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15-01-2012, 03:05
I play High Elves. I like to use cavalry, and the speed of the army. I like the elite fashion of the army, and would like to keep that (if possible). I'm best using a mix of units and hammer/anvil tactics. I want to have something different, and prefer playing the good guys. . .

Die-hard Dwarves
Lordly Lizardmen
Brave Bretonnians

Empire is nice, but like I said, I like elite armies. Wood Elves seem cool, but they are pretty similar to elves. I want something completely different from what I'm used to. So, which of those three (they seem to be the ones that would best function with my play style) would be the biggest change of pace?

15-01-2012, 03:09
Wood Elves would seem pretty similar to Elves because well... they are Elves.

Elite units are what I like, something that is going to beat the opponent in close combat. Which is why I play HE, Dwarves and Ogre Kingdoms. I'd say Ogres, they would be a decent change of pace for you.

15-01-2012, 03:52
You can play Empire as an elite army if you wish.

Knights as core, maybe with a few supporting hand gunner units. Cannons and greatswords and inner circle knights as special with steam tank, mortar volley gun as rare. Not sure how effective it would be but it would meet your criteria.

you do very much restrict yourself when you say good guys only

15-01-2012, 07:48
If you're looking at cavalry armies, there are Bretonnians, Empire, Greenskins, Tomb Kings, Wood Elves and Warriors of Chaos, though if you wan to count Chariots, you could count Beastmen, too (though, they have a Named Champion that makes Centigors Core). These armies are the ones that can field an entire army of cavalry with no fancy tricks. They all have good points for taking them that way, though whether they would fit what you want is an entirely different story.

Dwarfs don't have anything that is cavalry, currently. They are currently infantry and war machine centered. They are among the best anvils in the game, especially on the Order side (Lizardmen and Warriors being the other two), but their hammer is either very slow to get into position, or useless for helping out your anvil (in other words, they shoot).

Lizards do have a Named Lord that can make one unit of Cold Ones Core, so that may be an option. Good magic and tough troops with some nasty skirmishers and monsters define this army.

Nastiest cavalry lies with either Chaos Knights or Blood Knights (I haven't seen the new VC book, so I don't know how much they have changed).

If you want to completely change how you're playing, still use Cavalry, and stay on the side of Order, than I would suggest Lizards. If you don't mind losing Cavalry, want to change how you're playing, and want to stay on the side of Order, than go Dwarfs. If you don't mind loosing the Order part, go Warriors. If you want to be a Cavalry nut and stay on Order, either Bretonnians or Empire. Bretonnians can have Ranks far cheaper than Empire thanks to the Lance Formation, have decent bowmen, but their infantry pretty much sucks. Empire have better infantry and a plethora of ranged options, and can be as elite or as hordish as you may want.

15-01-2012, 07:56
Blood knights are the same only cheaper

15-01-2012, 08:59
Sooo... You want:

- Good guys
- Elite
- Cavalry and speed
- Something different

That really, really limits your options. Bretonnia is the only way to go, I'd say, though you could do chariot heavy TK if you define TK as good guys.


15-01-2012, 11:22
Yeah if you want something different, you are going to have to shift your priorities. You are going to have to give up on at least one or two categories.

I'd probably be pointing you at lizardmen, although there isn't much anvil/hammer going on there as saurus are pretty much hammers xD