View Full Version : Is a Slaneeshi Chaos horde worth it?

Commissar Davis
22-01-2012, 02:12
It is something I have had in mind for my next project, a horde of Chaos knights and co with the mark of Slaneesh.

Is this something worthwhile going for with the present system?

22-01-2012, 02:34
I run my chaos army mono-slaanesh. It's the best all-around mark, IMO, because it's cheap and it protects you from all those little things that can turn the tide of the game against all odds, like fear and panic checks. I don't care if you run a chaos lord in a unit with the standard of discipline and have a BSB nearby, on a long enough timeline you will fail a crucial fear or panic test and it will bone your game. Nurgle is situational and Tzeentch, while handy, is much less useful in a game of all-or-nothing points denial. Khorne is very good now that it's much easier to avoid being led around by the nose, but honestly it's a bit OOT and really played out. If you're interested in WoC then by all means pick them up and mark them Slaanesh.

22-01-2012, 03:28
Whatever god you want, it will work. The marks have pretty terrible internal balance, but they're all still great value for points. Sure, the best way to run is mostly Tzeentch, with Khorne marauders and one unit of Nurgle knights with the banner of rage, with Slaanesh on marauder horsemen and giants, but that doesn't make mono god not effective. If you like Slaanesh, play Slaanesh.

22-01-2012, 03:33
I like the idea and it's a cool concept and could look awesome.

From a gaming perspective I'm not sure how much you'd gain by doing slaanesh, simply because the advantages of Slaanesh (low point cost and immune to psych) get somewhat hampered. The low point cost is negligible given the fact the unit is so large (probably over 1000 points) that a few more points to give them a better upgrade should hardly be scoffed at. The immune to psych usually isn't a big deal. The unit itself is large enough it won't take normal panic checks almost at all (from causalities), and being a horde that size it will likely either have the general and/or bsb in the unit or they will almost always be in range.
I'm not saying Slaanesh is a bad choice I'm just saying it'd probably be my last choice. (Khorne can be iffy in this case because it could suck having about half your army getting pulled away or something)...although a horde of Knights with Lances (or just the blades) with the mark of khorne will really cause some damage on the charge. *shrug*

I'd maybe play-test it a few times using a friend and some proxies first since that'd be at least 6 boxes of those knights probably more...

22-01-2012, 11:42
I've run all MoSlaanesh Warriors a few times. The biggest impediment in my mind is the rather lackluster Lore of Slaanesh. 1/3 of the spells are useless against ItP armies, 1/3 of the spells have a much reduced efficiency against ItP armies, the signature spell is pretty lame and the final spell is flat out awesome. If you are into being competitive or your meta has a lot of Daemons, Vampires, Tomb Kings or (Forest Spirit Heavy) Wood Elves you would notice a hurt there. If those things aren't true and you want to have a great game with some friends - use whatever mark you want, as those above me have said it isn't going to make a huge difference at the end of the day.

Commissar Davis
22-01-2012, 14:08
Would it add anything to the list if I were to take Wolfrick?

23-01-2012, 21:27
I run my chaos army mono-slaanesh.

I would be very keen to see your list. Please share it. I'm tempted to build a Slaanesh army.

To me Slaanesh is the most elite of the marks. Winning is done through manipulation and guise.

I love the lore but admit those spells that don't work on ItP hurt. Still there are three spells in there that I just love. I do run the lore with my Throgg army though. Does well and can deal with the issues I come into (again, not fought ItP yet).

23-01-2012, 22:58
I run mainly Slaanesh with a little tzeentch added in.

The Decadent Host is currently sitting at a tidy 12,000 points so I would argue Slaanesh can be made to work.

Example 30 warriors with halberds and mark of Slaanesh with the banner of wrath? 35 points for frenzy you can never loose! What's more Slaanesh like than a bunch of hysterical madmen hellbent on bringing the pain.

Giants with always strike first is pure win.

I don't use the lore of Slaanesh too much as 4 spells are useless vs any undead, demons or immune to psychology units (including frenzy).

To cover this short fall I use wizard models that look Slaaneshii with gifts like ?sophfuric? musk with the lore of shadow.

In bigger games I add in a tzeentch warrior unit as a band of warriors to protect my tzeentch sorceress who's my lords fancy piece.

I also run 10 Slaanesh ogres with chaos armour and great weapons. Slaanesh loves gluttony;)

Slaanesh warshrines look ace to quote Paul "three bits....awesome".

Also you can use the "max mini blacklotus" Greek Corinthian style helmets on your chosen look sweeeeet.

24-01-2012, 00:26
Giants with always strike first is pure win.

This. I wouldn't even consider giving another mark to the giant.

The MoSlaanesh might not have more obvious benefits like MoKhorne's +1 attack or the potential for 3++ Tzeentchian chosen, but it's quite handy with marauder units. Theme is important, it's how well you play.. it's how good your army looks while playing! ;)

24-01-2012, 04:04
This. I wouldn't even consider giving another mark to the giant.

The MoSlaanesh might not have more obvious benefits like MoKhorne's +1 attack or the potential for 3++ Tzeentchian chosen, but it's quite handy with marauder units. Theme is important, it's how well you play.. it's how good your army looks while playing! ;)

I've had luck with giants of other Marks (usually after people get tired of Ninja Giants) but it's hard to look at his options and go..."Always Strike First is nice...but 6++ save is where it's at...)
I especially find the Mark of Khorne one entertaining. His strength is only used on a few results on the chart, but more importantly (unless I'm missing something) in the charts for what the giant does it never actually says he makes attacks/hits at his strength it specifies the strength of each result.
I'm sure anyone would say he gets +1 strength on those abilities just something I've wondered about.

But to the original point slaanesh giants are where it's at.
I've seen people with luck with Slaanesh marauder horsemen since they are low leadership and usually out by themselves immune to psych really helps.