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15-01-2012, 20:29
so i have be constructing a mk4 imperial fist army but i would to know wether i should do mk3 or mk5 for sternguard and also how good are the kits?

15-01-2012, 20:40
For my dark angels I'll be using a mix of customised mk4, mk3 and mk2 for vets.

Is your force based in the before, during or after the heresy?

15-01-2012, 20:45
just after the heresy

15-01-2012, 20:58
Prehaps mk6 or 7 indicating them testing newer suits of armour?

I'm afraid my opinions are bias against the mk5 armour as I think its ugly, but after the heresy one could stipulate the majority of marines using mk4 mixed with mk5 (repairing battle damage)
Though mk6 was distributed to most legions in small numbers during the heresy.
And aparently mk7 was developed on earth and given to the defenders just before the siege.

Above is me trying to supress my bias.

Personally I would go for customised mk2/3 armour showing the marines are fond of heavier armour which they have used in previous engagements. "if it got us though the heresy then it'll get us though anything kind of attitude"
Maybe with some sergents being equipped with mk7 to show they are prioritied for new equipment (im not sure if this is fluffy)