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Shas'El Tael
30-01-2012, 12:28

One major thing to restart my passion for Warhammer Quest was the the idea of a 3D dungeon. The person responsible for this resurgent zest? This French lad's work : Building 3D Dungeons (http://deuc.free.fr/studies/albums/building.html) using Hirst Arts Molds. (http://www.hirstarts.com/) Since I discovered that in 2009, there has been many, many examples since. But he's the lad who started the boulder rolling.

He based it off Warhammer Quest and the old wonder game, Heroquest. Two of my personal top favourite boardgames. Besides my Tau and a handful of Marines, my WQ characters and beasties were always the majority of my collection.

Suitably inspired, I've been renovating figures and currently have several on the go with about 90% completion on most, bases yet to be decided. (recently began switching to round bases)

My collection includes villagers, encounter NPCs, scenery items and all sorts of curious things. Naturally heroes and villainous types are present to populate the dungeons. Since I began this in 2009 over on Advanced Tau Tactica (http://www.advancedtautactica.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=13746), I've decided to move wholesale into this forum due to the active community of dungeon divers here. So you get to see everything in a couple of posts that took several years of collecting and randomly painting.

So like a halfling at a cake sale, lets be about it! (Beware big post ahead...)

The Heroes :

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/heroes1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/heroes2.jpg


A myriad of heroes, from various producers and across twenty years of miniature hobby, I particularly sought out the Wood Elf at the end, he is very similar to the Heroquest elf, my favourite character. Finished to a point at which I was happy to leave it, until I base each and do the final touches to blend them into their base colours.

The Villagers and Town Guard :


You probably recognise a host of classic models, and advanced heroquest henchmen. I've always liked their simple design, making them the perfect nondescript NPC guards for any encounter. All of these and the heroes above are being swapped to round bases. Suits Quest better I feel (after much internal debating).

Monsters next..

Shas'El Tael
30-01-2012, 12:37
The Big Dark :

I've been randomly collecting evil doers whilst painting the heroes. Thankfully GW has been releasing great models of late in plastic. However the Goblins and Orcs just didnt quite do it for me. I ended up converting them wholesale.


Using Grots from 40k in head swaps, with Night Goblin arms I was able to make more slender Goblins. The left over heads with noses shaved, made great Lesser Orc heads with some greenstuff work. Overall I'm happy with the results, but still itching to find something better. For now, what I have on the go so far :


Kev Adams.. the goblin master.. (I have a horde of his orcs and goblins.. more soon!)


Think Rabbids (Rayman)...



All clearly work in progress as I paint merrily toward the slaughter in the dark below..

The heroes that never were :

Not all projects went as planned. I had at one stage worked on a Bretonnian model to match the aesthetic of the Warhammer Quest heroes. Chunky, large and broad. Unfortunately it never sat right and I abandoned the project when I received the Bretonnian plastic men at arms.. woeful models compared to my Perry Metals (which I later ended up converting anyway).



Feel free to fire away with questions, a lot of the build info is in the original Advanced Tau Tactica thread (http://www.advancedtautactica.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=13746). I'll be posting my more recent efforts in the next couple of days. Look forward to exchanging ideas and inspiring each other to seek fortune or doom in the depths of the old world... ;)

- Tael.

30-01-2012, 15:11
I love this forum so much.

30-01-2012, 15:27
Another brilliant WHQ thread! Thanks for sharing. :)

Shas'El Tael
31-01-2012, 05:50
Thanks guys, been daunted by the move from ATT to Warseer, so much backlog. But now that I am over that hurdle.. deeper into the dark we go!

Below is a project I am slowly shaping up. A duo of heroes, in seperate stages, in the vein of the classic 3 Stage miniature sets of old. The following work in progress are two Empire soldiers, one from the militia, the other state troops. Now out of the army and seeking their own fame and fortune. They consist of modern and older edition Empire plastics with some Mordheim accessories.


The following is my current work on Adalhein, the young roguish sword fighter. Clearly down on his luck after several attempts to quick riches following up any rumoured barrows or crypts to plunder..


Should finish up the Veteran this weekend and show case him.

Additionally just ordered 50 x 20mm bases for goblins, some 30mm for Orcs and Skaven including a few skeletons I have about. My heroes have already begun rocking new 35mm round bases. Which is why Adalhein is free standing at the moment, now that gentlemen, is a well balanced miniature :D

I think I will go for trodden earth with some moss elements, and forgo the usual paving stone themes.

- Tael.

31-01-2012, 07:57
I love your conversion work, you make everything fit together so nicely in style, you just feel... ofcourse it looks like that.
well done, i especially loved the two last and the big heavily armoured bloke, what part did you use for him?

Shas'El Tael
31-01-2012, 13:44
Thanks Botjer, I really aim for models that seem put together as if from a preset kit.

The big armoured bloke is built around Chaos Knight legs and a Black Templar Space Marine Torso front that has the loin cloth draping. Bretonnian small shields and Templar shield accessories help unite the pieces. I really should revisit and finish him. :)

- Tael.

31-01-2012, 15:40
what about his arms?

31-01-2012, 17:24
Some great conversion work here, I like it. Very inspirational too ! I particularly like your greenskins conversions

Shas'El Tael
31-01-2012, 21:19
Thanks Azhagmorglum, looking forward to some project time ahead to create a host more minions :)

The Knight's arms are actually ever so slightly modified Chaos Knight arms. At some point I have rotated the joins a little and replaced hands with space marine parts. Yup, you read that right, the Chaos Knights are bigger than the standard Space Marine kit :D

- T.

31-01-2012, 21:29
I will be following your project, you are so good at converting, i need to get my hands som chaoswarriors i think... is it the modern one pose minis?

31-01-2012, 21:34
how did you do the lower arms, the original mini has gloves, but yours look like bracers...

Shas'El Tael
31-01-2012, 21:36
Hurrmm... I think I will have to dig out the model and have a look, been stored away for awhile. The Chaos Knight is of the modern range, also virtually one pose ( right foot forward..)

01-02-2012, 17:19
Do it :) dig it out!

Mr Feral
02-02-2012, 11:18
Fancy that, I was browsing your thread on ATT a week or so back whilst trawling for WHQ inspiration, and lo and behold you start posting here.

Therefore, welcome to Warseer's WHQ section! :)

I love what you've been doing thus far, from the lovely painting of models old and classic to the myriad of clever conversions.

I must admit your Common Goblin kitbashes are inspired, I love how they look. I also thought the random looted shields were a great touch.

Gah, I'm going on now! I guess you can tell how much I am loving this thread already. :D

EDIT ~ You ordered some bases, resins or normal ones?

Shas'El Tael
02-02-2012, 11:51
I couldn't find the Knight this afternoon Botjer, I'll have a peak in some boxes I have stored in the cupboards this weekend. Have to fish out some old models to redo bases on anyhow :)

Hi Feral, thanks for dropping by the ATT version; mostly 40k/Tau players so I post there for long time friends but get little feedback as most are not avid fanatics like most everyone here in the forum hah! :D I've been kitbashing some more actually.. trying to bring in Gnoblar, but I hate their splayed out poses. Rummaging about find the Knight, I came across two 4th Edition warhammer goblins. A momentary pause and I had an idea..

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/gnoblar1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/gnoblar2.jpg

Prototypes clearly, but I think the idea has merit :D I've ordered some more 4th Edition goblin spearmen, they will get the full treatment to get some diversity in there. Bit of greenstuff on the shoulders to blend the heads in, foot and leg switch outs and so on. Be good to have some gnoblar grouches in an Ogre den scenario.

As for bases I've ordered plain 20mm and 30mm rounds, which I will texture to suit what I am after. I tested the idea in this image :


Personally I feel round bases are for brawling, squares are for playing soldiers. What's your thoughts gang? More loose round bases or regimented squares? (excuse washed out photos, reds have more layers but hey.. quick photos)

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/round_base_layout2.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/gobbos_5.jpg

Actually whilst these are up; I use Charadon Granite+Black for my Night Goblin cloaks, with a highlight of Charadon/Badab Wash and Khemri edging. Gives a grubby black which I feel suits their cavern living habits (pun intended). The harsh light actually makes them more brown than in person.

That's it for now, was working on a barbarian from the north tonight, aimed for "Intimidating" rather than "Shouty Smashy HulK!" that most models go for. Photos in the morning :)

- Tael.

02-02-2012, 14:26
I personally prefer square bases, not for any practical reason, but mostly because I've spent so long with tradtitional WFB and 40k, anything with round bases just makes me think Sci-Fi (except Bloodbowl, where the rounds bases just work better for the diagonal movements and spinning the model over to represent stunned or knocked down). Also, square fits the square grid system of the board sections (WQ, HeroQuest and D&D) and my original quest adventurers were stolen from my fantasy stuff, so if I put on round bases they won't work in my armies anymore!

Mr Feral
02-02-2012, 16:32
I personally also use square bases, mainly because on the minuscule chance I ever actually paint a whole WHFB army using my existing models I wouldn't have to rebase them all!

On the other hand, if you are certain that you won't be using your WHQ models for anything else, round bases look pretty good en-mass.

Gnoblars are looking pretty good too, I like the use of Skeleton shields(?)

02-02-2012, 17:56
I like round bases, i think they are more aestetically pleasing, and easier lets you position characters in more positions than square bases do

Shas'El Tael
03-02-2012, 01:20
Interesting spread of opinions and I agree on point with regard multi-purposing the models. Personally I'm not one for Warhammer Fantasy Battle proper, if anything I'll play Mordheim or the 500pt skirmish ruleset. Which in both cases can handle being round bases.

Im with Botjer, in that you can swivel and position your models any which way. Which I hope to demonstrate in games where I can visually mob a hero player and yet stay within square bounds.

With the Night goblins effectively finished (besides new bases) and the Skaven underway, should have a couple of decent hordes to assail some level 1 and 2 players.

Right; as I mentioned, been wandering the Northern Wastes and ran into this fellow :

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/barbarian_hero1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/barbarian_hero2.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/barbarian_hero3.jpg

I'm aiming for striding caution with a hint of restrained brutality in brandishing a Mace. Distinct possibility (78%) I will remodel his boots and have him shifting on his toes, leaning about, toward a new threat. Should work well with the sweep of his hair.

He is an amalgam of Ogre, Mordheim and Chaos Warrior parts. Yes.. that is indeed an Ogre gut plate. Never really got the story on how the barbarian came to have it. Some greenstuff work to combine parts and think he's done.

May make a dual wielding and two-hander versions later.

03-02-2012, 08:37
A beautiful model! Good job! I want a deeper bitzbin :'(

03-02-2012, 08:38
Looking forward to seeing that bad boy painted up!

03-02-2012, 13:51
If I had my time again, I may also have gone for circular bases, but I do need to be able to share across, and of course there is that mental distinction between sci-fi and fantasy...

That plastic barbarian is brilliant! I'm trying to work out what model to use as a pitfighter, and you and maniex are really pushing me toward doing a pick-and-mix plastic guy, put together from ebay...

Shas'El Tael
04-02-2012, 07:01
Well, looks like the Barbarian gets a vote to stay in one piece :D

and of course there is that mental distinction between sci-fi and fantasy...
Y'know, that really does hit the nail on the head. It's the mental separation of sci-fi vs fantasy when using round bases. It's taken me months to finally decide to go this route; because utimately I was used to 40k minis using round bases.

Tinkering and organising my hobby space this weekend, aim to post some goodies this coming week.

Cheers for the feedback all!

04-02-2012, 11:52
I guess i never had that mental separation. I just use what i think looks the best and works the best

04-02-2012, 13:33
Same here, I just think circular looks neater somehow - but obviously square bases is better for ranking up.

Anyway, lovely models so for - can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

04-02-2012, 14:03
What I like most about your stuff is the fact that you took the time to give them lots of equipment to carry around. Makes so much more sense that way and adds tons of character. Good job so far... no scrap that. GREAT job so far.

Keep up!

05-02-2012, 09:45
@S-A-T-S: Is there a mental distinction between 40K and fantasy? Back in the day, the Slaan (and Zoats!) lived in both universes, the Elves may have come from the Eldar, Halflings (and maybe Orks) were implied to come from outer space, and Amazons had power weapons and bolt pistols :chrome:

@Shas'El Tael: The round bases are a good idea for WHQ really - they probably reflect the 'small scale boardgame' feel better than the square ranking bases. I will, sadly, be sticking to square bases so that I can cross systems.

I've always loved the Heroquest 'not Conan' figure, your paint job on him is an inspiration. I really like the care and attention you have given to the other human civvies/fighters. The henchman with the axe slung over his shoulder is a really effective conversion in particular. The kitbashed Gnoblars/Goblins have that ideal 'grimdark' look too.

06-02-2012, 08:27
Brilliant stuff! Both conversions and paintjobs. Looking forward to see more :-)

Shas'El Tael
08-02-2012, 09:26
Thanks guys, I was apprehensive about the Barbarians 'calm' stride. Glad it is going over well. I look to have him complete this weekend after a hectic week.

In other news.. my Mantic orcs arrived. I think my cross over idea has merit, an initial dry fit really works well and now for weapon swaps. Hands are a little smaller than I had hoped but that can be altered somewhat. For certain, they look like direct cousins of the goblins in aesthetics, completely doing away with comical proportions of GW Orcs.

For those curious here is a recap on my idea :

As you know having a range of goblins that lacked the gigantism of current GW offerings was a big issue (cough). I went so far as to use 40k Grot heads (same sculptor as fantasy ones, but oddly.. smaller) on my Goblins and then Night Goblin arms to make them even more slender. It worked quite well:


Next was Orcs, and again.. whacky features. I dug about to no avial until I hit upon using Gorka Morka boyz with modified fantasy Goblin heads (same sculptor did GW Goblins and Orcs). Building eight of them; It worked out quite well too.


So I had something to the tune of Lesser Orcs when compared to a brutish 40k Ork for example:


However two problems. Limited arm/body options and all of the Gorka Morka orks were OOP. Then I saw Mantic Orcs.


Followed by this comparison (From a German website on Mantic's release of the Orc range) :


I wasn't a fan of their heads or equipment; but the slender frame and general menace that even the lowliest Night Goblin (new plastics) possessed was there. I just had to do something about those heads. [Light Bulb..tink!].. So in a hurried experiment, comparing sizes and then digitally putting something together I have realised.. I can have the best of both worlds. GW Dixon (the sculptor) character with Mantic menace. Just add weapons of choice :


So the digital idea looks alright, the physical comparison in my hand sizes up nicely.. time to finish my conversions and post photos!

Shas'El Tael
08-02-2012, 09:36
Double post.. sorry, blame image limits :D

So I received a couple of PMs about the retainers from the Bretonnian Knight I scrapped earlier. Well, for those not familiar with my ATT thread, I actually ressurected the retainers to serve a new more current range Knight. I guess you could say the project for a plastic Bretonnian was.. reig-knighted.. (dodges rotten vegetables).

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/WIP/green_knight1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/WIP/green_knight2.jpg

I went with woodland themes, as he uses a Unicorn crest. Question though, embossed shield or Unicorn shield? I'm still 50/50 either way argh!? Perhaps paint the unicorn in bone whites?

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/WIP/green_knight_shield1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/WIP/green_knight_shield2.jpg

So the retainers!? Ok ok... one has been remodelled (currently painted) to this :

The Crossbowman (I'm an old school player, I think it's heresy the change in rules)
http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/WIP/xbow1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/WIP/xbow3.jpg

And a close up on the Squire from my header graphic :

Working on the bow/arrow wood and leathers of the satchels still.
http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/sq_ptd1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/sq_ptd2.jpg

Alongside my goblins, High Elf hero and more recent pieces, I have completed a swathe of figures for quest recently. However I am awaiting more round bases before I do 'completed' final photos :D The suspense? Is unlikely to be notable :P

Cheers all, hope those unfamiliar with my previous work get some ideas modelling this week!

08-02-2012, 16:19
Your new Bretonnian Knight is awesome. Please tell me it's not a conversion so I can buy one for myself? Also, I prefer the embossed shield at the moment. There's something just not... there in the unicorn shield. Maybe if the unicorn was painted differently from the trim? I think it's just too silver for me.

08-02-2012, 18:17
All my WHQ models are on round bases. I don't play Warhammer much (I have Chaos Dwarves and Ogres that go mostly unused) but love WHQ unreservedly, so whenever Im in GW, I generally buy a box of gribblies and build them on round bases for my games. All my goblins have Gnoblar heads (I prefer the aesthetic and had loads to spare from my Ogre army.)

Loving this thread by the way. WHQ doesn't get enough love.

09-02-2012, 00:50
Guessing here.
I think the body of the knight is a standard men at arms.
right arm, is probably from some plastic knight kit.
The cloak is from the white wolves sprue of the empire knights box.

On another note, the unicorn shield looks better, it looks less toyish.

Shas'El Tael
09-02-2012, 05:22
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback all, been mulling over that one for ages. I'm currently redoing the Knights sword arm, it hangs far too low on the model. I may even redo the feet. When I touch up the rework, I'll do the shield in a pale white tones (unicorn). Botjer is bang on for parts used.

I agree on simply picking up a mob of bad guys and build for Quest. More round base goodness soon, waiting on my order for the goblins, needing 20mm.

In other news, like I mentioned earlier about the Orcs.. well, here is early test fitting :

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/orcs_wip1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/orcs_wip2.jpg

As you can see there is some great energy with basic kit and swaps. I'll rework the weapons and fitting better, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good that I have vicious, believable Orcs finally.


The green additions are adding some plate armor toecaps, giving them larger feet. In some case I will swap out with Wolf Rider goblin feet, which are bandaged similarly to the calves of these orcs. Finally use thos goblin parts! :D

- Tael.

09-02-2012, 13:41
Shame it's plastic, too hard/expensive for me to get the parts. It is a damned good model though, best Bretonnian Knight I have seen so far.

Orcs are looking pretty good! I like the one on the left, top photo. Looks like he is just walking along rather than in a battle, nice and relaxed. Not something you see very often in orcs. Looking forward to seeing them painted.

09-02-2012, 21:17
Im thoroughly impressed, im a converter by heart, and i simply love your orcs. are the heads really just orc heads?

And the bretonnian knights head, is from a bretonnian plastic box?

I have some heavily converted savage orcs bodies who need good looking heads but im all out of heads :(

I wish sometimes i could just buy boxes full of bits, thatd be awesome.

Shas'El Tael
09-02-2012, 22:06
S_A_T_S, you should hit up Bitz Barn and other bits shops. I was able to gather up parts for quite cheap prices. I'll post a WIP next major update.

Thanks on the Orcs too :)

Botjer - The Orc heads are actually Brian Nelson (GW Sculptor) Goblin Regiment heads. Lop off the nose and ears, you can then add details to make them look -exactly- like his larger Orc range pieces. The goblin regiment is about 3 to 4/5ths the size of a GW Orc head.. so more suits the more slender Mantic orcs.

Painting them will tie in the parts better.

I could try the 40K Grot/Gretchin heads, being smaller again. However I think they look less like the GW Orc heads.

Whilst I've been messing with all these Orc and Goblin parts.. I think I've come up with an Elite Goblin clan.. pics soon.

- T. :)

09-02-2012, 22:37
Hrmm if i go down that road ill remember it.
I like the nightgoblin spearmen minis they sell now, but i dislike nightgoblins :P
Im doing undead at the moment.
next will probably be orcs n goblins or skaven.

Shas'El Tael
09-02-2012, 23:29
I like the nightgoblin spearmen minis they sell now, but i dislike nightgoblins :P
... or skaven.

I love the Night GOblin models, frankly I think they're the best set out there for Warhammer. However the new Jes Goodwin Skaven? They are just brilliant. Hoping to finish off details on my mob of 12 this weekend.

Right, back to my design project!

10-02-2012, 03:26
Yeah the skaven looks awesome
Ive written som prelim rules for them in my system, and a friend down in australia is going to help me game test them.

The new Lothern seaguard are beautiful toobad they are more or less one piece and thus harder to convert.

Shas'El Tael
11-02-2012, 04:56
Got stuck into the Orcs this afternoon, chopping off feet.. adding goblin wolf rider feet. Complete makeover on the greenstuff faces and ears and put them altogether again. Pretty pleased with this test lot, what does the gallery think?

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/orcs_wip4.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/orcs_wip5.jpg

And of course.. a comparison :


Basically this is an Orc that looks like the larger cousin to a Night Goblin, just what I wanted. As I have been converting these, a myriad of shoulder swaps, weapon loadouts and other ideas have come to mind. Looking forward to my next order of Mantic orc :)

- Seb

11-02-2012, 11:43
I love them!
They look so much more alive than gw orcs :)

Shas'El Tael
12-02-2012, 11:29
Thanks Botjer :)

Well after a couple hours solid painting :

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/orcs_wip7.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/orcs_wip8.jpg

"Dat's stunties for starta's - 'Umies next! Warrgh!"

I painted them in classic skin tones, the colours a little saturated in the image directly above, but remain largely close to reality. Tried something new with the armor and leathers. I based everything with Charadon Granite, then used that as a base mix for any brown or other colour I applied after. It worked a treat in keeping the scheme simple and unified. The metals were chainmail with Devlan wash.

Few more touches here and there, but largely they're done :)

..now for eight more!

- Seb.

12-02-2012, 11:36
Nice (if you could say that about orcs) and original orcs. I really like your conversions, and your skills at recycling bits (goblins heads and feet) are amazing. The painting is excellent as well, I like the saturated effect. But what do you mean by "saturated above" ?

Keep it up !

Shas'El Tael
12-02-2012, 11:52
Hi Azhagmorglum,

By saturated, I meant the image directly above was slightly richer in colour than the real thing. I'll edit my post to reflect that more clearly.

Cheers for the feedback overall :)

- Seb

12-02-2012, 13:49
The orcs are looking great. I was a little worried about the ears before, but now they are painted I think they must just have stood out a lot in green stuff against the plastic. I've been wondering how to paint my Mantic orcs, and seeing these, I'm afraid I might have to steal...

Also, love the composition of that last photo, it really looks like the adventurers have stumbled into the end of a fight that hasn't gone the dwarves way...

Shas'El Tael
14-02-2012, 06:32
Cheers S_A_T_S,

Yeah I was a little concerned about the ears, I had sculpted them as fine as I could without burning hours at the hobby desk. I don't mind converting evil minions but when a handful take up days of spare time, it's not a worthwhile project.

Talking about adventurers encountering things; I always wanted to have a Sir Ragnar miniature. An NPC heroes in Heroquest had to rescue as part of the original quest book. Growing up in a time when 3 Stage miniature heroes were fading away, I never really picked up a suitable NPC model for such a character.

Enter the captive on the Ogre Kingdoms Stonetusk(?). I spied him on a bits site and immediately picked him up. I knew without a doubt, there had to be a standing model similarly attired. Well.. there wasn't but there was a handgunner reasonably close.

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/prisoner_4.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/prisoner_3.jpg

..but I'm determined, so I did some greenstuff pushing,

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/prisoner_1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/prisoner_2.jpg

He's getting there. Scraped details off the prisoner, I'm not that good at copying yet! As for the walking version I am yet to add the buckle and a couple other touches like the satchel strap. In the hand the comparison is good, seen here the WIP looks broader in the waist, but in reality the two are similar; the WIP's posture has the whole breastplate forward.

Yet to decide on the matching heads etc. So far I envisage him as the Missing Courier or Missing Noble our heroes encounter and rescue.

Updates soon :)

- Seb

14-02-2012, 13:17
That is smart AND awesome. He could indeed be the missing noble. I really like the idea. Good luck on finishing them.

15-02-2012, 18:14
What a fantastic log so far, I hope you keep up the good work (and regular updates!)

I may have to break out my Advanced Heroquest henchmen and steal some of your ideas...

21-02-2012, 14:39
I just want to single out for praise the way you've spent extra time on your NPCs. The town watch, in particular, looks incredible.

This is an area of WHQ that I think is chronically overlooked, what with most people just playing it as a dungeon bash, so seeing all your townsfolk and stuff makes me super happy and I'd love to hear more about the kind of quests your players get involved in :)

Shas'El Tael
23-02-2012, 03:51
Thanks Daniel, Goroul and Nachie. Glad folks enjoy it and get ideas/inspired to continue their own collections too :)

I aim to have fully realised town squares for the heroes to interact with during campaigns. Nothing over the top, just fascias and folk about the centre of the table. Almost hollywood sets ;)

Also various 2'x2' boards of terrain for encounters whilst travelling. Should be fun and a great way to explore different terrain on a budget!

The Town Watch actually got a makeover last weekend, two levels of highlights and tones. They really look smart now. Whilst painting them I had more ideas on a new set of Town Watch for more variety (and a way to use up all the Bretonnian plastics I dislike).

Which leads me to the campaign.

Currently the lads I game with come and go, so we've set up and arrangement where they either pick up with a character I either "Boost" or they take up a named nPC (low case n on purpose) to join in the continuing adventures of a Bretonnian Knight Errant, lone heir to a fiefdom and in search of his father before several barons begin plays for our Knight's home castle in his missing father's absence.

Each player has a Purpose card, which is a test once per dungeon and a Rumour roll once per settlement (same chart). When they feel an event, defeated monster or item gels with their characters story (or I offer one as a GM directly); they play the card.

With a Purpose!
Roll 2d6
2-4 Stop wasting the everyone's time, we need to move on! Player forfeits treasure card, settlement day or indicated monster's treasure to another random member.
5-8 A worthy clue! Retain the item/note; add +2 to your next Rumours roll in a settlement.
9-10 Give me some light! Reroll on this chart, while gaining +2 next Rumours roll in a settlement, regardless of result.
11-12 He was just here! You discover a significant clue, part of the puzzle or note on the whereabouts of what you seek. Gain 1/4 Rumour Tokens.

Basically this keeps everyone focussed and engaged through the game on their characters purpose and reasons for scouring dungeons of old. Once four rumour tokens are found, I draw up the Showdown dungeon and the party votes whether they'll help their friend in his/her endeavour. Each player chose one at the beginning.

So far we've got my Bretonnian and his father quest (1 token)
The Barbarian and the Pelt of the Pack saga (basically missing his families baby blanket, no tokens)
A Warrior Priest on a mission to find the missing recipe of Lefre'Blond, the most potent beer in the Empire. (He is also a drunkard with a natural 6 burp that stuns once per dungeon; no tokens)
Adalhein and his quest for the jackpot treasure; complete mercenary this one (2 tokens).

A few lucky rolls yet could mean a quick quest chain or bad ones an Epic Odyssey! I'll post up my home made cards if folks are interested. Right now I'm charging forward to create themed dungeons and monsters for the Showdown dungeons of each hero.

Which ties nicely into the latest modelling :

Just finished all the 20mm round bases for the Night Goblins, I'm waiting on some basing materials before I finish, but for now.. they're done :D



Finalised my Orc skin recipe Charadon base> Knarloc mix> pure Knarloc> Devlan/Black wash> Knarloc highlight> Camo green mix> Camo green fine edge highlight. Then Calthan brown for snout and mouth. Blood red eyes with a dot of orange to make them piercing.


A few other bits done also, assembled more Gnoblar troops, finished three mountain goblins and the noble prisoner is all greened up and needing assembly now.

Tael. :)

23-02-2012, 05:58
Just had to subscribe to this, I think its a fantastic plog!

Shas'El Tael
23-02-2012, 06:06
Thanks ASHC, just a quick reply and update.. noted the Orc skin image was not working, all fixed now :)

- Tael.

23-02-2012, 13:45
I'd love to see these rumour and purpose rules, they sound amazing, great for adding a bit more character to random pick up dungeons (when you're not using a GM).

We have used some of the maps that come with D&D for encounters in the past, as well as Dragon Quest (Dragon something anyway) and Hero Quest boards. They're pretty good. Also, one of the Deathblow magazines had suggested rules for actually roleplaying the settlements, using a dungeon deck of only corridors, t-junctions and corners, allowing the characters to visit/search for one location per section, and rolling a new event on each new piece. I've never tried it but it certainly sounds more interesting than the normal, and with scope to add in npcs and Mordheim/Terraclips buildings for colour.

Mr Feral
23-02-2012, 14:02
I haven't dropped by in a while, but those Orcs are lovely! I love how kitbashing and a bit of sculpting work has made them unique.

The captive is shaping up nicely too, but it's those Gnoblars and Mountain Goblins that I am really looking forward too. :)

Shas'El Tael
23-02-2012, 14:44
Hey SATS, Feral :)

Up late tonight cranking out some work for a client..ugh (slugs coffee).

Had a chat with one with one of the crew tonight and whilst we as a group understand the 'Purpose' theme, it doesn't quite roll off the tongue. We came up with a new name "Personal Quest".

I modified the cards we use tonight, so you can see how we play it (1 for each hero, Rumour token is the b&w square chit)


Feel free to critique, it works for our crew and as they say, whe you're closely involved you can miss something that doesn't translate well.

Following on from SATS comments, I'm actually working on tile sets (using 30mm) in both 2x2 format and 3x2 etc. Covering Amazon, Town alley ways, ice flows etc. to be printed on card (they would kill a home printer) Here's an early sample :


That's it for me gang, long day.. :D

23-02-2012, 22:24
Excellent painting, I like the orc, from the conversion to the painting. How do you paint the calthan brown on the snout and lips? thin layer, straight from the pot, blending, glazing etc... ??? Tell us everything in detail. I'd like to add that sort of effect on my own orcs and goblins.
Thanks in advance

24-02-2012, 14:52
Man you're stuff keeps impressing. I love your attention to detail and great new ideas, please keep it up as it inspires the rest of us in our own endeavors!

Shas'El Tael
27-02-2012, 10:53
How do you paint the calthan brown on the snout and lips? thin layer, straight from the pot, blending, glazing etc... ??? Tell us everything in detail. I'd like to add that sort of effect on my own orcs and goblins.
Thanks in advance
Pretty much a slow wash, close to a glaze. I start thin at first and build up, rather than put on to much early. It's a quick finishing touch though.

The recipe I described is essentially straight up, you work through the colours to satisfaction.

Charadon base> Knarloc mix> pure Knarloc> Devlan/Black wash> Knarloc highlight> Camo green mix> Camo green fine edge highlight. Then Calthan brown for snout and mouth. Blood red eyes with a dot of orange to make them piercing.

Didn't get much of a chance to work on new models, but I did redress a couple of older figures with new techniques I have learned. Photos shortly. This evening I did however paint a test scheme Heroquest Orc.


Repainting an old figure, it's like watching a remastered version of your favourite Saturday Morning cartoon. These guys were my first Orc opponents and hold a special place in my gamer's heart.

On review I will do the skull buckle in bone, use a drier brown for the boots. Mostly keep them "cheerful" due to the uncomplicated nature of Heroquest. Save the grimdark for Warhammer Quest ;)

More soon, also an update on my tile sections for critique.

- Seb.

Mr Feral
27-02-2012, 17:14
Nothing like an oldschool model getting the modern paint treatment.

Speaking of which, I have managed to blag some old monopose plastic Chaos Dwarves to experiment with. :)

Less about me though!

That corridor design looks spiffing, the eerie green glow reminds me of a typical Skaven warren. That's exactly what I had in mind for whenever I get around to doing such a themed piece. :D

Shas'El Tael
29-02-2012, 00:48
A few things going on over the week.

Spent time base edging everything in black. I feel it finishes the models better than a earth coloured rim. Also it will help when using models in various dungeons as a visual separator from the colour of differing tiles. No photos as this sort of production work is exceedingly dull.

I do however have current WIP of a few heroes and a support character.

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/elf_wip.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/fighter_wip.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/talebecland_wip.jpg

Redid the skin tones on the Elf (although his moss green leggings have over saturated in the photo) and also on the Fighter; currently redoing their gear with other recent tricks I've learned. The Fighter particularly receiving grimed armor attention. Last being the man from Talebecland, associate to Adalhein the down on his luck empire militiaman shown earlier. More work on the beard and patch etc.

And last but not least :


The trusted and faithful companion to any party worth their salt. Working on the various bags and chest, he's about 80%. Perfect candidate for encounters in the wild when the heroes are between dungeons and civilisation. This is the classic Citadel Miniatures version, you can still get him and several other pack animals via Foundry Miniatures. I'm actually exploring many more options out there, expect a Baggage Train post in the future.

I'll add some artwork soon, redoing Character cards for specific heroes this week. Enjoying posting to the blog, keeping me focussed and set to finish out the various models before the campaign really kicks into gear.

- Seb

29-02-2012, 08:42
awesome :)
i keep my bases matt black, to fit on any terrain.

29-02-2012, 13:51
Donkey! Yes!

My upcoming big project is going to be having mounted models for every member of the party. Should prove to be a rewarding challenge, but the Dwarf will obviously feel left out. Once he gets really high in levels though, I might let him get mounted on a war bear and use that new Scribor mini ;)

Shas'El Tael
29-02-2012, 21:04
Agreed, after some deliberation I put a bunch side by side on my browser and realised I do indeed like the black trim bases better, only took me a couple of years to come to that conclusion! :D

Yes, Donkey! I also am aiming for mounts for each hero. Fully intending to have mobile fights in the countryside. Hoping to finish them before players get enough gold to buy 'em!

The List :

Bret. Knight - Warhorse (Easiest of the lot, except rider will need extensive conversion)
Empire/Misc Types - Steed (Again, a couple of conversion bits)
Priest - Mule
Halfling - Sheep (may have to sculpt up the sheep, nothing catches my eye in the market as yet)
Dwarf - Boar (captured from an Orc, presently ongoing bet as to who will eat the other in time)

Love to do an Ogre on and oxen, but hey..

In other news, I never got around to editing my character card blank in Bretonnian themes last night, client work got in the way. (Earning money.. how annoying) More on that soon. For now, this is the re-imagined WHQuest card I've rebuilt from the ground up (all art full res), in the original style. I've used it for various internet 'aftermarket heroes' I've downloaded over time.


Just noticed some artifacts on the edges, the card is clean edged. I imagine my rushed black fill for Warseer background caused that.


29-02-2012, 21:18
I actually have the whole base totally black for my warhammer quest minis

01-03-2012, 09:19
That donkey is great, and not just for WQ! Great paint jobs as usual.

01-03-2012, 20:15
Consider obtaining the Luthor Huss model for the mounted warrior priest, it's the only thing out there that I think really does it justice. Of course, WP's back in the 1990's were a little more wimpy than the ultra-violent champions they portray them as in WHFB nowadays, so if you're sticking with the former characterization I'd say the mule works fine. My WP player is definitely more of the latter, so I'm also letting him take blessings of Sigmar from the Mordheim rules to beef up his character.

Mobile fights in the countryside sounds excellent. I just love hearing about more people who are taking WHQ to its logical conclusions and not just playing it as a dungeon bash/gold mining expedition.

Shas'El Tael
02-03-2012, 07:09
Hi All,

Wow, busy week.

@Mobile Fights
I was inspired by all the hollywood chase scenes and ambushes. I'm pretty sure mountain passes are watched for interloping heroes or once a magic sword is stolen the successor Goblin chief would like it back etc.

On foot these will be brutal, but mounted.. well, Lord of the Rings, escape to Helms Deep anyone?

With regard a WP on a Mule; remember my WP player is a drunken bum, so he either lost his ride, had it revoked or sold it for more booze. So he's on a mule.. which reminds me:


I'm all for being outside "Dungeons", when I have enough examples.. I'll show you more of my "Dungeon" tiles. :


Thanks for the feedback and reactions; it's great reading everyone's opinions on the elements that make up Warhammer Quest to each of us. On the topic of Elementals; here's one I did earlier :

http://eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/r_elemental1.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/r_elemental2.jpg

The real magic trick is to ensure this guy is on your side. The model is am old ral partha piece I believe. I'll double check when I am working on the other three. Water, Wind and Fire, ..Oh my.

I'm also considering a couple of Grenadier figures for NPC/Heroes, I used to use them in RPGs and DnD, fun times but I like the Just Smash StuffTM of WHQst.


I think on of my mates is up for using the fighter on the left, while an Empire knight may just see some sword fighting as an NPC. Additionally, I am experimenting with the bases after stripping them.

The 'dirt' is greenstuff base, white basecoat, stripped with brushes, washed with Flat Earth Vallejo. The paint goes matte and flakes nicely, it looks like dried earth. I'm sorely tempted to keep fiddling with this technique...

And lastly, my WIP Bretonnian Hero warband card. There will be one for each member of his direct retinue (whom show up for solo knight quests). I've been meaning to do this for awhile, and since it looks like he won't die anytime soon (touch wood) he deserves his own Character card :D


All for now, updates this weekend. My girl is out of town visiting her folks, so time for action videos, loud Drum'nBass/Trance/Chill and beer. Oh and miniatures.

- Seb :D

Oh and hey, my website, the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter (http://www.the-scythes.com), is celebrating it's 14th birthday today. Check out the birthday post here (http://www.the-scythes.com/the-scythes-website-14yrs-old-today/). :)

Shas'El Tael
04-03-2012, 07:01
Oooh.. life of a bachelor; beer, action movies, loud club music and painting small nasty goblineses.. (okay, I rode around a bit, played fetch with the dog and generally got up to everything the Gf doesn't approve of hehe)

Been good to make a real mess of the place, to that end I've been converting more than painting and trialling a muesli biscuit recipe. Some of it for my space marine website, other Tau and a few pieces for this Quest project.

First up is the long overdue mountain Goblin warband. A more regimented, dour and grim set group. In game I'll give them a special card and see how the heroes handle a bunch of hardcore runts with wall shields and decent armor.


Additionally, I've begun building the back story for my Bretonnian saga-quest, starting with modelling the Baron. It's fun converting massively old, rare miniatures. Encourages a lack of mistakes :D


Need to do the last foot and add some detailing to the chainmail coif about his neck. I chose this head, because if you look, there is some resemblence in the eyeline, brow and nose compared to the young knight on the left. Next step is painting to exaggerate those similarities.

Oh and the Muesil? Delish :


Also made some Cat Kibble for my girl, found a great cooking die and scratched the eyes and whisker details in before cooking (the small lines would get exaggerated in the oven). Tasty ginger and cinnamon shortbread. That's right guys, always have on hand a back up gift should something go amiss on your girls return.


"Oh my god what happened to the sofa!"
"I made you this"
"Oh wow.. nom nom nom..what was I saying"
"No idea, another cookie?"

update during the week, thanks all!

04-03-2012, 18:59
Nice goblins, and the cookies looks delicious

04-03-2012, 21:10
This whole thread is looking good - been watching it for a while now in "Lurker Mode" but thought you deserve a "job well done comment". Definitely need to post a few picks of my own WHQ 3D dungeon pieces I am building using Hirst Arts Egyptian molds.


05-03-2012, 21:30
I know this info is probably around the posts or on your other threads somewhere, but I was wondering if you could tell me what models you used for some of your work.

The knight model, especially what was used for the lantern arm and the adventuring gear on his back.
The town guard (don't recognize the models), as well as the guard-looking guys on the same post as the lantern knight.
The bearded, dual-sword wielding warrior with an eyepatch.
The mace, head and adventuring gear of the barbarian (the one using an ogre gutplate as a shield)
The goblins with maces and broken shield (I think you mentioned using 4th ed. goblins as a base)

If you could answer my post, I would be really grateful. Your work is just amazing, keep it up!

Shas'El Tael
05-03-2012, 22:04
Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments Azhagmorglum, Eboli and OnlineWarrior :)

You should put up your dungeon images Eboli, absolutely love seeing 3D work. Dying to get my own moulds, for now it's digitally creating dungeon tiles :)

Lantern arm.. by taking the forearm+hand off the Weapon arm of a Chaos Knight, then attached this onto the Shield arm rotated so palm down, I could make it appear as if he was holding the lantern aloft by a ring.

The town guard are actually classic Advanced Heroquest Men at Arms, modified in general. I hope to get some more soon to make a new set of Town guard for variety. The other guards I believe you mean, are Bretonnian plastics with modified heads and weapons. (I used Mordheim parts mostly to add details)

The old warrior? Gosh.. hmm, mostly Empire Swordsman pieces from 6th edition Warhammer, eBay is your friend there. The head is from the new General's boxed set. Bag is Mordheim again.

Barbarian.. mace is....jeez, good Q.. BRB.. (scrummages parts drawers).. Chaos Marauder flail I think, added to the haft after removing the chains. Head is from same plastic set. Adventuring gear as ever.. Mordheim and Bretonnian accessories.. oh and an Empire knife from the State troops I believe. (New plastics).

Goblin maces are from Bretonnian troops, and the broken shield is from the new Undead skeleton range. Great source of worn out equipment by the way.

I'll update soon, thought best to answer some questions, now for the rest of my coffee break.. checking out the other Quest posts about our sub-forum :D

- Seb.

Shas'El Tael
07-03-2012, 04:30
You sir, are a cool Dad. Also, damn... very nice work. Particularly like the uncovered mummy tomb. What's your average man hours for turning around a room? Also.. you hear that? Yup, that's a group vote for you to start up a Work In Progress thread forthwith. :D

I'm presently compiling art for my alternate generic dungeon tiles :


More soon on that front; for now? I think I'm browsing Hirst Arts mould store again, all wistful. :D

- Seb

07-03-2012, 05:28
gorgeous tiles, they need pro printing! :D

08-03-2012, 07:57
Are you going to make your Amazonian tileset available for download? :)

08-03-2012, 08:13
Very nice tiles Shas'El Tael. You definitely have talent!

Yes - I think I will start up my own thread. At the time of posting I was unable to start a thread myself as I was new to posting on Warseer. Each piece probably takes me maybe 5 hours total. It is hard to tell as I tend to do it at night while my wife and I watch tv. The casting of pieces takes up a fair amount of time (not included in the estimate) and allowing for glue to dry adds to it as well.

The biggest aspect is actually working on layout. For the unpainted T-junction I spent the whole night dry building it to see how it would look and then making additional changes till I was happy. Then pull it apart and start gluing one layer at a time. I could probably work faster at the project if I wanted to but I like to do it when relaxing.

Cheers, Eboli.

Shas'El Tael
09-03-2012, 06:19
Glad to hear folks like my idea of a Rumble in the Jungle :)

Thanks for the run down Eboli; certainly intensive work, but if enjoyable, one doesn't notice. I can spend ages on my digital tiles too :D

I'm halfway through making those tiles, about the same for Caverns set and a couple of other ideas. I hadn't really thought of downloadable PDFs, the imagery and colouration would ruin a home printer. You would always have a sub-par result. I'm going to go professional print run on photo cardstock. I'll keep folks updated on how that goes.

Talking the group, two of the lads have been shipped out to South Australia and Queensland (job stuff); so we're down the drunken priest and Adalhein, well he finally lucked out I guess. Now to find couple more regulars, just me and one other at this point. I will say it is a relief, because now I'm down two Epic Showdown projects enders. Gives me time to focus on the Knight and the Barbarian.

Anyhow; more miniatures! :D

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/f_elemental1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/f_elemental2.jpg

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/w_elemental1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/w_elemental2.jpg

Finished Fire and Water, just Wind needing some shading. I decided to use the darkest shade as the base rim colour, worked better than black edging for these unique pieces.

Also focussed on some gribbly bases.. these are Crypt Maggots, from DnD miniatures :


Always liked that scene in King Kong, where folks are getting snacked on by giant maggot like things. So eerie and grim. These should do nicely for terrorising future players!

Updates soon,

10-03-2012, 08:29
@Shas'El Tael: Good point about the printing. Well mark me down to buy some. I've been wanting to run some Lustrian-themed adventures for a long while.

Shas'El Tael
12-03-2012, 08:23
Will do Purplebeard, also I will be uploading a room for everyone to play with soon; something for the active community here in our sub-forum.

New Models :D

I've always liked undead encounters; implacable and uncaring minions sent forth to slay. But, I've never really liked the rather racist attitude of most necromancers. Always with the humans? What gives.. so begins my efforts to make a dungeons array of species, united in undeath.

Orc prototype and Lost Hero (both WIP)
http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/undead1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/undead2.jpg

Bit of green work here and there, some weapon and armor modification.. and plenty of head swaps and limb rebuilding.. should have a few variations to mix it up. Though I will have a higher amount of humans; because they tend to be dumb enough to venture into the dark places; never to be seen again... (spooky muzak)

Beastmen (WIP)
http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/beastmen1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/beastmen2.jpg

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/beastmen4.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/beastmen5.jpg

I used Beastial Brown base, Tallarn Flesh, Tallarn + Bleached Bone then extreme highlights of Bleached Bone. Fur as you please etc. This lot need weapon detailing, eyes, hooves and teeth. Then finally the bases.

That's all for now; busy week ahead so most likely digital art updates :)

Thanks all, hope you had a dungeon game this weekend!

12-03-2012, 10:12
Love your painting style and ingenuity with the undead Seb. Yes, very true, we all tend to see undead humans as the majority so if you can get a few different types going that would be great.

I like you beaastmen, that are looking really good as well and should look great in a WHQ setting.

Cheers! Eboli.

Mr Feral
12-03-2012, 12:22
Great idea for the skeletons. it reminds me of that old multi-racial Undead Dogs of War unit.

The Beastmen look great too, the skintones are spot on! It's nice to see the classic metals back in action. :)

12-03-2012, 12:50
The beastmen are REALLY nice. Great painting style and this way you wouldn't say they were golden oldies.

12-03-2012, 21:58
Hmm Beastmen. I have never really liked them as a faction, but those '90s metal figures are really nice. They've always been under-rated really. Your painting reminds me of just how good they actually are.

Shas'El Tael
13-03-2012, 12:51
Glad folks like the old school models; they have such individualism, it's great. I'm still deciding between metal Ungors and plastic Ungors. The models are remarkably similar in stature and proportions; might browse a Beastman forum for side by side comparisons. The undead will rise up every so often as I complete one inbetween projects; they're a good distraction.

Thanks everyone on the painting front; really enjoyed painting these lads, bold and broadly sculpted they reward attention to shading nicely. These eight make up the basic Event roll for Gors, need to buy some Ungor and Champions next.

I've been eyeing off some Lizardmen since Feral showcased his feather cape wearing Shaman.. I have some test models nearby for trying out a scheme or two.

As I guessed; after receiving my job briefs; this month is going to be busy. Got back in late tonight and chilled out with some wine; put this together for the Warseer crew (Working on Event Card tomorrow) :

Sunken Room
Your party happens upon a cold, flooded room, sunken below the water table. Whomever carries the lantern must hold it aloft, lest the water extinguish it; this hero fights with a -1 Weapon Skill penalty. Additionally, should the heroes proceed, they must wade through the waters, incurring -2 movement.


35% at 1920x1080pxl ratio. (you can put a Quest room up to compare at this screen resolution)

I imagine this could be good for recovering a weapon or shield, even the book as a secondary quest. I'll put up a download link tomorrow night. Any suggestions/critique fire away :)
(It has the classic black border, completely forgot about Warseers black background again in my haste!)

Seb. :D

Mr Feral
13-03-2012, 13:41
I am jealous of that room, it's fantastic! I would so nick the idea but it seems very difficult to translate into 3d (not to mention all the layers of water effects it would need.) :)

Funny you mention my lizards, the Dragonforge bases I ordered for them finally turned up today which means I can assemble some basic Skinks/Saurus.

Just a though, if you were cruel enough to stick a surprise pit in there as well, you could test the Warrior to see if (s)he drowns due to the water-choked drop. On the other hand if they do survive, it would be easy enough to swim out without the need for a rope (dropping treasure / armour would help for this check).

Gah, my mind is rolling with nautical nastiness now. Good on you, I look forward to those Lizardmen testers! You did mention they were the older ones right? :)

13-03-2012, 16:14
Your rooms are amazing! I'm hoping at some point we'll see bundled packs of files so we can download an entire lustrian jungle set, or flooded dungeon sets, or creepy mushroom-filled earth cavern sets. My stuff is all printed from certain sources :cough:cough: then laminated, so these would fit perfectly alongside them.

By event card did you mean dungeon card? I'm thinking about the door space for this flooded room, and I think it would have to be entrance middle of the top, exit top 2 squares on the right hand side, otherwise it'd look odd if you walk down into the water and then the next room has no water at all. Also it would be a nice alternative to the traditional in-one-side-out-the-other.

13-03-2012, 23:43
hrmmm sunken room, i can do that with real water in my 3d-dungeon ^^ i really should

Shas'El Tael
14-03-2012, 12:34
Hi All,

As promised, the sample tile in PDF with Dungeon Card and Tile piece. Please consider printing this via a professional service for best results (I recommend semi-gloss/satin Super-A4). The scaling is 100% (tile is 14.5cmx14.5cm and tiles set at 30mm) however some variation may occur with the Dungeon Card due to reproduction of the original artwork. Additionally, these are not for resale.


Any issues or critique; feel free to leave comment or message me. If you intend to host anywhere else; please credit the original tile art to Sebastian Stuart, of Eastern-Empire.com. Games Workshop Dungeon Card art remains their property.

Lastly, enjoy :D

14-03-2012, 12:39
Looking great Seb, well done and thank you. I'll add this my dungeon cards.

15-03-2012, 00:19
Fantastic stuff Seb! I've just nearly put together the basic WQ boxed set and was going to take a break to work on some true scale sculpts, but your inspirational posts make it hard to ignore the WQ bug, thanks for the inspiration!

15-03-2012, 01:39
This thread is awesome. Your dungeon tiles are works of art. And the green stuff work you did to the barbarian is incredible.

15-03-2012, 17:33
Those Beastmen really are top-notch plus you are very talented at computer graphics too. Can't wait to see more :)

15-03-2012, 20:40
awesome me want more

Shas'El Tael
16-03-2012, 15:13
Thank you everyone; really rewarding to know you guys enjoy the Room tile and get some ideas going after having a browse through the project. Look forward to any work results posted to Warseer! ;)

Would be great to see some folks gaming on the tile in a future game report :D

I"m currently working on a couple new undead pieces, a revised drunken warrior priest model for my mate (he's been using the GW model with a Bret. cmd sprue barrel slapped on the back). Also; inspired by some work on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum (that is the name, I kid you not) I've taken a new look at my Bret. plastics and merging Empire parts with them to revitalise the models.

Update shortly :)

cheers all, have a class weekend,

Shas'El Tael
17-03-2012, 07:55
Celebrating my hundredth post in six years of Warseer membership; I present to you ramshackle bunch first :

Dieter the Drunkard; Warrior Priest with 'Belch!' and 'Sigmarite Stein' specials.
(The stien is my own thing, Nick came up with the belch ages ago; based off himself)

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/drunk_priest1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/drunk_priest2.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/drunk_priest3.jpg

Aiming for slightly wild-eyed drunken brawler, hence the glint in the dilated pupils. I painted detail for the gaping mouth and teeth.. should just be lip and beard there judging by the model piece. I recognise he is a posed a bit 2D, however my goal was to have him waving his weapons about and not really seeming focussed on any one particular pose or direction. Dieter wields a basic hammer, and capped Stein which was liberated from a two piece stall in Altdorf; heaven forbid he finishes it before the party exits the dungeon.

Built from a Bretonnian bowman body, beastman ungor wristbands, dwarf stein hand and Mordheim right hammer hand. The hammer is an amalgam of 3 parts - from separate hammer heads. Empty wine bottle is from the Empire sprues; seals from Black Templar marine sets. The thigh armor is from Mordheim if I recall and I draw a complete blank on the shield (which the motif needs redoing, mutter).

Colours are Red Gore/Black base, Red gore soft highlights and then blood red edging. Red wash then Tallarn/Blood Red edging and sharp highlights. I have some minor detailing and shadows to add yet; redo the hammer strap and possibly redo the bottle glass too; not sure as yet.

Hopefully this brought a smile to your face; I know Nick will get a trip out of it.


17-03-2012, 08:01
:eek: best priest eva! - congrats.

17-03-2012, 09:00
Lovely priest.

Mr Feral
17-03-2012, 10:23

I love how ruddy faced he is. :)

17-03-2012, 11:13
That is awesome!! Well, I glad you decided to post more often because every time you do it is truly an inspiration. 100 posts in six years... Hahaha... That's not a lot. But that's okay, we forgive you. Love the priest... and that sounds a bit weird.

Shas'El Tael
19-03-2012, 09:47
Thanks Gang :D

Well Nick saw him last night and he was mighty chuffed. First critique out of the box was - Dieter would have sold his shield for more ale; I like his [Nick's] character driven ethos! So off with that and on with some bottles! (Also - kinda glad as I was having no end of pain trying to get the golden Sigmar comet painted right; even changed the shield to red to see if contrast could help!)

In another way, it will be good practice for painting faux-glass.

Right well other work in progress... and rising from the ruin of my bits box.. more undead trial fits :

Beastman and half-rotted warrior. Horse legs for the Beastman, which have turned out a bit large, but also just how I want it anatomically.. so I will mimic this look with a two pairs of normal human legs then sculpting hooves later. The warrior is fun, some sculpted details yet; but I discovered I only have the overly large zombie heads left now.. so time to order in the new Vampire count pieces; which are markedly smaller.

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/undead_beast.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/undead_wip5.jpg

Undead Skaven idea :

This was rather simple once I got my head around it. What is like a human leg but smaller still.. the arms. Ding! - So using two arms with feet swaps.. I have a short skittering undead skaven; tail bones courtesy the ribbed horn of the beastmen accessories on the Undead sprue :

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/undead_skaven1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/undead_skaven2.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/undead_skaven3.jpg

More soon as I add details and refine these models between projects :)


19-03-2012, 10:11
Looking excellent Seb and great use of lateral thinking. You are a good example of never throwing away any spare parts of miniature kits!

Well done!

19-03-2012, 22:47
Great 'kit-bashing'! If it's ok with you im going to blatantly steal these ideas! :)

25-03-2012, 21:17
Just read through both entire threads on ATT and here.
Wow! Brilliant stuff, and positively inspired converting.:yes::yes:

Shas'El Tael
27-03-2012, 07:52
Thanks for the feedback gang, I've been flat out at work; leaving me little time to paint of late (nooooo.....)

Particular shout out to Modhail, always like your work on Dakka (boarding party etc) thanks for reading the threads; glad you enjoyed!

Right well, no painting but I have been busy in the digital art department with the Caverns set which is currently 80% details and about 75% completed room sections wise.

I have also chosen to make larger tiles, to accomodate cavern wall art and still leave space for figures to move about in the central tiles. Click for a larger version of the image below :


Any critique, fire away :)

Currently painting a few mummies and waiting on parts to complete a slew of figures. More painting soon!

Cheers lads!
Seb :D

27-03-2012, 08:51
I really admire your graphic work Seb, you really are a good artist both painting and computing wise. I love the tiles and always look forward to your updates! By the time I get my one dungeon down you probably would have done 6 times the amount. Cheers Eboli!

Mr Feral
27-03-2012, 20:44

Very cool, inspiring and a great idea to expand them slightly to fit in the rocks and details on the edges. I may just have to use that idea! :)

28-03-2012, 09:55
The tiles are probably the best I have seen, exceptional.
Have you any plans to make them available to the public? (grovel, grovel)

28-03-2012, 17:00
I was just reading through the Karak Azgal book for WFRP and there's a couple of fungal gardens in one of the quests that these would be perfect for. I love the set, well done. You're quickly becoming my favorite WHQ resource! And thanks for the comments on my blog, by the way. Much appreciated.

30-03-2012, 08:14
Those tiles are looking absolutely brilliant. I'm really looking forward to seeing a hardcopy of them, with miniatures on.

glad you enjoyed!
How could I not enjoy? Your quality of work and WHQ?
I guess we're both a bit tunnelcrawlers at heart...

02-04-2012, 07:20
Those caverns look awesome Shas'el Tael :-) I particuilarly like the extra space dedicated to the 'wall art'as you put it, I think it adds a lot of character to the sections.

Eager to see more!

Shas'El Tael
02-04-2012, 07:25
Thanks for the encouraging feedback everyone, really assures me I'm on the right track to producing something that matches what I see in my mind's eye and others find just as cool :D

Bit of a full on week at work ahead, so my updates will be sporadic. Also picked up some 15mm Sci Fi figures as a toe-dip into the ocean waters of that genre..

(Actual size top left)

My initial thoughts? Great to paint and fun little figures. You can see more about them on Eastern-Empire.com. (http://www.eastern-empire.com) in an effort to keep this focussed on Warhammer Quest :)

Should have those mummies done next, took some tips from AndyT ;)

04-04-2012, 15:50
[QUOTE=Should have those mummies done next, took some tips from AndyT ;)[/QUOTE]
Don't paint, just wash! lol :)

Shas'El Tael
10-04-2012, 10:41
Been a few days! :)

Well.. amongst a lot of work and hiking the ridges about Eildon Lake in Victoria (Australia), I've had time to start a slight detour project while my compatriot in wargames is buried under work of his own.

Since our merry band of players disbanded to the four corners of Oz, I've put more thought to building a big story about the Bretonnian and the Barbarian. In the prior's case; an event that began his journey toward becoming a knight errant.

Many years back Jean, Armand and Eloise set out on a perilous adventure, whilst their father was out hunting thieves. Alongside their faithful chaperone, the warhound 'Duc' they set forth into the bowels of the family castle cellars.. what they discovered would change their lives forever..

But firstly some photos! Eloise, Armand and Jean and The 'Duc; just needing some highlights and touch ups, then basing for the show!

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/kids1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/kids2.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/kids3.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/kids4.jpg

As a group with a couple variations:

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/kids5.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/kids6.jpg

This is the Great Dane I based "The 'Duc" after :


An example of the Cellar rooms I'm working on; this particular one I've just begun fitting out with stored goodies. (Other versions have perishables, wines etc..)


My aim is to tell a mighty tale of adventure and dog kibble.. followed by an entire mini-dungeon for download.

If all goes to plan I may be able to play this over the weekend and have a report for everyone soon after.

Thanks for your interest and feedback guys :)
- Seb.

10-04-2012, 10:59
Once again Seb outstanding paint and graphics work. Great idea in adding a warhound to your game. I had to laugh though as my first thought was that your model could look very much like Scooby Doo if given the appropriate paint work. Love all the models you have chosen and gee, you really paint very well and with a particular style I like.

It is a shame I don't live a little bit closer as I am looking for a gaming group as well.

Cheers! Eboli.

Shas'El Tael
10-04-2012, 12:20
Cheers Eboli; yeah getting a group together is tough. Took an age to organise my last group with the right minded folk; only to have them scatter to the four winds. Either way, leaves me to be very creative and soldier on with this set up for a epic series of games ;)

10-04-2012, 14:19
Brilliant stuff- great idea for a story backed up with fantastic tiles and miniatures! What could be better? Where are the mini's from?

10-04-2012, 14:35
Eboli there is a reason it looks like scooby doo http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=gang-and-dog~hfn016&category=miniatures~non%252dcoms-%26-civilians

10-04-2012, 15:27
Tael: That's a great idea, having a kid's adventure in dad's cellar! Shame we live on opposite ends of the world, I'd love to take part in one of your story-games.
I really like what you did with the Great Dane, beautiful colour....

Andy_T: And the kids are from Hasslefree (http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=medieval-kids~hfh044&category=miniatures~juveniles) as well....

Mr Feral
10-04-2012, 17:17
Nice, nice!

I like what you've done, the Duc is looking realistic and believable with that lovely paintjob and the cellar looks great too.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)

13-04-2012, 23:53
As always, your stuff looks amazing. Great job on the dogs coat, very realistic. I almost think you should be making your own dungeon crawler game, with the quality of your rooms... Of course, I do like having cool new rooms to add to my set for free! Just gotta find a decent printer to make copies...

Shas'El Tael
14-04-2012, 04:45
Hey all :)

Good to see everyone is scouting out miniatures - some quick replies to where I got the Kids and The Duc from! :D

Hasslefree is a great source of some alternates and also Foundry for peasants, let alone Reaper miniatures. In recent news - Hasslefree just released a new Barbarian Female Warrior (http://ttfix.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/hasslefree-miniatures-new-previews.html); she's brilliant. On my next order without a doubt.

I've been let down by my usual professional printer; so no game boards this weekend - in a way though it works out; I was unsure whether I should go simple mortar floor - or - a gnarly tiled floor? Examples ahead :


One is very defined, the other (non-tiled) has a soft shadow which if you look for it; shows you the 30mm spaces. In a way the later caters for non-measuring gamers as well as square counters. What's your thoughts gang?

whilst I wait, I think Nick and I are going to run a couple of games of the Cellar Caper on current boards tonight to see how well the kids stack up (my girl's at a conference so time to nerd out). Just finished a few NPCs that make the whole scenario more fun, so I'll do a report and once the cards get printed next week; reshoot the fight :D

enjoy the weekend guys :)

14-04-2012, 08:05
I'm going to be absolutely useless and say: For looks, go for the simple mortar floor, for playability, go for the tiles... :D
(What I mean is: I think the mortar floor is the better looking of the two, and if the faint lines are enough to play by, use that one.)
Also, I was wondering how you fitted your non-standard heroes into WHQ (assuming you're still using those rules for your kid and knight quests), was there much shoehorning involved?

That barbarian is indeed, as they say, "the hotness".

Oh, and you're feeding the thundercloud again.... ;)

14-04-2012, 09:10
Very nice on everything re your last post Seb. I think for playability you need to have the tile look but as Modhail wrote - if you can add very faint lines that would be good.

Love that Barbarian. She looks great and I am tempted though but the thought of adding another unpainted figure to my collection is just plain scary. I was organising my mass of figures earlier this week and I was left quite shocked with the realisation of what I actually had!

Cheers and keep up the great work.

14-04-2012, 09:56
More lovely work, I'm definitely getting a set of your tiles professionally printed for my next game.

For what its worth, I think the faint shadows and marks on the shelves and stuff round the edge of the room are enough to play with on a practical level.

But why choose? Swap some items on the shelves and have the cellar next door as well :-D

Shas'El Tael
14-04-2012, 16:06
Thanks for the feedback all, I've dabbled in combining the two styles a little. Looks pretty good I think, I'll post an example later. For now some card rules we came up with tonight whilst running the scenario a few times. The kids and Duc handle themselves well, they can dish out some whallops, but if they miss too often they can become overwhelmed quickly. Having low wounds really cranks up the tension too.

Here are the current cards and equipment tokens :

Character Cards


Fuller Equipment descriptions where I had to shorten :

Armand's Kitten Shield:
When given a miniature kite shield, Armand quickly chalked a 'growling lion' scribble to look like his father's own knightly shield. Evermore referred to as his "Kitten Shield" by Jean and Eloise. Once per turn it can completely block a single blow of his choosing. Rowr!

Grimboar Hide Collar:
A few years ago Duc protected Baron Benoit D'Ardain from a wild Grimboar, receiving a nasty wound which led to him 'leaving the ranks' and looking after the Baron's children. Benoit commissioned a thick leather collar to be crafted from the beast's hide for Duc in acknowledgement of the hound's bravery. Once per combat Duc can break from pinning and absorb an attack directed upon one of the siblings.

Redone tile tomorrow with some painted mini photos. Also, I'd like to tease that the scenario contains more than one cellar... ;)


14-04-2012, 23:00
...again, why haven't you just made your own game? This stuff is just incredible, Tael.

15-04-2012, 11:24
Great stuff. It's good to see that you're busy making it all happen.

Shas'El Tael
15-04-2012, 11:37
Hmm.. made a post that disappeared into the warp just now..

Righto onwards regardless - Thanks SATS and Purplebeard, as it is I haven't the resources to create a wholly new boardgame from scratch but I can certainly produce oodles of tile art :D

Talking that; here is the combined version of the Cellar section, I think it hits the middle ground nicely. Yay or Nay? (this has also been a nice look into my process too for those interested)


In other news, I was going to showcase a couple of painted models, but decided against it.. they're characterful villains and would be a serious spoiler for the upcoming Cellar game report. No sneak peeks yet! ;)

cheers all,

15-04-2012, 13:18
Really, really cool. Looking forward to the battle report!

15-04-2012, 14:59
Very cool. I like the new tiled floor - not as light as the last one, and looks more old fashioned (the mortar floor just looks like concrete to me - I almost expect to see a washing machine in the corner...)

19-04-2012, 16:43
Hey Seb have yout ever thought of trying something on card that's 3d? eg http://www.germy.co.uk/fprpg.htm and http://www.stones-edges.com/freesamples Think you'd be awesome at it!

Shas'El Tael
22-04-2012, 13:00
Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback and critique, I haven't looked into 3d art yet, but it's a challenge I'll take on at some point. Thanks for the links, great examples too.

I finally received the printed out tiles (though the printer shop oddly set one page too dark) mounted them and got Nick around to have a game. We've worked out most of the rules to balance fun and survivability with some tension. Without further adieu, the game;

The Castle Cellar Caper


Jean edged forward into the gloom, his sister and younger brother just behind and their father's faithful war hound 'Duc alongside. The latter had been snuffling about the main door to the cellars all morning, largely ignored by the servants and guards, except Jean and Armand. They knew only something serious would hold the furry chaperone's attention for that long.
"I don't remember this corridor being so dark Elle"
"Perhaps tilt your helmet up you toad"
Jean snarled under his kettle helm, pushing it upward at the rim without change. His annoyance at Eloise was swamped by a growing caution. Armand bumped into him from behind,
"Watch it Army"
"Sorry, juss' can't see either. This rots," even in the gloom Jean could see an 'Armand Pout' ten leagues away.
"He's right, if you've dragged me into some stupid rodent hunt, I'll push the both of you down the long drop"

She was being a right damsel Jean thought; first she hauled them up for skulking about with their practice swords, figured their idea was more interesting than her tapestry lesson, then had them dress up in their custom made ceremonial armour. If you want to play Knights, you've got to look the part, she said. Girls, always playing dress ups.

Duc snorted loudly, then began to growl, the bass warble causing them to gather closer together.
The war hound ignored Eloise, lowering his massive head, eyes fixed at a point in the shadows. Something scuttled beyond.
Armand grimaced "Gross, ratties"


Nodding ahead, Eloise brought her bow up. Jean followed her line of sight and saw them too, little men with spears. The figures were looking into the gloom just as confused as the siblings.
"Goblins? Are they the ones who put to torches out?" Jean was amazed something so small could reach the wicks, he could barely grab the cellar door latch earlier.
"You need to pay attention when Master Raston teaches, they're little greenlings."
"Really small ones" Armand added, agreeing by way of apparent knowledge.

Jean looked ahead again, then behind the group, "What do we do? The doors been locked behind us"

The trio exchanged like glances. That part of the adventure had been unexpected. No doubt the cook or any number of duty guards had noted the door ajar and latched it merely out of routine. The siblings had been too far down the corridor to call out, so they chose to continue on and make a scene later.
"If they're stealing food, we have to chase them off" Eloise drew upon a rare sense of duty, having just skipped her lessons.
"I agree, lets kick them in the shins" Jean grinned.
"Can I ride Duc?"

Jean and Eloise looked at their little brother, Duc tuned about also, glowering.

Drawing his two handed short sword, Jean edged forwards, Duc crept up alongside him. Eloise notched an arrow and Armand hefted his 'Kitten' kite shield, stomping behind in a mood.
At that moment, the figures lowered their small pikes, squealed something unintelligible and charged.


Duc lunged at his attacker, grabbing the small creature and shaking it violently. Jean dodge the other's pike, hitting the greenling hard with the flat of his blade. It yelped and rolled over, unmoving.
"I think I.."
"The third one!" Eloise shouted over him, but it was too late.

Jean gave chase "He's after friends!"

Everyone rushed forward without a thought. Until they swung open the door to the rightmost wine cellar room.


"That's a goblin!" remarked Eloise, notching her bow again. But before she could fire the group was upon them.
"Gerroff!" grunted Jean, dodging hits.

Duc bodily blocked a couple more, trying to get at the big goblin that was aiming to stab Jean. The first real scrap was on in earnest.


Shas'El Tael
22-04-2012, 13:01
Jean fought quickly, not even thinking about the steps his father's swordmaster had taught him. Blocking wooden clubs and smacking the green rotters with his blade easily knocked out the little ones. Suddenly he blocked a metal sword, now confronted with the goblin leering at him. Deftly he twisted the sword away and cut inward, his two hand short sword dug under the goblins armor, jarred then slid inward fast. The goblin gargled something and fell away.
"I got him!" Jean yelled.
"We got more!" Eloise replied, trying to sound calm, but her voice broke as a wave of snarling creatures came up behind them.
"Ow, stop it!" snapped Army, head butting his nearest opponent, who crumpled to the floor eyes rolling backward.
Another put up it's fists and took a swipe at the youngest human.


Even more appeared, rushing past Eloise and Army toward Duc and Jean. A fistful of needles flew into the face of one, a shout of disgust from Eloise following behind. Jean cut another down while Army hid behind his shield as blows were deflected by both his 'Kitten Shield' and custom armour.
"NO fair!" he pouted, the other side had too many players.

Eloise punched one rotter on the nose with a sick crunch, it too fell away. Everyone blocked fists and small wood sticks; then suddenly, they had beaten up everything coming out of the dark.
"Think that's all of them?" Jean asked aloud.
Duc sneezed, rolled an unconscious body over with his snout, then resumed sniffing the gloomy air. Eloise gave her brother a look;
"Could do with a muffin about now, I saw you nick a few from Durand's baking shelf"

Jean resisted at first, spiteful for being called out, then relented,
"Yeah, they do taste great"

His smiled matched hers, Army grabbed one and shoved it in Duc's face, then grabbed another but Duc licked that too.
Duc licked Army with raspberry crumbs and slobber, giving up when Army kept fending him off.
Jean looked at Eloise after laughing at his little brother, "Next room?
"We had best make sure," reviewing the unconscious and unmoving greenlings she added, "we did okay here"


The next room had much the same, a nasty goblin surrounded by sneering little greenlings.
"Like before, Geddem'!" shouted Jean, rushing inside.
Everyone followed in with a shout, startling once snarling faces.


"HEY! They're nicking stuff!" shouted Eloise, accidentally trampling a greenling that tried to block her path.

Duc chomped down hard on another that grabbed his collar. Then suddenly everyone was in the thick of it.


Jean dispatched a goblin to his delight, whilst Army's custom armour warded several hits again. Before it even started, they were alone once more.
"Is that all of them?" Eloise questioned, looking toward the door, pushing another goblin away in disgust.

"Think so.."
Something moved behind them.


"They're behind us!"
Quickly they turned about, punches, shin kicks, arrows, pikes and all. One of the rotters stabbed Jean in his bum;
"Ow!" the perpetrator received a chop for his efforts.
"Bum for a head eh Jean?" Eloise shouted, whacking her attacker on the head with the short bow.

Suddenly another pike stabbed out at Army, who hadn't even seen the greenling sneak up on him..


..but Duc leapt between the little rotter and Armand, the blow glancing his flank. A bite later and the little greenling fell. Army fended off another attacker until an arrow flit past and sent his opponent into a stack of barrels.


Shas'El Tael
22-04-2012, 13:02
A moment after the last attacker squealed and all was quiet in the dark cellar. Somewhat over their initial fear, the group quickly gathered together. Jean ate another muffin, giving some to Duc. Eloise gave Army a big hug and a kiss. His once quibbling lip steadied and he seemed a lot more cheery after the rumble they had just had.
"Next one?"
Everyone nodded, the Duc snorted with his ears perking up. Quickly they filed out, opened the next door and discovered much the same. Duc took an instant dislike to the goblin task master inside.


Even a wall of minions didn't stop the wily war hound fixing upon biting the nasty goblin, who spat out filthy verse and tried it's best to intimidate everyone. Army tried to mimic the greenskin, but he couldn't say such bad words. So began bashing a little rotter with his shield instead.


Duc finally got his goblin, the snarly nasty grouching even as he expired.
Eloise looked on at the crumpled heap, "Wow, nasty gummage that one"
"He's really naughty, father would smack his bottom too" added Army, surveying the bashed up cellar.

Suddenly everyone went quiet. They were all in for it and if they got really hurt, well that would be an epic telling off on top.
Jean broke their glum mood "Let's figure out how they got in here"
"Right, if they got in, we can probably get out that way too"
"True, good thinking sis"

Eloise smiled, gave Army a hug and followed out after Duc.


They made it back to the middle room where the goblin with it's sack still lay unmoving, alongside an even smaller greenling had a heap of mushrooms stashed in another bag too.
"Somewhere in here for sure, these two were stuffing their sacks when we came in"

They split up and looked about, Duc surprised a couple more greenlings, bit one and kept the other at bay. Just as he tossed the second, ragged and limp, down the corridor. Army shouted out;
"Hey! Here!" he pointed, chest out in pride.

Jean came over, had a peek and a sniff, "I think Army found it Eloise, I can smell something burning. Like one of the nightwatch torches"

Eloise came over, sniffed the air like Duc, the hound looking to her as if in agreement,
"I think so too, push that wine cask aside Jean"



Hefting it aside, a ragged grubby hole was revealed. Voices in the gloomy tunnel escaped as did the smell of cured hams, corn and other foods.
"The way in!" Jean husked quickly.
"And out" added Eloise.

Jean snarled, pushing through the gap "Let's put a stop to these rotters!"
Duc quickly shimmied his big self through, coming up next to Jean on the other side of a musty, grubby tunnel. It was hand dug from the clay earth under their castle, the work was functional and just ahead a mob of greenlings and three goblin rotters, turned about.
"Oh oh"


Duc even whimpered, but snorted away his surprise and growled.
"Geddim!" shouted the one with the torch.

Shas'El Tael
22-04-2012, 13:03

The green mob rushed them all, swarming about the group whilst the goblins moved on Jean and Duc. The torch owner thrust the flaming stick at Jean, who's parrying blows sent sparks everywhere. Everyone got hit by small punches and hard wooden sticks. It hurt and suddenly everyone began to shout and voices wavered. Suddenly Army came out swinging, pricking rotters with his dagger. His fear made him throw the biggest hissy fit ever.

"Nasty rotters!" he smacked another with the Kitten Shield, blocking a blow, "Leave us alone!"


Jean kicked the torch bearer in the shins, causing him to drop the flaming stick and hop around hugging a smarting leg shouting;

"Y'nasty brat, Ow Ow!"
Jean swung a wide arc, "Here then!" and lopped off the goblin's leg, the rotter yelped fell away, his own torch landing on him.


Suddenly Duc found himself confronted by the biggest, hardest goblin they had seen yet. Whilst Jean had to contend with the barrel taker, barging about with the massive cask, failing to see Duc struggling with the goblin leader, the rotter slashing Duc several times. Loyal as ever despite the danger, Duc kept the goblin away from the kids, leaping atop of him and biting hard on rotter's bucket head.


Armand cried out "Elle Elle! Duc's got cuts!"

Spinning about Eloise saw Duc yelp as another nasty stab hurt the war hound. But Duc remained between the goblin and his master's pups.
Eloise, free of opponents thanks to Army's shouting and stabbing, notched an arrow and aimed at the goblin,

"Lady bless my shot, bless it straight and true!" shouting on the last word she let it fly as Duc finally recoiled.

A perfect shot, it perforated the rotter's breastplate, straight into his little black heart. With a jerk it stopped fighting, glared at the little red haired girl and keeled over. Stone dead.


Duc was hurt, he whimpered and limped about, but before Eloise could hug him, or Jean could give the hound a muffin treat.. another mob of greenlings came up behind them, snarling and sneaking up on Army and Elle.


"I don't want to play anymore, they're too mean" Army quibbled.
"You okay Jean?" Eloise hid her own bruises and cuts.
"No, one cut my leg, my arms really sore too..father's going to kill us after this"

Suddenly the other end of the tunnel filled with silhouetted figures, the shadows rushing down from the tunnel entrance light.


"More ahead! I'm so sorry Army!" Jean cried out, fending blows from another lil'rotter.
"For D'Ardain! To the Children!" the shadows shouted.


Bursting upon the rumble, Hermie, Mousson and other watchmen chopped up greenlings with big axes and swords. The kids screamed in delight and relief as arrows whisked by, shafts pinioning small rotters like skewers. They were safe!

"Jean! Elle!" roared a concerned voice, their father stormed down the tunnel, "Army!" he somehow gathered them up in one big swoop, like only a father could do.
"My loves! Why!?" he squeezed hard, terrified and relieved at once.

They hugged him back, crying and chatting excitedly, forgetting a dozen smarting cuts and bruises.

In moments it had ended, the children were rushed up out of the tunnel leaving their father behind with his men at arms.

"My lord.."
"Mousson?" Benoit turned from watching his children rushed to safety.
"There's several dozen dead snotlings back there, even a few goblins. You sons certainly have the makings for knighthood"
"Yet you seem perplexed?"

Shifting under his Lord's gaze, Mousson answered uneasily,

"It's Lady Elle, her arrows"

"Well sir, they're all blunted from practice, and this one here," he drew forth a shaft from a particular grizzled and armoured greenskin, "well, it shouldn't have gone through judging by the others"

Benoit eyed the nearly rounded tip, covered in goblin gore. The man was right, this was more than luck or even skill.

"The lady watches over her" he muttered without realising, his daughter was revealing uncommon traits.
"Like Lady D'Ardain, rest her soul"

Benoit paused, then agreed, "Like Katrin, yes" he smiled, snapped the small arrow and tossed it aside, "have the wall watch examine this mine and collapse it, where we failed to find this accursed place my children didn't. I'd be glad to be rid of it"

"At once my lord" Mousson grinned under his huge moustache and they parted ways.

Benoit moved toward Duc, the tough war hound nursing a dozen wounds.

"Thank you again old friend" he smiled, patting the hound as it lay on the ground, exhausted but happy.
A big lick splashed across the Lord's face, causing him to push the big friendly brute down.

"Enough of that, you're clearly okay"

Standing up he motioned for a couple of men to gather up the Duc,

"Get him seen too by Gerard, and have Durand give him the best chicken in the kitchen tonight.
"My Lord!" they both replied, eager to help the de facto mascot of the castle.

Looking about, Benoit eyed the dead greenskins. His children were lucky, if not for his scouts spying a trail that led to the tunnel, his distracting day's hunt would have led him beyond chance to save his own children. Thankfully, and truthfully, the bond forged between the kids here would last longer than any wound they received. With a sigh of releif, he began to leave, making for the forest beyond and the last light of a long day.

Shas'El Tael
22-04-2012, 13:19
The Players :

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the first adventure of my knight, Jean D'Ardain. Here are a few group shots of this story's main players :

The Meddling Kids :

The nasty rotters'

Kid's Rule!


So, how did Nick and I play this out?

First thing is the cards, which you can see above.

We aimed for fun and enough boosters to keep the kids going, whilst lack of skill and low wounds kept tension high. As for the rotters? Well we mixed it up a little.

Treating them as individual monsters, but allowing the snotlings a chance to swarm about the kids; yet roll for whichever they targeted. If they ganged up as usual, they would have killed one of the children quickly. We figure this more thematic, as the children are the same size, so the snotlings would be more willing to take them on individually. As it is, the kids got roughed up, Duc was on 1 wound at the end with Army, Elle and Jean only a couple each also. This wasn't uncommon.

Additionally we made the snotling 'Ambush' into a roll off, either the snotlings got the drop on the kids or the kids surprised the snotlings and goblins while looting the cellar. Turned out to add an element of tension as to who gets to charge into the other?

The goblins were tough, but curiously Jean and the kids dispatched them more easily. However in this game Power Phase 1 rolls nearly ended in group kill. All the same, the odd shin kick, kitten shield block, muffins and flying pins helped carry the day. It was a fun scenario and we're already cooking up another.

Best Game moments? Army's slaying fest in the final turns, Jean shin kicking the torch goblin successfully. Eloise won best shot, scoring six then six to wound, bringing the goblin leader down in a single shot. Lady be blessed indeed! Duc's timely intercept, also was perfect.

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/layout_larder-300x155.jpg (http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/layout_larder.jpg)

Thanks all! Tile set available for download soon!

22-04-2012, 15:48
Fantastic suff! bet you had loads of fun! The plans lookcool and really nice paint jobs on the mini's too!

22-04-2012, 19:22
Great stuff.
Wonderful models, fantastic painting, great dungeons .... bucket loads of inspiration.
You have captured all the fun to be had with this hobby and this great game in particular in this one plog.
Thanks very much.

23-04-2012, 06:40
Simply fantastic! To say this is impressive is putting it lightly. I'm as green with envy as those goblins.
I love the way it all simply fits together.

23-04-2012, 10:36
:yes::yes::yes: (This forum needs an applause icon!)

That certainly set a shining example of what Warhammer Quest should/could be. Great, very vivid storytelling.
And the painting and self-made art makes it a treat to watch the pictures.
Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Oh, could you give us some better shots of those watchmen? (and info on who made them?) They look like very nice figures.

Shas'El Tael
23-04-2012, 11:02
Hi All

Wow.. :D

Its heartening to see your reactions and get such positive feedback from the crew on Warseer. For me this whole project is what Warhammer Quest is about and can be made into; as is shown on every thread in the sub-forum. Pretty much why I moved my PLOG over here in the first place. :)

Very welcome my man, glad you enjoyed the read. The watchmen are fifth edition Bretonnians sculpted by the Perry Bros during the 90's. I love them and think they capture exactly what the Bretonnians are in my minds eye. I'll shoot some images of my collection on Wednesday for you :)

@Harry and AndyT
Cheers guys, I've been encouraged by all the work going on in cork, plastic and plaster about Warseers WHQst forum as I mentioned before. Eagerly await the first reports from your respective collections soon. Warhammer Quest really is hobby at it's core, allowing you to develop scenarios and send your heroes into the thick of it. Glad you enjoyed the read, another adventure with Jean and his siblings soon!


24-04-2012, 01:03
I just finished painting my basic monsters for Quest and everytime I think of putting it all away I come back to your plog for inspiration. It is very difficult to read one of your posts or see some of your work and not end up painting something, thanks for all the inspiration!

24-04-2012, 16:51
Simply brilliant - so nice to see games played with nicely painted minis, it makes things so much better. Just wish my minis would paint themselves sometimes!

28-04-2012, 16:06
Just to repeat what everyone else said, very inspiring and creative work. The pics also do the scenario justice, a great read!

29-04-2012, 10:07
Its fantastic to see fully-painted pics from your gaming sessions. More people need to get stuff painted - including me! :D

04-05-2012, 22:13
outstanding! I really enjoyed the reading, and of course your amazing minis. Loved it, it gives so much depth to your characters. Your blog got me back into WHQ. thanks mate

Shas'El Tael
04-05-2012, 23:26
Hi All,

Thank you for your thoughts and feedback on the mini-project for WQst, certainly enjoyed putting it together; fun playing it too :D

I've been flat out on a new contract project in RL, but should get time in the next week to continue on the painting and modelling. Also, I'll setup a download for the cards too. I've been adjusting a couple of print ready settings that should avoid the over tinting that happened to the tunnel and corridor sections. Usually not and issue, but my -past- printer couldn't be bothered to flick a check button. If he can't do that for a creative project, sure as heck not going to trust him with a client job. ;)

Any folks getting back into Quest, post up on the forums; we'd love to see your work and adventures!

best for the weekend,

06-05-2012, 18:07
I hadn't seen this thread before, simply brilliant with loads of creativity shown. Bravo!

Shas'El Tael
31-05-2012, 13:32
Hi All,

Well life (TM) has been a jealous wench; consuming a lot of my spare time lately. BUt what it has done is make me patient on eBay. So much so, the next few parts required for the continuing adventures of our Bretonnian siblings will continue soon. Talking about that, scored some more hosting bandwidth - shall post a link after the weekend for all those wishing to download the Cellar Caper tiles :)

In other news, my general browsing over an end of day wine discovered some nice models out there lately made by various studios (check the watermarks for names):

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/spotted1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/spotted3.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/spotted4.jpg


As you can imagine I have been looking up inspiration for Barbarians (I think I may have mentioned the female Barbarian?); mostly to paint the one I converted up for Nick, then rework his Saga to blend in with the Bretonnian Quest chain. Should be fun having the young lads meet up with the gnarled Norther' :)

My next Quest will be in a forested, warren like realm. Should be interesting to portray on tiles and I hope for some new angles on playing WHQst to be trialed. Nick and I have already been scribbling down some new House Rules for the forthcomning teenage characters.

Thanks for your patience, the project will roll on in the next fortnight :D

- Seb

31-05-2012, 16:55
That female barbarian is probably the best representation of the classic barbarian stereotype (in either gender) I have seen yet. If it had been around when I was buying mine, I probably would have gone for it.

Looking forward to the next installment of the Brettonnian siblings saga. Told you that you should make your own game - I'm gonna consider this strongly-narrative campaign expansion as counting for that ;)

31-05-2012, 18:27
I like the female barbarian a lot. I will be very itnerested to see the board sections, etc.

01-06-2012, 11:24

02-06-2012, 19:43
I completely agree with you, Botjer, the armour is ridiculous. However, the quality of that sculpt is very good compared to most, and the traditional/classic barbarians, whether male or female, wear very little armour/clothing anyway. Just look at the other examples Tael posted. With the skimpy armour, that female model does look a lot more obviously 'barbarian' than she does 'warrior'. The model I use for my barbarian is a Reaper evil mercenary who wears armour and trousers, but who can come across as a barbarian due to the dual axes, skin cloak and mohawk-style ponytail. I'm also using him as a warrior in D&D at the mo (hence why I haven't posted much recently - might actually get a game of WHQ next week though! Woo!) although now the character has got a set of half-plate, I'm using the chaos warrior model instead (can you guess my character's alignment?). Anyway, I ramble... Looking forward to those new tiles, Tael!

07-06-2012, 17:14
Brilliant. the girl from the video even looks like the figure :D

I hadn't actually noticed her lack or armour and marvellous toned stomach (behind that whacking great big axe) until you had pointed it out ;)

10-06-2012, 03:49
You wouldn't possibly be able to post a scale shot with the female barbarian and a standard gw human figure would you? I agree it is one of the best sculpts for a barbarian (I think wolf looks ace as well but I was just getting into going to hobby shops in the early 90s so I tend not to favor hyper realism in my minis) and I've been on the fence on wether to add her to my warhammer quest hero set. Would certainly help my girl friends annoyance at constantly having to be a boy character... Although I'm not sure she will be sold on the lack of clothing :rolleyes:

Shas'El Tael
14-06-2012, 12:26
Hi All

Well finally after ages of saying I'd get too it, I've gone and done it. Man is my new work sapping the time out of my hobby hours!

In other news I have quietly been collecting components for the next adventure :

142998 142999 143000
Picked up several squires and more than a few Ungor minions.. oh what have I planned..? muhahah.. haha....ahem..

In yet more news.. scored a new studio flat, with two massive windows which I can shove a hobby desk up against WooHoo!.. finally have my hobby desk back in play :D

Expect a definite upswing in goodies with a set location for hobby projects!

Enjoy the new board sections all!

14-06-2012, 20:43
Fantastic resource, and really good of you to share :) almost wish I hadnt bothered making the 3d dungeon now so I could use yours!
Love the squires, full of character!

16-06-2012, 17:32
The new boards look great. Fantastic job.

17-06-2012, 10:41
while i don't play WHQ i do love reading all the threads and when/if i run out of other project i would like to get involved.

a quick question? are you the guy who is selling new board sections on ebay? if not looks like you could make some money from it.

all great stuff

Shas'El Tael
23-07-2012, 05:01
No, I'm not selling any goodies on eBay. Might be an idea down the road but for now, fun fun!

Quick update :

Thanks for your patience all, moving, settling in and finishing my work contract have all sapped the time from my hobby projects for too long!

One good thing, all the parts for the new project have arrived. I'll start cleaning and painting the new models and sitting down and producing new scenery boards.

Shall have group photos of all the new models tomorrow, then time to get busy again!

- Seb.

23-07-2012, 06:01
Great news to hear from you Seb. I am also busy planning for house selling and moving so I know exactly how taxing it can be. Look forward to seeing a few photos tomorrow.


23-07-2012, 09:56
Ooh, new goodies to look forward to...
And nice to hear you're in calmer waters again.

Shas'El Tael
25-07-2012, 05:01
Hi guys,

Here are a selection of photos of the forthcoming project. It's a sample as I want to keep a few surprises ;)

Firstly the young knights and then the Ungor minions they will encounter (also, the Family ship.. for a later idea)


The archer is going to be an obnoxious, older teenager who doesnt buy into all the high and mighty that the brothers are entitled too, particularly when his supposed peers are younger and shorter than him.

Clean up and painting to follow! :D

- Seb.

25-07-2012, 05:45
Cannot wait to see the final result.

Is that an old Man O'War Imperial ship figure?


28-07-2012, 20:11

just read through this thread and i must admit i'm really inspired! the mantic games orc conversions were a stroke of pure genius!

i look forward to future updates!

02-08-2012, 22:19
So excited to see some activity in this thread. You're pretty much my hobby inspiration for both my quest and 40k marines. In fact I just recently had a go at a true scale scout based on your work, always a pleasure when you update!

Shas'El Tael
17-08-2012, 05:16
Hi All :)

Thanks for the encouraging comments, really good to hear folks are having ideas for their own work (look forward to seeing on the forum here hint hint).

I've been making a mess a top my new hobby desk; which has resulted in three more War-Mantic Orcs (rounding out the highest roll for an encounter) and some Stikka night goblins. Why the sudden green wave of modelling?

Well, one of the original crew is back in town and he wants to play a Bretonnian now. But not something 'poncy and noble', he'd play a High Elf for that instead. So work scoped, I set about redoing a model I've been struggling to complete (just never looked right). Went the full Norman on this lad and he's already been nicknamed the 'Angry Bret'; which works well as my mate is from the UK. (Bret, Brit..geddit?..nvm)


Nick wants to run another Barbarian, but feels the Heroquest one I subtly modified is too generic still (LGG finds out you're a modeller/painter.. they're never satisfied). So I fossicked through some parts and put this young Nordic themed fighter together, shield barging with a gut thrust at the ready (that's a Space Wold rune plate on the shield):


So by now you've guessed right, some more straight up WHQst mayhem to follow. I'm flying north to gather up all my boxes and drive them down to Melbourne this coming week - so my entire hobby collection is in one place.. finally. Been a long 1.5yrs of working to establish myself in Melbourne.

In news relating to the Knights, struggling on the forested board sections. Having to sit back and reassess a way to represent woodlands in 2d overhead perspective. Any thoughts or examples you lads have seen out there?

thanks for any advice,

17-08-2012, 06:14
Always love your work, thes guyw look great, i especially like the young barbarian.

As for wooded tiles, it depends if you want to break the traditional WHQ mold, possibly go for corridors that are 3 squares wide, have the middle squares as a muddy/worn pathway, and use the twoouter squares, as grassed areas these areas could still be walked on, but it should give you the space for some large deciduous trees to overhang.

17-08-2012, 09:28
Nice bretonnian. The barbarian is cool too, but I'm not sold on using a thigh armour on the arm like that.

18-08-2012, 12:46
Those old Ungor with clubs are great models. I'm sure I have some kicking around somewhere (the Ungor in my Beasts army all have spears) and I'm itching to find them and get them painted now.

Edit: and then kill them.

20-08-2012, 09:45
Love the the angry bret and barbarian! Great 'kit bashing'! :)

24-08-2012, 01:53
Any thoughts or examples you lads have seen out there?

Some strategically placed tree stumps might be enough to do the job, along with a mix of fallen leaves and general undergrowth. Faint shadows of the tree leaves and branches (or I suppose small points of light that pierce the treetops) cast on the ground would also be an idea, even if the miniatures will cover that up during gameplay

Shas'El Tael
26-08-2012, 13:41
Thanks for the suggestions and feedback; I'm pretty much thinking the roots and soft shadows may be the way to go. Now to generate some art!

Whilst I've been fiddling with graphics I did paint up some Ungor (16) and have 8 fairly close to finished. To inaugurate my DIY light box, I took some photos tonight(!) instead of waiting for decent daylight.

Naturally I didn't stop there and photographed the new goblins, WiP Skaven and some Snotling we all know and love..


Expect better images from now on as I learn to use my new set up :)

Tile art next!

26-08-2012, 23:37
A typical great example of Seb's painting skills. I particularly love the Skaven. Keep em coming!


27-08-2012, 06:47
Well he can paint a bit I suppose. :eek:

Very nice. :D

When can we look forward to another adventure?

Shas'El Tael
27-08-2012, 11:05
Hi Guys,

Soon enough, to avoid consternation at my original tile idea being stymied a bit; I've focussed on the models for the adventure. Next set will be the Bretonnian brothers and completed Ungors. Aiming to get a template down for the forest tiles to populate a set.

I'll admit the photo booth has been a distraction. Been meaning too for ages: highly recommend one.

Thanks for your feedback, it's good to deliver photos of the work as I see it - may need more diffusion from the front as glare is apparent on the Ungor chests. Either way, its just good to deliver decent images again.


27-08-2012, 22:12
I've got a few of those old Ungors, but yours look way better than mine.

30-08-2012, 00:52
Man I love your stuff. Your Sycthe conversions on Dakka actually got me back into painting/modeling 40k. Just posted my version of your true scale scout, with a few modifications;)

Painting on your gibberies looks great, as do your conversions for your new heroes, would be fantastic to expand my quest group, pity you live so far away. The last time I was down your way, neither money nor girls could keep me away from the fantastic waves you've got down there :D

01-09-2012, 09:36
That's a nice big block of monsters you've got done there. And they look great.

Shas'El Tael
04-09-2012, 09:23
Thanks ModernKiwi, Constant and Purplebeard. Have to say it is hard to keep focussed with warm weather in Oz and my Gf wearing summer gear.

Right time to show some progress (about 80%) :

The Young Knight and his band of hapless chaperones. So why no kid brother or haughty Squire? Well, I had a chat with Nick and he mentioned he was more interested in the Knight tale rather than all the characters surrounding him. It was a good point, because my original aim was of do a series of adventures with the Knight, his siblings doing cameos. So I think later on we will get to see what becomes of his kid brother and feisty sister. For now, he's out to prove himself.

The Young Knight is a smaller perry Bretonnian, possibly 4th edition era. I know it's available through Foundry. The head swap was originally an empire archer kit piece, with the hat shaved and new hair added. The neck was a little thicker than anticipated but overall I'm happy. His second carries a Dwarf prospector kit from Mordhiem and the only other modification was the arrow jabbing archer (used to be V fingers at the enemy).

I may change the group mix, but for now these are the chaperones protecting our Knight Errant as he proves himself investigating dilapitaed ruins nearby several villages recently raided by diminutive beastmen. More soon!

Shas'El Tael
04-09-2012, 09:29
Decided to seperate out the images, so here is the next batch of Beastmen ungor and then a big group shot, needing shields and bases for completion :)

Shas'El Tael
11-09-2012, 10:39
Continuing on - I was working on some ideas for my next (yes.. serious ADD, not finished current dungeon and working on another) bad guys, the grim and determined Goblins and Gnoblars of the upper crag, an area home to a large Orge clan.

Fiddling with parts to make Gnoblar or Goblin sargents I happened on an idea - a Gnoblar Prospector, so taken with shiney - he believes in sourcing the purest shiney long before is is made into anything. This is the initial build, green stuff to finish him yet to begin (Straps, filler etc).

In addition, a sneak peak at newly printed goblin caverns dungeon - currently being stuck down on cardstock :

Presently painting up Goblins for this weekends game with the lads; photos soon :)

11-09-2012, 10:48
Love the little rodent peeking over his hat. (What sprue is that from?)

Shas'El Tael
11-09-2012, 10:49
Heya Modhail :)

Hmm. TBH no idea -spied a bunch of them on EBay and snapped them up. Possibly from a large Skaven kit? - I'm thinking it's his version of a Canary warning system.

12-09-2012, 15:26
Hmmm, I should look at EBay more often then...

Shas'El Tael
14-09-2012, 07:15
Moving on with all sorts, I painted up some scenery I got disgustingly cheap on eBay the other week - which was both fun to snap up and paint. In addition I brought my Sylvan Wood Elf across from Heroquest to run with the dungeon bashing crew. Added a Mordheim bow and sword, sculpting a matching bracer on the bow hand. Added a nice Elf accessory I've had for ages and then approached the paint job in a different manner than usual.

Spray coat white, then tints of one colour on each location. It allowed me to control the softness and darkness of creases and folds. Even the browns came off dry and desaturated. I wanted to use a softer palette of woodland colours to represent that mystical nature of the character and so far, came off well. Going to keep on darkening the hair to a silver grey and do minor metal work yet.

14-09-2012, 11:25
The Elf looks good!
I've often felt that these older models benefit from a softer approach to shading and highlights.

Shas'El Tael
18-09-2012, 03:47
Thanks Modhail, I'm busy doing small details and basing him presently.

The Spider Lair : “Things skitter closer in the dark as you are all quickly ensnared..”
The Spider Lair will always trigger an Event Card and D12 Spiders. All heroes are webbed until they leave.(NA)

18-09-2012, 14:32
Nice paint job! youve really got the best out of an old model :)

18-09-2012, 21:35
Another cool looking board section, Tael! Almost makes me want to buy a new printer to do it justice... Might I suggest changing the spiders to 2D6 instead of D12? WHQ never uses dice other than D6 so it seems a little odd, not to mention it's often just us 'vets' or RPG'ers who have dice of sizes different to the D6 (the number of people who simply cannot conceive of a 4-sided dice is amazing...)

Shas'El Tael
19-09-2012, 12:31
Hi SATS, good point about the dice issue - I'll correct that into more WHQst friendly terms

In other news, go a game in over the weekend. Ended up running an Errantry quest for Jean D'Ardain, with Nick running the drunken priest and another mate running both Bretonnian men at arms. Made for a fun game, with in essence, 3 handicapped characters (the men at arms had base line stats) and a young knight with only so much strength and gear (no broadsword for example).

We decided to use my new cavern set, but with an upper layer of corridors and rooms as the party navigates a small derelict keep that lies atop the caverns. The last few dungeon cards were shuffled - so when the next stairwell came up, it was the way down. Worked quite well, though we missed out on running the Spider's Lair room I had just printed off. Additionally on shuffling the cards we decided a Minotaur would be represented by a Troll to keep the theme of the dungeon.

Well, enough talk - onto the adventure :

The sound of summer insects lazily serenading each other cut out abruptly, alerting both Jean and his companion Antoine moments before they both spied a rider galloping quickly toward them.
"Rologne?" queried Jean, eyes squinting to the far rise.
"Mmm Rologne, you can tell by the jiggling about waist"

Jean was still suppressing a smile as the bounding rider reigned in his mule.
"M'Lud, I have news!"
"A new pursuit?"

Rologne bobbed his pot helm,
"And better than the wild boar of the river fields!"

This perked both Antoine and Jean up, they shuffled in their saddles. Rologne knew instantly he had their attention,
"M'lud, a vintner to the west told me his cellar was raided"
The young errantry knight immediately started wandering his eyes upward.
"No no m'lud, this is quite serious, for one the cellar was cleaned out of all manner of things. It has happened before in this region, it sounds like organised raiders"
Antoine and Jean exchanged like glances,
"I'm cursed to slay within the walls of cellars"

"Now now m'lord, we should investigate all the same, this is on your father's lands"
He was right, it was all the same, a worthy venture. Keep good terms with the common folk and represent the White Lion. Antoine encourage with a smile, Rologne already had his mule alongside and aimed for the distant vineyards. Both these men, though posing as chroniclers of Jean's deeds, were capable fighters and Lady's eyes they were certainly bodyguards on charge by his father; they were eager for something exciting too.
"Alright, for the Lion"
"The Lion" they chimed.

Quickly picking up the trot, the trio of riders jingled and rustled through the long grass, aiming for the vines far ahead.

"No clearly this is inferior to a Tilean blend!"
"Tilean!? How dare you even speak of those vinegar merchants!"
"Well, then you need to show me your best, no?"

The Sigmarite priest leaned forward, his ruddy face leering at the vintner unsteadily, bleary eyes challenging the wine maker to make him drink his words, hopefully.
"Unfortunately, I lost most of my stocks this week past" the vintner's ire cooled but it was replaced by a deep anger as he took the sampler from the priest and brought forth a spittoon. The priest ignored it and swallowed, leaning back, he puckered his lips and made a sucking sound,
"So, no Merlot or even a Cabernet?"

Drawing on an unkempt beard, the priest pondered.
"Where did they go?" he asked after an awkward silence.
"Raiders? they went-"
"I meant the wine casks"
"Well they were taken"
"By whom?"
"Well, by the raiders"
"Which way?"
"That way"
"So the Raiders who took the casks went that way?" the priest thumbed east, over his shoulder.
"Yes" the wine maker recoiled slightly, this priest though bane of the undead, would just as easily raise them with such drunkard breath.

Having just tied off their mounts across the farmyard, three breton soldiers walked over.
"Vintner, what news?" Jean spoke up, his eyes adjusting to the shade.
"My lord! I was just explaining the situation to this southern holy man, a visitor and sampler of fine produce I've come to learn"

The arrivals instantly recognised a priest of Sigmar, beneath worn and stained robes of faded red.
"Son of Sigmar, welcome to my father's lands"
"Parched lands it seems"

Jean blinked,
"Well, it is nearing high summer and the harvest, one could say-"
"He means my wines my lord" interjected the vintner, his annoyance causing him to forget good graces.
"The wines that were stolen I'm told?" Jean indicated Rologne.
"Yes, by the raiders"
"Who went that way," the priest thumbed, "with the wine"

The three bretons looked off to the far eastern forests of Ghalons then back at the two before them.
"Looks like we are all of common interest"
"Then you like wine?" the priest stood up and approached Jean with a measure of caution in his eyes, "best not try it here, vinegar it is"

Behind and well within earshot, the vintner fumed.
"I like wine son of Sigmar, but today we need to pursue those who would steal from the producers of my father's land"
"A noble cause, so you seek the raiders who took the wine?"

The bretons looked at each other,
"Well yes"
"Then let us bring an end to these thieves and return with the stores!"

The bretons heartily agreed.
"Excellent," the priest leaned back to the quaint samplers nook, "when I am back, we will settle the Tilean matter"
The vintner didn't answer, but glared at the holy man. The sigmarite placed several coins down and took two bottles from the shelves,
"I shall test your wares against samples from the casks, to ensure we return with the right stores"
Antoine coughed, nudging Jean to say something,
"Yes, well a unique idea. Any other information as to where they may have gone?"
Thankful for sensible conversation the vintner walked out from behind the sampler nook and approached his fellow bretons directly.
"Word has it that strange things have been walking the woods about the old winter keep in Ghalons, which lies in the direction those thieves went"
"A good first start m'lud" encouraged Rologne.
"We'll head on; priest?" Jean locked eyes with the holy man, "My name is Jean D'Ardain, son of Baron Benoit D'Ardain, protector of the coast of Aquataine and banner bearer of the White Lion, you are?"

"Priest of Sigmar, yes. That too."
"Do you have a mount brother Hendle?"

The bretons looked to the wine maker,
"I have a donkey that could bear the journey" he suggested warily.

Busy decanting a bottle into a large gourd, the priest paused to note everyone watching,
"If it can save me the walk, I'll have it"

It took them two days of searching, but sure enough, before them sat the overgrown entrance to the long left to rot winter keep of eastern Ghalons.
"Well, smells like trouble" muttered Hendle.
"A foul stench rises certainly" grimaced Antoine.
"My pardon" interjected the priest.

Raising up his shield and drawing his father's gifted short sword, Jean steeled his nerves.
"Let's seek out these foul thieves"
"And retrieve the wine" Hendle added smartly.


Carefully picking their way down a stairwell that was in a terrible state of repair, they each noted sign of recent traffic. Jean looked to his companions who all bore the same look of concern' their first stop may be the right one. Pressing into the gloom, Rologne lit his torch and flashed the light of it into dark shadows. After a time they entered a large chamber, the signs of recent disturbance even more prevalent.


Hendle edged to one side and looked about,
"Nothing here but-"
"The key! the key..portcullis, lock it.." uttered a deathly voice.
The wheezing rattle caused everyone fright; especially Hendle, whom dropped his bottle mid-swig.
"It's not witchery Hendle, a Dwarf! Look!" Jean hushed the priest.
"I meant, well it was my last bottle from the vineyard"


Jean ignored the rueful mutterings and leaned in close. The Dwarf was breathing hard, fumbling for something close. Jean saw the rusted key and took it up,
"This key?"
Fading eyes affirmed, then the stout dwarf passed away. His other hand falling aside to release a black arrow shaft with red feathering.
"That doesn't look good" commented Rologne.

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant5.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant6.jpg

Almost immediately several cackling voices came from the shadows, and with them appeared goblin archers and spearmen, the perpetrators of the Dwarf's demise no doubt.
"We're ambushed!" shouted Jean, swinging about fast.

His arc slew two in a single blow; yet so startled at his sudden success, he missed the third. The others set about defending themselves, with Hendle shoving aside his attacker, to barge into the gap created by Jean.

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant7.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant8.jpg

The priest's hammer came down and killed another goblin as Antoine sent an arrow into the next. Black arrows flitted between the darting fighters, sword and spear clashed. Very quickly the party finished with the goblins. But before they could make good their situation, the scuffle attracted the attention of several gigantic spiders, the likes of which Jean had never seen.

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant9.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant10.jpg

They hacked at the arachnids, slaying all but one, which quickly ensnared Antoine. They archer yelped in fright, his reaction strong enough to break the bonds about him. Hendle spun about and squished the insect of unusual size with a single blow, then prayed into his ring. Everyone felt slightly buoyed by the sigmarites' sudden faith. The gloom returned and a cold quiet settled about the party.
"Press on?" questioned Rologne.
"Definitely" grinned Jean, his sword tested and his heart beating a tattoo.
"Excellent" agreed the priest.

As one they stepped forward into the corridor ahead..

Shas'El Tael
19-09-2012, 12:32
No sooner had they stepped through into the corridor, when a portcullis slammed down behind them.

"Good thing we met the Dwarf, poor soul"
Jean eyed the priest, wondering if the man meant what he said.
"We press on, at least we can get out" he added.

The group moved forward slowly, wary of another ambush. Proceeding through one, then another corridor, they finally came to a starwell that went down even deeper. At it's foot was a gated door, partly ajar.
Rologne leaned on his spear, "Looks like our way in.."
They edged forward only to be met by a swarm of giant bats, escaping through the doorway. The frantic creatures immediately attacked the startled party. They fought back, cutting down the wild creatures in moments. Kicking aside the corpses Rologne discovered a keen tipped spear, impressed he stowed it smartly then followed the others.

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant12.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant13.jpg

They came out into a cavern system, lit by glowing fungi and earthen scented, cloying air. Quickly encountering giant rats and a few sentries patrolling the cavern tunnels. (We rolled abysmally for monster events, 3 rats, a spearman and an archer).

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant14.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant15.jpg

After quickly silencing the last sentry, Jean was the first to see they had come out onto a ledge, where again they were assaulted by a swarm of spiders. Not easily startled this time, the party dispatched the insects quickly. The group was grim and determined now, quietly moving forward, buoyed by their easy successes, but wary of it all changing in a heart beat.

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant16.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant17.jpg

Another flight of bats swooped and flapped about their heads, and again the party coolly retaliated - killing every one. Looking ahead they realised they had finally uncovered the thieves stores. Quietly taking stock of the items they had so far procured from monsters and the fallen about the caverns, the party hatched a plan.
"..and then we get the casks?"

"Yes, then we get the wine Hendle," Jean paused, looking about his older companions, "if there is a ring leader in this final section, it's mine."

The two men at arms immediately understood, Hendle just raised his brow and took a quick swig of his gourd.
"Lets go"

Stepping through into the lair of the Goblin boss, the bretons and the drunken man of Sigmar confronted a final horde of minions for the final fight..

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant18.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant19.jpg

Shas'El Tael
19-09-2012, 12:33
The tableau only lasted a moment, the young knight leaping into the fray. Hendle was beset upon by a horde of snotlings, the priest fending off the little greenlings with curses and wild waving of his flagon. Antoine loosed off a shot which skewered a goblin spearman and Rologne stabbed the goblin immediately ahead of himself. But deep in the brawl, Jean fought hard for the Goblin leader, his blade quickly killing lesser foes as he sought a duel with the bloated goblin.

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant20.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/gallery/knight-errant-quests/knight_errant21.jpg

Arrows flitted past and spears gouged his shield, but Jean's single minded determination bore through the goblins until Bretonnian steel met the blades of this vile leader, he issued forth an honourable challenge.
"My name is Jean D'Ardain! Son o-"


An arrow sliced his shoulder as the goblin leader head butted him, then slashed both swords across Jean's chest. Winded and mortally wounded (All 7 wounds in two hits), the young knight fell backwards as the Goblin leader closed in. Antoine cried out, loosing an arrow which cut down the archer responsible. Rologne finally ran through the spear man before him and rushed to protect the young lord. Desperately he threw the elegant spear, only to miss as the Goblin jinxed aside!

Meanwhile Hendle was engaged in mortal combat with the last snotling in the cavern, crushing the aggressive runt, hopped up on psychedelic mushrooms - with a double attack of holy power.

Tasting grit and foul earth on his lips, numbing pain and the slowness of every action - Jean barely registered the vial of healing potion roll out of his satchel and in front of his hand. Finally realising (like I did) he gripped it quickly, rolling over to down the fluid just as the Goblin Boss drew back to finish him.


Resurging with energy, Jean stood to his feet unaided with preternatural speed, shoved the Goblin leader's swords wide with his shield - to drive home his shortsword in one single penetrating blow. (Auto-hit talisman then a 6, go Jean!) Displaying little elegance, the young man gutted the creature, twisting out the sword when certain the foul creature had died on his blade. Moments after, every goblin was dead, their spirit broken they had died quickly to the blades, hammer and arrows of Jean's companions. It was over.


Hendle wandered toward to the young knight, who was inspecting two crimson tears on his chest piece, where once savage wounds had bled.
"You'll get used to the healing powers of holy potions and prayer lad", he smiled through his beard.
Taking a swig from his refreshed gourd he sat atop the crate next to Jean,
"That and the ailment relieving qualities of good alcohol; that vintner was right, his stuff is fantastic"
Looking back at Jean, the priest saw the look which needed little translation, he offered up the gourd.
"Thanks" replied Jean, allowing a small taste to warm his throat and chest, "it is good" he agreed on returning it.
Hendle nodded whilst downing another swig.

The errant knight and the priest watched Rologne and Antoine gather trinkets and other worthy treasures from the corpses; in a short while they would all begin hauling goods out, but for now they enjoyed the calm after the storm.

The Players :

Rologne, Antoine, Jean and Hendle.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the run. Scared the heck out of myself with Jean going down, completely forgot about the healing potions! haha. - Seb

19-09-2012, 15:26
Outstanding! The photography and editing really made me think "This looks like the perfect Battle Report from WD!" Is that actual table wood or a veneer? The shade of red and the grain fits perfectly with a medieval style feel to the images. Models look amazing as always, but your custom board sections are incredible! They look just like the originals on that paper. Tempting to get them printed professionally on decent paper... They'd look odd alongside all my home inkjet, thin card backed, laminated sections ;) Could gift them to the GM for our 'proper' games, tho... How do you do the dungeon cards? I have stuck paper images on either side of a playing card before, but they obviously stand out from original cards within the deck.

19-09-2012, 15:32
Sounds like that was a fun game...
Great narration too, Tael! :yes:

(How did you handle the group rules-wise? The heroes being older now, have you used the normal WHQ stats for Knight and Warrior Priest? Or did you custom craft your characters once again like with the kids?)

Shas'El Tael
22-09-2012, 06:59
Thanks guys :)

Was fun and somewhat quick - we rolled low often for the monster, probably going to have another game Sunday and see how we fare then too.

As for Jean and his Men At Arms; I watered down the standard Level 1 Bretonnian Knight and took out the Broadsword. Jean is a teenager still, not quite a hardened swordsman.


The Men At Arms were similar, just 6 wounds and a basic weapon at D6 damage plus strength. Both wore leather armor.

Made for a fairly fragile group, if it were not for a few nice heals from Hendle's ring - well, the group was lucky :D

More soon :)

22-09-2012, 07:20
What a treat.
The board sections, the cards, the characters, the models, your story telling .... everything is so beautifully done....
It must be a real treat to play .... and then read this write up.
Certainly great to share in it just as an casual viewer on here.
Thanks for sharing your love of the hobby with us.
Please keep it coming ... always a pleasure seeing updates to this wonderful thread.

Shas'El Tael
22-09-2012, 12:03
Cheers Harry, really appreciate that, thanks :)

Though Nick thinks I'm making out his Priest to be too sober! haha.

I forgot to mention, sorry SATS - the table we use is my hobby desk. It's a 50's clerk office table - solid as anything with a deep rich polish. Not sure of the wood, but it looks very retro and well lived. Suitable backdrop for future games, as you say - the grain just suits the genre.

I've been tinkering on a template room file for WhQst sets. Key thing copying and replicating from originals is the lighting is preset. For example, Talion's (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?346895-Quests-of-Legend) work is great, but the shadows on the original tiles break up the larger tile sets, in that you can see the duplication - which is one reason I shied from even using original tiles in my artwork.

Here's where I am at so far with a grayscale texture layer with a random colour thrown in :

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/template_whqst_tile.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/template_whqst_tile2.jpg

For those of us into modding the tiles, I hope this will be a neat file to play with when I'm done. As you can see I tinted the colour file to have the shadows I wanted.

I'll also throw in the neutral single tile set, which if you're willing - you can piece together your own rooms tile by tile and apply the shadows you want.

Printing your own tiles (For SATS) :

I strongly recommend the following :
- Scaling 100% (tile is 14.5cmx14.5cm and tiles set at 30mm)
- 300gsm cardstock, Semi Gloss (or matte stock then hit it with a light artist's varnish spray).
- As professional printers vary in tone – test print to check image lightness; adjust accordingly if too dark.

Mounting the finished piece on a cardstock of about 1050gsm or slightly lower is nearly indistinguishable to the original tiles. I use a glue stick then compress the tile underneath heavy books.

Hope that helps the printers among us!

PS. The 2D6 is in on the Spider Lair card - thanks SATS! :) (My tiles section (http://eastern-empire.com/fantasy-2/warhammer-quest-tiles/))

- Seb.

24-09-2012, 09:16
That was a great quest report! Though you need to paint your doors ;) Everything else was perfect!

Shas'El Tael
24-09-2012, 10:28
Heheh, I know I know.. I'm actually working on some themed doors, but true.. need to paint the originals, thanks on the feedback :)

I've begun working on a new character, the Alchemist/Apothecary (80% painted):

http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/alchemist1.jpg http://eastern-empire.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/alchemist2.jpg

I picked up this figure a few years ago for Warhammer Quest (during a previous bout of modelling), It was from Reaper Miniatures (https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/wizard/sku-down/03449), the original pose was good but I didn’t like the original smoking vial – then I realised.. why not him actually conjuring fire like a showman, then adding in something ‘special’..

I had a metal sprue of ‘Flame’ accessories from Wyrd Miniatures and one was particularly small and sat neatly in an archer’s hand from Mordheim. Within in minutes ..an Alchemist who had sparked the catalyst for a big-bada-boom..

So question is, rules? Now that's my next project whilst I play a few games with Jean and the gang.

- Seb

24-09-2012, 19:40
Urg, that is disgustingly good. Makes me feel sick to know the chances of me ever getting to play with this or any of your other stuff is incredibly small... At least I have those tile sections I can print and add to games.

On the subject of Alchemist/Apothecary, my wife wanted to have a Plague Doctor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_doctor) character for WHQ/painting, so I did a minor conversion of Gorman de Wolfe (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=prp_wmc_mcn_sol_131_000) by replacing his gas mask with the beak of this (http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/product_info.php/bretonnian-command-standard-top-p-1129) Bretonnian banner top. I'd also like some rules for such a character, but we were going to use the Warrior Priest rules as stand-ins until we find/make something better. My idea was similar stats to the warrior priest (weak and puny) but replace jade amulet with healing salves (maybe D6xBL per dungeon, either healing potions or bandages that always work/heal 4 wounds) and blessings with the ability to make/use grenades. These could be skills, allowing him to use firebombs, gas grenades (similar to skaven poison wind globes), flashbangs (same as flashpowder). The alchemist guild would be special location, allowing him to use their labs to create potions/grenades, similar to dwarf brewmaster being able to create new beers. I imagine him as the 3rd/4th healer class (depending on whether we count Elf Ranger Mage as a healer). What do you think? Similar to what you were thinking of?

Shas'El Tael
25-09-2012, 03:13
My god.. similar? Get out of my head! (Actual LOL) I'll type up my current 'research' and post it - but yes - "similar" to what I was thinking of. :D

Hell I've even looked at that Alchemist miniature too. The duck billed gas mask is an inspired idea!

The Warrior Priest was my first port of call, then I've so far raided every WHQst forum out there + hit up Warhammer Online's Apothecary recipe database.

So far inspiration for rules include :

- Warrior Priest
- Imperial Noble
- Witch Hunter

Shall post my graphical and miniature musings soon. :)

25-09-2012, 11:22
Fantastic Report, miniatures and photo's. Plus the alchemist is ace also (cool light sourcing!).
Thanks for sharing/inspiring...... might have to do some WHQ painting when I get in from work! :)

25-09-2012, 19:49
Fantastic Report, miniatures and photo's.

Agreed, just spent a happy half hour reading this thread and also re-discovering the sythes page which I did look at a while back, thanks and keep it up!

26-09-2012, 06:35
Another great report, I may have to use something similar when I start doing them - assuming I can use my camera while playing at any rate.

Shas'El Tael
27-11-2012, 09:23
Hey Hey All :D

As somewhat of a tradition, every 100 posts on a forum I do something special. For the gang here on Warhammer Quest forum; a reinvention of the 2002 Dragon Magazine dungeon tiles (issue 302 I think). Beautiful work and just has to be brought back to life an used by our Khemri exploring heroes.

The artwork is by Mike May, scanned by Mortis the Lost of the Lost and the Damned forum. I took the images through Photoshop, mounted them using my room templates and played with colour filters to enrich them a bit more, approximates next to WHQst pieces.

You can download the files (3)by clicking on the matching images or URLS links below (A3 - roughly 10mb per pdf) hosting elsewhere? Credits : Mike May (artist) Dragon Magazine, edited by Sebastian Stuart :

EDIT : Quicklinks -

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/whqst_dsrt_dungeon1.png (http://www.eastern-empire.com/downloads/whqst_dsrt_dungeon_rooms1.pdf) http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/whqst_dsrt_dungeon2.png (http://www.eastern-empire.com/downloads/whqst_dsrt_dungeon_rooms2.pdf)

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/whqst_dsrt_dungeon3.png (http://www.eastern-empire.com/downloads/whqst_dsrt_dungeon_tokens1.pdf)

I've been working on cleaned tiles to create unique rooms and corridor sections, should be ready shortly to add to the above.

I've just come back from a month and a half's worth of business travel, completely stuffed, but looking forward to continuing my Alchemist idea and organising another adventure with our young Bretonnian!

Its been great seeing all the activity on the forum :)


28-11-2012, 20:48
I love this thread. so much inspiration!

just to say those last tiles appear to 404 when linked to your site

keep it up!

Shas'El Tael
28-11-2012, 21:20
Thanks Cypher, appreciate the feedback and certainly keep adding more!

I've added the text URL links above the images - the first were as you say 404 (Argh!). Should be able to download now! :D

04-12-2012, 18:09
Posting because this is a brilliant log, and knowing my forgetful brain I'll loose track of it :)

Shas'El Tael
11-12-2012, 23:15
Thanks Gomez, cheers for dropping by :D

Hi All,

I've been busying away in my dungeon lair, concocting coloured hues and mixing pots of paint; my first minions, the Orcs :D


Recipe is the following with a single blended step between.
Vallejo 888 Olive Grey base
Knarloc Green mid highlight
Cammo Green sharp highlight
Clothing was Khemri and Charadon mixes for the aged cloth. A final wash of Devlan mud to grime the skin and then again with Badab Black washes to finish the weapon using Boltgun and Mithril Silver.

And carefully colour matched the bases to the hallways, it looked to be a diabolical effort. However it turned out to be very paint by numbers.
Bleached bone base coat with feature stones/sand, washed with Devlan Mud, then drybrushed lightly with Bleached Bone again. Finally trimmed by Charadon Granite – GW colours pre-changeover. It is surprisingly close, who knew? (Probably everyone but me by now hahah)


Aiming to complete the goblins and a hero next :)

12-12-2012, 18:38
Those are beautiful. I love to see old monopose plastic painted with great 'new' paintjobs. Love 'um.

Always excited to click on your thread when I see you have updated ... never dissapoints.

13-12-2012, 06:48
Excellent stuff, very well done. Quite an inspirational log you have going here, Shas! My mates and I have been talking about getting a little WHQ project going, and looking at your stuff might just give me the motivation I need to start painting the Goblin netters that have been sitting on my hobby desk! Well done!

Shas'El Tael
15-12-2012, 03:38
Cheers for that Harry, Thalenchar, glad you're enjoying the thread. Been a good run this part of the year!

I've been enjoying redoing my Heroquest set, enthusiasm's effort always shows through.

So as I said, I'd be doing some Goblins and a Hero, well.. I ended up doing a fair bit more. However this set of photos don't quite do them justice, the group shot at the end has better lighting, expect lush images when the whole set is complete.

The Goblins

The Captain
http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/HEROQUEST/hq_captain_hero_card.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/HEROQUEST/hq_captain_hero1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/HEROQUEST/hq_captain_hero2.jpg

Rallying Cry - Once per dungeon, every hero in the same room or corridor section, including the Captain, may regain one wound.

My aim being that the Captain emboldens his fellows in the face of dire circumstances, ie. An Ogre horde is pummelling everyone. Nod to Drathe of YeOldeInn forums for the blank card - allowed me to add copy and images quickly.

The Empire Hero

http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/HEROQUEST/hq_empire_hero1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/HEROQUEST/hq_empire_hero2.jpg
A lot of modification going on here, new arms and sword including the shield, which is detachable. I carefully sanded the handle so the fit is snug, without abrading the glove. I always wanted this figure and it is a treat to finally have him in my collection. Looking at this image, I think I will readdress his plumage, not enough definition.

The Clansman
http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/HEROQUEST/hq_clansman_hero1.jpg http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/HEROQUEST/hq_clansman_hero2.jpg[/color]
Same rules as the Dwarf, though I have been dabbling with the idea of having gain one die in attack from guzzling his Bugman's XXX (Flagon in hip)

And a group shot:

I find the corridor styled bases don't break up the room tiles badly, there's a visual unity with the corridors close by.

Time to paint Fimir's and another hero :)
- Seb

16-12-2012, 15:17
You've done a fantastic job matching the bases to the corridor art! Superb job. Do you use those models for quest as well? I was just curious whether you cared about consistent basing across your monster hordes?

16-12-2012, 20:03
I do not generally like dwarfs, but yours looks ace! Love the shield design.

Shas'El Tael
16-12-2012, 20:13
Thanks HereBeDragons, I was surprised how close standard colours were to the corridor art theme. - I ran through the colours in the first post about Heroquest - The Orc Minions at the top of the page.

I don't use these monster models for Quest, in fact I'm painting up the classic HQ Horde as a set with the inclusion in a couple of new pieces to represent the various Villains in the Quest Book. Warhammer Quest encourages me to go all out on monsters and heroes, in line with the extra detailed rules/world - always using standard bases (30mm Rounds in my case).

So of the HQ Heroes may wander over into WhQst territory at some stage no doubt ;)

Cheers Thalenchar - absolutely ancient plastic model that. I think the Fantasy Regiment set late 80's/90-91. Thanks about the shield, however, it is a raised section of the piece, so rather forgiving in adding that detail :)

- Seb.

17-12-2012, 09:20
I really like the captain conversion - it is really neat and subtle. Is it just the anangle of the pic or have you sawn off the body from the legs and then repositioned them so that one is slightly forward? Very nice in any case. :yes:

I am fond of that dwarf too - that is one old old dwarf there (its a psychostyrene dwarf).

I do have to say though, that its the orcs and goblins which have really charmed me. :)

17-12-2012, 15:33
Amazingly good. very very impressed. I have cowed my gaming crew and bent them to my will. I will try my best to have a WHQ setup as lovely as this logs.

Need more custom rooms and encounters *wink wink* :D

17-12-2012, 17:14
Leave it to Shas'El to turn old school miniatures into something very, very special. I LOVE your heroes. I am totally jealous!

Shas'El Tael
18-12-2012, 06:14
Hi Again all,

I imagine you're suspicious of my free time of late. Fact is, for me in Graphics, things tend to wind down late year. Most promotions, launches and so on have been produced weeks ago and on my part it is somewhat planned, as I am leaving for Lombok, Bali, in two days. So this is probably my second last update until Jan.15th 2013. I'm working on some Hqst figures to hopefully showcase prior to leaving.

First up, responses!


..Is it just the anangle of the pic or have you sawn off the body from the legs and then repositioned them so that one is slightly forward?..
And you would be correct, some subtle shifting of the feet helped there. If we're both referring to the Red/Gold captain. Amazing how little changes help, and just as amazing.. the amount of time I blew fiddling away at it! :D

..that is one old old dwarf there (its a psychostyrene dwarf)..
You're on a roll :) Must be the beard, Bingo again.

..that its the orcs and goblins which have really charmed me.
Oozing charm from ev'ry pore,
He oiled his way across the stone floor.

The colour of bile, was his skin,
Tusked and proud did he grin.

Ne'er was there a fouler pest,
Than that Orc of Hero quest!


..I have cowed my gaming crew and bent them to my will. I will try my best to have a WHQ setup as lovely as this logs..
Huzzah Sir! My thanks and even more questing on the forums to come. Can't wait :)

Need more custom rooms and encounters *wink wink*
Read on my enigmatically named friend..


..something very, very special. I LOVE your heroes. I am totally jealous!
Thanks Daniel, really appreciate that :) I have taken a a long while to get around to it, I think the kid inside me is enjoying painting up models I was always afraid to touch when I was a young painter. Funny though, these figures are even rarer now days.

Something new for next year.. a sneak peek at what our young Errant Bretonnian may soon encounter near Parravon..

The Goblins of the Bloody Shield tribe :

Jabba's and Cutta's, the primary fighters of the tribe.

The tribe so far, aiming to acquire enough parts for 6 more.

And their background, a handout to my fellow players (900k file): (not fully edited, so forgive any errors)

http:///www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/bloodyshield-tribe-thb.jpg (http:///www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/bloodyshield-tribe.jpg)

18-12-2012, 17:45
Love the poem! ;)

19-12-2012, 21:16
Really is impressive how you get those old heroquest models to look so good! Supertastic stuff! :)

02-06-2013, 00:36
Really is impressive how you get those old heroquest models to look so good! Supertastic stuff! :)

Why did this thread stop?

02-06-2013, 08:31
Need more blood on the shields. :shifty:

Shas'El Tael
02-06-2013, 10:27
Hi Guys,

Work has been wel frankly, nuts lately. In a good way, but it has burned up my hobby time. I'm looking to update in the next month and show you some more work on the Blood Shield tribe among others.

@Harry - hahah.. yeah, its not too obviousin the artwork but there is a bloody hand mark on the shield. I bought some Tamiya Red Glaze, which is brilliant for caked blood, I'll be doing their shields with a Saruman Hand, in blood red as their icon.

- Seb

Shas'El Tael
07-08-2013, 05:04
By way of update and a nod to those who keep encouraging me these past few months, here is the latest dungeon tile artwork. Ironically, its so you can make your own 4x4 rooms ;)

One of the core problems when recreating tiles using original Whqst artwork was the shading and shadows. I've built this tile by tile and corrected as much as I could without damaging the resolution or details.

You will find a texture layer and border, accurately sized for Quest. In addition, there is a Card template with all the spacing, layout and font placement set. All you need is Newtext Regular & CasablancaAntique fonts to complete as you please using Photoshop or an equivalent.


Blank Dungeon Room 16.5mb [Click here to download] (http://eastern-empire.com/downloads/whqst_basic_room.zip)
If you want to rehost, please do. Just mention my name as the editor and a link to Eastern-Empire.com. Cheers!

I am looking forward to producing more and showcasing new models shortly.

Thanks for your patience all :)

07-08-2013, 07:13
Brilliant! Thanks Tael!

07-08-2013, 11:38
Nice work! you're a top bloke Tael :)

11-08-2013, 09:18
Cheers! Awesome work :D

Shas'El Tael
26-08-2013, 09:45

Talking new Heroes here - I was just browsing Andrew Rae's professional sculpting blog, Khorosho Productions, and discovered he is producing a line of Heroquest-esque champions. So far there's a great Dwarf, haughty Elf and a superb elder Wizard. The Barbarian is underway presently. Support Andrew if you like this range, we need to encourage boutique support for our favourite game http://www.yeoldeinn.com/hqforum/images/smilies/icon_e_biggrin.gif


Shas'El Tael
29-08-2013, 03:43
New Hero : The Norseman Barbarian.

Some of you might remember my first build of this guy, using Chaos Marauder parts (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?331661-WHQst-Forgotten-dungeons-of-old-(large-compilation-images)&p=6378414&viewfull=1#post6378414) - but there was a prior version:


Whilst he looked wild and scary with his bludgeoning mace, he didn't look like he leaned on the side of lawful. Then I saw this artwork of a rustic Thor two nights ago :


I loved the muted colours and just had to capture some element of that in my Barbarian. The result (90%):

Still need to add his broadsword in scabbard across his pack and a pouch, that and an emblem on his right upper arm. Tattoo work has never been a forte of mine, so it is rather basic here. The hammer was fun to make, and once I buy a small 0.5mm pen, I'll draw on some runes and highlight with mithril silver.

If I could, I'd hire a leading sculptor to make a miniature of the Thor painting. Great inspiration, somewhat captured here in my Norseman barbarian :)

- Seb

29-08-2013, 08:51
Looks fantastic! You've captured the character really well. :)

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

29-08-2013, 08:59
Ahhhhh, Warhammer Quest how i miss thee.

This is one of the games i seriously dont understand why GW doesnt reprint with updated minis in the box. I would buy it in a rush, and purchase regiment boxes for warhammer alot after that.

29-08-2013, 16:20
New Hero : The Norseman Barbarian.

Some of you might remember my first build of this guy, using Chaos Marauder parts (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?331661-WHQst-Forgotten-dungeons-of-old-(large-compilation-images)&p=6378414&viewfull=1#post6378414) - but there was a prior version:


Whilst he looked wild and scary with his bludgeoning mace, he didn't look like he leaned on the side of lawful. Then I saw this artwork of a rustic Thor two nights ago :


I loved the muted colours and just had to capture some element of that in my Barbarian. The result (90%):

Still need to add his broadsword in scabbard across his pack and a pouch, that and an emblem on his right upper arm. Tattoo work has never been a forte of mine, so it is rather basic here. The hammer was fun to make, and once I buy a small 0.5mm pen, I'll draw on some runes and highlight with mithril silver.

If I could, I'd hire a leading sculptor to make a miniature of the Thor painting. Great inspiration, somewhat captured here in my Norseman barbarian :)

- Seb

Stunning but his face reminds me of someone.......hmmmmm........I know


29-08-2013, 16:28
Perhaps his hand should be painted gold then :p

Shas'El Tael
18-09-2013, 12:48
Hi All,

Wow that is uncanny likeness :)

Today I'm returning to a project I left alone for awhile; the Alchemist. I finally had a moment to complete the draft booklet for my variation on this mix master. For those inclined, I would appreciate your feedback on this PDF :

You can download it here. (http://www.eastern-empire.com/forums/QUEST/the-alchemist.pdf)

Much like his talent, he is a mix of many parts - some Warrior Priest, a dash of Witch Hunter and a hint of Wizard. He relies on his stored vials, a handful of remembered recipes (Offence, Defence, Special) which I am writing up, and reagents to help boost his success at completing a powerful potion on the fly.

I look forward to your thoughts :)

..And I'll show you my new Alchemist conversion then too ;)

Thanks for your help!

18-09-2013, 18:15
Looks like a fun character, only suggestion I would make is to note when throwing some of the mixes, that you state either maximum distance can be thrown or state on same board section. Otherwise you'll have players throwing it across the dungeon especially the pedantic ones.

Shas'El Tael
18-09-2013, 23:05
Ahh good catch Talion, I'll add that in. Thanks!

- Seb.

19-09-2013, 11:45
Incredible! Love the beard!

Shas'El Tael
20-09-2013, 03:02
Thanks Daniel36 :)

In other news I've begun updating my new and original tile art - here's a teaser :(NA)

20-09-2013, 14:19
Beautiful as always

I intended creating frozen tiles, but only ended up creating the one.

With these I feel this area has been covered nicely, will we see any objective rooms?

Shas'El Tael
20-09-2013, 22:38
Hi Talion,

Thanks! Coming from a fellow tile crafter, appreciate it :)

Yeah this set almost never got under way until I figured out a lighting trick. I have two more rooms, a corridor section and the objective 'Lair' to go.

I'll post up a larger image of a section shortly.


21-09-2013, 08:51
Nice, new tiles from Tael!
I like the gear frozen under the ice.

21-09-2013, 12:17
Don't know if it's just me but I am having serious trouble accessing the blog. I keep getting an error 500 tried on multiple devices. Anyone else having a problem??

Shas'El Tael
21-09-2013, 12:28
Nice spot Modhail, didn't think anyone would notice at such small file size :D

Thanks Talion, I'll check that out!

EDIT : Seems to work for me - curious. A 500 is a Web Server error, nothing to do with my blog except where it is hosted. I'll update the Wordpress anyway :) Thanks!

21-09-2013, 19:56
Nice spot Modhail, didn't think anyone would notice at such small file size :D

Heh, I got miniature painter's eyes...:rolleyes:

FYI, I get the same error from IE (Interner Exploder) as well, but via Firefox everything is dandy.

Shas'El Tael
21-09-2013, 21:54
Interesting, Firefox and Safari are working my end too (MAC) - I'll have a read on why IE has 'issues'. Thanks Modhail :)

22-09-2013, 09:14
Ugh... Your stuff is so amazing! I am glad I am getting rid of all my Warhammer stuff to start afresh. Logs like these is what I aspire to, and you can't really do that with large armies. I want small skirmish stuff. Way more fun.

I am glad this log exists for me to draw inspiration from.