View Full Version : GW online sale policy change?

11-01-2012, 02:39
I was looking around for January game deals on Amazon.com when all of a sudden there was Games Workshop models everywhere. From my limited perusal of the vast selection they have none of them seemed direct from Amazon, but the point is this is Games Workshop stuff at a discount which you can add to an online cart. Did they finally change this policy of allowing online retailers to use online carts for their products (aka we are GW and we don't like money so people can't do this)?

jack da greenskin
11-01-2012, 13:54
Think this has been mentionned before, but amazon dont really need to buckle under GW's terms. They dont need the GW account at all, and for what it offers gw, Gee-dubz must have thought it worth.

12-01-2012, 09:13
GW doesnt deal with Amazon, and will not set up an account with them unless they agree to GW's trading terms which is the reason they are in place.

12-01-2012, 10:55
The policy wasn't against online carts, it was against online carts not associated to a bricks and mortar store.

So, Amazon won't be able to sell direct from themselves because they don't have a solid shop front and only trade online.
Maelstrom, etc, *do* have a bricks and mortar fronts, and are therefore allowed to sell through a website. I assume that the retailers selling through Amazon also have their own B&M shops, or GW would not be selling stock to them to sell through Amazon

12-01-2012, 13:31
Maelstrom aren't in the US anyway, so any US-specific policies wouldn't affect them.

12-01-2012, 19:46
It's not US-specific :)

Brother Loki
12-01-2012, 20:16
Yes it is, the no online shopping cart stipulation never applied in the UK or Europe because it would be an illegal trade restriction. It was only ever a US policy.

There is a tiered trade discount system in place so that retailers with a storefront who do demos, have gaming tables etc get much better discount than online only stores, but there's no blanket ban outside the US.