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16-01-2012, 11:02
How do you guys store your Battle Magic cards? I like the book for the Storm of Magic cards, but you can't fit anything other than those in.

16-01-2012, 12:59
Quite simply with elastic bands around my stack of cards ... with a lot of care too, to avoid bending corners and such things.

16-01-2012, 15:06
Check out the collectable card games section of your local FLGS: you're looking for "Card Sleeves" and "Deck Boxes".

The sleeves are soft plastic see-through sleeves that keep the cards clean and safe (and can be replaced as required), whilst the deck boxes store all your sleeved cards. Both come in a variety of colours, sizes and even designs - so you should find something to suit your needs exactly.

Neither are very expensive (especially the sleeves), but be sure to search online in case there are any good deals locally (best price for me in the UK is Ebay!).

16-01-2012, 16:10
Note that Battle Magic cards are rather large, so you'll have to look for bigger sleeves. I'm not sure they make deck boxes in the right size, either, though it shouldn't be too hard to find a small plastic case they'll fit in (check craft or big box stores and look in the storage section).

16-01-2012, 16:36
I've got some Ultrapro 80x120mm covers that i use at the moment, it was the closest size i could find a supplier for, but they are a bit big.

More recently i found a place that have 75mmx110mm sleaves which should fit much better, maybe perfectly with the top trimmed, but they're over in Malaysia. I'll hopefully get a couple of them to try, if they fit well i'll put a post up there.

16-01-2012, 19:17
A photoalbum. ONe of the ones which the photographs are all arranged on top of each in 2 columns. Each photo holder fits 2 magic cards in perfectly. Plus they are often bound in leather or faux leather, so all you need to do is print off an eldritch sounding title and there you go, your very own spelll book.

16-01-2012, 19:33
Take them into an office supply store and get them laminated. Make sure its a stiff plastic they use, not a crappy thin film plastic though. Keeps them well protected and they make great coasters in a pinch if you're drinking at the table.

16-01-2012, 19:35
I use KR-multicase storage, and my applicable sets live with their armies in the gap between the left and right hand trays. :)

16-01-2012, 20:32
I did the same as posted there ;

tomb-kings.net (http://tomb-kings.net/index.php?showtopic=9746)

So search on ebay for "top loader", those 3 x 5 inch sleeve fit the cards perfectly (but apparantly not the "ultra pro" brand as one user said).

The bearded one
16-01-2012, 20:36
I use the little box of the storm of magic cards. The only reason I ordered the cataclysm spells is because I wanted the box :P