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22-04-2006, 04:25
i am curious if anyone hear ever played any of the star trek fleet combat games. i believe there are a few of them and are any of them any good?

Solomon Short
25-04-2006, 16:40
Star Fleet Battles- Hex based, energy allocation forms are akin to doing your taxes every few minutes, gives new meaning to the word rules bloat. I played it in the mid-80's as a kid. I picked it up again in like 2002 and my jaw dropped at how complicated the game had gotten. Familiar mechanics were there but so much extra stuff had been added. I played once under the rules and found it less than satisfactory as after two hours nothing much had really happened. The game suits itself for duels but more than four ships would probably take all day.

Federation Commander- A simpler version of Star Fleet Battles. A lot of the bloat was removed. Basically it seems to me they almost reissued the first edition rulebook. With the pricing scheme for supplements I was left less than enthused.

I'd use the conversions to Full Thrust before getting in on either game.