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17-01-2012, 00:21
Possibly a stupid question, but what is the most offensive oriented fantasy army, I mean fast and killy above all else, if they happen to be tough all the better, but who lays out the most hurt. Just wondering as i on't have any experience with most fantasy armies (small circle with more than one of teh same army in it here)

The Low King
17-01-2012, 00:29
Dwarfs can be the most offensive army if you want them to be....other than that, ogres

Jack of Blades
17-01-2012, 00:54
I think the single most offensive army in the game is beastmen. This is because they don't have any ranged firepower worth giving a glance at. They can't play defensively - especially when you couple this with their magic, which includes lores that just don't do direct damage to enemies. Armies like WoC and Brets are still not without options at range and so if they are matched up against say, eachother, rather than against armies like empire and dwarfs - they can both hang back if they think it benefits them and then go on the offensive when the enemy gets close. Beastmen again don't have this option. They get into close combat or they are mown down without doing any damage to the enemy. It's the same with vampire counts.

17-01-2012, 00:56
Daemons can do it quite well. Mindrazored Daemonettes, Bloodthirsters, Timewarped Bloodletters, heck, just Bloodletters in general. Plus, they all have 5++ Ward save and they never run away, panic, or get scared in any form. They all move quickly too, M5 at least on the fighty troops. In fact, Daemons are pretty offensive in all sense of the word. Oh and building an army of them, which means they must be awesome.