, 10 Plague Monks and 15 Slaves (100 pt).

Pictures of months painting



Other Skaven from army are in my plog, link is below.


08-01-2012, 17:03
Army : High Elves
Bacground: A detachment of High Elves in Lustria.

Category : Boyz

Points so far: 112 pts

December's painting :

1 Griffon: 200 points

TOTAL : 512/1000 pts (Edit: I believe this means I've bought back my Joker?)


HIGHS : Doing the final highlights on the feathers. I was happy how this turned out, I was really worried about the bright colors, and I think I at least got what I was aiming for with this griffon.

LOWS : Finding the Griffon is missing a digit. Probably broke off and went missing in one of the two moves I’ve had to make in the last year. Eventually I’ll attempt to greenstuff a new one.

NEXT TO DO : Time to do some Core units. I’ll do some Seaguard to bulk out a unit I have which predates the tale. I’m also optimistic that the weather will cooperate and I can base all the completed models so far.








09-01-2012, 02:43
Hi guys!

Sadly, the holidays were not at all good for my painting.


I'll rev up my efforts for this month and decide afterwards whether to continue in the mens category or step down to the boys league.

Everything looks great, btw! Will comment on each work in a bit.


09-01-2012, 02:46
Comments time!

Purplebeard: Nice work on the characters. The army shot looks great! The gnomes are very quaint.
EmperorNorton: The grass clumps are a brilliant way to create the variation on the base and beast itself. Fantastic work!
colonel kane trine: Wow... last entry for tomb kings! And you got so much of the ogres and chaos alliance done as well... You are the paint train!
JackDaw: The Dark Riders look superb!
GuardsmenHawke: That's some good painting all round. I especially like the Shadow Warriors.
daismith906: Those mournfang cavalry look fantastic! The contrast of the ogre skin color and the mournfangs' white is very pleasing to the eye.
Malorian: I love that flying superOrc!
Confessor_Atol: The conversion is indeed looking great! Nice painting and I must say, the snow on the bases look very realistic. Well done!
DAGabriel: Wow, you really made the SSC look really good.
JohnnyG: Great work on the bell! Don't fret about the time you took for it, it was really well worth the time.
Tekore: Fantastic work on the bases there. Your units really have that forest atmosphere to it. Love it!

grhino: Everything looks good, even in WIP! Keep going. I'm looking forward to seeing the final paintjobs.
Great horned owl: Haha! Invisibility cloaks. Gotta get me one of those. Great painting on the bases.
Morkash: Nice painting on your Bruiser BSB. I feel your pain on the finecast. I've got a few models suffering from the bubbles as well. The 2-headed giant looks great! Can't wait to see him painted up.
doomscape: I loooove those dwarfs! Such a characterful army... Give us an army shot sometime soon. As for the horrors, for something you found difficult to paint, you did it rather well there. Pat on the back for you!
Whitehorn: Love the color scheme you've got there for the ghouls. I find your background story quite intriguing. If you've got the time, keep adding more as you post up your ToFP entries!
gogs78: Beautiful, beautiful painting going on there. The white lions look very good!
MOMUS: I do agree with you that the handlers' crests tie in nicely with the sallies. Great work!
Arduhn: Nice fleshtone and the painting on his hair (is that his hair?) is blended nicely. If I may ask, why is his left arm missing?
reddevil18: Those look promising. Will be looking out for them in next month's entry then!
Fabius Bile: That's some lovely gs work there. Should look fabulous all painted up.
Roostmanuva: Very atmospheric feel to the army there. Don't go over to the dark (green?) side just yet! I'm really loving how your army looks. And the new book will be out soon. Stick with it!
Zark the Damned: Dogs of War! Which set of rules will you be using for them? Do they fit into 8th well?
Laborious: The model looks disgusting (I mean that in a good way!) and your paintjob brings out the odious-ness of it very well. I wouldn't want to be the guy in the sack!
Gargobot: The lost detail is not apparent, which is testament to the quality of painting you've done. TT quality? That's like my best painting, mate!

09-01-2012, 04:53
@juicytomatoes - I believe it's straw, not hair. That's how I painted it anyway. The model was sculpted missing a left arm, I assume there's a back story to him in the Okko game, but I don't know it. My back story though is that he lost his arm when he was infected by nurgle's rot, and his life was saved by a priest. Since that day he has devoted himself to religion, becoming a priest himself, and mastering the art of fighting with only one arm.

In this link you can maybe see the straw that's on the other guy's head.

09-01-2012, 05:38
Hi everyone! Comments:

Page 1
Purplebeard: The King looks very menacing! I wouldn't make fun of his purple beard anytime soon!
EmperorNorton: Gorgeous picture. And the mini looks so crisp and clean!
colonel kane trine: Wow, did you clean out your FLGS' inventory?? Amazing painting speed!
JackDaw: Great job on converting a 40k mini into fantasy. I wish you showed us a group shot, I bet it's impressive.
GuardsmenHawke: I like your background fluff. And the red / orange untraditional colour scheme suits them well.
daismith906: Very clean work! Keep it up man!
Malorian: Super Orc is super! Glad to see you back to painting Mr. Malorian.
Confessor_Atol: I love the unihorned helmet! Nice ogres.
DAGabriel: Clean work. I like the way you paint bone.
JohnnyG: Nice brass bell.
Tekore: Love your progress with the army! And your painting skill seems to have improved a lot! Great looking dryads and amazing bases!
juicytomatoes: You have a spikey horde! And they look great! Unique colour on the Sphinx. I love it.

Page 2
grhino: I love the green accents on your Sphinx. Clean and crisp paint job. It'll look awesome on the battlefield.
Great horned owl: Curse you invisibility shield!! Bases are looking great though!
Morkash: Sad reading about your experience with Finecast. Awesome looking two-headed giant!
doomscape: Love the Dwarfs!! They remind me of classic fairy tale dwraves! Horrors are nice.
Whitehorn: Welcome aboard!
gogs78: Stunning unit as always. Definitely my one of my fave armies to follow.
MOMUS: I like how the stand-in Sallies look like they're made out of lava. Makes sense.
Arduhn: Interesting start. Can't wait to see the rest of the army!
reddevil18: I love alternative colour schemes and your army is is no exception! Blue, white and gold on an evil army is fun!
Fabius Bile: Your Thundertusk has a date with Warseer next month. hehehe
Roostmanuva: haha nice quick paint job! Wish I had units I can do that on. haha
Zark the Damned: Grouch Marx eyebrows! Will you do it for the whole army?? hehehe
Laborious: That's an interesting sculpt.. I think the blood looks ok.. Just add a few smaller splatters and you're good.
Gargobot: Flawless. Never saw those details before!

Page 3
Kaos: Colour scheme is beautiful! The army shot is just brilliant. My eyes are dancing, trying to focus on so many interesting points! Excellent job. Too bad you hate on the BfSP cannon! Hmpft!! :p
wreiro: Nice rats.
iamjack42; Love the parrot colour scheme on your gryphon!

Goat of Yuggoth
09-01-2012, 11:13
Hullo there! Last two months have been a real pain in the backside, so apologies for not posting here. The truth is, I've not been able to paint that much at all, due to a slavering schedule in school and the recent fractures in my wrist and thumb.

I'm not saying that I'm a quitter. I'm having an Iron Painter night next weekend, and my goal is a legal 500pts army for the vampires. All painted during that night.

But I might hold off showing them to you until I get my hands on the new army book, as I'm not totally sure of the points costs and thingamagickies that I might include in the posse.

Until then, congratulations to every single one of you painters, I sure hope that my thumb can hold a brush properly in a week :D See you soon!


09-01-2012, 19:55
So kind of a lame post from me but wanted to make sure I got something up so I didn't fall behind or drop out

ARMY: Nurgle themed Ogre Kingdoms army

UNITS: 3 Bulls, 4 Ironguts and 2 Mourngang

HIGHS: Is good to get a decent amount built and I'm looking forward to painting them. Quite happy with the 'puker' bellower replacement which I think fits my Nurgle theme well.

LOWS: They're not painted..... I was away for over 10 days over Christmas/New Year and since I got back the weather has been crap so I haven't even managed to get them sprayed. On the plus point I think I will be able to get them all painted by next month, the Ironguts and the Mournfang riders are mostly metal and my metal recipe is pretty easy so fingers crossed for a giant catch up post in February!

STILL TO DO: Need to do the bases on the Ironguts that aren't the resin ones I have and also on the Mournfangs. Also need to do some converting on the MC to make them fit the Nurgle theme. Planning on making the fur matted and the bald bits to look like skin peeling back.

POINTS: Umm, lots!


NEXT MONTH: This stuff, but with paint on...

10-01-2012, 09:32
@ MOMUS: that is progress, the color scheme is really …… interesting!

Thanks Gabriel, it came about after having a discussion about dangerous animal colours and the dilophosaurus in the novel jurassic park. :)
Nice work on the skull catapult, i would really like to see some chaos dwarves from you, mantic has some sculpts (not as nice as FW). But mostly i want to see you paint something up as the kadai destroyer.

MOMUS: I do agree with you that the handlers' crests tie in nicely with the sallies. Great work!

Cheers mate, im trying to give each unit a different crest so they have some variance.
I love the purple on the sphinx! Are you going to do more constructs in the same scheme?

MOMUS: I like how the stand-in Sallies look like they're made out of lava. Makes sense.

Hah! That did cross my mind after i had put down the brush, they do have flaming attacks......

@Jonahmaul. Finally somone else rolled a two! Nice work on the 'puker', what colour scheme are you going to have?

@gogs78. I was a bit sad to post after something as brilliant as those white lions, the purple gives them a real 'regal' feel and the fur is great.

@iamjack42. Wowowowow. I really like the colours on this griffon, i would love to play against it with my lizzies.

I managed to get my skink priest done and i would feel bad about keeping it until next month, so im adding it to this months -it will also keep the pressure on to get more stuff painted. I was going to do the lizzard 'slit' eye but as he is a wizard i liked the glowing effect.

Skink priest with cube, 95pts, total for this month: 320pts

10-01-2012, 10:21
January WIP :

3 squigs and 2 shamans (orc and night goblin)
The pics are early wip and bad quality. As you can see, 2 squigs are painted in the classic red scheme, the third one is a try on wet blending technique and the colour scheme comes from a picture in an old army book (2 editions before the actual one).

Morglum Necksnapper
10-01-2012, 15:20
Amazing armies are allready forming in the Tale. I see some fantastic stuff here. I will try to add comments later.

Here is another snotling pumpwagon for my 'snotling army.

Points = 75 (A gigantic spider with howdah, It has shooting hairs (counts as giant exploding spores, ignore armour saves), are spiders after all (counts as flappa's, ignore difficult terrain) and Long Limbs (counts as outrigga, 4d6 move)

Total for Army = 510 points

W.i.p for january is another pumpwagon. :-)




10-01-2012, 22:05
Alright, comments time. I should be able to post my work in the next couple of days, just been lacking time to take pics.

Page 1:

@Purplebeard: More awesome stuff mate! That AOW sculpt is nice, and you've done a great job on the pony riders too.

@Emperor Norton: Great stonehorn, it's bloody huge all right.

@colonel kane trine: Nice skellies man, well done getting them all done. The chaos and ogres are looking good man.

@JackDaw: Great looking Delves mate, I still think the way you've done the skin is really good.

@GuardsmenHawke: The elves are looking good in red, well done.

@daismith906: You're right, the pics are pretty dark. The fur on the mournfangs looks good man.

@Malorian: Hehe... is it a doom diver? Is it a wyvern...No it's super shaman!

@Confessor_Atol: Nice ogres, I like the snow on their bases.

@DAGabriel: Great catapult, the bone's superb.

@JohnnyG: Well done mate, that's a big kit to paint.

@Tekore: Nice dryads, they're a relly nice kit.

@juicytomatoes: Those halflings look awesome man! Nice sphinx too.

Page 2:

@grhino: More nice tomb kings, good work man.

@Great horned owl: Looks good so far man.

@Morkash: Pretty good man, skin looks like it could do with a wash maybe though.

@doomscape: Fantastic painting man, I've taken to putting a purplebearded dwarf in some of my units too. Just a little homage to Purplebeard himself.

@Whitehorn: Grubby ghouls man, I like.

@gogs78: Nice clean white lions mate. Very nice indeed.

@MOMUS: Nice use of the old cold ones mate. Great idea, they're painted nice too.

@Arduhn: Looks really good man.

@reddevil18: Will be good to see them finished.

@Fabius Bile: Looks good so far, am looking forward to seeing some paint on it.

@Roostmanuva: Spirits look great man, nice scheme.

@Zark the Damned: Looking good.

@Laborious: Nice painting mate, love the tied up fulla on his back.

@Gargobot: It looks good man, very nice scheme.

Page 3:

@Kaos: Awesome Dwarfs mate! Fantastic work.

@weiro: Good looking skaven.

@iamjack42: Nice macaw/griffon, it looks really cool man.

@Morglum Necksnapper: Awesome spider mate!

11-01-2012, 12:57
Comments HO!

Page 1
PurpleBeard - It takes a look for me to like Dwarves but dammit sir you've managed it. The AoW lord especially is great - the bright blues and purples are a great contrast to the metallics. Its a great looking Throng (not thong...)

The gnomes are also coming along very nicely.

EmperorNorton - Beatiful looking Stonehorn mate, really nice. The deep grey of the stone and the gleaming blue gems are a highlight for me.

CKT - no sign of slowing then? ;) Tomb Kings are looking good mate, as are the Ogres. Nice work on the nurgle champ.

GuardsmenHawke - Always nice to see a Korhil painted up - for soem reason he's a favourite High Elf model of mine but I'm not sure why. Good stuff all round

Daismith906 - Still cranking out quality Ogres. There's a nice muted finish to them, even with the blue skin.

Malorian - Not much to say really, Super-Orc is full of win. You now must produce a Justice League of Mork (or Gork) though.

Confessor Atol - Great work, i like the warmth of the skin and trousers against the snow bases

DAGabriel - kudos for persevering with the build, it is a little fether to assemble. Nice paintjob as well.

JohnnyG - nice work on the Bell, looking forward to seeing more.

Tekore - nice natural looking finish to the Dryads, looks really good.

Juicytomatoes - Great stuff, nippon halflings are always welcome. The unit doesnt clash with itself, which is great considering the range of colours in there. Good work. The sphinx is looking good so far, the purple is a nice touch against the gold.

Page 2
Grhino - The Sphinx is very nice mate, very nice indeed. Looking forward to seeing more. Settra has a quality finish to him as well.

Great Horned Owl - Bases look good, nice GS on the banner.

Morkash - Nice work on Golgfag fella, pity to hear about your finecast woes though

Doomscape - Those classic crossbow-dwarves look great, loads of character to them. The Horrors are looking good as well, any issues you had painting them don't come across

Whitehorn - Great start on the Ghouls, these models are much much nicer than the plastics. The skintone you created makes me think they'd feel slimy and oozy to the touch. Yum.

Gogs78 - Gorgeous looking White Lions fella, really really nice. I like the use of purple as the accent colour.

Momus - Those are some bright-ass salamanders - they look great ;)

Arduhn - another great japanese inspired mini, your paint-scheme fits him really well.

Reddevil18 - Can't really tell much from the pics sadly but it's interesting to see a brighter scheme on WoC.

Fabius Bile - looking forward to seeing this painted up.

Rootsmanuva - I love your ethereal/ghostly paint technique, it looks great.

Zark the Damned - nice to see some Manflayers painted up, the skin looks good.

Laborious - that Butcher is awesome, model and paintjob both. The stained apron is a nice touch.

Gargobot - really nice work on the Flamer, the foot-mouths (?) are especially good.

Page 3
Kaos - there's something about your style that is almost cartoon like, in a good way. The army shots look really nice, as does the bright orange on the Slayers.

Wrerio - nice work, the rusted weapons look great.

Iamjack42 - First I was :wtf:, then I was :D. The Macaw-Griffon looks great and is really well painted.

Jonahmaul - finally! ;) Hurry up and get them painted you bum.

Azhagmorglum - nice work so far, the blended squig is especially good.

Morglum Necksnapper - more awesome conversions, the whole thing looks great.

Cool, that seems to be everyone so far. Thanks to everyone who's commented on my stuff so far, as always your comments are very much appreciated. I'll pop a post up in a bit showing my Jan WiPs so far.

Cheers all!

11-01-2012, 19:05
PurpleBeard - nice models! The lord looks great!
EmperorNorton - impressive stonehorn (then again, its so big: how could it not be?)
CKT - nice tomb kings - i love tomb kings. Your production rate is crazy btw!
Jackdaw: amazing models! Love your painting style and the atttention to detail~!
GuardsmenHawke - fine look HE's
Daismith906 - blue ogres work! Look very icy, and scary!
Malorian - he's going all the way on that slam!
Confessor Atol - nice ogres...
DAGabriel - love the way you painted the bone! clean and crisp!
JohnnyG - I want a bigger picture suitable for such a great model and what looks like a great paint job!
Tekore - can't see the woods because of all the trees. They look good though!
Juicytomatoes - love the model - nice paint job!
Great Horned Owl - promising...
Morkash - can't wait to see that two-headed giant painted!
Doomscape - love the dwarves!
Whitehorn - nice ones.
Gogs78 - your HE army and painting makes mine look like a poor job...
Momus - those are some unconventional salamanders..
Arduhn - scary stuff, that unit!
Reddevil18 - WIP... wonder how they'll turn out!
Fabius Bile - nice one!!!
Rootsmanuva - Great looking models! Love 'em!
Zark the Damned - not sure I'm digging the bright yellow, but otherwise fine paint job.
Laborious - funny looking Butcher, and I mean that in a good way!
Gargobot - your tabletop standard puts the rest of us to shame.
Kaos - Old school colours look the best of Dwarves (of Empire, failing dwarves). They look great!
Wrerio - great looking skaven - not enough of those in these pages.
Iamjack42 - Love the parrot-like griffon. Very fantasy!!
Morglum Necksnapper - nice diorama-like spider you got there!

11-01-2012, 22:15
I would like to join up? How? (now I feel like such a newbie ha...)

12-01-2012, 11:29
Hey everyone

Just a couple of WiP pics from me for Jan's panting batch - these are the first 6 Black Guard conversions and the unit champion:


The 6 Guard have actually been started now, the metalwork is done along with the first 3 cloaks. Slow going sadly, iI just don't know where the painting time has gone so far this month. At the moment, if I can get these 6 and the champion done, it totals about 136pts. I'll try and get a few more assembled and painted to hit the requisite 200pts, or cave and paint up the accompanying Dreadlady (though that feels a little like cheating...):


Once completed, these fine fellows will be know as The Obsidian Wardens, Favoured of the Serpent. I'll get some pics up as painting progresses.

Cheers all :)

12-01-2012, 17:50
@ jackdaw

I know how you feel, im going to be struggling for time this month so may have to throw in a character but its all good! Something is better than nothing!

Nice conversions, never thought of that for blackguard!

colonel kane trine
12-01-2012, 20:56
@purplebeard-loving that king! awesome base too! that standard bearer is great love the banner. Those gnomes are very characteful
@emperornorton-love that stonehorn its good how you made it so he can pass as a normal rider or a hunter
@jackdaw-always love your things and that use of lelith is amazing! love it
@guardsmanhawke-really nice looking force there i love that scheme!
@daismith906-how do you do the metals? i really like the mournfangs you did
@malorian-loving the superman orc! its a well done humourous figure!
@confessor_atol-always like your ogres they are looking amazing as usual
@dagabriel-nice looking catapult there! love the blues your are going with
@johnnyg-the bell is a beast to paint so good going with that! its great
@tekore-its coming together nicely! love the army shot and the dryads
@juicytomatoes-those figures are so damn unique and its cool to see them forming a unit

page 2
@grhino-good looking skellies from what i can see! good to see them building up! that sphinx is gorgeous
@great horned owl-nice bases and standard will be good to see them done
@morkash-looking good1 im hoping to get golgfag myself and he looks quite daunting to paint! wheres the giant from?
@doomscape-i love those old school dwarfs and your paint scheme is gorgeous! also really like the horrors
@whitehorn-those old school ghouls are way better than the new style ones! love the scheme your going with
@gogs78-those are great! loving the purple plumes on them
@momus-nice idea to use the cold ones as salamanders! nice bright schemes too
@arduhn-nice characterful model you have there :)
@reddevil18-definately need clearer pictures of those mate
@fabius bile-love the change you made to that thundertusk the converted head looks way better
@roostmanuva-how did you paint the ghostly robes on those? they look great
@zark the damned-i love that unit! nice banner too
@laborious-that fatty is awesome! love the skin
@gargobot-nice flamers there! love the purple on them

page 3
@kaos-you have a very nice looking force there! love the bluey turqouise on them
@wreiro-looking good! persevere with the huge unit and you will be rewarded :)
@iamjack42-love the parrot wyvern its amazing and very unique!
@jonahmaul-love the puking ogre! nice nurgly theming there
@morglum necksnapper-love the spider wagon!

13-01-2012, 19:24
So...wash is drying, why not comment? :)

Page 1:
Braad: Just needs an extra mention. Thanks for the tables you provide each and every month! Good job!
Purplebeard: Nice heroes, especially love the king. Awesome sculpt and you did it justice! Beard and Horns look very good. Nice group shot as well, it will look great once finished!
Gnomes are also cute, you really finished alot this month!
EmperorNorton: Good paintjob, very clean and crisp work. I like that (and consistently fail to achieve it myself :p) and the base looks fine as well, nice break from the usual snowy Ogre bases!
colonel kane trine: TK: Hehe, again such a massive unit. Good job! The TK army looks huge already!
colonel kane trine: Ogres/WoC/BM: Great job on the big beasties! I also like your metals, looks really used. I find it amazing what you can get done every month!
JackDaw: Oh, one of my favourites in this year's tale. I like the Dark Rider conversion alot, they look pretty elite with more armour than usual. The contrast between rider and horse is great as well! Oh, and Nether came out fantastically!
GuardsmenHawke: Nice work, the red is a nice change to the usual High Elves colours...keep it up!
daismith906: The Mournfangs came out great! Metal, skin, fur...everything looks out neat and well finished!
Malorian: :D The Super Orc made me grin for half a minute! I'd love to see the troll horde, even more from the master of hordes himself!
Confessor_Atol: Very lovely Ogres. The skin looks great, as does the rust. Very authentic!
DAGabriel: I know how you feel. The catapult is harsh to assemble. But it turned out well! I like the bright bone colour!
JohnnyG: Good work on one of the best minis GW has done until today. You don't have to be ashamed that it took two month, it paid off!
Tekore: Woa, lots of Dryads! And good looking ones! Very authentic work on the wood colour.
juicytomatoes: One cannot dislike halflings, and the horde lookscertainly impressive! Also love the skeleton champ, bit o' background is always welcome!

Page 2:

grhino: Great Warsphinx! You really took care of the details on the elaborate armour, very lovely.
Great horned owl: Thanks! I wish you the best as well! The banner looks nice, I'm anxious to see the Swordmaster with such a beauty waving over them!
doomscape: Oh, lovely, lovely Marauder dwarves. Just for using those miniatures, you'd get a 11/10 rating. :) And with such a good looking paintjob as well! Keep 'em coming!
Whitehorn: Nice start, I like these ghouls more than the current ones. More the creepy humans they are supposed to be. Good job!
gogs78: Neat looking White Lions. One can really see the effort you put into them!
MOMUS: I think the temple road comes along good, as do the bright colours. The same thing also tends to happen to my minis...I paint them, find them too bright and tone them down...often too much. Skink priest is also nice, keep it up!
Arduhn: Great mini, the armour and hair turned out particularly well.
reddevil18: Good WIP's. Golden Armour on warriors will certainly look interesting once done!
Fabius Bile: Well executed conversion on the Thundertusk. It looks better this way! The base also turned out very good.
Roostmanuva: Rubbish shot? It's better than the photos I manage to provide... :D Great paintjob on the Spirit hosts, flagellants are the perfect miniatures for those!
Zark the Damned: Hehe, I remember assembling the crossbows a few years back...I fully understand you. But the Manflayers are fantastic in game, at least they were in 7th. Funny that you also use Handgunners as crossbowmen. I did the same, muttering something along the lines of Tilean Light Musket...;)
Laborious: A nice Slaughtermaster, and the expression on the man's face is very well executed. Good job!
Gargobot: Boo! Flamers! Lame! Nah, fun aside, he looks great. I find it very difficult to achieve this multicoloured effect, yours looks very good.

Page 3:

Kaos: Fantastic army. The turquoise looks so strikingly different, yet it is very effective. You really created a coherent colour scheme. Keep it up! I do not like the BfSP cannon either, better get another one of those old ones. Looks way better!
wreiro: Impressive to paint 25 minis in a month! And I particularly like your rust. It looks very, very realistic and good!
iamjack42: Ooh, a parrot griffon; now that's what I call innovative! Turned out really good and will be a great eyecatcher!
Jonahmaul: Combining my two favourite armies? Cannot be bad. I like the vomit on the musician (right there you see that I'm an disciple of Nurgle, I gues...:shifty:), it is a nice idea.
azhagmorglum: I love the pale squig! I know which one you used as reference and you really did it justice! Great job!
Morglum Necksnapper: Your army theme is just great, so much effort in your conversions. Very lovely!

Comments on comments:
DAGabriel: Thanks!
juicytomatoes: Many thanks, I hope I can do the giant some justice!
Saulot: I'm currently working on a Firebelly as well, he is a better Finecast. So not everything is bad! Hope I can finish (or start...to begin with) the Giant until next month.
perplexiti: Jup, I know! I'm still looking for a way to improve the skin, I'm not happy with it either. Trying to follow dreadboi's great tutorial (http://www.ogrestronghold.com/forum/index.php?topic=20747.0), but his keeps looking better than mine!
JackDaw: Many thanks! There will be better casts as well, so someone else has more fun with his...:)
grhino: I hope I have something to show you next month then!
colonel kane trine: Nah, don't be afraid of Golgfag. He is a beautiful miniature and you can certainly do him justice!

Edit: The giant is actually this miniature, Warhammer Forge's Curs'd Ettin: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/New_Stuff/CURSD-ETTIN.html

So, that's it for this month. I try to improve my Ogre skin painting, see you soon!

13-01-2012, 21:56
@purple beard- I always enjoy your dwarfs, and I really like the extra height on your lord

@Emp Norton-Love the stonehorn, It makes me want to paint mine. The brown looks great, and the rider with all the bone trophies turned out really nice.

@Colonel Kane Trine- Fantastic output as usual Col.! I like the effect youíre getting on the bone, but the sand bases seem to be lacking somethingÖ Your ogres, however are looking aces high! Very good stuff.

@Jack Daw- I think its time for an army shot buddy. Love the darkies as always! Fantastic armor.

@gardsmenHawke- Nice high elves, good choice of color! Non-painted sand on bases makes me sad for some reasonÖ. Might be a personal problem.

@daismith-Love the Mornfangs! The blue skin and the white of the snow and the cat look great and really contrast well.

@Malorian- Woohoo Super Orc! Itís a bird, Itís a plane, No! Itís super orc!

@Confessor_Atol- back to work sucka! Keep painting!

@DAGabriel- I really like the starkness your bone color utilizes. Very
bleached, very natural!

@Jonny G- Nice bell there buddy. Some more detail shots would be great

@Tekore- Great Dryads, I love the color and the basing.

@Juicytomatoes-That is a hoard of halflings, halfíaíhord of mini samurai.
Striking paint job for the number youíve put down on the table. Great work!

@grhino- Great sphinx I really like the grey tone youíve accomplished. The tomb guard on the back turned out exceptional as well.

@great horned owl- I like how the banner is turning out!

@Morkash- Iíve been wanting to buy that model, but I have an irrational fear of finecast currently. I like what youíve done with it.

@doomscape-Great dwarfs, clean paint nice colors, good basing, not much else to say. The horrors are looking ace too!

@Whitehorn- like the olíschool ghouls! The skin-tone is interesting. Finish your basing!:)

@gogs78-Fantastic white lions. Really some of the best Iíve seen on the net. Great everything! The blue and green on the banner clash just slightly with the unitís colors. Iím just being nit picky thoughÖ..you should be very happy with that unit

@Momus-Great use of old models. Very bright and very bold!

@Ardun-Iím not sure what it is, but I like it. Canít wait to see the rest of the army!

and I'm out of steam.....

colonel kane trine
13-01-2012, 23:56
I think that eventually I will go back to my tomb kings and do something to the bases. Not quite sure what but I will!
For the time being though the tomb kings are finished.

14-01-2012, 06:02
Dawi : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: 16 Thunderers with Standard and Musician.


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion, these are of course mostly the BfSP Thunderers, although I've added the last edition metal Standard and Musician because I had them sitting around anyways.

PAINTING: For the metal, chainmail, with a badab black wash then a chainmail drybrush, For the skin, Tallern flesh with an ogryn flesh wash and a dwarf flesh drybrush. The gold was gryphonne sepia over chainmail and the same yellow as the rest of my throng. And the standard bearer has a leviathan purple beard.

BASING: Was done the same as the rest of the Dawi.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Well the low is the BfSP stuff, it's just not very inspiring. The old metals are great though.





Next month: I’m not sure, maybe some more ranged support.

And no post this month for my Lizards, with the big frog done last month I don't really need to post anything for them this time round.

colonel kane trine
14-01-2012, 08:45
Really liking the unified look of those thunderers! Nice unit size too!

Woo 1000th post

14-01-2012, 11:16
@juicytomatoes - I believe it's straw, not hair.
Sorry about that. No fault of your own though, I think the model doesn't show the straw very clearly, at least not in the shot.

Cheers mate, im trying to give each unit a different crest so they have some variance.
I love the purple on the sphinx! Are you going to do more constructs in the same scheme?

That's a great way to tell apart each unit, Yes, I am going to paint more constructs in the same scheme. I actually do already have some which I did in the previous ToFP.

And thanks to all, for your kind comments.

14-01-2012, 16:10
Ok comments time, page 1 today, will try and get more pages done asap

Purplebeard - Really great looking models, bases are very good for making them stand out in the army, which also looks great so far
EmperorNorton - I like to Stonehorn, rider does pass for rider or hunter, that's alot of painting for one month, I'm still struggling to get my spider done in 2-3 months. Hope you get some more Ogres done as they look good.
colonel kane trine - that's alot of skeletons! Can see why you'd want to have a break from them, Chaos Ogres - that's a serious amount of painting for one month! Where do you find the time? They look really good
Jackdaw - Great looking DE again, I do like this theme alot
GuardsmenHawke - Blue banners looks good on the Swordmasters and red looks good on the other units
daismith906 - I'm officially naming your army my favourite to keep an eye on from this years tale, the blue (As I've said b4) just works so well with the snow theme on the Ogres.
Malorian - Model count is fine, SO brought a large smile to my face
Confessor_Atol - Pic quality is quite good, can see alot of the highlighting detail which is really good. The raised bases and snow is especially cool - and must certainly helpo ranking them up!
DAGabriel - Really great looking SSC, how do you paint the bones?
JonnyG - Great looking SB, the bell in particular is great
Tekore - Now this really wants me to start a WE army! Really cool looking extra deatil to bases, mossy growth,etc
juicytomatoes - Haha! Very interesting halflings, I like them :)

15-01-2012, 00:35
Page 1:

Purplebeard: That (The King) is the meanest looking dwarf Iíve ever seen! Itís a great model anyway, but the model colour palette really brings out the best in him. All Dwarves should have purple beards tbh. The pony riders are great, fantastic old sculpts, and I love the fluff youíve come up with.

Emperor Norton: Cracking looking stonehorn, the riders skin and the stonehorns themselves look particularly good. Whilst I like the fur and the base, they do blend together a bit too well for my liking. Are they that similar in the flesh, or is it the photograph?

Colonel kane trine: Ridiculous output, as usual, and some really nice looking work. The stonehorn looks great, but I think that nurgle champion is the best thing youíve posted yet. The skin looks positively revolting!

Jackdaw: I so love these guys. The conversions may be simple, but they work really well, and the more I see of your work the more I love the bone coloured armour youíve chosen. This army will look immense on the tabletop/display cabinet.

GuardsmenHawke: Lovely looking elves. The white lions and sword masters are wonderful, but Iím surprised by how good the shadow warriors look. Iíve never been overly fond on the sculpts before, but yours look brilliant.

Daismith: Fantastic mournfangs. That fur is fabulous. Works really well with the blue skin.

Malorian: Hehe, great conversion. Run some devlan mud over those ball-and-chains though, far too clean.

Confessor Atol: Excellent stuff, as usual. The rusty iron is first class and I think the snow really improves what was already some pretty damn good basing.

Dagabriel: Apologies, for some reason my browser is refusing to open more than the top half of your picture. :( All I can see is the vulture, a face and a claw. Whatís there looks nice though.

JohnnyG: Nice work. The metalwork all looks gorgeous, and the warpfire looks great too.

Tekore: really beautiful Dryads, obviously you can only do a very simple colour scheme with the models, but yours look fabulous. Very nice background btw.

Juicytomatoes: You truly must have the patience of a saint! Please keep going, as these guys are so, so beautiful. Pink sphinx?!? Madness! Show me more! :)

Page 2:

Grhino: Superb work, the bone and metal is well done, and I really like that youíve gone for a simple grey stone colour for the ďfleshĒ of the sphinx, the psychedelic marbled effect Eavy metal chose, whilst impressive, is far too busy for my liking. Much prefer your take on it.

Great Horned owl: Great looking banner. Canít wait to see it painted and with itís unit.

Morkash: I feel your pain. Caused me no end of trouble with my yhettees. Iíve made a mental note in future to give any finecast models a rough dry brush once theyíve been undercoated to highlight any flaws before I discover them midway through bloody painting! Nice job though, despite your problems. Santa brought you an ettin for Christmas too, did he? I look forward to seeing yours painted up.

Doomscape: I love retro dwarves. Theyíre just so full of character and they just cry out for the kind of vibrant, cartoony painting style GW used to use. Really enjoyable to look at. The horrors look wonderful too.

Whiterun: Welcome to the tale! Great looking ghouls, really icky skin!

Gogs: Lovely unit, great looking fur, nice choice of spot colour, very well based. Looks great when taken as a whole. Donít worry about the puppy, since we got our choc lab 6 months ago Iíve found Iíve made more time for painting actually. Itís been quite pleasant this winter sat in front of the fire working on my ogres with the little fella snoring on the sofa beside me.

Momus: I really like the orange/yellow skin on the salamanders, you can almost feel the heat coming off the screen! The black looks very flat though, hopefully itís just the picture.

Arduhn: Nice sculpt. The armour looks great, and I think a white base will really make the model pop.

Reddevil18: Sorry, really canít make anything out. :( Iím liking the gold armour on the warriors though. :)

Fabius Bile: looking good so far. Nice base.

Roostmanuva: Congrats on your nuptials! I do like your ghostly stuff, simple but very effective.

Zark the damned: Nice work. The skin (both types) looks great, not too keen on the purple weapon hafts though. Couple of the bases need their edges redoing as well.

Gargobot: beautiful painting. Would like to see a little bit of a transition between the pink and the purple, but apart from that great.

Page 3:

Kaos: Wonderful, wonderful army. I love the choice of turquoise, looks fantastic.

Wreiro: Nice skaven, good job on the rust.

Iamjack: Absolutely stunning. Really brave to paint the eagle in that vibrant a palette, but it works perfectly.

Jonahmaul: Looking forward to seeing some colour on them.

Azhagmorglum: Ooh, that third squig looks stunning. Really nice blending, and a great colour scheme.

Morglum necksnapper: Iíve always loved pump wagons, especially insane converted pumpwagons. I now ESPECIALLY love YOUR insane converted pumpwagons. :D

Page 4:

Perplexti: great looking unit. Love the yellow and tan scheme, metal looks good. Bases are a bit bland though.

15-01-2012, 02:14
Hey everyone,

Great work again as usual from everyone this month.
Unfortunately as I mentioned last month being all over the place for christmas and new years means I need to joker this month.

Time for comments thought!

Page 1
Purplebeard - All great models, sumthing about that Kings pose is just makes him so intimidating he realy stands out.
Emperor Norton - Great paint job as allways cant fault it at all.
colonel kane trine - So much progress, I so wish I could get through that many models in a month!
Jackdaw - Wow that sorceress realy came out well, just brilliant.
GuardsmenHawke - Great selection of elves, more more my random painting style! All done brilliantly.
Daismith - Cant remember if ive told you how good that blue skin looks yet, very origional.
Malorian - That orc is awsome! What do you use him as/for?
Confessor_Atol - More great ogres love those strippy trousers :)
DAGabriel - Great work that bone on the catapult is very smooth and clean.
JonnyG - Looks good, maybe more/bigger pics?
Tekore - Great natural tone throughout looks so cohesive.
juicytomatoes - The horde look great as does the unusally pink sphinx.

page 2
grhino - Great work, worth the wait.
Morkash - Great BSB but what i realy wana see is that giant (cant remember what its called) painted!
doomscape - Those old dwarfs are wonderful and youve more than done them justice.
Whitehorn - welcome onboard good start, hope you can get caught up and complete your goal.
gogs78 - Very clean and bright paintjob - as high elves should be.
MOMUS - Love that orange and black for the salamanders realy looks like they are about to spout fire!
Arduhn - Brilliant mini, get him finished :)
reddevil18 - cant make him out at all! gona need some more pics.
Fabius Bile - Base and sculpting look good, hes gona need some serious painting now!
Roostmanuva - The whole lot are looking great, keep going you will be glad of it in the end!
Zark the Damned - They look good to me, not sure what your not happy with.
Laborious - That model is wonderfully repulsive.
Garbot - brilliant, if not low model count :P

Pages 3 and 4
Kaos - That blue is stong throught realy brings them together.
wreiro - Dunno how you can face a 100 slave unit, i can barely face my 40 man empire hordes -.-
iamjack42 - Those colours are brilliant, realy different, looks like a cockatrice!
Jonahmaul - Looking forward to seeing them finished up.
Morglum Necksnapper - So inventive with those snotlings!
perplexiti - Looks good, know what you mean about those BFSP models!

As for me, ive been distracted by mordheim this month so will have a random collection of models im finishing off for that which will also appear in my empire army (which is useful :))

colonel kane trine
15-01-2012, 14:23
Thanks! The skins easy to do its just a base of tallarn flesh. Then I just did tiny patches all over using either thraka green baal red leviathan purple or ogryn flesh. Once nearly dry I washed it entirely in ogryn flesh. It mixes in the recesses to make horrid browns and greens etc
Easy to do and I love how it looks!

15-01-2012, 22:37
I've had a really busy past month between family reunions and extra work shifts so despite having some stuff nearly done I'm just going to Joker and leave it for next month's submissions.

So I am jokering my Dark Elves:


And my Ogres:



Great horned owl
16-01-2012, 20:15
Great job with the Excel sheet. But please change month 3's points for me. That month I painted 85 points, making it a total of 285 in month 1-3.

I hope that you don't have to use another Joker this month. I'm curious to see your orcs.

Great horned owl
16-01-2012, 21:47
Comments for page 1
@Purplebeard: That seems to be a happy Kingdom, with such a cheerful King and Queen. Just kidding, great job. And I love those gnomes. More pleaseÖ
@EmperorNorton (ogres): that is a lot of modelling and painting for only 250 points. And itís perfect. But your firebelly is still my favourite.
@EmperorNorton (DE): Sorry to see that you still havenít got your mojo back for your dark elves. Maybe JackDaw can give you a bit of his, he has got plenty.
@Colonel Kane Trine (TK): Your army is too big for one army shot. I will miss them next month. But Iím sure you will give us enough other things to look at.
@Colonel Kane Trine (chaos): Like I said, other things to look at. And they are all very well done. Over a 1000 points. Do you ever sleep? Is there a hole in the time continuum where you live?
@JackDaw: The poses and painting is perfect, as always. Very constant high quality from you sir. My compliments.
@GuardsmenHawke : good elves, and more than 700 points. They certainly donít look like you rushed them. Keep it up.
@daismith906: The pictures are not bad, I can see that you did a great job. Maybe a little rust on the weapons and gutplates? Only a little would make a nice contrast to the blue skin I think.
@Malorian: Can you please post the Ďbeforeí picture of super orc? You know, that one with him wearing a suit and glasses. I am also curious to see his Lois LaneÖ. Thanks for making me smile.
@Confessor_Atol: Well done. I especially like the weathering of the weapons and gutplates.
@DAGabriel: You are right. It look fragile. Besides a base will do your modelling and painting justice. Maybe desert with a few more skulls (If you can stand painting more skulls after so many on the catapult)
@JohnnyG: It took some time, but that shows. Great job. I would like to see a few close up pictures.
@Tekore: You have chosen your colours very well. And the bases are a perfect match. Well done.
@Juicytomatoes (halflings): Good for you that you have finished them. I find it hard to stay motivated when I paint an unit with identical models.
@Juicytomatoes (TK): Purple? But the longer I look at it, the more I like it. Well done.

Page 2
@grhino: I think your Sphinx should be the focus of attention of Gargobotís army. Ignoring it is not the right reward for the energy you put in to it.
@Morkash: I canít spot the bubbles or damage on the pictures, donít worry. Looking forward to see your giant painted.
@doomscape (dwarfs): Colourful but not too cartoony. A delicate balance, but you managed it. Well done.
@doomscape (chaos): They donít seem difficult to me. But you should see that as a compliment. You have painted them well, in a way that their muscles etc. look Ďnaturalí.
@Whitehorn: great Ghouls. The one with his hand on the ground would make a perfect bloodbowl player.
@gogs78: You are right. They are just as bright and clean as the Seaguards. That will be an impressive army shot at the end of the tale.
@MOMUS: Great salamanders. At first I hadnít noticed that you used cold ones. They fit perfectly. The yellow ones are my favourite. The priest you posted on page 3 is also very nice.
@Arduhn: Strange model, but I like it. Looking forward to see him finished and surrounded by more models.
@reddevil18: A bright chaos army. Looks promising. Iím curious to see more in the next months.
@Fabius Bile: Good modelling. And you know what you have to do in JanuaryÖ a lot of painting. Good luck.
@Roostmanuva: congratulations! And the spirit hosts are very nice. Your army looks good. Keep it up.
@Zark the Damned: Creepy models, and funny to see them in your army colours. I expected that Mengil was to proud to change his black robes.
@Laborious : yukÖ but well done. Have you put blood spatter on the snow? I think his apron might drip a little.
@Gargobot: the faces are well done. I like it that you left the bluish purple at the bottom instead of blending the purples.

Page 3
@Kaos: Yes, more dwarfs please. Nice colours, and great looking army shoot.
@wreiro: 85 more slaves? That is a lot of brown paint. But it will be worth it. You are doing great, donít give up.
@iamjack42: I wanted to paint my griffon like a hawk. But you made me doubt. That is gorgeous. Big compliment for you.
@Jonahmaul: Please be careful which colours you choose for your Ďbellowerí. I donít want to puke on my laptop.
@azhagmorglum: Looks promising.
@Morglum Necksnapper: I still hate spiders. But yours looks like it is far away in a forest. Thanks and well done. Did you make the spiderís web with white glue?

Great horned owl
16-01-2012, 21:56
Comment @perplexiti: you have done a great job. Grim and colourful again.

And as a reaction to your post in last month's thread: I have found a reference to the black and yellow army in White Dwarf magazine 300 (european version, december 1994). This was part of the second tale of four gamers.


16-01-2012, 22:56
@ Great Horned Owl:
Awesome find mate! Thanks for that, so I now have a throng from Kazad Bolg.

Yeah, I'm going to base everything at the same time after the tale. Rock with a bit of snow on it.

16-01-2012, 23:20
perplexiti: I really like how the dwarfs look. I think I should go take a look at your frog now lol...the bane of my magic life lol...Except for my warrior priest empire lol...>.> good job.

Morglum Necksnapper
17-01-2012, 10:35
@Great horned owl, the spiderweb on the spider is a metal piece from the goblin warboss on gigantic spider set and the web around the tree is some wire.

Morglum Necksnapper
17-01-2012, 11:20

Page 1
@Purplebeard: nice collection of metal dwarfs. Great you are doing a character with a purple beard!
@EmperorNorton (ogres): the beast looks good, i like the patches of grass on it's base.
@Colonel Kane Trine (TK): Nice old mummie model. Would like to see an army shot one day of your finishished legions.
@Colonel Kane Trine (chaos): That nurgle lord looks scary.
@JackDaw: Fantastic painting, the female dark elf's face is stunning
@GuardsmenHawke : Impressive High Elves, great color choice on the Swordmasters!
@daismith906: Very clear painting, looks great.
@Malorian: That's funny and looks like a promiing start. Would love to see the large batch of trolls, I'm painting mine at the moment. :-)
@Confessor_Atol: That's going to be an awsome army, great painting, great bases.
@DAGabriel: Nice model and painted very neat.
@JohnnyG: lovely doomy colors.
@Tekore: I like what you did with the movement trays. The ases look great, so do the models.
@Juicytomatoes (halflings): What a great unit. The monopose of the models makes the unit look very well disciplined.
@Juicytomatoes (TK): Mr. Hamrdinharjad rocks.

Page 2
@grhino: beautifully painted monster, look at all those red and green pieces also on the chariot...
@great horned owl: Looking forward seeing the elves. The bases and banner look great.
@Morkash: What a impressive tyrant. The etin is a model on my list to buy, what a great model.
@doomscape (dwarfs): love the old dwarf models, painted colorfull, very cool.
@doomscape (chaos): nice horrors.
@Whitehorn: Repulsive ghouls as I've ever seen them. Good job.
@gogs78: Characterfull White Lions. Very clean and crisp painting. Just wonderfull.
@MOMUS: Nice colorfull Lizardmen, looking forward seeing more. The priest is great.
@Arduhn: Looks good, but the picture leaves a lot to guess.
@reddevil18: I can't make out what's on the picture.
@Fabius Bile: Cool scenic base.
@Roostmanuva: Oh boy, this looks amazing!
@Zark the Damned: Interesting, very evil looking models, painted great, personally I don't like the yellow, it demands too much attention from the eye. I love the face of the musisian.
@Laborious: My god what a great model, great paintjob as well.
@Gargobot: Nice flamer, very spot on.

Page 3
@Kaos: Seeing your dwarfs with the nice background takes me back a few years looking for the first time in the green collectors guide from the early nineties. Magical.
@wreiro: Scary skaven, good paint job.
@iamjack42: Nice painting on the griffon and rider.
@Jonahmaul: Looking forward seeing your stuff.
@azhagmorglum: I love the last squig, it looks so much more 'real'.
@perplexiti: the dwarfs look great in a nice big unit.

17-01-2012, 12:14
ok comments time

Purplebeard - I like all of your minis but the king in particular is very menacing good job!
EmperorNorton - Thats alot of monster for a month and so well executed love your smooth style.
colonel kane trine - As always blown away by sheer amount painted, hard to see the details on the photos though.
JackDaw - One of my fave armies in the tale, glad you have used those wood elf steeds look so much better
GuardsmenHawke - Nice neat painting. What are your plans for basing?
daismith906- Loving the big ass cavlary your minis have real character!
Malorian- Haha Nice Idea for the warboss!
Confessor_Atol- Nice weathering and bases. Can't properly tell but could the skin do with another highlight?
DAGabriel- Really nice crisp painting and lovely photo.
JohnnyG - That beut looks to be painted very well, love that model!
Tekore - Top notch dryads, the bases look amazing also what are you using? Those tuft type things?
juicytomatoes- Holy Moly a horde of halflings whats not to love? Amazing pink you have acheived on that sphinx!

Just time for page 1 comments at the moments more later.

17-01-2012, 13:49

Page 1

@Purplebeard Very nice King, Queen and BSB. You did the wonderful AoW Lord sculpt justice. The gnomes are great too, very nice basing.

@EmperorNorton Really nice Stonehorn. The bone of the throne on its back is nicely done, really great color.

@colonel kane trine You, sir, are a machine. I’m impressed with your speed, as painting a mere 15 infantry leaves me gasping for breath. I wish we had slightly better lighting for your pics though, its hard to make out differences in color shade on the models.

@JackDaw Love the Dark Riders, very nicely done, I think the conversions are great. Where are the bases from?

@GuardsmenHawke Nice High Elves. I love the red, will that be the main army color?

@daismith906 I keep falling more in love with the blue ogres. I really like the contrast between the riders and the cool cream color of the Mournfang mounts. Very nicely done.

@Malorian Love the super orc. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the next few months!

@Confessor_Atol Even with the cell phone pics, I think the Ogres look great.

@DAGabriel Nice Screaming Skull Catapult. I like the clean white bone effect.

@JohnnyG I like the Bell. Would love some more (bigger) pics, too. Your painting looks clean and neat fro m what I can see, good job!

@Tekore Those Dryads are amazing! How did you do the wood?

@juicytomatoes Really nice Halflings, and they look great in that horde. I like the maroonish coloring on the sphinx, would love closer pics.

Page 2

@grhino Great work on the sphinx, I’m impressed with the red and green detail work. Settra is really impressive as well, nicely done.

@Great horned owl Nice bases and good green stuff work, can’t wait to see the Swordmasters.

@Morkash Nice BSB, really impressed. It’s a ton of detail to work with, but I think you’ve done well with it. Can’t wait for the Ettin Giant!

@Doomscape Really nice old dwarves. Such great miniatures! The horrors are really good as well, I particularly love the shade of blue you’ve achieved.

@Whitehorn Nice job on the Ghouls, and I’m excited for some vamps in the Tale.

@Gogs78 Lovely White Lions. Smooth colors, neat painting and great bases, I am impressed.

@Momus Nice Salamanders! I am trying for a similar temple base effect, and although I haven’t hit upon a final recipe, I’ve found Tausept Ochre, the GW Foundation paint, give a nice wwamr base to do a yellow stone from.

@Arduhn What a great model! And a nice paint jab, of course. The hair is particularly striking.

@reddevil18 need a better pic, I want a better look at that disc!

@Fabius Bile I like the conversion, It’ll be great to see it painted. That base must be a bear to handle, though, that’s quite a lot of rocks!

@roostmanuva Great Spirit hosts, the Empire Flagellants work great?

@Zark the Damned Great Manflayers, really like the skin.

@Laborious Love the Butcher. Great job, particularly on the facial expression of the captive, he looks quite fearful!

@gargobot That flamer looks great! From your pictures I don’t think you need to worry about not stripping the model, it turned out very nice.

Page 3

@Kaos Great dwarfs. I am always awestruck by your consistent quality and vibrant colors.

@wreiro Nice clanrats. I like the freehand on the banner.

@Jonahmaul Love the vomiting bellower. Good luck with the painting!

@Morglum Necksnapper Nice, more spider pumpwagons! The webbing is well done, it looks suitably gross.

Page 4

@perplexiti Nice dwarfs! The black and yellow really works well.

Comments on Comments

@Saulot Thanks!

@Momus thanks! If you’re ever near Washington D.C., we should definitely try for a game. Likewise if I’m ever near Somerset. ;)

@perplexiti Thanks man!

@jackDaw Glad you didn’t stop at :wtf: Thanks! :D

@grhino Thanks, I appreciate it!

@colonel kane trine Thanks!

@Morkash Thank you, I hope so!

@Laborious Thanks! It was a challenge to get myself to make that first brushstroke of blue, but I’m glad that I did.

@z4carlo Thanks!

@Great horned owl Thank you! What a great compliment!

@Morglum Necksnapper Thank you very much!

18-01-2012, 16:48
Some comments and wip pictures.


@ Purplebeard : nice dwarves. I like the care you take for your basing. Keep it up !

@ EmperorNorton : that stonehorn is great. The base is rather good also, simple yet effective. The ogre on top is very well painted!
Sorry for your dark elves though.

@ Colonel kane trine : the painting machine is still here :D. Good job on those archers, though I think they may be even better with some small additions (like painting the bows for example). Anyway, I wish I had your lightning-painting skill, since I've got a ton of gobs and orcs to paint.
Also good start on your chaos alliance !

@ Jack Daw : excellent conversions on those black riders. The painting is nice also. Very clean. And the sorceress is great !

@ GuardsmenHawke : woah nice bunch of models here. I should do like you and paint some warmachines to up my total points a bit :p. Keep it up! You seem to be on a good path. And good luck for painting horses :D

@ Daismith906 : the big smurfs are back :evilgrin: !! And they are still great, especially the mournfangs' fur and the ogres' armour.

@ Malorian : hahaha, good ones those greenskins. I myself have 9 of those metal fanatics, and you're making me itching to paint them now ;)
The flying orc is very funny, and the conversion is ace !
Don't mind the low models count, only the points are essential. And 18 trolls you've got !! :eek:

@ Confesor_Atol : the painting on your ogres is very solid. The snow bases are superb ! Can't wait to see more !

@ DAGabriel : I can only imagine your pain assembling this model. Anyway the painting is really good, and the best for me is the bone effect.

@ Johnny G : good job, though the picture is too small to tell that much. Anyway, it's a good thing you are progressing in the tale.

@ Tekore : excellent units of driads, from the painting to the basing. I think I already told you I liked your bases in previous month, didn't I ? (If not, well I'm saying it now ^^)

@ juicytomatoes : Interesting unit of eastern halflings. The small patches of colours really make the unit stand out !
As for the TK, I like your unique colour pattern on the warsphinx. And great fluff for the skeleton champion :D


@ Grhino : great sphinx. I hope you'll manage to paint all of your units. I can't wait to see more progress on your army.

@ great horned owl : Happy new year to you too ^^. I think you just find the solution to the GW's overpricing policy : invisible models !!:cheese: Great bases BTW.

@ Morkash : the pictures are a bit bright to be able to comment your work, but the painting seems good.
I hope your painting will make this giant look good (I don't know what it is, but there' something about the proportions that makes me not liking this model).

@ Doomscape : I understand your eagerness painting these old models. They are indeed very characterful, and your painting is amazing. I hope I'll be as happyas you when I get to paint my old metal savage orcs (from the 90's, not the ones before the current plastic savage orcs)

Your horrors are also very good, from colours to bases. keep it up !

@ Whitehorn : nice painting on those ghouls. Much better than the pinkish eavy metal's scheme.

@ gogs78 : a good thing you got your inspiration and motivation back. This white lions unit is superb indeed.The wood grain effect is well executed, bravo! I can't wait to see more !

@ MOMUS : those salamanders must be really really hot !! ;)

@ fabius bile : nice start on the thundertusk (good conversion). The base looks promising also. See you next month for the finished model

@ rootsmanuva : great spirit hosts ! nice choice with the flagellants.

@ Zark the Damned : as you said yourself, your manflayers lack some depth here and there. You could try a wash on their face (devlan mud for example), and a slight highlight on the edges of the armours. Anyway, good work overall.

@ laborious : creepy butcher. Even if I don't particularly like the model (too many wrinkles I think), your painting work is perfect.

@ Gargobot : the tabletop standard is largely reached, you even got beyond I think. Keep it up !

GAAHHH, I think I'll stop here for this time, it is really time consuming to comment on everyone's work. Sorry if I missed someone in the process.

Below are my wip for this month (more details and comments in my plog, see my signature for the link):

19-01-2012, 03:49
Sorry I'm Late!!!! Tournys and Holidays kept me from posting (but not painting ;)

Army: High Elves

Background: Spartans

Units: White Lions

29 White Lions with FC and Gem of Courage

Monthly Points: 475

25 Lothern Seaguard w/ mus and standard
25 Lothern Seaguard w/ mus and standard
19 Phoenix Guard w/ Banner of Sorcery
14 Swordmasters w/ Badass poses
1 Archmage
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Giant Eagle
5 Dragon Princes
29 White Lions w/FC and Gem of Courage

Total Points: 2313

Lows: Nothing Much, the Spartans have finally started a winning record, Without ever using the BOH cheese. Blam!

Highs: with the White lions (Roman Velites) finished. Just 1 Great eagle and 1BSB on foot and the army is complete. 2500 pts!

Dec models


19-01-2012, 04:24
@ Shandowner: Nice as usual.Could you do me a favor and show me a close up of the lions face? Am working on a lion ushabti.
@ Rikk: How do i paint bone: Basecoat white, Devlan Mud (generously), drybrush bleached bone, drybrush skull white. Basecoat black, Dheneb stone, and then the same.

20-01-2012, 23:14
OK i have a bit under 200 but these are done. I have ten more savages on the wip table.



21-01-2012, 04:18
@ Shandowner: Nice as usual.Could you do me a favor and show me a close up of the lions face? Am working on a lion ushabti.
@ Rikk: How do i paint bone: Basecoat white, Devlan Mud (generously), drybrush bleached bone, drybrush skull white. Basecoat black, Dheneb stone, and then the same.

No problem, but i wont be home till tuesday ish?

21-01-2012, 15:41
Edit for details:
Army: O&G
Points: For the simplicity of it, I'll consider Wurrzag done and the bolt thrower done for the tale's sake. 350 for 'zag and 35 for the bolt thrower.
Highs: I suppose I have to write something here. It's been a slow, no, creeper month, but if there is a high, it's that I got to finally play a game with the list, and seeing a little bit of it done, I've renewed my drive a little.
Lows: Being adamant about painting this army the way that I am, it is taking a LONG time to get anything done. I thought I would be able to paint more over the 5 week break from school, but I'm coming to find out that my wife makes plans for me the entire time I'm in the semester. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the beach and deep sea fishing, but it just ruins the plans in my head.
Next up: As you can see, I've got the pigs on the bench right now. I'd like to get them done, and wrap up the BSB as soon as I possibly can. I think next I need to work on the other 5 trolls and get them finished as a unit. My buddy at our LGS is ordering the ultraforge giant pretty soon, and if that thing comes in I won't be able to NOT paint it!

Don't count me out... told you so! I haven't really completed anything, but have been working on everything. Wurrzag is about 90% done, just needs a few touch ups and final highlights in areas. I finally got my AoW figure for BSB, and since he already had a back satchel, I drilled a hole and made him look like a banner toting warrior. It's obviously a minotaur banner, but I cut the metal ends out and replaced with bone for theme, and put an obnoxious skull from the ogre banners on top. I've had a lot of stuff to construct since I started the project, but as you can see, there are a lot of savage orks! Been working steadily on the pigs as well as almost finishing one bolt thrower. The floatie ork will be in a spawning pool as a display piece, but I'm going to make the top separate from the bottom and use it for dice and magic card storage. Enjoy!

oh.. and the beginnings of the foot of gork template.

22-01-2012, 00:56
Holy crap! awesome!

25-01-2012, 21:52
I'm in for February

Men's category
Goal: 1500 pts skaven

February: HPA done and maybe a warlord

25-01-2012, 22:04
I'll continue my comments :

Page 3 :

@ Kaos : nice dwarves, the army is shaping up nicely. I like the blue you use. The cannon is superb !

@ wreiro : like you said, it's a great sight to see your painted model count going up with each month. I hope you'll keep the pace until the end of the toFP.

@ iamjack42 : though your painting is clean, the choice of colour on your gryphon doesn't do it for me. But it's your call in the end, so keep it up !

It's the end of the month soon, can't wait to see everybody's work for january.

26-01-2012, 10:49
I thank you all for your comments and i wish i had the time to answer each and every one of you too like you do! As it is I struggle to even get time to paint, take pics and post.

Everyone is doind a great job at this place and lots of progress!

Here is a wip.



Goat of Yuggoth
30-01-2012, 18:49
Hello again!

As I have been busy putting together the awesome new plastics for VC, I haven't been taking pictures or adding the finishing touches to my assessments on this months miniatures. However, this will be done now! Pictures will be edited to this post, and I can say it's going to be a busy night for me! I just don't want to be a lousy dropoff, albeit this last minute nonsense is quite irritating as well.

See you soon(ish)!


So, here we are then, onto the post.

Dice roll: Doesn't matter, but 3.

Miniatures painted: 20 skeletons, Vampiress, 6 dire wolves, wraith, banshee

Points: 557 (taking one joker back in case of next month being boggled up)

Conversions: skeletons have shields from Grave guard, the banshee is from the new Mortis Engine. Nothing else.

Painting: Straightforward, done in one night save from the banshee. Ethereals look better by the day. Disappointed in the vampire's skin and hair, I'll get back to that when able.

Still to do: Bases for the characters. No biggie.




31-01-2012, 05:10
Are we supposed to put up our stuff for January yet? Ah never mind I guess in a few days a new January thread goes up then we post what we've done in it. Then that thread will also be Feb WIP. koo

Goat of Yuggoth
31-01-2012, 12:32
@Loki73: that was my Dec painting, a bit late but made it into this thread.


31-01-2012, 17:16
Great job with the Excel sheet. But please change month 3's points for me. That month I painted 85 points, making it a total of 285 in month 1-3.

I hope that you don't have to use another Joker this month. I'm curious to see your orcs.

Changed it.
And I do have to post another joker this month. Didn't I already? Well, here goes: JOKER!


I did fix a couple of broken models last week, cleaned up and put together 15 savage orcs, 2 Avatar of War characters and 3 nasty skulkers, and started putting green stuff on a big ass spider and 2 trolls.

And last but certainly not least, I continued painting Azhag! His wyvern has been waiting for far too long. So, if everything goes well, I can finally post stuff in february.

31-01-2012, 17:54
Changed it.
And I do have to post another joker this month. Didn't I already? Well, here goes: JOKER!


I did fix a couple of broken models last week, cleaned up and put together 15 savage orcs, 2 Avatar of War characters and 3 nasty skulkers, and started putting green stuff on a big ass spider and 2 trolls.

And last but certainly not least, I continued painting Azhag! His wyvern has been waiting for far too long. So, if everything goes well, I can finally post stuff in february.

Can't wait to see that !

31-01-2012, 21:53
And I actually just did it!
Just needs a little touching up on a spot where I chipped the paint a bit when gluing the two together, and add the little chain with which he steers his beastie...

01-02-2012, 09:54
Hi, thanks for all the replies. It is awesome seeing an army come together. I have been really busy this month so would like to change what I pledged to drop the slave and concentrate on finishing the plague monks. I'll be painting 16 plague monks for January, which will be 112pt.

Sorry I havent been able to comment. But as a catch all to every one who has posted everything is looking great and keep on going it will be worth it in the end.


02-02-2012, 17:27
it happens man.. the important part is to just pace yourself to not burn out.. a year is a long time. I am really looking forward to some plague monks too