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15-01-2012, 20:07
I am going to be doing a new Army for this year and I am having trouble deciding and commiting to any particular army. I have been going back and forth and digging up everythign I can on the forums, I just cannot put my finger on the army to run. Now there are some things I am not looking for.

Horde Army - I have done this and do not want to do another Horde Style Army. That being said , I am considering Wood Elves if they are released any time relatively soon.

I Do not Want to Do Empire. This is just personal taste. I do not like the army.

I am a fan of Calvery Based Armies.

I am also considering Ogres. As I like the play style and the relatively low model count. But that is not a deciding Factor.

I have Played Beastmen already and am not going ot do them again.

The Armies I am leaning towards are the following.

Warriors of Chaos - Calvery Based Army or Troll Based Army
Vampire Counts - Again Calvery Based Army, Lots of Mounted Units and Characters with Hounds as Core.
Ogres - Like I stated Earlier
Brets - With the hope they are getting done Soon.
Lizardmen - Strong Blocks of Warriors with Cav Support and strong Magic

So far this is what I have in mind, but I will listen to any other thoughts or options. So I am reaching out to seek some help on deciding.

Jack of Blades
15-01-2012, 20:12
You have said what you don't want but not what you want. For all I know any of those armies are as good an option for you as any other, so if you want real advice and not something like ''go X/Y/Z they're really cool''.

What the hell is calvery? :cries:

15-01-2012, 20:14
High elf or Dark Elf.

Cavalry all you want in either one.

15-01-2012, 21:16
It sounds like either Warriors of Chaos, Ogres, High Elves, or Bretonnia would be the best fits, given your preferences:

Bretonnians are of course the poster boys of heavy cavalry armies, and being the most cavalry-focused army de facto makes them pretty elite. I wouldn't worry too much about their rules being done, as they seem absolutely capable of doing well even in competitive environments. They're not one of the tippy-top armies, but then if they got a new book, it's likely that they still would not be, because the most powerful armies are primarily 7th-Ed. holdovers. As VC have probably just demonstrated, new rules are not always more powerful, and power creep is not universal.

But, anyway, if Bretonnia is the army most focused on cavalry, then Warriors of Chaos would be the first army most players would mention if you asked them which was most elite. By focusing on Warriors over Marauders, they can field a force where every single unit is as powerful or more so than other armies' Special choices. The trade-off of is that they're often badly outnumbered (unless they take tons of Marauders) and have little to no shooting.

On the other hand, Ogres are the most powerful army overall on a model-for-model basis, simply by virtue of being huge :)--Warriors have better armor and are more skilled, but Ogres have brute force on their side, which is in a way its own kind of elite-ness. If you'd prefer bludgeoning your enemies to death with a devastating rush rather than out-fighting them by more traditional means, Ogres might be the way to go. They also, oddly, have rather good shooting nowadays, if you like that and want to build it into your army, though it's not entirely mandatory for them.

Finally, as Kellindel said, all the Elves can also be quite elite, but especially High Elves, if not quite so much as Warriors--HE Special units are insane in combat and include some very good cavalry (Dragon Princes, mostly), though their Core units are not nearly as potent as WoC's, nor do they have Core cavalry like Bretonnia, nor, as you might expect, the Monstrous troops of the Ogres. But High Elves may be more appealing than others if you'd prefer to win by way of speed and precision. Oh, and magic, which is another sense in which they are an elite force, being very good at it.

(Honorable mentions to Wood Elves and Dark Elves, but they tend to rely a little less on the merits of elite troops to win their games, as well as being slightly edged out in the cavalry department by the HE, at least IMO.)

Above all, though, always make sure that you really like the model range for the army you're planning to build; it's hard to enjoy getting it assembled and painted, and even playing with it, otherwise, however the rules might appeal, at least IME.

15-01-2012, 22:18
Thank you Aluinn, your analyse is very helpful. From what you said, and including my opinion of the model range, I have narrowed it down to Ogre's, WoC, And the Bret's.

I am leaning more towards WoC and Ogre's based on the models and play style.

15-01-2012, 22:48
Ogres! They are an ace army! Great for converting and loverly different style of gameplay when it comes to being a hefty force to be dealt with.

They now have more access to much more fun spells, big beasties such as the Thundertusk and Stonehorn what are great centerpieces as well. Gnoblars are a great unit no matter how pathetic they may seem, they have such a great use as a unit on taking a few models down before the unit is wiped out.

Trappers are deadly now. Dangerous terrain tests on the unit that charges them can be horrid for units such as Brets and Chaos Warriors. Those few wounds plus you throwing weapons can get some hand kills at such a low cost.