View Full Version : Help! A Question about Warhammer Terrain

15-01-2012, 16:50
Just a quick question. I'm embarking on a modular game table project and as a part of it will be producing a few 'floor plans' to decide how to do it. My question is simple, can anybody provide me with the basic footprint sizes for the following pieces of WFB terrain:

Fortified manor (without the fences)
Skulvane manse
Dreadstone Blight (just the diameter will do)
Garden of Morr
Fortress Tower
Citadel wood.

For interest, It's for using the scenery and 4 realm of battle panels to make a base for Mordheim (the non ruins will be suitably ruined!!) using GW's own stuff.

I really appreciate your help and apologise sincerely if this is posted in the wrong place.



15-01-2012, 16:59
And while we're at it, if someone could share the dimensions of the fortress elements, that'd be dandy :)