View Full Version : Nid Army Value opinions Plz!!!!

08-01-2012, 07:47
Looking to dump my nids since GW has no plans of ever showing them the love they need. I was curious if anyone would cast there opinion as far as what they think I could feasibly ask for them on ebay.

2 pewter hive tyrants
6 ripper swarms
30 plastic hormies
55 plastic termies
1 current edition carnifex
1 pewter carnifex
2 plastic lictors
2 pewter hive guard
1 pewter broodlord
46 genestealers
3 pewter biovores
2 pewter tyrant guards
2 pewter zoanthorpes
20 assorted plastic/pewter spore mines
9 pewter raveners
1 trygon
1 codex
1 dual wide black gw army case(same size as the new green one)

everything is well taken care of, nothing broken, maybe half the army is primed and nothing is fully painted. codex is excellant condition. considering most of the elites are pewter im not really sure what to sell it for. if all bought from gw the total is about 1195 without the army case. i was kinda thinking between 300-500 because its all built. i also have about 8 warriors, a box of gargoyles, and 2 more fexes but ive got to dig them out of a storage shed. thanks in advance for anyone who helps out!!!!!!

Big Ned
08-01-2012, 08:24
You'd be better off selling the units individually, you'll be more likely to pick up buyers that way.

BTW 300-500 what? Pounds, dollars, yen?

08-01-2012, 14:31
It's much better to dump them individually on e-bay, even the undesirables seem to sell fairly well there. The trick to selling on e-bay is to make them open to bidding at a low price, since quite a few people seem to get carried away with their bids. I've seen things go for more then the retail price. Also stripping the models will probably increase their value as most people avoid painted armies (unless painted really well). Hope that helps.

Edit: And make sure to say it's metal for certain models, that seems to attract certain crowds who despise finecast. For example somebody sold some metal harlequins for more than the new! retail price.

08-01-2012, 14:57
Find an example of each on ebay. Watch it. Bidding tends to go higher on auctions ending on sunday night. Personally I've never paid more than half list (and sometimes considerably less), but items I have been outbid on have gone close to list.

08-01-2012, 19:40
FYI there's a rumour that nids will be getting some attention in Feb. Mirabeau has strongly hinted at this plus with the rumoured changes 6th ed will bring then they may be viable again so you may want to wait as that's one heck of a collection you have.