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Solun Decius
01-01-2012, 20:58
Happy new year board game painters! Let's start this one with artfully painted board game minis galore.

Welcome to the Tale of Board Game Painters

What's it all about?
A lot of us wargamers have bought or been given some really impressive board games through the years that have had one extra special selling point; cool miniature game pieces. Mine (and my brother's) include Hero Quest, Space Crusade, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk (both editions) and most recently Chaos in the Old World.

When we opened the boxes we all dreamed of how awesome it would look (in just a few weeks, right?) when we'd have painted every single miniature to the best of our abilities. Awesome atmospheric board pieces with super realistic miniatures all over. Then a few weeks go by, sometimes a few months and for way too many of us a few years. The games are still awesome but all that paint seems to have taken the wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Enter the Tale of Board Game Painters. Now we're going to use the collective power of motivation to really get it done! Participants choose a miniature board game from their collection - one's enough for most of us; after all, they've been unpainted this long already, let's not get carried away :D - and paint it up in 5 to 10 batches over a period of 6 to 12 months.

At the end of each month (or the beginning of the next actually) we take photos of the month's good work, post it on that month's show off thread and give comments and encourage our fellow painters to keep on truckin'!!

More detailed description of the time plan and structure can be found in the OP of the signup thread here! (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=313544)

Here are our painters at the beginning of this month:

And this is the progress one week into january:
Please let me know if you feel any of the info is wrong or if I've misinterpreted how/when you're painting the games.

Board games finished: 5
#1: steevn - Utopia - 5 miniatures
#2: robscott5598 - Fury of Dracula - 5 miniatures
#3: steevn - Lady and the Muskateers - 6 miniatures
#4: robscott5598 - Lost Patrol - 5 miniatures
#5: robscott5598 - Claustrophobia - 6 minis painted

In this thread we start by posting last month's painting, our batches of finished miniatures. Include info on what the miniatures are and what portion of the whole game we feel we've finished. Then we comment on each others good work and begin posting WIPs of our next batch.

Don't forget you can still sign up anytime!

Happy Painting!

01-01-2012, 21:16
Despite the Xmas festivities and alcohol consumption, I have managed to get this months quota finished. Here we go;

All doors now complete;


The C.A.T.



Brother Deino




and the Broodlord



EDIT: Oh and yes I have since cleaned up that splodge on Brother Deino's shoulder pad - don't know how I missed that before I took the pic!

02-01-2012, 16:17
Hi I thought I'd become a late joiner if thats ok! I'll be painting Dreadfleet. I painted the flaming Scimitar and (my girlfriend techniquey painted) the Swordfysh a couple of months ago, so I'll count that as my first months work. I'll be painting this more regularly from now on. I want to get it painted within the next 12 months at the latest so with all your help/encouragement maybe I can get it done by the end of the tale.




Flaming Scimitar:



This month Im thinking of painting the Black Kraken and the treasure tokens. Thanks for reading!

02-01-2012, 17:12
nice work, i'm not done with mine yet although i made great progress the last couple of days, i hope to present them finished here during the weekend

happy newyear you all!

Solun Decius
02-01-2012, 19:05
Very nice start on Dreadfleet HereBeDragons and welcome to the tale. You'll be added to the progress sheet promptly. Interesting coincidence: I just subscribed to your paintathlon thread today, then you show up here.
As usual an awesome update from you Daemonslave! That's something to be counted on :D
You and me both steevn. Before the weekend though, before!

02-01-2012, 20:06
Wow! That is quite a coincidence! Small world :D

03-01-2012, 18:29
Hi Guys and a happy new year.
Only one bad pic, cause i am away from my photobox, but you can see i have done my duty):


04-01-2012, 09:31

after solun decius cracked the whip on me i've finished them although i wouldn't recommend late night paint sessions... running on coffee at work at the moment :) light was too bad last night for pix, i'll take pictures when i get home from work this evening
@DAgabriel: can i get your recipe for the terminator?

see you guys later

04-01-2012, 10:33
@ steevn: pmd you.

04-01-2012, 15:43
@DAgabriel, thanks!

ok here are the pictures ,unfortunately allready dark so no good lighting

wip this month

Solun Decius
04-01-2012, 17:49
Very cool DAGabriel!
@steevn: I also took a late night session last night and an early morning session before work this morning. Since you got it done and posted I had to finish up the last details now and post as well.

CitOW Slaanesh!


I think they're the coolest ones from far away, yet the worst up close. Well, at least I won't have to paint another Chaos Cultist.

Also the first WIP for Super Dungeon Explore!


These minis are gonna be so much fun to paint :D

04-01-2012, 18:27
Nice ships HereBeDragons, I haven't got round to painting mine yet but you (and the gf) have got them looking ship shape! :p

@ DAGabriel, nice stuff mate. Your Space Hulk stuff looks better and better each time you post. You'll have a great looking set pretty soon at this rate.

@ Steevn, it's a shame the pics are a bit dark as you can't see a lot of the detail, though that looks pretty good, but if your other work is anything to go by I'm sure they are excellent.

@Solun, lovely work as always. I really like the colour scheme of the Slaanesh stuff, top quality, and I've seen a few Super Dungeon Explore logs now and those models really look fun to paint. You've done a cracking job so far - how are you finding them - I know a few people have had difficulties with the large flat areas and getting the shading right - yours seem bang on! :)

Solun Decius
04-01-2012, 19:44
Thank you very much Daemonslave! It's exactly those big flat areas that I'm exited about, as it's completely different in style to anything I've painted before.
Citadel miniatures always have the perfect amount of detail, nothing so small that it's impossible to paint but also few things so big and flat that the model doesn't guide your shading for you. These are a completely different story. The eyes are huge so you have to paint the pupil and iris and everything in order for them to look good. The hair on the Sorceress is mainly just a smooth-surfaced blob so you have to paint it to look like hair (which could definitely be done better that I have :rolleyes:).
Also, it's Manga, so I have to step the brightness and color saturation meters up three notches. :D Some cell shading also seems to be in order.
It's seriously the first time I'm painting miniatures that I feel are a very different thing from painting Warhammer.

08-01-2012, 16:05
nice very nice work solun!

today i took some pictures with daylight and cameraflash on... they now look like they have been painted by a toddler using the brightest colours in it's crayonbox...
so i didn't bother to post them
i'll try to find the time to set up a photoshoot with white background, 2 lamps and daylight without cameraflash.

08-01-2012, 17:49
Here’s the third batch of Heroquest models. To refresh everyone's memory, this batch includes:

1 Elf, 1 Fimir, 1 Mummy, 2 Orcs, 2 Goblins, 2 Door Bases, 1 Weapon Rack.

On to the pictures!

Group Shot


Fimir and Mummy



Weapons Rack and Doors

09-01-2012, 16:55
Sorry for the late posting, but I did actually manage to get a small batch done (over two months, a bad sign...) That's it for Marines, I'm starting on Stealers this month.

The Librarian is the first of the actual 3rd edition minis to show up in my tale - I converted him quite a while ago before the Grey Knight Terminators showed up, which would have made it trivial.


09-01-2012, 17:32
And the comments:

Daemonslave, terrific as usual, the Broodlord is especially nice. I did think that those were horns rather than laurels on Brother Deimo, but they look good this way. Basing the C.A.T. was the right call.

HereBeDragons, welcome and a fine start by you (and technically, your girlfriend as well!) I'm really impressed by the amount of texture that you've given to the sails on the Scimitar, they don't look anything like the giant flat sheets they are underneath.

DAGabriel, another fine effort. They must be starting to accumulate given the number you've been doing each month - I look forward to the future group shots.

steevn, hard to comment on these, but I'm sure they're still good. It's great you're doing such a variety of games, none of which I've played.

Solun Decius, The Super Dungeon Explore wizard looks great, I think her hair is terrific. It does make me glad I passed on that though, much as I love dungeon crawl games I don't think I could manage the painting and they really need it. The Slaanesh troops are nice as well, (again the greater daemon is the weakest sculpt, no fault of yours, maybe I'm just too old school.)

iamjack42, nice job again with the older less detailed minis. That Elf in particular absolutely shouts Heroquest to me. It's making me wonder where my ancient copy of Warhammer Quest is stashed away.

09-01-2012, 17:50
Hi Guys! Love your work, here are my comments for this month:

@ Daemonslave: Brilliant as ever. Love that basing, willhave to start on my 40k bases for the Deathwing, too.
@ Here be Dragons: You make me feel sad that I skipped Dreadfleet. Really like your work.
@ steevn: Enough that we can say you have done something, not enough to tell you how cool they look!
@ Solun Decius: The Slaneeshi are nice as always but that sorcerer girl is … wow. But it is still possible to get better, have a look here: http://www.das-bemalforum.de/showthread.php?t=7831
@ iamjack42: Nice work, love that weapons rack.
@ ecurtz: looking good, even if not ready.

09-01-2012, 20:25
OK, sorry for the late post I have really had no time at all to myself lately with so much painting getting done.......plus I currently have the flu so even getting stuff posted up to photobucket seemed a trial...

Firstly Solun, yes Claustrophobia is finished, the only figs left were the Troggs and personally I think they look perfectly fine in their prepainted evil bunny rabbit forms, so I will be moving on and getting some more board games done rather than dealing with them.......

So here's my stuff from the "Shadows over Camalot" game for this month (Which I noticed also needs to be added to the list of games monthly toat board Solun, thanks.)









And the stuff from last month that got ignored/no comments/no feedback:eyebrows:

no seriously just to prove the game is actually almost finished...

Solun Decius
10-01-2012, 17:07
Excellent Heroquest update iamjack42! I think it's the best one yet. I really like the Elf and the Weapons Rack and it's cool that you're painting the detail on the bases and doorways, keeping the original minis as much intact as possible.

Very nice Terminators ecurtz. Clean and sharp painting and I really like the green glow on the force weapon.

Shadows over Camalot looks excellent robscott5598! The reason I ignored it last month is because of the "my friend's" part which made me unsure whether it was part of the tale or just some extra photos to show us. The knight figures are really well done and I have gladly added it to your schedule. I gave you one more month to finish :D

@all: I added a little updated schedule in the first post. I removed participants who haven't posted three times in a row but I'll send them a PM just to remind them.
We've already got excellent turnout and many great updates and its still not to late for two of our Space Hulk painters to make they're box green for this month.

EDIT: Thanks!
@ecurtz: Thank you. I agree on the Greater Daemon. Nurgle really has the very best GD and also nice Warriors. The Daemonettes are really nice though. Super Dungeon Explore is a pretty good game in itself, but if you're going to paint it it's gonna take some time and dedication for sure.
@DAGabriel: Thank you so much! That is some impressive Manga miniature painting right there. Thank for the amazing link. Now I have a new painting hero for inspiration. Whew!

14-01-2012, 17:22
Hi all! Thanks for the welcome!


@robscott5598: Nice work! I've never seen the models before. Are they all from the same game or a mix? You seem to be working on a crazy number of games.
@DAGabriel: Don't worry there are still plenty of copies still kicking around! I like your white terminator, (very brave decision btw) they'll look great at the end.
@ecurtz: You're building your own model set for space hulk? Nice! You doing the tile set too?
@iamjack42: Ooo Heroquest! Good work, I wish I'd not got rid of my set a few years ago I really regret it now. The flesh on the goblins/orks look a little flat, might benefit from wash/highlight but that might be the pictures doing you an injustice!
@Solun Decius: Good painting on the Slaaneshi chaps and the super dungeon explore! That game is doing the rounds a bit on the project logs atm.
@steevn: pics are a little dark too make any real comments, though the bases certainly look good!
@Daemonslave: Excellent work on the space hulk. I like the pinky/purply tinge you've added to the terminator armour. Looks really good!

Phew.... done! :D

15-01-2012, 07:56
OK time for the replies and feedback. Sorry to be so late this month, lots o' painting going on......

Firstly Solun,...............
Fantastic work on the Slaneesh faction. You nailed a very smooth "Pastely" look for the followers of the sensual chaos god and that's very appropiate. Now we need to see a group shot of all 4 armies together similiar to last months, that really showed how much amazing work you did and looked awesome. Are we going to see the expansion, Shadow of the Horned Rat, from you as well?

Secondly, the face, especially the eyes on that sorceress are REALLY well done. I think overall that might be my favorite "Painted Dungeon Explore" face I have seem recently and they have been everywhere recently!

I would have gone more of a 2tone high contrast cell-Shaded route with the hair, mainly because it would have been easier and more forgiving than your route, but your version has some really nice things going on too. It's just that those large flat curved open surfaces are very unforgiving on not perfectly clean continous smooth brush strokes. Your a braver man than I, overall I am very excited to see more of this from you each month, as this is most likely another game I will personally need to paint myself very soon....:)

As usual your Termie looks great, I really like the rebasing scheme your doing it gives me many ideas for when I finally get around to my copy. But good Lord that Broodlord kicks sooooooo much hiniey! I think that's just one really well done miniature Sir!

Welcome! glad to see some more Dreadfleet in the tale, and well done ones at that. I like all the little details you've done on the Sultan's ship, but I think the water nyads down along the hull could do with a tiny extra highlight to really bring out that miniaure detail.......After all they make a third awesome little "elemental" force being used to propell and arm the ship. The NMM style of of the sword on the sail is a nice detail, really makes it more 3-d than just a flat color, well done.

I like the swordfish as well, the use of a whole range of colors instead of the straight purple/black GW scheme is nice to see.

Still loving the Deathwing style Termies, nice bold strong colors. I know you said that that was a not so good pic, but those pale stealers look excellent! Much more along the lines of what I do for my Tabletop 'Nids and it's nice to see that what I picture in my mind for my personal color scheme would look so nice on the Space Hulk figures, cause yours do........look so nice that is.

My favorite part is the one stealer right there in the bottom middle, holding the Termie helemt. Because of the white termies it looks like a skull, thus the 'stealer seems to be doing the whole "Alas poor Yorik, I knew him well" bit.

Love the Cadwoloon thieves guild minis.......Another board game I need to get painted up myself someday! I just wish we could get bigger better lit pics of your minis, they have so much character in those sculpts and people are missing out on seeing much of all the hard work your putting into them. I like the cobbelstone pattens your doing...seems to work very well for the figs.

very promosing conversions and good start I will look foward to seeing some more Termie flavored goodness from you each month.

you continue to please with the blast from the past that is heroquest. Thanks for that, I'm sure it brings back many pleasent memoires for a lot of us board game geeks. I agree with others that the skin tones of your gobos could use some contrast but I love the way you did the great big chunky squares on the bases, they feel so perfectly in line with the visual asthetic of the art from the counters and the boad pieces. Spot on!

you inspired me with your submissions last month to pick up a brush and squeeze this little additions to my painting schedule in just for fun, don't expect me to add the whole heroe's quest line up to my already busy schedule, but they were Really fun to paint!




"Nyahaaa! I'll get you for this He-Man!"


15-01-2012, 08:14
@robscott5598: Nice work! I've never seen the models before. Are they all from the same game or a mix? You seem to be working on a crazy number of games.

It does seem that way doesn't it?:D
I also have like 5 or 6 40K armies in progress each month, I am trying to squeeze some Orky Boyz out for a complete redesign of GorkaMorka each month over in the Tales of Skirmish Game painters, and am slowly doing a lot of stuff for Warhammer Quest in my personal Plog as well....on top of some comissions each month.

You would never beleive I started getting back into painting only about 2 or so years ago as physical theraphy for my nerve damaged hands would ya?

But seriously, guys like Solun and DAGabriel have been cranking out several large batches of minis per month, whereas I picked a few small number of mini games because it was nice bit sized chunks I knew i could squeeze in here and there and this tale provided the best motivation to get them done, so thanks guys! Because of this little exercise I have at least 3 or 4 favorite games finally done and painted instead of sitting there everytime we play and saying to myself, damn I really got to get around to getting these painted someday........

I'm all ready to sign up for the next one (you hear that Solun!)I gotta get them board games painted! :evilgrin:

oh and yes, all those Shadows over Camalot minis are from "Shadows over Camalot" a neat little game which is owned by a buddy but is very fun to play so I'm painting it up for the group!

Solun Decius
16-01-2012, 11:55
@HereBeDragons: Thanks man! Yeah, I've got to find more SDE painters for ideas and stuff. Maybe even get some to join us here :D

Thank you very much for the detailed comments robscott5598! I'm totally up for more ToBGP's after this one. Miniature board games are my new favorite thing :)
I have started the minis from the Horned Rat expansion (Shadow of the Horned Rat is actually a real time strategy computer game from '95 :D). I've been wondering if I can call CitOW a finished boardgame or if I should finish the expansion first and take it all into one record...
Here's a link to some of my 2011 painting, including all CitOW in a row and some more SDE characters: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6016665

And here's a WIP of the Skaven:


Also WIP on SDE:


I would have gone more of a 2tone high contrast cell-Shaded route with the hair, mainly because it would have been easier and more forgiving than your route, but your version has some really nice things going on too. It's just that those large flat curved open surfaces are very unforgiving on not perfectly clean continous smooth brush strokes.


"Nyahaaa! I'll get you for this He-Man!"

Hahaha! That cracked me up.
Regarding the hair, I agree with you completely. You can see I started with just the two part cell shading and it looked pretty nice just that way. Just not bright enough in the highlights. I'm still hoping to make the highlights stronger and more solid - more like cell shading, but still the strands of hair. Let's see what I've got at the beginning of next month.

We're in the middle of this month. I hope everybody is already planning/working on their next contribution to the tale! Huh?

17-01-2012, 15:36
Comment time!

@Daemonslave beautiful painting, I particularly like Brother Deino. Really gorgeous work.

@HereBeDragons Very nice job! The wind efreet is well done.

@DAGabriel Your painting looks better and better. The terminator in particular looks really good.

@steevn Wish I could see them better, but they look promising

@Solun Decius The Slaanesh group turned out great. I’m pumped you are working on SDE, those minis are so stylized, I’m excited to see what you can do with them.

@ecurtz Nice conversion work!

@robscott5598 I am so impressed with your painting. Very realistic work on very detailed minis.

Comments on Comments

@ecurtz Thanks!

@DAGabriel Thank you! In its own way the furniture is some of the most entertaining stuff to paint.

@HereBeDragons Thanks! I may try to give an additional highlight to the Greenskins. It might in part be the painting, I had a particularly hard time getting those models to photograph even tolerably. Nevertheless, I think another highlight wouldn’t hurt. Got a recommendation?

@robscott5598 Thank you! I was super-excited to see your work on heroquest models. The Skeletor Warlock made me crack up.

17-01-2012, 18:45
@ iamjack: I think I am suffering from Nostalgia overload. You are really bringing these models to life and as I have a soft spot for Heroquest (my first ever GW game) it just makes me smile. :) Great stuff!

@ecurtz: Those terminators look really good. Nice clean, crisp painting on them. Are you planning on adding to their bases or leaving them black? I look forward to seeing some more of your conversions as well, they have come out really well.

@robscott5598: I must confess I've never heard of Shadows over Camelot, but they are some nice minis. I love the knight sculpt and you have really made him look dead sexy with his paint job. I look forward to seeing what other treats come from this game. :)

...and more Heroquest. And Skeletor as the Sorceror - awesome! Made me giggle anyway :)

@solun: Ohhh, I like the new SDE stuff, quirky and the lava effect looks really good. Doing my own Fire Chasm at the moment I know how tricky that is. :) I like the look of the Vermin Lord, looks like one of the better Greater Daemons and I look forward to seeing what you do with it. I quite like the start you've made with the grey fur as opposed to the usual browns.

Well Done everyone!

17-01-2012, 19:19
@robscott5598: I must confess I've never heard of Shadows over Camelot, but they are some nice minis. I love the knight sculpt and you have really made him look dead sexy with his paint job. I look forward to seeing what other treats come from this game. :)

...and more Heroquest. And Skeletor as the Sorceror - awesome! Made me giggle anyway :)

You know it's wierd how many people havn't heard of "Shadows over Camalot". It's a very nice game, it's not a huge price point, and comes with a loverly board featuring castle camalot and the round table, and the lands surrounding them, and loads of nice minis.

It's the perfect game for a gaming group who "Knows" each other quite well and play to win. It's all about each player taking the part of one of the famous Knights of the round table and helping to bring order and justice to the land, fighting off invaders like saxons and picts, ect....a real good team effort.

Then about half way into it you get the "despair" effect where the grail is missing, excalibur is lost, and the land is falling into disrepair, the invanders are knocking on the castle doors, and someone is randomly selected to play the traitor to the round table.

And then it all becomes a race by everyone to find the grail, defend the failing kingdom, discover who the traitor is and win the game no longer as a team....... but as an indivigual. fingers get pointed, good people sometimes are forced to do bad things for the right reasons, further spreading distrust and paranoia, but ultimately each Knight must do what he thinks is right and for the greater good in the long run. Except for the traitor who must seem to be making the same type of difficult decisions but is really just pissing in everyone's soup.

It really works well for a group who can really get behind the theme, who have some familariety with each other and know how to play their character well, even if they are the secret traitor. Good fun all around and highly recommended.

p.s. the "skeletor effect" is not my original idea, I've seen it done once or twice before, and thought wow that really does work. Now I need to paint a very blond barbarian to match! :)

Morglum Necksnapper
18-01-2012, 11:32
Sorry guys, a joker for me this month. I'm really busy with painting other stuff. Next month I'll have 2 full squads ready to enter the Hulk.

22-01-2012, 10:57

I've never done any blogging before but always wished that I had... So now is the time.

I don't have much experience with painting but have started buying and painting a bit of 40k over the last year or so. Recently I have become completely addicted to board games starting with chaos in the old world. Last week I bought and played a couple of games of Mansions of Madness and absolutely love it! I've been reading through your blog and am amazed by how brilliant your games look and wonder if I could join you by painting this game?

The sign up thread hasn't been used for a long time so wondered, how do I sign up? Do I just start painting and writing?

Solun Decius
22-01-2012, 12:27
Yes Sk1ndred, just go ahead and start painting and posting.
Mansions of Madness is a great game that catches the Lovecraftian feel of hopelessness and insanity exceptionally well. I painted that myself earlier this year and it was really fun. Great to have you on board. I'll add you to the schedule document before next months thread but feel free to post anything you've finished in this thread or start posting finished stuff in the next one.

Thanks iamjack42 and Daemonslave: I somehow ended up with the whole paint scheme for the rats brown as I wanted blonde/yellow clothes and brown woodwork. A third brown color for the skin would have been a bit much and I really like how the grey is working out.

Just over a week left of January. Best get cracking on the finishing touches, eh?

23-01-2012, 17:16
I got painting straight after I posted :-)

Going to show you a WIP shot as I need some advice as to what to do with the bases.


Do I paint it black as it was when it came?
Do I put sand on and paint it black?
or go for a full decorative base (which would look nice on some floors but not so great in the gardens)

I'm also loving reading through this thread. The old heroquest stuff makes me wish I'd kept my copy in better condition and I love the look of Super Dungeon Explore. You guys are doing a fantastic job.

Solun Decius
23-01-2012, 22:37
Harvey looks great there and the lady is nicely done although the sculpt is a man in a wig and dress :D
We did the MoM bases with sand, painted black, then drybrushed heavily with Graveyard Earth and lightly with Bleached Bone. Very classic outdoor style but with black base rims it still works on the floors. I'll post photos of them on the game boards if you like.
I think just painted black and no sand would actually work perfectly well on these but complex floor board bases might be too specific.

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24-01-2012, 05:40
SK1 both of those investigators seem to be off to a REALLY good start! Makes me want to add my Mansion O' Maddness to the already growing pile of things I'm currently working on! Especially love the colors on the brown suit, just really nice so far. I would go with the cobbelstone effect I did on the Fury o' Drac bases, because it fits the time period for the pieces and is both different than the floorboards and the outside grounds, also it's really fun and interesting to do....but that just me.

Anyways here's the final pieces for the finished Shadows over Camalot game.







24-01-2012, 05:43
And the last images here due to pic limits.....




All the Knights.

and the finished game

It kinda doesn't show in the pics but each Knights base is just slightly shaded with their main color. So the green knights rock has just a ting of green in his base, the blue knight a slight blue color to the gray, ect....

The Saracen Knight was my favorite besides King Arthur, he was just full of character in his sculpt and was a blast. Also I had the damndest time getting the blue knights face to look right because he had these HUGE bulging eyes. I finally realized on the card his eyes were closed, and I guess the sculptor gave him huge outward buldging eyelids, but once painted that way it really works. I suppose he is praying, being a very devout man of god. With his peaceful smile he became a really cool figure, Buddah is medievil armor.

Now I just gotta get cracking on the expansion, Merlin's Men, and the Talisman figures.....plus I've been itchin' to paint one of those Fimirs.

Solun Decius
25-01-2012, 10:33
Very nice robscott! Another game finished. Looks excellent.

Skaven WIP:


Question: Which of these Rat Ogre skin schemes should I adopt for the Vermin Lord?

Morglum Necksnapper
25-01-2012, 10:37
I like the second one from the left best.

25-01-2012, 16:08
Yep, I prefer the more severe contrasts of the middle one of the three as well. Gives the impression he is somewhere dark and lit by an artificial source (which suits skaven down to the ground) :)

Solun Decius
25-01-2012, 19:11
Yup, it seems "Contrasty" is preferred over "Albino" and "Mid-range-y". I'l try to get those contrasts then on the big one. Hopefully it'll be smoother, but we'll see when they're finished in next month's thread.

Thanks guys!

25-01-2012, 19:35
@robscott5598: mixing the main colour of the model into the base really ties each of the models together! Nice one!
@Sk1ndred: Don't worry, you're not the only one joining late: this is my first month too!

25-01-2012, 19:47
Ohh f..., could not find my DA Bits, have to do some more genestealers this month. Finished 3 and the C.A.T., will do a fourth til next week.

29-01-2012, 16:08
@ Solun - Thank you.Funnily enough I searched mansions of madness painted figures and stumbled upon your ones. They look great and the way you have done the bases look fab. I'm glad you are doing the horned rat expansion too. I love that game so much!
@rob - I love the way you have done the bases on fury of dracula but I'm not sure they will look right. I may well give it a go on the investigators though and sand the bases of the monsters. I also love the way you have done the cloth on the knights, they look great.
@Here be dragons- Good to hear there are a couple of us to join late together.

29-01-2012, 18:59

Tut, tut, tut. I'm afraid it's going to be a joker month for me this month - I've made a good start on my months quota but they are not going to get finished - serves my right for leaving them til the last minute!

Put me to shame guys! Get yours done!

Solun Decius
30-01-2012, 09:06
Too bad Daemonslave, but that's what jokers are for, eh? Good thing you've got them started, so next month should be a breeze :D

Thanks Sk1ndred! I'll finally have finished CitOW at the end of this month. Can't wait to play a full 5 side fully painted game.

Yup, it's almost time for our next thread. I hope everyone's getting their stuff ready for photographing now!

Solun Decius
01-02-2012, 13:38
This month's thread is here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=331972