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02-01-2012, 12:01
Hello folks.

In the basic game a witch hunter has a number of amulets that can be used once per adventure.

However in the advanced game his amulets have a number of charges, and can be used multiple times before they must be recharged at the witch hunter temple.

Does this mean they may be used more than once per adventure in the advanced game (subject to having a charge available.)?

02-01-2012, 13:54
Yes, but he can still only try to recharge one per settlement, so the more he uses them the more likely that he will have more than one running on empty in the future.

02-01-2012, 14:47
Thats what I thought too.

Something else that just occurred to me; Can he have more than one of any type of amulet?

02-01-2012, 20:22
In the advanced game, the witchunter may use his amulet a number of times equal to the number of charges.

He may have any number of identical amulets which can have any number of charges but since the best recharge result you can get is a 6, its pretty much the maximum number you will have at a time (no point risking the amulet to get more than 6 really since you can only recharge once per adventure).

So, you roll for amulets and get four, two amulets of healing, an amulet of purity and an amulet of holy fire.

Rolling charges you get 4, 5, 1 and 3. This means you have 9 uses of the healing (spread between the two amulets), 1 use of Purity and 3 shots of holy fire.

The witchunter is very powerful in the advanced game :D

04-01-2012, 08:53
That doesn't sound right, the rules specifically state that you should re-roll any duplicate amulets. It's maybe unclear if once you have all six amulets you can then get duplicates by rolling a 6 on the recharge table, but I would say no: a maxed-out WH only ever has one of each amulet, each one potentially with as many as six charges.

And while I was checking on that I actually noticed that the WH can try to recharge once per amulet, not just one amulet per settlement like I had thought, so my apologies for the confusion on that. The only limitation (aside from only being able to attempt to recharge each amulet once per settlement) is that each attempt costs a further 1D6x50 gold.