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01-01-2012, 07:56
Welcome to the Tale of 40k Painters 2011-2012!

What is the Tale all about?
The aim of the Tale of Painters is to get an army fully painted within the next 12 months.

For most 40k armies the size will be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 points, but you can go higher if you want to (and you're crazy enough)! AI, BFG and Epic armies will be slightly different, but as long as you choose an appropriate sized army for your game system then there's no problem.

Once you've chosen your army, your target is to paint roughly 10% of your army each month. For example, if you've chosen a 2000 point army then your monthly target would be 200 points. The Tale runs for one year (September 2011 to August 2012), so if you stick to your 10% monthly target then you'll only need to paint for 10 months of the year.

To cover the months when you can't/don't paint, you get 2 'Jokers'. You can play a 'Joker' at any time (provided you haven't used them both up!), which essentially means that you don't have to meet your target for that month. They can used for real life events (such as births, deaths, marriages, exams, holidays) or if you're just having a bad/slow month. If you play a 'Joker' then feel free to post a suitable image instead (of a Joker or something funny).

What is this thread all about?
This thread is for completed entries for last month (up until the 10th) and work in progress (WIP) for this month (from the 11th). Please only post completed work for last month until the 10th.

From the 11th, feel free to post any WIP pictures of what you're going to be painting this month, army lists, background stories, battle reports, questions, and comments on anyone else's posts. You can post as little or as much as you like in the thread, but please keep it WIP from the 11th of the month. Do not post any completed work for this month until after the next thread opens at the start of next month.

If you have not posted by the 11th of the month, then you will have to play one of your 'Jokers'. If you have failed to post by the 11th of the month and have already played both of your 'Jokers', then unfortunately you will be out of the Tale.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : Unfortunately yes, you are now too late to join in this Tale. Don't worry though, the Tale will be running again late this year (sign-up in August for a September start).

Q : Do I have to stick to just one army?
A : No, you can paint more than one army if you want to! Quite a few people like to paint more than one army at a time, so if you fall into this category then just list each army you wish to paint when you sign up. 'Multiple' armies don't have to be the same size, but please aim to paint at least 500 points for each army, otherwise you're probably better off starting your own plog if you just want to paint lots of random things. For the purposes of 'Multiple' armies, As long as you aim for 10% of your combined total each month then it doesn't matter what order you paint things in. You could paint 10% of each army each month, or alternate armies each month, or 5 months of one army followed by 5 months of another army, or whatever combination best suits you.

Q : Can I paint more than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, and it's great to get ahead. BUT, we would like you only to post 10% (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 10% per month. For example, if you're painting 2000 points that means 200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc. This way you won't depress those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, but we would like you to try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example, if you're painting 2000 points and you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character/tank/unit?
A : This happens a lot. If your character/tank/unit is over 10% of your army you could simply paint him/it/them over two months (the sort of time your general/tank/expensive unit deserves!). For example, one year my monthly target was 200 points and I painted a Stompa (600 points). I split painting the model into (roughly) 3 months of 200 points, posting new WIP shots each month.

Q : Do I have to play my 2 'Jokers' during the Tale?
A : No, you don't have to play them at all. If you can manage to paint/post for the full 12 months then congratulations, you'll have exceeded your target and truly embodied the spirit of the Tale!

Q : Can I 'buy back' my 'Jokers' during the Tale?
A : Yes, you can 'buy back' your 'Jokers' during the Tale. If you have already played a 'Joker' and manage to get a month ahead (either by painting double one month or painting a bit more than your target for a few months), then just state in your entry for that month that you wish to 'buy back' your 'Joker' and I'll take it off for you.

Q : What's with the D6 roll in your post?
A : The D6 roll was an idea introduced to help ensure that everyone gets some comments on their work. If everyone rolls a D6 when they post (I use the [D&D dice roller] if I don't have a D6 to hand), then we should have six roughly equal groups each month. Then, if you comment on those people who rolled the same as you everyone will receive some feedback. So, if you roll a 1, comment on all of the other 1's, if you rolled a 2, comment on all of the other 2's, and so on. Of course, if you have the time/want to, there's nothing stopping you from commenting on anyone's/everyone's work.


I'll start off by posting my completed entry for last month. Feel free to copy my post to use as a template (edited to suit your army), but as long as you post your Monthly total, Total to date, Unit(s) painted and a picture then that's fine.

If anyone has any other questions, please direct them to misterboff (me).

01-01-2012, 07:58
Here is a list of who are still left in the Tale of 40k Painters 2011-2012 at the moment (people in ITALICS still need to confirm something):

Aenarion - Blood Angels - 400/2000 (2 Jokers played)
bleedcrimson - Space Marines (Sons of Lazarus) - 205/1750 (3 Jokers played)
burni - Imperial Guard - 130/1000 (3 Jokers played)
colonel kane trine - Necrons (Raseptra dynasty) - 340/1000 (1 Jokers played)
crandall87 - Grey Knights - 466/2000 (2 Jokers played)
dangermouse425 - Space Marines - 305/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Darnok - Chaos Daemons - 315/1000 (1 Jokers played)
Deusmex - Dark Eldar - 224/2000 (3 Jokers played)
Devilish - Dark Eldar - 160/1500 (3 Jokers played)
djc - Imperial Guard - 650/1500 (0 Jokers played)
djc - Chaos Daemons - 615/1500 (0 Jokers played)
Doi - Orks - 345/1000 (1 Jokers played)
f2k - Orks - 195/500 (2 Jokers played)
Fanny Crowbar - Dark Eldar - 312/1000 (1 Jokers played)
give_me_a_d - Chaos (various) - 352/1000 (1 Jokers played)
Green Feevah! - Eldar - 210/2000 (3 Jokers played)
gwarsh41 - Chaos Daemons - 120/500 (3 Jokers played)
Hypaspist - Tyranids (Hive Fleet Frigus) - 210/2000 (3 Jokers played)
ironduke - Space Marines - 550/1500 (3 Jokers played)
Jihad_Ragsta - Space Marines (Crusaders) - 520/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Jihad_Ragsta - BFG (Orks) - 440/500 (0 Jokers played)
Jihad_Ragsta - BFG (Imperial) - 1305/1000 (0 Jokers played)
Jonahmaul - Space Marines (Brazen Claw) - 360/2000 (2 Jokers played)
juxt - Imperial Guard (Cadian) - 120/1000 (3 Jokers played)
Lord Setra - Space Wolves - 125/2000 (3 Jokers played)
MalusCalibur - Imperial Guard (42nd Mordecai) - 175/2000 (3 Jokers played)
matt_17 - Imperial Guard - 855/1750 (0 Jokers played)
Mini77 - Space Marines (Dead Suns) - 370/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Mini77 - Space Marines (Howling Griffons) - 130/1000 (3 Jokers played)
misterboff - Orks (Deathskulls) - 615/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Monsterzonk - Space Marines (Heralds of Faith) - 530/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Niveus Procer - Space Marines (and Orks) - 810/3500 (2 Jokers played)
perplexiti - Space Wolves - 975/2000 (1 Jokers played)
pudsey098 - Dark Eldar - 36/1000 (3 Jokers played)
pudsey098 - Orks - 85/500 (3 Jokers played)
punkfish - Imperial Guard (Elysian/Cadian/Arbites) - 510/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Raven667 - Eldar - 391/1500 (3 Jokers played)
razormasticator - Orks - 1116/2000 (0 Jokers played)
Rikk - Orks - 111/1000 (2 Jokers played)
Sgt John Keel - Blood Angels - 280/2500 (3 Jokers played)
SuperMitch - Sisters of Battle - 220/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Sycoa - Blood Angels - 400/2000 (3 Jokers played)
Terranova - Orks - 275/1000 (2 Jokers played)
Thalenchar - Imperial Guard (Terra's Judgement) - 310/1500 (2 Jokers played)
vcassano - Grey Knights - 185/2500 (3 Jokers played)
Xazil - Space Marines (Imperial Paladins) - 695/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Zujara - Imperial Guard - 475/1500 (1 Jokers played)

Please can you check your entry and let me know if anything needs changing? If you've been removed and need adding back in, please let me know and I'll sort it out for you.

01-01-2012, 08:02
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: December 2011 (D6 roll = 3)


'...the Boneheadz family of Death Skulls once overran and plundered an Imperial penal colony, and wore fragments of convict clothing printed with black arrows for generations afterwards.' - Waaargh The Orks!

Warboss (Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Mega Armour) - 125 points
2 Dethkoptaz (Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha) - 90 points

The Warboss is simply the Forge World Ork Runtbot model (with the Grot counting as his Attack Squig), and the Dethkoptaz are Straight Outta Compton - I mean Black Reach...

The first colour is the basecoat, the second is a wash and the third is a drybrush. The bases are simply Vomit Brown followed by Citadel Sand.

Nob Skin: Orkhide/Knarloc/Thraka/Camo
Ork Skin: Knarloc/Thraka/Camo
Grot Skin: Gretchin/Thraka/Camo
Blue Face: Enchanted/Asurmen/Ice
White Face: Astronomican/Badab/Skull
Teef: Dheneb/Ogryn/Bone
Eyes: Mechrite
Pants: Chaos/Badab/Adeptus Battlegrey
Top: Astronomican/Badab
Straps: Adeptus/Badab
Metal: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril
Rust: Calthan/Macharius Solar/Devlan/Mithril


Highs: I love the Runtbot and his Grot Controller, and really enjoyed
painting it. As a bit on an easter egg, I've painted the Grot's
backpack/joypad to look like the original NES (Famicom) console/joypad.
Lows: Getting the Grot and shoulder pads to stay put was quite difficult,
but I got there in the end. It's also very fragile, and the arms keep
coming loose (darn resin).

I'm probably going to live dangerously and play my second Joker. I've got quite a few things that I want to get assembled ready for painting later in the Tale, but I don't think I actually get much painting done.


[Runtbot, Grot Controller, Dethkoptaz, Monthly total, Army shot]

01-01-2012, 11:02
Darnoks Deamons: December 2011 (D6 roll = 4)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 165 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 315/1000 points
JOKERS PLAYED: 1 (2 used, 1 bought back this month)

9 Plaguebearers of Nurgle with musician and icon bearer

The models are straight out of the box.

Sand on the base, a yellow basecoat, and then lots of greens and browns with washes of similar colours inbetween. The rusty weapons are Boltgun Metal with different browns and oranges stippled on top. The slime and blood got additional gloss varnish.

Some matt varnish needs to be applied on areas that are currently still glossy. Nothing apart from that.

Highs: Experimenting with nurgly colours is always fun. This is the third unit of Plaguebearers I have painted so far, and again they look very different. I really like how they turned out in the end, even though there is still room for improvement. There may be a fourth unit coming at some point...
Lows: The icon bearer and musician have a tendency to fall over - with chunks of colour coming off. I had to paint some areas three or more times, which became quite annoying.
Getting proper pictures was a low again. The flash washes out so much... :(

There are some Daemonettes on my painting table. But if I have learned anything with my Daemons, it is that I hardly ever stay true to the plan. So who knows? :D

Just for giggles I added the "Daemon Prince of Christmas" I also painted last month. He already led my Daemons into battle, as you can read here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=328457).

01-01-2012, 14:15
djc's beastman guard (D6 = 4)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 150 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 650 points

Leman Russ - 150 points


Highs: I've now got a full squad of pained Leman Russ!
Lows: The daylight really has been appalling for painting this month.

Some infantry

01-01-2012, 14:19
djc's daemons (D6 = 6)

TOTAL TO DATE: 615 points

UNIT(S): Chaos Spawn - 0 points

Finish off the base.

Highs: Finally getting one of my spawn painted - they were the first models I bought when I got back into the hobby. Also having a model I can plonk down when I Boon of Mutation someone!
Lows: Horrible, horrible painting weather.


02-01-2012, 14:55

Unit: Lootas (4 Lootas one of which is upgraded to a mek with custom bega blasta)
Month total: 60 points
Tales Total: 111

Highs: Nice seeing a unit finished, though after reading battle reports I want to double the units size, so guess what I'll be painting this month ;)
Lows: Still not getting enough painted each month to make my target of a finished army this year

Place Holder for pic, camera is MIA atm
Pics added 14.01.2012
Sorry for delay in these





Next month = 4 Burnas and 4 Lootas and 1 Mek (I know I can get this done as I've already finished legs and torso of 8 of them :D )

03-01-2012, 21:50
Dangermouse's Space Marines: December 2011 (D6 roll = 3)

Second post!


Biker army with Dreads and Terminators in support.

Venerable Dreadnought with MM and DCCW - 165pts


Standard AOBR Dread with a few decorative bitz and a loin cloth to jazz him up. Unfortunately I have lost the little banner things that he had (hence the little unpainted circles, where they're due to be glued on) so he looks a lot less "Venerable" than he's meant to!

This is what the Dread looks like with all the bling.


Army so far:


White undercoat.
Reds: Red Gore, Blood Red, Blood Red/Blazing Orange 50:50
Blues: Necron Abyss, Regal Blue, Regal Blue/Space Wolves Grey 50:50
Yellows: Iyandan Darksun.

A few washes on the areas of flat colour and some more highlighting, but I need to find his "Venerable Bling" first! :(

Highs: Completing my first of three dreads! :D

Lows: Losing those damned bitz!

I've got LOADS of Bikes to make/paint, but I'm tempted to paint a squad of terminators! We'll see. :D


04-01-2012, 18:17
Give_me_a_d's All Things Chaos: December 2011

Monthly Total: 109pts (100 Target)
Total To Date: 352pts
Jokers Played: 1

Background/ Theme:
A growing warp rift has spawned a daemonic host and is beginning to attract Chaos marines

3 Thousand Sons marines 69pts
A Bloodcrusher 40pts

Build/ Conversion:
Nothing special here, the Thousand Sons are 2 classic metal models and 1 of the current plastic/metal models. The Bloodcrusher is a current plastic version straight from the box.

Painting/ Basing:
Thousand Sons Ė sprayed black, basecoated Mordian Blue, washed with Asurmen Blue, drybrushed Shadow Grey, then Electric Blue (what they used to call Ice Blue). Gold basecoated Calthan Brown then gold, washed with Ogryn Flesh and highlighted Mithril Silver. Yellow bits basecoated Iyanden Darksun, washed with Ogryn Flesh, highlighted with Iyanden Darksun, then Golden Yellow.

Bloodcrusher Ė sprayed black then basecoated Charadon Granite and drybrushed Dwarf Bronze, this did the metal. The body of the jugger was then painted Mechrite Red and washed with Badab Black then highlighted with Blood Red. Various metal bits were highlighted with gold and chainmail. The rider was sprayed and basecoated like the jugger and then given a heavy wash with Baal Red then drybrushed Red Gore and Blood Red and in a few places Blazing Orange. Metal bits were done as per the jugger. Bone bits, teeth and claws were done with Vomit Brown then Bleached Bone then white. Eyes black with white dots, tongue Warlock Purple with Tentacle Pink highlight.

Bases Ė basecoated Caradon Granite, drybrushed Graveyard Earth then Kommando Khaki. Edged with Graveyard Earth.

Still to do:
The skull the jugger is stepping on (rear left hoof), blast!

Highs and Lows:
Highs: I've continued my slightly earlier than normal starts in the morning giving me about 30 minutes or so to paint before going to work. I really would recommend this or any other way of getting a short period of painting done every day. Also once I'd committed to it finishing the Bloodcrusher was pretty quick
Lows: Not doing any painting for about half of December seemingly

Next Month:
I'm going to do my Herald of Khorne on Jugger


Sorry no army shot. I took a couple but they were all pants

05-01-2012, 11:25
Monthly Total: 140pts (150 Target)
Total To Date: 530pts
Jokers Played: 1

Ancient Brother Caligula of the 4th Company
Dreadnought with assault cannon, heavy flamer & extra armour

Build/ Conversion:
Straight from the box with a few purity seals and icons from the Space Marine Commander set added.

Painting/ Basing:
Well, I cheated a little. This Dread used to belong to my age old Ultramarines. Since I ran out of time (again), I simply re-painted the blue areas black... :angel:

Still to do:
I'm pondering whether (and where) to add some green to mark him as being 4th Company.

Highs and Lows:
Highs: I don't have to play a joker this month!
Lows: I cheated a bit so I don't have to play a joker this month...

Next Month:
Most probably my Chapter Master.


Sorry for the bad image, but the lighting today is really bad...

Monsterzonk :skull:

Niveus Procer
06-01-2012, 17:08
sorry to report joker 2.:( i have some stuff done bt wont be ready in time

06-01-2012, 20:06
Joker for me this month. Moving house this month (hopefully) so slim chance of getting stuff finished, but I will try.

colonel kane trine
06-01-2012, 23:30
heres all I managed to do this month.

1 Mighty necron warrior of the Raseptran dynasty!

Tales aim-1000+ points
Total to date-a mighty 13 points!

Not sure on basing yet so thatl get sorted after a full squads finished

Highs-after being abit meh over my nids its awesome to be enthusiastic over an army again! Also thankyou misterboff for letting me stay in the tale when ive technically played 3 jokers!

Lows-was hoping to get alot more done but I didnt get my traded necrons on time! Either way I have a squad of warriors on my painting table and im very eager to get painting alot!
Next month il have alot more done and il buy back my jokers!

07-01-2012, 11:57
Xazil - Imperial Paladins (Seige Vanguard List Space Marines) d6=3

Monthly total: 200 (150 target)
Total to date: 695 (600 target)
Jokers: 1

Unit: Assault Terminators with TH/SS

Build: Plastic Terminators with Forgeworld shoulder/ shields.

Painting: Continuing mostly darkened mordian blue, with mordian blue for highlight, assorted golds/silvers etc.

Comments: Fairly happy with end result. The storm shields have lots of extra detail making for a fair amount of work. The last of my troops using shields, at least in this tale.





07-01-2012, 18:46
Undying 14th Cromorian Legion (IG): December 2011 [COLOR="green"](D6 roll = 2)


Sadly no essay this time around. Just moved to new city and don't really have time to sit down and write. Lots next month, though.

Company Command Squad: Commander + Powerfist; Plasma Gunner, Lascannon Team, Vox Caster, Master of Ordinance, Bodyguard
Armoured Sentienl: Lascannon, Hunter-killer Missile
Two extra Lascannon Teams (these will eventually get another member and form a Heavy Weapons Squad.

A few pieces are mixed and matched across the various sprues that come in the Cadian Battle Force, but mostly these guys are as they come out of the box.

The soldiers are painted as described last months, the sentinel is painted using much the same procedure as the previous vehicle.

Nothing on these guys.

Highs: I really had quite a bit of fun with the sentinel. I like painting large models, and this is a nice one that also happens to be very different to those I've painted in the past.
Lows: I didn't get as much done this months as I'd wanted. My painting lamp broke just before Christmas and then it was Christmas, and New Year and then preparing to move.
Also, I didn't have access to a decent camera, so these were taken using my phone.

Since I just arrived in a new city I may end up jokering January, but hopefully not. I would like to get done the second vet squad and chimera that I have already started... hopefully. I am however 155 points ahead on my total target so I should be able to buy back any potential jokers pretty quickly.

The whole command squad together:

Commander(right) and his bodyguard(left):

Vox Caster(left) and Master of Ordinance(right):

Lascannon(left) and plasma gunner(right):

Two extra Lascannon teams:


And with its Missile on(magnetised):

08-01-2012, 15:38
Some comments:

@misterboff: Sa-weet! Pretty awesome Orks there. My only criticism: the Runtbot does not look good on the 40mm base, it's just too small for him.

@djc: Good, solid painting. The subtle chaosification really works. I'm lloking forward to your infantry! The Spawn is nice too. We need more Daemons. More I say! :D

@dangermouse 425: Cool Dreadnought, and the additional details look really good. Sorry to hear about the broken banners - try to get them back on!

@give_me_a_d: I like how the Thousand Sons look, despite their simple colourscheme. And that Crusher reminds me of the two I want to paint sooner rather than later. :shifty:

@Monsterzonk: Simple, yet effective. Good looking Dread there, me likes.

@colonel kane trine: Hard to say, but that warrior looks good. Get some more painting done, and I'm sure your army will look great.

@Xazil: Yup, me likes. Do you have some close-ups?

@matt_17: Very imperial, if that makes sense. The colours work great for the infantry, and the camouflage on the Sentinel is good looking too. Do you have an army shot?

To everybody else: keep it coming, you can do it! More pictures I say! :D

08-01-2012, 19:39
So, I’m back...

Sort off...

As I just said in last month’s thread, I’ve had a really wacky December.

Most importantly, I finally got myself a job again. Hurrah for me!

Having just gotten that, I went down with the second round of flu this winter. Then, having recovered just enough to leave the bed, I visited my parents where I promptly took a tumbled down a flight of stairs, hurting my right wrist and thump pretty badly. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, I went down with a nasty cold and had to have my first day at work with a woolly head and lots of goo running out of my nose.

So, as you might imagine, I didn’t get much work done...

This weekend I’ve tried to get some work done on my Weirdboy. Well... Airbrushing his cape went sorta okay. Drybrushing the cape afterwards was doable... But by the time I got to paint the green skin my thump had gone from just a dull thumping (ha ha, bad pun intended) pain to outright agony.

Yeah, I probably should go and see a doctor about it... But I hate those guys... Always poking needles into me...

I’ll try to get the skin drybrushed tomorrow and see just how bad the pain is. If it’s too bad... Well... I’d hate to have to use a third joker and I don’t really think I can shunt more work into the WIP category so...

colonel kane trine
08-01-2012, 22:10
Ok after a weekend of the wife being ill I managed to get alot done and I hope they can be included?

I managed to get an hq and 2 troop choices sorted.

Multiple layers of vermin brown dark flesh and devlan mud. All edges lined with a boltgun+chainmail mix. Eyes and weapon wires+rods are painted scab red
Basing is still to be decided

Heres what I managed to do

Necron overlord-phaeron warscythe mindshackle scarabs res orb and phase shifter 210 points

10 necron warriors-130 points

Total- 340 points
I can buy back 2 jokers :-)

The Raseptran dynasty
The necron tomb world sector of the Raseptran dynasty was hit hard by a war between the orks and tau. During the war above the tombs surface a devastating orbital barrage rocked the planet hard.
The stasis chambers malfunctioned exposing the dormant necrons to moisture and air.
Many many years later the tombs began to stir and begin bioawakening.
Phaeron Raseptra awoke to find his metal shell tarnished and his mind confused.
The soldiers in his army favour shooting in devastating synchronised blasts. Fire concentration protocols arent stopped until their target is destroyed.
This is sometimes a weakness as the necrons will not retaliate against another enemy until their primary target is destroyed.
Either way the armies of Raseptra are well equipped and respond with utmost ferocity upon any non necrons making planetfall. Currently the armies of Raseptra are scouring the planet removing the ork+tau menace but its only a matter of time until they launch attacks against the surrounding planets.

09-01-2012, 10:26

Total Painting for December: 330

1 Big Mek with KFF & Power Klaw. = 110
3 Nobs, 1 With Power Klaw, 1 with Big Choppa, 1 With Slugg & Choppa. = 90
1 Battlewagon with Magnetized Turret & Crew. = 130

I have 30 Boys more than 50% done as well, probably closer to 65%. They will be next months entry for sure.

Continuing to use the non traditional techniques and I have to say I am pleased with the results. I am working towards getting a solid table top standard as quick as possible. I think its a successful technique and as I said, I am pleased with the results.

I am using Scab Red, Thrakka Green Wash, Devlan Mud wash, Vallejo Sky Blue, various GW paints for hoses etc. a Scorpion Green Drybrush for highlight, MIG pigments for the rust, with a touch of solar macharius orange super watered down.

Graveyeard Earth, Snakebite leather brown.. Dead Static Grass.

Still to Do:
Dull cote, some misc details etc.

Highs and Lows:

My first Wagon, 3 more nob and the KFF Mek.

Not finishing the boys, which was supposed to be the original entry for this month.

Next Month: 30 Boyz at least, some more nobs perhaps.







09-01-2012, 10:42
Also there are a ton more photos in my log, including more photos of the Battlewagon, some of the WIP's of Next Months entry, and some completed Army Shots!

09-01-2012, 15:19
Placeholder for pics. I'll get them up in the next couple of days or so. Work's been manic.

09-01-2012, 21:44
Dice roll of 5

Firstly, the bad news - I have to Joker for my Space Marines this month. Considering the sheer volume of alcohol and food consumed over the holidays I count myself lucky that it's just the one this month!! :eyebrows:

Now, the good news! I have completed one of my projects! The Imperial Navy group are finished!!!

Imperial Navy Task Force

This Month: 705pts!!! (1 Dominator (190), 1 Overlord (235) and 8 Swords)
Target Total: 720pts
Achieved Target: 1305pts

I think I had an advantage in that BFG ships are quite easy to paint but I'm still really pleased knowing that I actually have no Imperial forces left to paint! One reason for so much success must have all those escorts.

Here are some photos of the completed ships. Photograph four is a close up of my counts as Swords - they are Soryllian frigates from Firestorm Armada and I really like them!


I welcome any comments, suggestions or criticisms - this is the second wave for my Imperial Navy and they represent a major boost in numbers for me. There is a subtle improvement in paintjobs but they should still mesh fine with my older lads.


09-01-2012, 21:57
Dice Roll of 2

Ork Pirate Fleet

I have managed to sit down and put some much needed paint to my Ork Hammer Battlecruiser. It is now tabletop ready BUT I intend to add more to it. However, for the purposes of the Tale I am calling it done. Misterboff, does this buy back my Joker? at 240 its twice my target but I may be confusing myself :confused:



This Month: Hammer Class Battlecruiser
This month's target = 120 pts
Actual target = 245 pts
Target total = 360 pts
Achieved total = 440 pts

Red prow = Mechrite Red
Green hull = Gnarloc Green
Engines = Astronomican Battlegrey
Everything washed with Badab Black!

I am thinking about adding yellow dags to the 'jaws' and yellow flames to the fines - thoughts? Also, this puppy will need some heavy weathering using metals and browns. And windows of course.

Next month it's Onslaught Escorts...


10-01-2012, 07:26
They're not 100% finnished, but atleast I have something to show after 4 months in to the Tale. My painting speed is picking up pace so I should get more done and start buying back those Jokers.

It seems I need to find a place to host my pictures. Here's a WIP image that I posted in my Painting Log. Will get the up to date pictures up tomorrow. Too tired.


Total this month: 160 points almost done (150 points target)
Total so far: 160 points (target to date 600 pts)
Jokers played: 3 Will be working to get these back


To be added


10 Warriors with Splintercannon without their Raider and 5 Warriors with Blaster without their Venom


Straight from the box


Will be adding these tomorrow

To do:

Paint faces, details, weapons and the orange needs a highlight

Highs and lows:

Highs: I finally have something to show. I'm starting to pick up painting speed after a few years pause. The Warrior models are superb, I enjoy painting them, lot's of details

Lows: Didn't make my personal goal of completing these and 15 Wyches. The Wyches are half ready.

Next month:

15 Wyches and HQ and starting to paint their rides.

10-01-2012, 15:35
Comment time!

@ mistaboff... Dude, love that Runtbot. I agree with the other post though, it needs a bigger base. Your stuff is painted really well as usual man. Your Orks are looking fine and dandy and are a great cohesive force so far.

@ Darnok, I love those PB's, The Blue Oxidation effect looks really authentic on the one with the bell. Excellent!

@ DJC, you continue to churn out good looking models and a fast pace and with very solid results. You should be pleased!

@ dangermouse, I like the gears added to the dread. and the red adds that needed contrast. Good stuff!

@ Gimmie a D. I love those old School Thousand sons, the yellow is really bright. and the Blood Crusher looks fantastic.

@ Monsterzonk, well the dread came out tight even if you did cheat. :) ha ha ha... nice work.

@ colonel kane trine, looking forwards to seeing more Crons. I like the red.
Hang in there man!

@ Xazil, for some reason your photos arent displaying for me right now. I will drop some comments for you later.

@ matt_17, I simply love that sentinel. I have a feeling your pictures do not do it justice. The blue highlights on the varied models really, really pop.

@ Jihad_Ragsta. Your imperial fleet is looking sexy, I like those Firestorm Armada models very much! and the Ork Ship is amazing. I think it could use and ink wash, but I dont get the impression its complete right?

So thats it for now. Looking forwards to seeing what the other placeholders have to offer. And as always, I would encourage any of you to drop into my ork log, and check out some more photos of this months entries as well as my army shots etc.


10-01-2012, 19:34
Kaptin Irongutz Bad (Boar)boyz (D6 roll = 2)

Total this month: 85 points almost done (42 points target)
Total so far: 85 points almost done, 110 points long-term WIP (210 points target)
Jokers played: 2 (one will be bought back once Iíve gotten the Weirdboy done)

Started as a discussion about GorkaMorka on the ďTale of Skirmish PaintersĒ thread. Seeing a nice warband taking shape there I rummaged through my bitz-box and found a lot of orc bitz. Having wanted a Snakebite army since the days of 2. ed. (but never getting around to it) I figured this was the excuse I needed...

So Warboss Irongutz has left the Blood Bowl pit and mounted his trusty boar, setting off for a bad tempered, stinking, mad-as-hell, old fashion Waaaaaaaagh!

Interestingly, the more I work on these models, the less enamoured I am with GorkaMorka. Yes, it was a lot of fun, but the Orks have moved a long way since then. Anyone up for rewriting the rules to fit with the new codex? Why, we could call it the Boar Wars... :D

This month I almost got my Weirdboy, Gimzod da Wonda Wyrdboy, done. Quite possibly the luckiest weirdboy in all of orkdom, his title comes from the fact that his head, by the graze of Gork (or is it Mork) is still firmly attached to his shoulders. Old, cantankerous, and prone to letting off with random blasts of pure Waaaagh! energy, heís generally considered to be just as dangerous to his own side as to his enemies. Da warboss doesnít mind though, as having Gimzod on the field of battle is guarantee for some truly impressive pyrotechnics. Besides, da Kaptin has quite a few teef riding on a bet...

Still as a work in progress is a five man unit of bike-boyz, cunningly masquerading as boar-riders. Iím intending to keep working on these as a unit, rather than completing them one after another. Hopefully this will ensure that theyíre looking as a somewhat coherent unit in the end.
Currently Iíve got three boarboyz converted and awaiting greenstuff Ė including a nob with a power claw. Two more to go during January and then itís time to paint...

Gimzod is a fairly easy conversion from Wurrzag. I cut off the feathers off his head and replaced the bone knife with a more modern steel knife.

The boarboyz are somewhat more elaborate conversions. Theyíre based on Orc Boarboyz and Ork bikers. The lower parts of two of the boars were cut away and replaced with the rear wheels and engines from the bikes. The final boar had his rear legs replaced by the front wheel of one of the demolished bikes. To make the unit slightly more WYSIWYG as stand-in for bikeboyz Iíve mounted dakkaguns on two of the boars.
The riders were assembled as normal but with the original weapons cut away and replaced by weapons from my bitz-box.

Gimzod was undercoated, using an airbrush, with a 1:2 mix of Foundation White and water.

I then slowly build up the layers on the cape. The basic coat was a 1:1 mix of Beige Brown and water. I then mixed in more and more Flat Flesh (keeping the paint to water ratio as close to 1:1 as I could) and started fading the colour from the edge of the cape and towards the scales. Once I was happy with that I began mixing Golden Yellow into the Flat Flesh and began fading from the edge again. This mix was also used somewhat heavily on the inside of the cape to make it lighter.
I finally airbrushed a bit of Mahogany Brown, in the usual 1:1 mix with water, onto the very top of the cape and in almost completely translucent stripes down the cape.

Once that was completely dry I washed it with thinned down Ball Red and then with a 3:1 mix of Satin Varnish and Gryphone Sepia. This was also allowed to dry completely before I gave it another wash with Baal Red Ė this time almost straight out of the bottle.

Once that had dried I gave it a fairly heavy drybrush with Ivory in order to pick out the edges, make the cape look somewhat old and worn, and take the final shine out of it.

The skin is Russian Green, painted on with a brush. I plan to highlight it heavily with a succession of greens and yellows before hitting it with a green wash to bring it all together.

One problem, however, is the fact that all of this fading is just about worthless. I think Iíve spend way too much time looking at scale models lately. When working on those, subtlety is the name of the game, carefully blending each colour to create a myriad of hues across large areas of armour.
When painting for the tabletop, on the other hand, stark contrasts and excessive highlights should be used to make the colours pop from five feet away.

Ahh well... Live and learn...

Iíve slightly overexposed the pictures Iíve taken to force the colours to stand out a bit more clearly. Let me know what you think...

To do:
Complete the skin, the staff, and the remaining details.

I also need to figure out what colour the loincloth should be. Right now Iím thinking either bright red or deep blue. Anyone got any ideas?

Highs and lows:
The main low has certainly been taking a tumbled down a flight of stairs and having to fight severe pain in my thump and wrist in order to get as far as I have. Seriously, tonight I managed just around 30 minutes of painting before the pain in my thump became too much.

Bugger that for a game of 40K...!

The main (and so far only) high was the ease of the conversion. I normally get way too ambitious with my conversions so sometimes itís good to do a simple weapon-swap and have it come out as nicely as Gimzod...

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/gimzod_002_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/gimzod_002_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/gimzod_003_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/gimzod_003_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_002_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_002_large.jpg)

Niveus Procer
10-01-2012, 20:18
i plan on getting at least one joker back this month. some stuff im working on 2 ork battle wagons

Ork battle wagon for my burna's

i still have a good amount to do wheels and the drivers compartment. guns etc

Niveus Procer
10-01-2012, 20:27
battle wagon 2 is the Big meks Wagon

10-01-2012, 22:06
Alright, comments time. I should get my work up in the next couple of days, just been too slack to take pics.

Page 1:

@misterboff: More awesome Orks mate! Seriously a great job.

@Darnok: Nice Daemons man, grimy and gross!

@djc: Great tank, and cool spawn as well.

@dangermouse425: Nice use of the cogs on that dread.

@give_me_a_d: awesome man, I like your thousand sons, but that bloodcrusher is awesome!

@Monsterzonk: Clean dread mate, are you doing anything with the patch on it's left shoulder?

@colonel kane trine: Cool warrior, it'll be good to see more of them soon.

@Xazil: Pics are a wee bit dark, but they look pretty good man.

@razormasticator: Fantastic battlewagon, great work man.

Page 2:

@jihad_ragsta: Great ships mate! Love your work.

@f2k: Looking good mate, can't wait to see them done.

11-01-2012, 06:21
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and well done to everyone who's posted so far! Here's some page 1 comments from me:

@Darnok: Absolutely disgusting - but that's good! I love red and yellow spot colours, and the rust and verdigris effects look great too. The evil Santa kinda creeps me out though...

@djc: Another awesome tank - you've sure got plenty of firepower in your army now! The Spawn is really good too, and I like how the dark blue/purple is offset by the bony bits.

@Rikk: I look forward to seeing your Lootas. As a Deathskull player I've got a full unit of 15 because it fits the background, but they've always performed really well in games too. I'll be adding another 5 Burna Boyz later on in the Tale to take me up to 15 of them too...

@dangermouse425: That's a whole lot of bling, but it still looks more decorated than the average Dreadnought with just what you've got on it at the moment. I love all the little cogs - are they from a clock/watch or something similar?

@give_me_a_d: Your Thousand Sons look great once again, as does the Bloodcrusher. If you hadn't pointed out the skull that needs to be painted I would have thought that it was a crushed Imperial Fists helmet!

@Monsterzonk: You haven't really cheated, because you've (re)painted the majority of the Dreadnought anyway. It looks good to me, especially the little bits of red and gold to break up the black.

@Xazil: I hate playing against TH/SS Terminators, but yours certainly look cool. I like how the yellow purity seals contrast against the dark blue armour.

@matt_17: Some more good looking Guardsmen. My favourite is the Bodyguard - he looks like one mean mother hubbard. I love the camo on the Sentinel and the blue cables on the Lascannons too.

@colonel kane trine: After your great start to the Tale with your Tyranids you've made a second great start with your Necrons! I'm liking the colour scheme, it's a lot darker and more menacing the the GW one.

@razormasticator: Great work all round. I love the green bits on the KFF, and the fact that the horns on the PK Nobs helmet kinda match the posing of his arms. The Battlewagon is tremendous too - it certainly looks very well used!

colonel kane trine
12-01-2012, 21:10
@misterboff-really loving your ork army the blue works well and i love the use of the runtbot
@darnok-always good to see plaguebearers especially well done plaguebearers!
@djc-nice looking tank there nice additional details added to it. like the spawn too! very tzeentchy
@dangermouse425-looking good :) be cool to see a tactical squad of them
@give_me_a_d-love the jugger and the thousand sons are perfect as usual!
@monsterzonk-nice dread going to add any decals to it?
@xazil-good looking army there really like the use of forgeworld bits
@matt_17-looking good nice and grimy
@razormasticator-love your orks!particularly like the big meks backpack. the battlewagon is great too. love your scheme
@jihad_ragsta-nice looking ships i love the ork ones
@devilish-looking good be cool to see more
@f2k-cool use of fantasy models in your force! i like the feral style to the models
@niveus procer-the front plate flames of the wagon look great!

colonel kane trine
12-01-2012, 22:48
Heres my wip for the month!
Tombstalker and 3 destroyers

13-01-2012, 01:36
Monthly comments:
misterboff - Nice runtbot adaption, the deff coptas come up looking nice and menacing.

Darnok - Not that you can ever call Nurgle nice looking... ;) Very well done with a good scheme.

djc - I like the weathering on the rus and the attached weapons and the spawn came together well.

dangermouse425 - I really like the dread especially the extra bling, studied closely for inspiration for one of my dreads I'm doing. :)

give_me_a_d - Contininuing to be a great scheme and well done paint job.

Monsterzonk - Another well done dread. The base really pops and the whole is a very nice asthetic.

colonel kane trine - Well done necrons. I like the red/gold scheme a lot.

matt_17 - Love the uniforms and the bases are excellent. Together forming a great whole.

razormasticator - Great characterfull orks. Love the weathering on the wagon.

Jihad_Ragsta - Nice squadron of ships. Neat scheme.

Devilish - I like what you have there so far. :)

f2k - Loving the conversion work.

Niveus Procer - Great trucks, good orkification.

Here is a another closer, brighter picture of some of the terminators. Showing off my lack of skill to do them justice. :)


13-01-2012, 13:51
Thanks everyone for the comments.

@ Colonel Kain Trine... dude, I love those Brown Necrons. The Tomb Stalker is such a cool model. I have heard its a bear to build however.

@ Devilfish. Interesting painting scheme you have for your Dark Kin. Almost like Yme-Loc of the Non Dark kin. Should be cool seeing it moving forward.

colonel kane trine
13-01-2012, 14:28
I got mine ready assembled for £15 I am wanting to get another at my birthday so il see how bad it is then!
Glad you like my rust brown scheme im still perfecting it but I think its looking good so far

Sgt John Keel
13-01-2012, 15:04
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything yet, have been a bit busy and all my hobby time last month has been spent assembling Marines for one of the few opportunities I get to actually play the game. I'll have something up by the end of the week however, and I'll take the time to comment on last month as well.

14-01-2012, 06:06
Perplexiti’s Space Wolves: 2012




BACKGROUND/THEME: Ragnar Blackmane’s Great Company.

UNIT(S): Njal Stormcaller

BUILD/CONVERSIONS: Only a very very slight conversion, his pack is the last edition plastic wolf pack.

PAINTING/BASING: Basecoated black, then a Fenris grey coat, with very heavy drybrushes of shadow grey then spacewolf grey. The metal bits were chainmail with a badab black wash. The gold is gryphonne sepia over chainmail.

STILL TO DO: Nothing but the basing, I've decided to sit down at the end of the tale and base all of them at once.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No lows again, Was a little bit easier motivation wise this month, but painting a classic lik Njal probably helped.

NEXT MONTH: Probably some Long Fangs.

Njal front:


Njal back:


14-01-2012, 06:45
Unfortunately the holidays afforded me little time to paint, so I'm going to have to play my second joker (eek). Hoping to win it back next month!

colonel kane trine
14-01-2012, 08:37
That njal is great! Love the classic model!

14-01-2012, 12:45
OK WIP time for me (As now have located camera)

8 Bodies for my lootaz and Burnaz



And I picked up a Finecast Painboy - Really impressed with aulity of this finecast, much, much better than my first


Comments inc

14-01-2012, 13:22
Ok, comments time for me, sorry this has taken so long to post, but gives a chance for me to comment on any later entries :)

misterboff - models looking really good, love the runtbot
Darnok - Very cool looking unit, rust effect done very well
djc - I know just what you mean with the daylight, I've ended up painting with a normal yellow lamp (MUST get myself a daylight bulb asap) - tank looking good, looking forward to see some troops to appomany it
djc - cool spawn model
dangermouse425 - really liking all the little additions you've put on it, makes it very unique
give_me_a_d - very cool as always, was the bloodcrusher a paint to put together? Considering getting myself a pack of them
Monsterzonk - I like the edge high-lighting, brings the black out nicely, and nice touch to base to add bit of colour
colonel kane trine - I like the red power source for weapons, fits nicely
Xazil - V cool assault Terminator group
matt_17 - very well painted unit, basing especially nice
colonel kane trine - nice to see the unit, all looks good together with red weps and rust
razormasticator - v nice, love the way the green orbs look on the mek, battlewagon makes me want to go out and buy one myself
Jihad_Ragsta - very crisp and clean paint job, looks good
Jihad_Ragsta - awesome Ork Battlecruiser
Devilish - Not seen this scheme before for DE but looking good, looking forward to seeing more
f2k - haha, looking good, looking forward to seeing these finished
Niveus Procer - Hmm, battlewagons for burnaz, I was going to have a smaller unit in trukk, but open-topped battlewagon and larger unit is certainly tempting...wagons themselves looking good, nice flame bit on front
perplexiti - I used to have this model years ago, great choice to pick, looking good too, I like the weathered look to the armour

As for me, back to painting :)

14-01-2012, 15:11
Some page 2 comments now:

@Jihad_Ragsta: A very busy month for your BFG Imperials - congrats on getting them finished so early in the Tale! Your Ork Hammer is coming along well too (and you've bought back your Joker). I think that yellow or even off-white dags would look good, and adding/weathering the metal bits will finish it off nicely.

@Devilish: A good start to the Tale, and they'll no doubt have given you plenty of motivation. Are they based on Phil Kelly's colour scheme? Looking forward to seeing the Wyches...

@f2k: Gimzod is looking good so far, and really suits the 40k blade conversion. As a Deathskull, I'm biased towards blue for the loincloth, but I think that red is more suitable for a Gorkamorka/Snakebite theme.

@perplexiti: I love the old Njal model, and he looks great. I think he suits the new backpack, and I like the golden wolf heads on it - they make him look a bit more special.


With it being past the 10th of the month, I've changed the list in the second post and removed everyone who's not posted anything yet (therefore, used four Jokers).

If you've been removed and need adding back in, please let me know and I'll sort it out for you.


Regarding my Orks, I got some Gretchin, Lootas/Burnas and Black Orcs for Christmas and my Birthday. I'm probably going to play a Joker this month and spend time assembling them and playing Dark Crusade (as Orks), because I've had it since it was released but never got around to playing it! I've got Soulstorm and Dawn of War 2 as well should I get finished...

15-01-2012, 09:59
Comment time -

misterboff - as always a good job well done. The runtbot is a cool model, as are the deffkoptas
Darnok - I'm not sure about gore on nugle daemons but it seems to work well on these guys. I loved reading the bat rep.
djc - another great tank, I particularly like the horned skull which is very nice. The spawn is good too, I like the blue to purple transition
Rikk - it was worth the wait for the pics, those lootas look great. Orks as with any horde army is difficult to get the points painted so I feel for you.
dangermouse425 - the dread looks pretty fine to me even if he doesn't have all his bling, hope you find those bits
Monsterzonk - I like your dread, nice neat paint job. The base is good too
colonel kane trine - well 1 warrior is better than none, he's looking good too. as you've added to him this is beginning to look like a great force
Xazil - The FW bits really add something to these termies. The blue with yellow work well
matt_17 - that is a fair bit of painting there and all looking good. The master of ordinance is very nice
razormasticator - some great orks there. The battlewagon is excellent
Jihad_Ragsta - The imperial battlegroup looks really good. The Soryllian frigates fit in nicely. The Ork ship is cool as well
Devilish - the dark eldar look promising, although the pic is a bit blurry
f2k - your weirdboy is looking good, can't wait to see him finished
Niveus Procer - those battlewagons are coming along nicely
perplexiti - a real blast from the past with Njal. It's always nice to see a grey space wolf, rather than the rather bluey GW versions

And some responses -

Darnok - Thanks, Its quite a relief to get that bloodcrusher painted but I've still got a few more to come
razormasticator, perplexiti, colonel kane trine, Xazil, - thanks to all of you
misterboff - erm, yes its an imperial fist helmet, exactly. Thanks for the praise
Rikk - I left the head, collar and rider off the bloodcrusher for painting and didn't stick it to the base until after painting so no it wasn't that bad. You do have to make sure you get the right bits as some riders won't go on some of the juggers

And that's it. I've now got some pics of the Herald of Khorne PIP in my chaos log if you want to have a look.

15-01-2012, 15:46
Comments for everyone!!!

misterboff - Those Orks really are excellent - my favourite is the Runtbot. I concur that it would look better on a bigger base. With Snotlings :P
Darnok - Disgusting stuff! Demon Santa is very nice. Maybe the verdigris could have been slightly more watered down? If minis fall over I glue pennies under their bases.
DJC - I find it strange that you don't have a thread, mate. Lovely stuff as ever! Would be nice to see some infantry :)
Rikk - Awesome Orks, nice and gritty. Some yellow dags on the guns would help, I feel.
Dangermouse - Nice work on the upgraded dread, I have some watch parts that I might try to apply to something similar. Once you get that extra bling glued back on be sure to post up the finished article!
GiveMeAD - old school equals win. Love them all.
Monsterzonk - If you wanna add the company colour to your dread mebbe a diagonal bar across the left upper chest. It's not cheating when it's awesome!
colonel kane trine - That's a promising scheme, I like the squad! Maybe grey basing to compliment the red and brass?
Xazil - Termies look good, you're being too hard on yourself! Maybe some lighter highlights to the edges of the crosses and the eyes.
Matt17 - sweet characters, and the camo on that Sentinel looks great.
Razormasticator - You're a productive devil! Really nice Orks and a filthy 'Wagon, cool!
f2K - That Weirdboy is a simple yet effective conversion, I like!
Niveus Pocer - Very promising Wagons! They are coming along nicely, are you going to add some metal chipping/ rust? It might help make the edges pop.
Perplexiti - Duuuude, memory lane! I love that old piece just for the being old school. I like him muchos. Can't help but feel he would be even better with one more accent colour in there... Maybe red for his beard tassles?

Responses for some!!!

Razormasticator - Thanks for the kind words. You are correct, the battlecruiser is not finished. It had a shading wash but I'm adding a highlight layer, dags and weathering to pimp it up.
Perplexiti - Thanks, buddy!
Colonel Kane - Thank you, Ork ships are great fun to build. And surprisingly therapeutic to paint.
Xazil - Thanks, bud :D
Rikk - I'm glad you like the paintjobs, they've gone down surprisingly well on the forums. I say surprisingly as I wasn't aware that I had improved that much!
Misterboff - Thank you for my Imperial nonsense. You are spot on re. the Ork BC, currently working on applying dags and weathering. Do you think blue windows will be too garish for it?
GiveMeaD - Thank you, my friend.

No WIP pictures as yet but I fully intend to buy back that Joker for my Marines. I have a Chaplain and multiple infantry planned.

Keep it up, fellas.

colonel kane trine
15-01-2012, 18:28
Heres my wip for january
10 immortals
3 destroyers

If I get those done I will upgrade my necrons into the mens league!

Need abit of input from you guys.
How should I base them?

15-01-2012, 22:39
I've had a really busy past month so I'm going to have to play a Joker for my Orks.



16-01-2012, 02:45
Thanks for all the comments guys. Some real talent in this pool of die hards. I appreciate every word!

16-01-2012, 03:39
Thanks for the commwnts guys. I really appreciate them.

I've had my first game with my army and I won. It was close and fun. The only problem is taht it looks horrible with so many unpainted models.

Here's some more pictures on the ones I painted:








I think I've finally settled on how my regular warriors will look. I made some last minute head ripping yesterday when I decided that they all should have helmets. The paint scheme is pretty basic. Gray armour, a base coat of Adeptus Battle grey? on black with codex grey drybrushed/painted on top. The armour edges will be highlighted with orange.

No two warriors should have the same markings, I've added orange details on the armours. Like shoulder pads, knees, helmets, leg etc.

The guns will be black with red highlight and green details.

The hair will be Ice blue

The flayd skin is taken from GW homepage.

Here's a preview of the skin colour of my wyches:


Dheneb stone with purple ink ontop with Dheneb stone drybrush.

The Wych colours will be Necron Abyss for the body suit, same armour colour as the warriors, but the edge highlight and details will be ice blue. Weapons the might be the same. Hair will be orange.

My next project will be my Archon. I'm making him for painting competition with deadline this Friday. He will be based on this:

http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1850193a_99070201001_WoCSorcerorLord01_445x319.jp g

I'll post WIP pictures during the week and updates of my wyches.


16-01-2012, 16:38
Thanks for all the comments guys. Some real talent in this pool of die hards. I appreciate every word!

I'll second that.

18-01-2012, 16:20
Hi guys, I've not been able to post up Dec's completed work up until now, so I'll post the pics up with Jan's WIP's now and put a more complete post in for next month (I fully intend on winning that Joker back)

For Dec I committed to painting a Company Command Squad and Lord Commissar, pics are below, I've used the same colour scheme as before.





Here's some of my WIP's for Jan



The plan is that the Pretorians will fill the bulk of the infantry company slots, with Elysians, Stormtroopers and Arbites filling out the rest of the army. I've tried to keep the Pretorian colour scheme as close to the rest of the army without copying it completely and my overall aim is that their colour scheme complements the other elements of the army.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys, I'll try and get some comments up for the other entries this month, there is some very impressive work going on.

colonel kane trine
18-01-2012, 19:15
Punkfish I love your guardsmen! Those commissars are great

20-01-2012, 03:31
Here's what I'm working on at the moment. My Archon:


Should be finished for a competition by Sunday. Only needs some paint.

colonel kane trine
20-01-2012, 10:47
Loving that archon conversion!

20-01-2012, 14:32
Yes! That Archon Conversion is Sweet for sure.

22-01-2012, 14:45
Thanks for the kind words. THe Archon is now ready and submitted to a painting competition. If you want to see the ready pics before next thread opens check out my painting log in my sig. In the meantime I'll finish my wyches and something else that will hopefully get me enough points to get a Joker back.


22-01-2012, 14:53
And f2k rejoins the tale. Well, better late than never, right...?

A bunch of comments:

@misterboff: I really love that striking blue painjob. Somewhat unusual for orks but very nice looking and absolutely fitting for Deathskulls.
@Darnok: A nice subdued paintjob. Though, if you donít mind me saying so, I think the red blood is just a wee bit too red in comparison with the rest of the model. A more reddish-red might do the trick...
Oh, and I absolutely love the "Daemon Prince of Christmas"...
@djc: Almost too clean for a Chaos tank. Well execute though.
@Rikk: Bring on the big gunz! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the boyz.
@Dangermouse: Steampunk Marines? And curse you for nearly making me spit Cola all over my keyboard with the "Venerable Bling" comment...
@give_me_a_d: Might just be the camera playing tricks on my, but those Thousand Sons are looking rather flat. Have you considered giving them a good wash with blue? Just a minor nitpick, in all honesty, other than that they look good.
@Monsterzonk: I think you should add the blue Ė it would help break up all the black. Perhaps a fairly heavy drybrush with grey along the edges to really make the details pop?
Oh yes, one last thing: the base looks absolutely fab...
@colonel kane trine: Sucks not to get your things on time but it seems to have turned out allright though. Does your better half know that youíre painting instead of taking care of her... :-)
@Xazil: Nice looking unit. A bit dark overall though. Have you considered using a bright colour for contrast?
@matt_17: Really great looking Sentinel. I would like to see a bigger picture with that freehand work.
@razormasticator: Thatís a lot of Orks for a single month. Quite impressive...
@Jihad_Ragstar: Youíre really making me wish I had gotten more into Battlefleet Gothic when it was available. I must admit, though, that I donít like the inclusion of the frigates. Not because theyíre non-GW but because they donít fit in with the overall look of an Imperial Fleet.
@Devilish: I do wish that the picture was a bit sharper Ė it looks to be an interesting choice of colours...
@Niveus Procer: Looking like a good start. One point of critique, though, is that the brownish weathering (Iím assuming that thatís what it is) could do with a nice feathering effect into the rest of the paint.
@perplexity: A true classic. I approve Ė even though Da Kaptin might not...

Did I miss any? Hope not... Iím seriously impressed by some of you. How on earth do you manage to paint that much in a single month?

And now for some replies:

@f2k: Looking good mate, can't wait to see them done.

Me neither. If only my damn thump would let me paint!

@f2k-cool use of fantasy models in your force! i like the feral style to the models

Thanks. A feral look was exactly what I was aiming for. I actually wondered about using Savage Orc Boarriders as the basis of the conversion but desided against it as 1) my local store didnít have any at the moment and 2) I felt they were somewhat under-armoured for Orks. Feral, the Snakebites might be, not I donít envision them as being particularly stupid...

Monthly comments:
f2k - Loving the conversion work.

Thanks. Loved doing it as I am, in all honesty, a modeller before Iím a painter and gamer...

f2k - haha, looking good, looking forward to seeing these finished

Thanks. Me too...

@f2k: Gimzod is looking good so far, and really suits the 40k blade conversion. As a Deathskull, I'm biased towards blue for the loincloth, but I think that red is more suitable for a Gorkamorka/Snakebite theme.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I think red would be a better choice than blue. Iíve been pondering using a lighter leather colour but I donít think it would work as that would leave the model with barely any contrast at all.

f2k - your weirdboy is looking good, can't wait to see him finished

Thanks. Iím working on it... Sorta...

f2K - That Weirdboy is a simple yet effective conversion, I like!

Glad you liked it. As I said, I have a tendency to go overboard with my conversions. Nice to know that simple conversions work too.

Finally, just to prove that I ainít dead yet, hereís a few WIP pictures of my boarboyz.

A sad lot, arenít they...?

I had hopped to get the final greenstuffing done this weekend, but I havenít even started. My thump is still not playing nice with me Ė curse it!

So, rather than getting them all done and ready for painting, Iíve only just managed to get the major plastic parts done. Thereíre still a few details missing but this is, for all intends and purposes, the way the unit is going to look.

First up is the nob.

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_003_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_003_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_004_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_004_large.jpg)

Next up is the Banna Wavva. Yes, I do know that he has no real equivalent in the game (might count as a boss-pole but that ought to belong to the nob) but I was, in all honesty, out of ideas as to weapons so I gave him a banner instead.

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_005_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_005_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_006_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_006_large.jpg)

And then we have the rest of the boyz, including one with a Boom Onna Stick...

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_007_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_007_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_008_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_008_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_009_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_009_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_010_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_010_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_011_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_011_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_012_small.jpg (http://www.warworks.dk/pics/warhammer40k/orks/boarboyz_012_large.jpg)

As for Gimzod, donít even ask... I tried to force myself to do some highlighting but my thump just wasnít up to the job so it ended up looking horrible as I couldnít control the brush well enough. And now Iím seriously considering stripping him down and starting again but donít have any jokers left for that so...

23-01-2012, 09:36
I apologize. I seem to have forgotten to comment your works.

Page 1:

misterboff: lovely blue and I like the look of the runtbot
Darnok: love the daemon prince of christmas
djc(guard): Nice looking tank with good weathering
djc(deamon): nice spawn, I like th bone colour. It usually takes me a couple of tries to get right and I'm a Vampirecount player.
Rikk: Nice Lootas
dangermouse425: Good looking venerable dreadnaught. I like the extra cogs you've added. Makes it stand out more
give_me_a_d: Good Thousand sons there with clear yellow. The bloodcrucher is also cool, like the metallic.
Monsterzonk: nice looking dread
colonel kane trine: That's a solid looking Necron. I'm in the same situation of buying back Jokers and that's a good start. You'll have one back in no time.
Xazil: Good looking Terminators, makes me want to buy some myself. I like the pictures of them on the battlefield. Nice matching bases.
matt_17: Good looing IG. I like the details of the glowing weapons, the lascannons and plasmagun.
colonel kane trine: Wow, you've managed to buy ack TWO jokers in 2 days. With good paintjib to add.
razormasticator: Great looking Orks and I love the look of the Battlewagon.

Page: 2
to be continued...

colonel kane trine
23-01-2012, 19:57
Test pic
The new forum has totally ruined my phone browsing of this site :-(

colonel kane trine
23-01-2012, 20:35
Test picture
The new forum has totally wrecked my viewing of this site on my phone :s

23-01-2012, 21:36
My Dreadnought Talon WIP. Will probably put one up per month painted.


@colonel kane trine: Try Tapatalk, still works fine for me on the new version after a relog.

23-01-2012, 23:38

Misterboff - Blue is an unusual colour for Orks, but it works well. I especially like your looted baneblade, it looks Orky enough for sure! How long did it take you to make, all in all?
Darnok - The contrast of bright red of their tongues vs the drab greens of their bodies works really well. Also, the rust effect looks great, what recipe did you use?
DJC - Nice Russ, the battle damage looks cool, as does the weathering. All the little additions to the model really complete the look.
Devilish - Another interesting use of colour; the orange really stands out well. What are you going to do for basing the minis? Looking forward to seeing your WiP Archon painted next month!
Punkfish - Solid looking Elysians, and I realy like the way you've tied the Praetorians into the army by using the same scheme. It's all too easy to let the IG regiments look very different, but unifying them with one scheme is a fantastic look. Excellent work on the (non-DKoK) Commissar too, he looks ace.
Rikk - Lootas are looking good, they're great models.
give_me_a_D - Very crisp paintscheme on the 1kS, I like the bases too, simple but effective.
Monsterzonk - Fantastic dread, really clean lines and the edge highlighting really completes the look.
F2K - I still have the original Snakebite 40k boar boyz in my model case, so seeing these excellent kitbashes is like a nostalgic trip up memory lane for me! Really looking forward to seeing them completed.
Xazil - I'm a big fan of the FW BT shields, they're so detailed, such excellent sculpts. Your blue looks good, very deep and rich. Looking forward to seeing an Army-shot next month!
Matt_17 - I like the bright blue of the weapon details, it's a subtle but good use of a bright colour in the otherwise drab fatiges of the IG. Good work!
Colonel Kane Trine - Glad to see you're cracking on with the Necrons, hope the wife is better now! The red and gold of your Necron overlord looks very regal, I'm a big fan.
Razormasticator - I love the rust effect on your vehicles, it really conveys a sense of Orky lack of maintenance and general reckless behaviour! Infantry models looking good too.

24-01-2012, 08:41
@Darnok: A nice subdued paintjob. Though, if you don’t mind me saying so, I think the red blood is just a wee bit too red in comparison with the rest of the model. A more reddish-red might do the trick...

As mentioned every now and then: getting pictures is a pita for me. I just fail to get proper results. In the real world the contrasts are not that strong, the red is darker, and accents actually exist - instead of being washed out by the (already toned down) flash.

24-01-2012, 09:47
Hey folks, will offer comments on people's stuff soon. Been hectic for me recently so haven't managed to paint much. Am trying to do a big post over on TOFP before concentrating on stuff for this Tale. Hope to come back in with a decent sized post to make up points/jokers next month. Land Raider is now stripped and ready to go again so it'll be that and something else (Devastators or Terminators I reckon as long as weather picks up for spraying)

24-01-2012, 10:08
As mentioned every now and then: getting pictures is a pita for me. I just fail to get proper results. In the real world die contrasts are not that strong, the red is darker, and accents actually exist - instead of being washed out by the (already toned down) flash.

I like it. The rich red contrasts well with the toned down flesh.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk

25-01-2012, 08:17
So, to page 2 comments:

Jihad_Ragsta(Imperial Navy): Good looking fleet with nice details. I really like the look of the Soryllian frigates
Jihad_Ragsta(Ork fleet): I love Orky konversions. Looking forward to see finished
Devilish: Need to work on the photo skills and maybe an updated pic wouldn't hurt
f2k: Simple conversion make suprisingly striking results. Great work. The boar boyz look cool and orky.
Niveus Procer: Nice battlewagon. The blue gives it some extra colour and the flames make it perfect for the burnas. Looking forward to see it with its wheels attached. Same goes to the Big Mek wagon.
perplexiti: Good looking Njal

01-02-2012, 13:56
Hi guys and gals,

The new thread is now up:

The Tale of 40k Painters 2011-2012 MONTH 6 (JAN completed work & FEB WIP) (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?331977-The-Tale-of-40k-Painters-2011-2012-MONTH-6-(JAN-completed-work-amp-FEB-WIP))

The new thread is for completed entries for January (up until the 10th) and work in progress (WIP) for February (from the 11th). Please only post completed work for January in the new thread until the 10th.