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Mr Feral
15-01-2012, 16:28
I've started something of a pet project of mine; a rotting and decaying Lustrian dungeon set for Quest!

Each tile will basically be made of two layers of foamboard sandwiched between mounting card (bottom) and cork tiles (the top). Obviously there will be still much work in cutting up pieces until they look vaguely like what I envisioned still to come!

Have a couple of pictures showing the start that I've made; a Dungeon Room and a Corridor. These are both ably modelled by some WIP Zombie Pirates drafted from my workdesk!




I chose to make smaller tiles, ones without borders. I've also shrunk the individual tiles to an inch squared each so, I can make more out of the materials I have. They take up less space too!

You can find more pictures, thoughts and mumblings on my blog post here! (http://feralique.blogspot.com/2012/01/warhammer-quest-3d-lustrian-dungeon.html)

I would love to read your thoughts, suggestions and questions! I'll post some of my ideas next time I have something new to show. :)

15-01-2012, 16:33
Looking good so far. But, why bother with the foamboard? Cork with some stiff mounting card should be hard wearing enough for years of use.

Mr Feral
15-01-2012, 16:42
Ah, I probably should of mentioned why!

The foamboard is to build up some height so I can cut back into it, to create such effects as:

the ground having fallen away
chasms and pits with rickety wooden planks covering them (such as the Firechasm)
Well of Doom er......dirt well
Lowering the floor for the Fighting Pit


Hope that answers your question!

One Man Assault
15-01-2012, 21:00
Nice idea with using the foamboard for height. Looks like you are using 5mm foamboard, you know you can get 10mm foamboard? Should save you time and 10mm foamboard is usually slightly less than double paid for 5mm foamboard, so a slight saving of money.

Mr Feral
15-01-2012, 21:45
Good advice that, but the 5mm stuff I found was the only one there and on offer too. :)

16-01-2012, 08:21
Another dungeon - everybody seems to be making them these days!

I bet nobody else is making a Lustria dungeon though. I'm looking forward to more.

16-01-2012, 20:59
aye you going to be scoring the lines / squares or just painting them on?

in My Project (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5989857#post5989857) i used a flat head screwdriver on similar cork tiles (Homebase? pack of 9 (http://buildyourimagination.co.uk/minis/gallery/sde/06_cork.jpg)?) fora great broken slab effect :)

Mr Feral
17-01-2012, 11:01
Cheers Purplebeard, I hope you'll like the end results. I've got the general vibe nailed in my mind, and if it comes out anything like I imagine (which it should do) it'll be awesome.

greenstuff_gav, these will get extensively cut up and broken to get the right effect. I just have to cut out all the bits for the other rooms first before I make a proper start on making these ones look interesting. You've have to take my word for it for now but when I update next you'll see what I mean. :)

17-01-2012, 17:45
I can't wait to see how these are going to turn out! For those of us without the time to make and space to store 3D dungeons though, the tile set "Dire Tombs" from D&D works exceptionally well for adventures set in Araby or the temples of Lustria and/or Southlands. Unfortunately it's now OOP, so the price may not be much of an advantage over making your own sets ;)

17-01-2012, 18:24
Can't wait to see this log progress, you've made a promising start. :)

Nice to see some Warplock minis as well - you making up special rules for them or just using them as normal zombies/ogres?

Mr Feral
18-01-2012, 09:07
Nachie, I had a look at that set. I thought they were a nice colour, that sandstone effect is something I want to look into for the Lizardmen themed room(s) I have in mind. :)

Daemonslave, I did draft some rules for them based off the 6th Edition Fantasy list. They are lurking in the WHQ forum somewhere. I will be returning to them sometime to add some more ideas in (Deck Gunners!). I also plan on showcasing all my Lustria themed models such as the Zombie Pirates in this thread as well as they are completed. :)

Mr Feral
20-01-2012, 08:59
I've made progress!


All the foamboard and cork needed for your basic Dungeon set has been cut out. This lot will make:

6 Dungeon Rooms
6 Objective Rooms
6 Corridors
2 T-Junctions
1 Corner
1 Stairway
I've also got enough materials to do some extra board sections, mostly taken from the "Rumble In The Jungle" article in Deathblow I:

Objective Room (8x4)
Mining facility
Chains and pickaxes scattered around
Couple of mining carts as removable scenery
Warpstone chunks

El Dorado
Objective Room (8x4)
Mystical water-filled pit in centre 2x2 of room
Golden statues and debris scattered around and in pool

Lava Vent
Dungeon Room (5x4)
Lava-filled pit in centre 3x2 of room

Magma Stream
Corridor (6x2)
Molten stream runs through centre 2x2 of room

The Long Corridor
Corridor (10x1)

I also had a suggestion (thanks Lost Hobbit!) for:

Sacrificial Pit
Objective Room (8x4)
Sotek statue(s)
Circular pit
Raised section at back of room
Ledge overlooking pit

Finally, I had a cool idea for using up the rest of the materials I have. Making a mini-set of crazy Tzeentchian board sections!

I figured they'd go something along these lines:

Floating and chained tiles - broken up and precarious, at varied heights
Swirling paintjob - blues, purples, pinks and white
Underlit - bright green
Random mutations, faces and growths blending in to the tiles

That's all for now. I'd love to hear people's ideas and suggestions! Hopefully the next picture update will be more interesting. :)

Mr Feral
21-01-2012, 10:29
Swiftly moving on...

First Corridor has been made:


After the cork has been hacked up and made to look broken and haphazard. Then I added some Green Stuff vines dotted around:


Even got a piece of Dragonforge chain in there as well:



So, what do people think?

Personally, I'm very pleased with it! :)

21-01-2012, 10:49
So, what do people think?

Personally, I'm very pleased with it! :)

Quite right, so you should be. :)

The cork looks really effective as battered up old rock - wish I'd used that idea rather than scraping my own out of plaster! Plus I like the vines idea - I may have to pinch it as my own dungeons are a bit monotone at the moment and needs little splashes of colour here and there (I've added puddles and the like) but vines would look nice.

I can't wait to see more of what you come up with so I can be inspired by (ie pinch) the ideas.

A question though, will the height of each piece be enough to make things like the Fighting Pit? - It won't be much of a drop. What I have done is have some pieces at a set height and then have stairs that will lead to that exact set height so you can have big drops into the fire chasm or to the bottom of the fighting pit for example

Mr Feral
21-01-2012, 11:02
Glad you like it!

My Fighting Pit won't have the big drop, but I'll line the walls with loads of brutal looking spikes and gruesome fetishes. I guess I'll have to make some form of gate or something else to block the Warriors in after they have entered the actual pit area.

The other thing I could do is incorporated some stairs into the 2x2 section where the Warriors enter, then have a sharp drop.

This I'll have to think about!

23-01-2012, 11:05
Love it! The vines and details makes all the difference!

23-01-2012, 11:38
Another way to do the vines and save money on green stuff is to use garden string or twine soaked in PVA glue.
Nice job btw

Solun Decius
23-01-2012, 13:13
This is an excellent terrain/game-board project. I'm all for the extra foam thickness to be able to really use the third dimension. The only downside is the extra storage space it needs.
Broken floor tiles in the last update look ace!

Mr Feral
23-01-2012, 16:46
-BoBo-, thanks! I'm quite pleased with the vines as well.

beef5077, good tip! However, I will stick to GS so it matches the basework I am doing for the accompanying models. :)

Solun Decius, I think after quite a lot of though that I'll stick to the same height. I'm going to work around the "taller" rooms with some redesigning and of course some optical painting effects. That's not to say I may not try something with more height at a future date, it's just I'd rather keep it simpler for my first "main"dungeon set, then I still have the materials left to try something a bit whackier *cough* Tzeentchian board sections *cough*! ;)

Made progress, stuck down the tiles for the first Dungeon Room and T-Junction:


The size comparison picture I should of taken when I started this project. :p


(note the Flamer of Tzeentch for scale reference - him and his bizarre buddies will be painted up after I have done the Zombie Pirates!)


A VERY early start to the Fountain of Youth, which will be reimagined as a Lizardmen-themed piece. I must dig through my bitz boxes and see what useful totems and the like I can find. I also will get the joy of trying out some water effects, of which I ordered earlier on today.

I'm glad people are liking what they see, that pleases me greatly. :)

23-01-2012, 17:34
MOAR! :)

I throw another vote in for a sacrifical pit to Sotek tile, and also I think it would be awesome to have a Skink spawning pool!

25-01-2012, 09:36
Looking really great Mr Feral! Can't wait to see these with a lick of paint on them.

Shas'El Tael
02-02-2012, 12:00
Your post reminded me to comment; I agree.. sacrificial pit! :D

I have actually got some old 6th edition Saurus stored up to do a Quest version of Lustria, as per the Deathblow rules. But first the old world zoo of monsters!

Great work and really impressive. Most (including myself) tend for the Hirst Arts plaster kits.

Reminds me, how are you sealing the cork so it won't suck up all your paint?

Also; I have these on file for inspiration; hopefully they're of use :

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/Jungle_Dungeon_1.JPG http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/Jungle_Dungeon_2.JPG

- Tael.

Mr Feral
02-02-2012, 15:58
Nachie, I certainly will do a Sacrificial Pit down the line after I've worked through the more basic boards first. I can see it in my mind and it looks fantastic.:cool:

Necanthrope, aye they'll get paint when I've built them all first! Could be a while yet because I don't want to rush this important stage. I'm just as eager as you to see some colour on them too. I'm thinking generally cold blue-greys with various greens and browns for moss / lichen / undergrowth and rusty ruddy browns (Dark Flesh?) for ermm.... the chain rust!

Shas'El Tael, much obliged! I have dug out some of the most recent Lizardmen plastics which I will get cracking on as soon as I've made enough progress on other things to clear the needed space!

Thanks a lot for the reference pictures, I think judging by the massive amount of various lichen pieces used I will do the same on my more Lizardmen-themed boards! I particularly like that last picture, I must find out what materials went into that fantastic undergrowth.

Regarding sealing the cork, I honestly hadn't thought of that! I was going to just white primer it, but now you've mentioned it I will have to see how that works on a spare piece. A very thin PVA/Water mixture might be needed first I imagine.

- - - - - - - - - -

I haven't done any more on the boards but however after years and several aborted attempts at getting just the right Lizardmen skin colour, I started on this;

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-hsjD8u2HJf4/Tyq69pbdDLI/AAAAAAAAAek/cMx92tt-sso/s488/SKink Shaman PIP.jpg

The basis for that wondrous turquoise is Vallejo's Scurvy Green. It's the first of their paint range I've tried and I love it!

The model is not far from completion, but I would like feedback on the following things;

Is the NMM Gold convincing enough?

The fur edging of the feather cloak, I'm not sure what colour to go with. I basecoated it Khemri Brown but I don't think it suit the rest of the model. Suggestions?

The cloak itself - keep it dark blue or do some colour fading? (if so into what shade?)

That's all for now, thanks again everyone for the feedback and comments. In the near future I'm going to combine this and all my other fledging threads into my (much ignored) Random Log (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?240906-Feralique-GW-Malifaux-Smog-1888-amp-Others), but I'll let people know when that will happen first! :angel:

Shas'El Tael
02-02-2012, 21:01
Mother nature provided the last image; but it shows you the combined effect of using differing lichen to achieve a similar result in miniature ;)

Love the Lizardman colour.. that really is spot on how I see them too. This general blue theme GW uses tend to frustrate me. Definitely noting this down.

Critique :

The NMM is well executed, but the colouring is soft. I thought you were doing bone work rather than NMM. To be frank, GW metals with Gryphonne(?) sepia washes can have startlingly good effects. That said, this is the best reference photo I have for strong NMM style :


Fur edging is great; picked up that's what you were intending. To make it stand out, possible some dark tone streaks (few) to undershade the lighter hair streaks. Check out "Adalhein" in my Quest log; his hair uses similar principles to accentuate the lighter strands. Gives you an idea what I mean.

Love the cloak, possibly a sharp edge highlight, but regardless.. nice deep blue, goes really well with that Vallejo colour you mentioned.

Look forward to your painting update (and the PVA paint mix you mentioned being a success)

Tael :)

05-02-2012, 09:36
Your project is looking pretty awesome already. This, I am sure, will be amazing when it is all finished.

Mr Feral
11-02-2012, 10:17
Tael, many thanks for the advice! Naturally, my photo completely screwed up the colours so I can see what you mean when you say it looks bone rather than gold! That reference picture is very helpful, thanks again. As for the Skink, I'm going to aim for a blue to green blend when I get around to finishing him off (the cloak is only basecoated atm)

Purplebeard, let's hope so!

- - - - - - - - - -

I pulled out the rest of my Zombie Pirate bits and started work on some Deck Gunners, mashing bits up from GW, Warploque Miniatures and a few Mantic limbs here and there too. The first one has mostly been assembled, and the second one is tacked together to get an idea of how it'll look. There will be three altogether when done, methinks!

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-CcnYW5VNscw/TzZJwC6SSSI/AAAAAAAAAew/gUkbAzGXogc/s594/Zombie Pirate Deckgunners WIP 001.jpg

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-cc2Mn_ZZSQo/TzZJwFHf8lI/AAAAAAAAAes/Lf9mKcLjBg4/s483/Zombie Pirate Deckgunners WIP 002.jpg

Obviously it's hard to make a Zombie look convincing firing such a gun, so mine will be modelled aiming their Swivel Guns instead. There is still lots of basework and gapfilling / missing muscles to add back but overall I'm quite pleased with them so far. I might even add a few more pirate bits to add to the theme still. :)

11-02-2012, 19:27
They look great even at this early stage.

Shas'El Tael
11-02-2012, 23:58
Their ramshackle stumbling nature is what amuses me with these decrepit pirate minions. Really looking forward to seeing them shamble toward some hapless heroes in future :)

12-02-2012, 15:18
Hi, this looks great! I'm doing something similar (based on an old deathblow article) and thought I'd contribute / share ideas if thats ok? I'm using 3mm Hardboard as bases and using 30mm squares. It's taking me a while though to 'rough up' the cork tiles-any tips for speeding up the process? Here's some of my pics
132248 132249
The painted floor tiles are my first attempt using plastic dinner mats as bases (too flimsy!) What you gonna do for doorways?

13-02-2012, 08:30
Yes yes yes!!! I want one too! Make me one! :D
Nahhh juz kidding. But they look really nice man. Have you started work on the walls yet?

If not, for some reason I always envisioned Lustrian dungeons to have slightly diagonal walls, like this \__/
With some vertical pillars with these scary aztec faces that shoot out arrows when you try to pass them, you know?

Maybe you can take that thought and work with it. It would certainly make them stand out even more from traditional dungeons.

PS Lustrian Zombie Pirates for the absolute win!

16-02-2012, 23:22
Hello, new around here.
I was chewing over the idea of making a 3D dungeon and put in a search and found my way here. Your board pieces have inspired me, especially the cork tiles. My plan was to use polystyrene or maybe the high density stuff sandwiched between two layers of mounting card so there's plenty of scope for carving chasms and fighting pits and wells etc, but I reckon your cork tiles are a much better top layer. I have a question, though and hoped someone might be able to help. How do you ensure that the pieces don't warp or curl up? I've tried basing scenery on cardboard, hardboard and MDF and they have all ended up warping. The only stuff that has stayed flat is some modular Necromunda boards that I based on 12mm chipboard, which pushes the cost up and makes them heavy and difficult to store. So...any tips on how to keep my dungeon sections flat?

Mr Feral
23-02-2012, 19:41
Purplebeard, the leftmost one has been thoroughly cleaned up, gapfilled and is nearly ready for priming! I did have to shorten the gunner's left forearm because that photo made it obvious it was too long. :p

Tael, yes! Ramshackled is exactly how I wanted them to look! I imagine them to of ripped the fixed Swivel Gun off a ship or other fortification and drag it around to shoot at things. :)

Andy_T, welcome to Warseer! You're tile is looking great so far. Might I suggest a few glazes of various browns and greens to add a bit of realism? The only tip I can give to speed things up is to do tiles in bigger batches! As for doorways, I still have the original plastic ones which I'll mount onto some 2 x 1 tiles to make them the same height as everything else!

Daniel36, there be no walls in my dungeon, I like the flexibility of being able to place doors where you like! The Aztec faces which shoot out darts / spears would make some great floor-based traps (like in one of the Crash Bandicoot games, the nostalgia!)

Butch1973, welcome! I'm using two layers of foamboard (cheap enough) and they seem to resist warping enough for me. :)

- - - - - - - - - -

I've been doing loads of hobby stuff recently, but barely have anything to show for it. Typical!

I can though say that the first of the Zombie Pirates are done! There'll be pictures of the six Deckhands tomorrow. :)

I do in the meantime have another WIP to show and some queries that need resolving.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-6HZXRWVZTk8/T0ac9ffMhDI/AAAAAAAAAfA/vkK_t6axjks/s512/Beastlord WIP.jpg

So, a Beastman Wargor! What I haven't mentioned yet that he is one of 30 others I am going to do (10 Ungor, 10 Gor and 10 OOP Pestigors.) I'm aiming for an Albion theme,so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on where I should put some swirling tattoos? I was thinking either some design on his biceps, or something fancy on the flat sides of his axe. What do you guys think?

Dare I even mention the other Albion-themed models I have in the pipeline? How do a Dark Emissary, Fenbeast and FW Fimir Warriors sound? :p

I'll be back tomorrow!

Mr Feral
24-02-2012, 23:27
Just like I said, finished Zombie Pirate Deckhands:


What do people think? I quite like how drab they look. :)

Mr Feral
27-02-2012, 19:40

Where did everyone go? :(

Anyway, I made a few more of the simpler board sections to get them out of the way:

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-LvJU8JhU7Gg/T0vpAvjA1RI/AAAAAAAAAfw/qzcQNUgAzJ4/s525/2 Corridors %26 Corner WIP.jpg

Another pair of Corridors and the Corner tiled up and ready for detailing.

Gah, some much waste cork shavings from cutting up the tiles into nice damaged ones:


Hobby Tip: Stick 'em in a spare tub and break bits off to add texture to bases!

Til next time, whenever that may be. :)

27-02-2012, 22:28
Great tip, and nice tiles btw. Keep it up !

Shas'El Tael
29-02-2012, 00:51
Bit hard to check out the zombies, the colours have come across a little washed out. (Having this issue with my shots too).

The new tile sections as ever, impress me with the handiwork. I can also see a use for piled up compost of rotting leaves etc in corners of the dungeon with the left over materials. ;)

Mr Feral
29-02-2012, 13:02
azhagmorglum, much obliged! They are rather easy to knock out to this stage en-mass. :)

Tael, all my photos are like that. I've never been able to get the lighting correct!

However, the models also would appear washed out because I meant them too. :p I deliberately chose to use dreary greys to fully establish that these guys are long dead. I think in future models I might try mixing in more fleshy tones and experiment on getting different stages of decay and decomposition. Reminds me that I have some spare Empire Handgunners lying about, might convert them up into washed-up zombies sometime and see if I can get a more "recently-killed" look to them. Does that lot even make sense to you? :)

- - - - - - - - - -

Nothing new to report, except this swag I got through the post this morning!


Yes, OOP plastic Chaos Dwarves, and untouched by glue or paintbrush! These bad boys originally came out in 1994 according to the tabs. I remember when all Warhammer plastics came in these little boxes (Lizardmen especially, the nostalgia! :) )

The idea will be to paint them as Tzeentchian Renegades, something along the lines of this fantastic Golden Demon winning entry from years past:



I just love the blending of cool blues and purples (particularly on the big hat) and the sickly purple-grey skin tones with the bold tattoos around the eyes. I'm going to knock up a quick test model to see if I can pull it off. :)

29-02-2012, 13:55
Wow. Those dwarves must have cost you a pretty penny - I've been looking at eBay prices for maybe a Blood Bowl team and any official Chaos Dwarves are really pricey. I loved those old small boxes as well, that's how I started my dwarf army. The old unit of 20 warriors I have are now titled "The Bearldings" cos they look so young and inexperienced compared to the newer models, but they are my favourite, especially because I converted the standard and drummer for them myself, even whittling a tiny drum stick out of a tooth pick and making my only hand painted banner.

I have to say, though, for Quest I would have gone with Mantic. Although they don't have the same groovy hats, you get more for your money, and they look quite individual with interesting head gear, some of which includes squids and other watery stuff that would go well with your lustrian theme. Plus as they have an expanding range, it should be easier to get hold of what you want, rather than trawling eBay.

Using the Dreadfleet mat as a backdrop for zombie pirates was also a great touch ;)

Shas'El Tael
29-02-2012, 20:56
Ahhh, okay. Completely missed your artistic approach to the Zombies. You get used to full colour and full on models, that subtly can be overrun easily. It is a good idea and nice approach to do them in neutrals, grey with decay.

Great going on the Chaos Dwarves. Been meaning for ages to pick a handful up as surprise encounters and mod a few for Heroquest as additional monsters.

And 1994? Please kid, I have a hero who pre-dates that by another ten years! Just teasing! This is what I love about Warhammer Quest, you can throw in all sorts of models to play a fairly robust set of dungeon bash rules. Right now I have two 'sets', my 1990's styled WQst plastics and bold heroes.. and then the Kev Adam's era orcs/goblins with 1980's adventurers (the fighter and Elf I previewed a day ago for example).

It's like looking at original Trek, then Next Gen haha.

To your next update! :)

Mr Feral
02-03-2012, 11:05
S_A_T_S, yeah they were quite expensive (think a little bit more than resin Infernal Guard and you get the idea!) but I think when done they'll be worth it. I only wanted these ones to do as a handful of Tzeentchian Renegades to go with the rest of my ever-growing Tzeentch stockpile (Horrors, Flamers, Beastmen, that awesome plastic Sorcerer etc.). If I did want to do a full-blown "normal" Hashut-worshipping faction, I'll go with the newish Forge World range because I love them! I understand what you are saying about Mantic, but to be blunt they may be much cheaper but they look it too in my opinion.

As for the Dreadfleet sheet, I use it for all my finished models but the nautical similarity has not be missed. :p

Tael, thank you. My style tends to be as muted as I can get it, I prefer my models to be dark and grungy over the high fantasy primary colour overload of the 90's. :p However as I've mentioned before I'm going to try and mix in more normal flesh tones here and there for the variety.

Fair enough on the nostalgia! I mention 1994 because I came in the hobby a couple of years after that, so the whole "little boxes" thing brought out the memories of childhood hobby joys! (I'm still a young-ish 'un) :p I remember getting a brand new half-price copy of Warhammer Quest the first time I wandered into my local GW. Those were the days! :D

- - - - - - - - - -

I threw some colours at one of the assembled Chaos Dwarves to see if I could get the effect I wanted:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-kTmAg3Cdjsk/T1Cw_FuedVI/AAAAAAAAAhY/0d553wmQWEg/s455/Tzeentchian Chaos Dwarf (test model).jpg

Still lots to do, like bringing back the Hormagaunt Purple highlights on the robes and the blending at the bottom of the big hat, lots of NMM and other jazz.

What I want to know is does this feel it has enough of the light Tzeentchian theme I was aiming for?

- - - - - - - - - -

I also built another pair of Corridors (no picture because you know what they look like by now :p ) and what was supposed to be a Well of Doom:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/--x9nzO-zVw4/T1Cw-57DCfI/AAAAAAAAAhU/HlUTGXyPJo4/s651/Tiles WIP.jpg

As cool as that gapping sinkhole is, it's just too big! I am seriously considering cutting down the middle, adding another row of tiles (to make it 5x4 instead of 4x4) and turning into the Lava Vent instead.

What do you fine readers think?

03-03-2012, 11:02
Looking grand, Mr Feral.
I'm shivering in anticipation of a painted room, or corridor :D

03-03-2012, 11:03
Looking grand, Mr Feral.
I'm shivering in anticipation of a painted room, or corridor :D

Shas'El Tael
04-03-2012, 06:38
Chaos Dwarf cleaned up really well, still a lot of detail in those old school plastic kits; they really are a good rank and file troop model. It also displays your technique nicely, I have a better grasp of what you were saying earlier :)

The Well of Doom section seems fine to me. I don't expect a Well which I could drink out of.. this is a ragged, nasty OHS hazard of a hole in the floor.. and if you fall down.. Well, your Doomed. (dodges rotten veges)

Top stuff, best post some photos to my thread too :D

- Seb

04-03-2012, 15:17
Hi feral, just started a thread of my own to see if I can manage one too! What sort of glazes do you suggest? I've got all the GW washes. (I regularly use Devlan Mud to rescue my shoddy basecoating!)

Mr Feral
13-03-2012, 15:32
Necanthrope, I'm afraid it'll be a while before paint hits these board sections! I imagine I might do a few test tiles to make sure I get the right look down with the colours though. :)

Tael, glad you like the test Chaos Dwarf. I have received the rest of my resin bases so I can assemble the rest of them now and add them to the waiting-for-painting-list. :p

Andy_T, good stuff! I've dropped a comment or two there already. For the colours I would use, natural tones like Gretchin Green and Charadon Granite when watered-down and applied in patches would look fantastic. :)

- - - - - - - - - -

Boom, an update of sorts!

I've been painting Beastmen on-and-off and after having to adapt my skintones method to better suit batch painting. Have an Ungor test model:


Yeah, some of them have heads taken from the Marauder Horsemen kit for that mutant / satyr vibe. The blue spiral warpaint on his head is taken straight from the old Dark Shadows booklet. It's the symbol for the Dark Master (secretly the Daemon Prince Be'lakor in disguise).


Made a start on the Deck Gunner. I thought I'd be all clever and mix in some purple and flesh to make the paintjob more interesting. Lol and behold, it looks the same as the other ones I've painted already. I hope you can notice the Gretchin Green glazes around the growths.


Extended what now is the Lava Vent by an extra row of tiles. I then took one of the WIP pieces I have on the side and had an idea...


Do people think it has potential? There's something about giant skulls carved out of the ground that seems so right for Quest! :)

Comments and stuff to the usual address,

Shas'El Tael
14-03-2012, 07:01
I like the forehead symbol idea and the fawn like styling. The idea of a "bigger than this monster" issue such as the one suggested by the spiral; means curious players can explore more about this cult and the GM can then evolve a campaign where they proceed to attempt a successful foiling of some nefarious plan.

I also like the skull vents; very Quest :D

15-03-2012, 03:31
Great stuff! I went through your whole blog, you've got some fantastic stuff on there. I'm especially jealous of the chaos ogre.

Mr Feral
15-03-2012, 10:51
Tael, exactly what I want to aim towards! After the Ungors and Gors are done, I have some ideas for plastic Tuskgor / Razorgor conversions and also a trio of the recent Fimir Warriors and a Finecast Dark Emmisary / Fenbeast pair to do as well. My Beastmen will be worshippers of the Dark Master, so it'll great to mix all these Albion-themed critters together. :)

As for the skull vents, I found a cheapish one on eBay so I think that idea will go into fruition sometime (when I can decide where to use it that is!)

benvoliothefirst, do you mean the Undead Ogre / Animated Hulk or this limited edition bad boy (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_rHcUlO1RZoQ/TK4NvmosQ4I/AAAAAAAAAKw/wMHKuWUhSqU/s1600/Warhammer+Forge+Chaos+Ogre+WIP.jpg)? That latter one has been added to the to-do list!

I'm afraid I don't have anything new to show yet, but I do need some ideas people!

So far I've come up with nothing in regards to theming the following rooms;

[*=left]Torture Chamber
[*=left]Monster's Lair
[*=left]Guard Room
[*=left]Well of Doom
[*=left]Dungeon Cell
[*=left]Fire Chasm
[*=left]Tomb Chamber
[*=left]Fighting Pit
[*=left]Idol Chamber

I do however have general ideas on how I want my Lustrian set to look, characterised by locales and factions both already existing and those of my invention;

Lizardmen of Axlotl - Homeless from Luthor Harkon's predations, they roam the nearby Vampire Coast hunting down the vampire's minions where they can.

Board sections with this theme represent the various catacombs pillaged and destroyed by Harkon. Lots of Lizardmen glyths, toppled statues overgrown with plants and creepers.

Vampire Coast - The infamous stretch of beach home to the equally infamous Luthor Harkon and his scurvy minions. Death, decay and lots of stolen booty be here!

Board sections with this theme represent the various hideouts and havens for Harkon's shambling hordes. Lots of deep filthy water, floating body parts and bones, rusting metal debris, moss, lichen and the odd shiny piece of Slaan treasure make up these places.

Skaven - the hidden rat-port of Splinterdeck, the secluded safehouse of lowly Clan Rikkit. This small clan is comprised of various outcasts and pariahs from Spineport and other Skavendom "havens" for the more nautical-inclined vermin. Currently in a secret war jostling for control of the southern underground parts of Lustria with Clan Pestilens, who have inhabited the continent for centuries previously. As such, many members of thst diseased cult oversee the activities of both Splinterdeck and Clan Rikkit in general.

Board sections with this theme represent the various freshly-dug tunnels and the rotting shipwrecks which together make up the ever-expanding pirate-warren dubbed "Splinterdeck". Lots of glowing warpstone chunks, broken planks splayed about and dirty water make up this dank pit. Perhaps an entire Objective Room could consist of an actual shipwreck?

That's all I have for now, I would love to hear your contributions!

15-03-2012, 18:00
RATS? SPLINTERdeck? Surely there's got to be mutated Ninja Turtles there too? :p

I would of thought the tomb chamber would be an easy one - make a deep set catacomb with carved statues and gargoyles everywhere plus a coffin containing a kipping Vampire.

Maybe for the fighting pit you could have some sort of colliseum - with drunk pirates on the outside betting on your demise.

You might also turn the lava from the fire pit into an ocean inlet, having sea to fall into - with a few tentacles showing of course.

Dunno, just a few ideas. :)

Mr Feral
17-03-2012, 12:32
Daemonslave, I thought it was a funny reference too. Might change the name to just "The Splinters" because it sounds a bit more normal to me.

- - - - - - - - - -

I made the Fountain of Youth, gone for quite a similar look to the original tile. As such, the pool and the mini water outlets have been roughly replicated at a lower level.



The rough beginnings of the pool thing. Eventually they are going to have some sort of worn Lizardmen glyths on the sides, little gaps for the outlets and generally lots of wear, tears and creepers everywhere.


What do you people think? :)

17-03-2012, 12:48
The Idol Chamber wouldn't be so hard to do, would it?
http://www.aztec-empire.com/idols.htm <-- This but Lizardmen-style! :D

Aztec Idols.... tehehhh... I bet the qualifying rounds of that show are going to be awesome!!!

17-03-2012, 16:37
Looking good! That Ltd ogre is amazing!

Shas'El Tael
19-03-2012, 09:21
Nice link Daniel; been banging my head on the desk trying to find a decent resource for a 3d Jungle Gods set. Odds and ends certainly, but nothing so comprehensive.

Shall wait on the next build photo of the pool :D

Mr Feral
26-03-2012, 19:32
Daniel36, thanks for the link! The only real idea I have is to use a cheap Slaan off eBay and paint it like it is made of stone.

Andy_T, it's pretty nifty I thought as well. The open arms pose would make it difficult to fit into an unit, but for Quest I wouldn't have that problem. :)

Tael, the Fountain will have to wait I'm afraid. I'ma bit stuck on how to decorate it! :o

- - - - - - - - - -

No progress on the boards I'm afraid, been busy working extra hours...

Howver, after dabbling with various things (Tzeentchian daemons, Fimir, LotR...) I figured I should get back to the Beastmen I set out to do. The Ungors I started doing went horribly wrong though so I put them back in the box, had a think and started afresh on a bascoated Gor.


I think I've nailed the basic scheme now!

The skin goes like this:

Basecoat: Tallarn Flesh
Highlights: Mix in Astronomican Grey into Tallarn Flesh (3 layers)
Shading: Tallarn Flesh / Calthan Brown (blended into recesses)

The muzzle is simply:

Layer #1: Tallarn Flesh / Charadon Granite (blend)
Layer #2: Charadon Granite (further down muzzle)
Highlight: Charadon Granite / (pinch of) Astronomican Grey

The scheme seems simple enough so I'm going to try and get the rest of the Gors to this stage soon.

Hope you guys approve,

Shas'El Tael
27-03-2012, 07:39
Basecoat: Tallarn Flesh
Highlights: Mix in Astronomican Grey into Tallarn Flesh (3 layers)
Shading: Tallarn Flesh / Calthan Brown (blended into recesses)
Really interesting recipe, I like the subdued effect it gives the skin. Had not considered doing the muzzles of the Gors I did recently.. hmmmm..

I had missed the earlier post about locations.. really interested in seeing examples of the Skaven coastal warrens :)

27-03-2012, 09:40
[LEFT]Daniel36, thanks for the link! The only real idea I have is to use a cheap Slaan off eBay and paint it like it is made of stone.

That's definitely a good idea! It will look like an idol, and you can even try to find a damaged one for even cheaper, as that wouldn't matter. Hope you find one!

Mr Feral
29-03-2012, 23:37
Tael, muzzles are important! I totally stole the idea from the current Beastmen Army Book cover to help draw the viewer's eye to the face. :)

Daniel36, couldn't find any I'm afraid but might just plump for using a spare Stegadon throne I have instead.

- - - - - - - - - -

Some inspiration struck me today! After reading how some of you other guys like to add extra half-tiles in to add details without affecting the playability of the boards, as well as cruising through Prince of Persia recently I came up with this:



The plan is to make a few of these to add both extra elements to interact with in-game, but to also use these smaller tile sets to increase the modular nature of my dungeon; ie. playing around with new and room and corridor shapes and sizes.

Here's a couple of examples of what I mean, using first a bog standard Corridor then a Corner:



This particular trap shall be Lizardman themed, because I thought Skinks would be intelligent enough to make such brutal deterrents to any would-be plunderers! The plastic bits come from the Stegadon and Skink sprues.

I'm rather pleased with it, but if you like this you'll love the wall-based one I have be doing as well (will show it next time)!

30-03-2012, 02:03
Reminds me of Tomb Raider... I like it!

30-03-2012, 08:55
That... is... awesome!!
You sir, know how to create awesome traps. Consider me inspired.

Mr Feral
31-03-2012, 12:25
benvoliothefirst, yeah like that as well in the style of the classic plundering-undiscovered-temples!

daniel36, much obliged! I would like to see what you could do if you were so inclined. Of course if you or anyone has any good ideas, feel free to shoot me with them.

- - - - - - - - - -

As promised last time;



Warrior walks in front, javelins shoot out of the wall. Mwhahahahaha!


The compulsory scale-shot with an unwitting Zombie Pirate:


Small diorama I did using several board sections (note that if I had the sense to do it one a flat surface it would of looked better!)


I think I'll score some large bricks into the wall in line with the planning lines I made for the javelin placement already.

I think I'll head back to some normal rooms now, or maybe some 3D Cave-In! markers or something...

31-03-2012, 12:47
You should do an underground Spawning Pool. Would make sense if it was a Lizardmen dungeon.

31-03-2012, 14:53
You've got some great ideas - I love it! Can't wait to see some of your stuff with some paint on to really bring it to life!

Keep up the good work:)

Mr Feral
05-04-2012, 18:55
Daniel36, that I imagine will be made sometime down the line!

Daemonslave, cheers! Paint is still a while off yet, I have yet to finish building all the main sections and I've also yet to think of a way to seal the sides flat (if that makes any sense?).

- - - - - - - - - -

Not a very exciting update, but in between hacking up and GSing old Chaos Marines and trying to find my spare knife blades (last one snapped off!) I did get the first five Gor done in the skin-department (aside from a simple highlight on the muzzle and a mistake or two that I noticed).


The first few highlights aren't that exciting, but the final mix has to blended into the recesses and shadows. Don't make the mistake I initially did and wash / glaze the entire model! This is because of the nature of Foundation Paints, which separate into a big grey/flesh (in this case) and ruins the effect I was going for. Bad times, and lesson learnt.

I'm not sure how to go about the fur, any suggestions folks?

I'm going to try and get these done soon because I want to move on to other things to attack my paintbrushes with!

Shas'El Tael
09-04-2012, 07:27
Looks great; in a group the style of painting really comes across nicely. Am I mistaken (have I even said this before?) but do you use a grey in your highlighting? Either way, look forward to the final images of this group :)

Mr Feral
09-04-2012, 12:58
That is correct! I use the now OOP Foundation paint called Astronomican Grey for highlighting colder colours. Likewise I use the also now unavailable Dheneb Stone for warmer colours.

I am rather pleased with the Beastmen so far! The second rank is only one stage behind the first then I get to move onto the easier things like fur and weapons.

Speaking of paints I've purchased a dozen of the new Citadel range and thus far I'm impressed! I'm going to post my thoughts about them on my blog sometime soon.

After the Gors I've got a selection of things I'm assembling at the moment such as Skaven Wolf Rats alongside some Skinks and the new Empire Witch Hunter which I couldn't resist! :)

10-04-2012, 08:39
Seriously, who can resist the new Witch Hunter? It is gracing my collection as well. I would've bought it even if I hadn't played Empire.

Mr Feral
10-04-2012, 17:38
Yeah, it tooka while to clean my one up but it's starting to get some basecoats on it now.

It handily enough can be used either as the official Warrior or as a bad-ass NPC to spice up my dungeons. Note to self: need more NPCS. :)

Bog Witch
14-07-2012, 23:11
That dungeon looks amazing. I've been meaning to make one myself for years now and never quite settled on a method, but those carved up cork tiles are a stroke of genius.

15-07-2012, 09:54
Glad you're enjoying painting the beastmen. They look good already and the newer plastics are fun to paint.

Mr Feral
16-07-2012, 11:29
Thanks for the comments guys, but this project is on-hold due to lack of proper ideas and inspiration.

Hopefully I'll come back to it soon and pick up things again. :)