View Full Version : Miniatures for Mounted Warriors

23-01-2012, 16:41
So... howabout a thread for miniatures to represent your warriors whilst mounted on their trusty steeds? It's getting to be about that time in the campaign when my players acquire warhorses and such, which just means that I'm free to throw them into even nastier battles :)

For the Barbarian, it seems pretty easy to use a suitable mounted Chaos Marauder, painted in non-Chaos colors, of course.

For a Warrior Priest, there is the absolutely excellent Luthor Huss model:


The Elf should be pretty easy as well, and the Imperial Noble might take some searching but there is almost certainly a good character model out there for him.

What about some of the others? Witch Hunter, Pit Fighter? If you were going to convert up some warriors on horseback, which models would you use?

23-01-2012, 21:01
For the pit fighter I'd say probably a second marauder horseman. Although making him different enoungh from the barbarian might be troublesome.

For the with hunter and noble i'd suggest the pistoliers and outriders. Breastplate and puffy sleeves for the noble and a long coat for the witch hunter. Although the positioning of the outrider arms might make him look a little silly.