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11-01-2012, 17:23
With the beautiful re-emergence of Krell, I have been reconsidering the fluff behind my partial VC army. I've always liked the idea of Krell as a risen chaos champion, and similarly the idea that Crom befell a similar fate after retreating through Sylvania following the events of SoC. In the past my idea had been to create a risen-chaos army, but the difference in scale between chaos warriors and VC skeletons/grave guard always posed a problem.

So, here is the new plan. An army led by a master necromancer, who was once a champion of Khorne. Fluff has painted the gifts of the chaos gods as often random and irrational; so what if this once great collector of skulls was "rewarded" by being turned into a mewling whelp of a man. From:

No longer capable of slaughtering his foes by hand, and angry at his former patron, this once champion of Khorne devises the best vengeance he can think of; taking up magic and (re-)raising Krell to do his bidding. This also seems like a good way to represent some Blood Knights with the much less expensive Chaos Knights.


11-01-2012, 17:30
I don't really like the whole khorne ---> sorcerer thing but the rest sounds al right. I think you could make a really nice army by converting Warriors into grave guard, being led by a necromancer and just hordes of zombies as core. With of course chaos knights as blood or black knights.
The scale is a little different, but skulls are supposed to be a lot smaller than the actual heads. Even smaller when you count the chaos armour. So I think it will only emphasize how truly big and awe inspiring a chaos warrior is. But if your really bothered then go with TK skulls.

Edit: I think you should take Krell and say that it's actually Crom (or tool a wight king up as Crom)

11-01-2012, 21:44
I don't like the idea of a champion of Khorne ever turning into a sorcerer either, I'd guess Khorne would rather make him a spawn.

That said I too think that an undead army from the Chaos Wastes sounds like a great idea, and one that I've thought vaguely about myself. :)

11-01-2012, 21:53
I,on the other hand,like the idea of a khoneite champion being abandoned by his god and betraying his values. It's nice and interesting...