View Full Version : Eldar Corsairs?

Sunshine and Night
15-01-2012, 12:41
Do Eldar Corsairs(as represented in Imp Armour Vol 11) have to take their jump packs or can they just stay as regular infantry?

15-01-2012, 13:40
Well, first off they're jetpacks, not jump packs, so they get relentless and an assault phase move. I just thought I"d clarify in case that makes a difference to you.

But yes the corsairs themselves can be taken as regular infantry and if so, have the option to take a Corsair Venom or Falcon as a dedicated transport. They can also be armed with shuriken catapaults or shuriken pistols and close combat weapons, so you can represent a corsair force from existing guardian models.

Sunshine and Night
15-01-2012, 13:44
thanks you answereed my next question in advance aswell!