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10-01-2012, 16:49

As it appears that there is no wood elf armybook on the horizon I was wondering if the WE players had noticed any shift in difficulty using WE against the newer 8th ed army books. For instance is it harder against 8th orcs or 7th orcs (in 8th edition WFB obviously) and correspondingly for OK and TK??

In general it seems that each new AB is removing the abusive elements of the previous one, so maybe as time goes on the power gap will reduce between WE and the others??

10-01-2012, 16:57
Certainly the new AB's are attempting to balance the power divide. I would suspect that one of the reasons why WE's may have to wait for a while is that some armies are expected to receive a Nerf in terms of the more abusive elements of their list. This might explain why WoC and DE's are being touted as among the next few armies to be released. I can only see this as a good thing tbh, as much as WE could do with a few new or re-vamped models.

10-01-2012, 16:59
A regular opponant of mine plays Wood Elves. He is fairly new to the army but has grasped it very well and is very formidable. He has beaten my TK and someone elses WOC. Unfortunatley our group is small, however im certain he would be successful against other armies too. The only major problem Woodies have is the fact they are very overcosted and the lore is pants. But noone uses that lore and goes for Life for example so that doesnt mean much.
There is no reason what so ever why Woodies shouldnt be succesfull against 8th army books.

10-01-2012, 18:06
For OnG, while things are generaly cheaper, they lost their free movement abilities (Waaagh ability, Waaagh spell) that ruined many a WE players day.

10-01-2012, 19:51
Wood elevs struggle in this edition, but considering the 3 books (soon to be 4) in question all had similar things, ie; points reduction, in my opinion it proves ahrder for wood elves.

Tomb Kings got alot cheaper, and durable units such as necropolis knights can give wood elevs a hard time. Emerging from the sands with 2-3 unist in some cases, and then contending with a wall of toughness 4 Tombguard can ruin your day. Combined with armies precolection to chariot core, the Tomb king advance can be suprisingly close to your line by turn 1. This presents challenges, as you simply dont have enough bowfire to deal with all of them, and the only mainstay combat units wood elvvs have are way too small to deal with the numbers of undead. Even sphinxes present challenges, wounding on 6's is a usual plus, but thats still over 50 shots to kill a sphinx and short range.

Ogres, arguably the most competative out of the 3, again got cheaper. An army of T4, alot of them with decent saves (Mournfangs = :cheese:) presents a real challeneg. Your bowfire will go-to-town on standard ogres, and they find it hard to wade through Treekin and Treemen due to the toughness. But, mournfang will chew you up and Ironblasters will rip the tough stuff to shreds.

O+G are traditionally, an army Wood elevs love to fight against. Lots of naked, Low T stuff to kill. Perfik! However, with there points decrease, its harder to amke a dent in the horde, and with Black orcs having the possibility of being S7 Flaming on the first roudn of combat, Treekin and Treemen are almost a no-go. Eternal Guard, Big blocks w/ wyssans are very good against these guys, especially w/ Rhymers harp lord, and i reckon Wood elves got the best deal here.

We will wait to see for vamps. But i suspect the vamps book will be the best yet, and with crypt horrors being a treekin with -1S, poisend attacks, regen instead of its saves and unbreakable (for the low, low price of 30-ish points), I reckon it will be a vary good book.


10-01-2012, 20:26
I would agree that the new AB are removing some of the uber powered items and tricks, but alas isn't that what every new addition will do. Lowering the cost and putting more models on the field with re-rolls to panic checks (bsb) does make the shooty WE army more difficult to run. A bunch of flaming S7 attacks is going to wreck anybodies day, not just tree kin/man.
A majority of the wishlisting and predictions on the TK, OK, OnG, and probably VC has generally come true, but with the complete overhaul I hope the WE get I don't even want to guess as to what the new AB will look like.

11-01-2012, 02:35

You forgot about the 80+ night goblins to deal with, which is about equal to the entire wood elf army.

11-01-2012, 03:13
As a wood elf player the armies that have come out so far aren't that tough. The test will be what WOC and dwarfs are like to play against.
With high armour saves and dirt cheap lumberjacks(maruders with great weapons) choas are always a struggle.
Flaming cannons are tree spirts kryptonite and any amount of crossbows cripple elves.
With all this being central to these two armies and unlikely to change. The new units they will also get in their upcoming release may add more challenges.

11-01-2012, 10:26
I play WE as my main army alhtough they have been sitting on the shelf a lot lately. As I see it they have two major problems. 1) the units actually capable of combat (not including the heavily overcosted eternal guards) dont get ranks and therefore always start CR against anemy blocks on the negative side.
2) lack of useful tools to deal with high toughness or high AS enemies. All the new army books gives the opponent the possibility to bring multiple high toughness monsters / machines / constructs to the table and WE just doesnt have any good ways of dealing with them. The only option is a lvl3-4 with lore of beasts which both isnt enough in itself and also prevents you from taking lore of life which you also need to keep your fragile units alive.

12-01-2012, 04:15
Wood Elves was my first army and I still play them regularly. Everyone knows they need a new book so I am not going to touch on that.

However as far as 8th edition books go, I really struggle versus the TK's the most. OK are actually a little easier to get a draw out of (I say draw becuase that is a good result for WE in 8th). OnG I have only played once when the new book came out so I can't comment.

One thing I can't wait to do is unleash HoDA on a unit of Hexwraiths, man that is going to ruin a VC generals day!