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24-04-2006, 08:00
This is my first thread so the introduction will probably be long winded.

I am about to start a new Space Marine chapter. They have the following trait advantages/ drawbacks: Take the fight to them, be swift as the whind and flesh over steel and I don't remember the other draw back, some help please reign in blood. This will probably appear here later.

Reign in Blood and I worked in collaboration over this chapter, we came up with the name "Blazing Suns" and we came up with fluff that I haven't typed up as the traits will alter the idea of that fluff. I was chatting to a GW staffer today whilst buying the space wolves battle force to use for this chapter,(the blood claws and rhino are especially helpful) and stated that they were blazing orange with a desert planet background, he then came up with a name that tickled my fancy "Desert Puppies." I was thinking maybe not puppies but wolves, then they can be a successor of the Space Wolves chapter.

I am getting to the please point bare with me.

Reign in Blood wanted to change the chapter symbol from a wheel with wings to I don't know what. I was thinking if we used "Desert Wolves" we could adapt the Space wolf iconography. He said if I liked the name why not just collect space wolves, I think their colours are too boring and grey and I like the orange scheme, it works.

The point of this thread; which name do you think would sound better one, and two: suits the chapter, some elaboration on answers would be appreciated also. Your help will be appreciated.

The Dude
24-04-2006, 08:29
Desert Wolves does sound cool, but from what I've heard, Space Wolves have absolutely NO successor chapters. This shouldn't be a problem, as you could come up with any number of reasons why they share gene-seed with them, just be creative.

Or just use the old faithful of "Their background is a mystery". That's what I did with my "Champions of Ma'at". Saves a lot of thinking, and then you can let the background evolve as you play. Even make it like their quest to find out their origins or something.

24-04-2006, 08:44
Just because they're *Desert Wolves* doesn't mean they have to have *anything* to do with the Space Wolves. Maybe they recruit from a desert deathworld. On the other hand maybe they are from a lost company long since thought dead - thus not a *successor*. The background is yours to create. Have fun.:D

Heck my Phoenix Templars are successors to the Salamanders and they (supposedly:p) don't have any.:p

24-04-2006, 08:45
In the second most recent they have one successor. I could go with the mysterious past, but its fairly generic, Saeraffik and I get to play around with the fluff thats the easy part, the name is the clincher though.

So far thanks for the help.

Reign in Blood
24-04-2006, 09:27
Just so everyone knows the drawbacks are (slightly odd but) Faithful Unto Death and Aspire to Glory. That makes them a major divergence..obviously. However as the background for the army may change so might the traits, not all but some...maybe. Unfortunately alot of people in adelaide (not all and tis is in no way trying to ofend) are the most annoying nit picking players I have ever witnessed, and there is probably a few threads on this sight about annoying players and what they do, and they all seem to congrtegate right here in Adelaide. So sayin that they are a SW successor (if there arn't meant to be any) wouldn't go down well and we have no where else to play but with those people so....Maybe thats a bit harsh but, mainly younger players the older ones wouldn't play a novice to find anything to complain about. Also both me and Bloed don't know much about the SW and don't own the codex so it would be hard to tailor traits to form one when they have an almost independant codex of there own..thus my comment to just play Space Wolves.

24-04-2006, 09:39
As starlight said, they dont have to be successors to be able to call them desert wolves. That was just an idea, it doesn't have to go that way. they could have been on the outer reaches of the galaxy until now. The possibilites are end less and annoyingly complex.

Reign in Blood
24-04-2006, 09:48
Notice how I didn't comment on that I just said why not to be a successor chapter. I mean the experiences we have had in that place except maybe our first vist havn't been very pleasant. One foot, idea, story, watever that is in some way incorrect gets you a grilling and like I said we have no where else to play so it would help us if it is as plausable as possible. Not that I particularily care as I am to poor to play two let alone one army.

24-04-2006, 09:49
i think there may be a chapter called the desert wolves already, i'm not too sure. if i see anything on them i'll try and post it here.

24-04-2006, 13:16
My cue to chime in. Some people are way too worried about the concept of "someone else already has my name". If you're in this camp, that's fine. If you're not, you need to remember that this is your chapter and you are the one who needs to be happy with the results when this development process is complete. If Desert Wolves is the name that does it for you, then use it. Even if someone else is using this name, if they're not in the same area as you, odds are that they will never be across the table from you. (related sidebar: on another forum a third person suggested the name of bike/LS oriented chapter, the Storm Riders, and I told the person looking for suggestions to go ahead and use it if he wanted to (or not), in exactly the same as I told you - I have no control over the name.)

Regarding successors. You can use wolf imagery and the SW rules without being a SW successor. Just come up with a reason that might lead a chapter down that path. Or go with a SW successor. The records keeping of the Imperium is horrendous at best. Just because there is only one official successor doesn't mean that there are others that the imperial archivists have lost track of.

24-04-2006, 15:03
Also, a couple of years back a fan decided to track down all of the *chapters* that he could find. In total the number of names in actual active use including official GW Canon and all DIY chapters was in excess of 2000. This is simply names and doesn't include duplicates of say, Ultramarines or Space Wolves - so its obvious that the GW standard of 1000 chapters of 1000 Marines is more than a bit off.:D

24-04-2006, 15:10
That is just a little off, did he list them? Doing that would have ended up a pretty boring task!!!

24-04-2006, 15:57
Yes, actually he had a site devoted to it, which sadly I've lost track of.:(

24-04-2006, 18:39
well you could have them as part of the cursed founding?

25-04-2006, 00:00
There is at least one wolf successor: Wolf Bothers. But successor chapter can be built secertly, or forgotten like Blood Ravens. You can really say anything you feel suit your chapter (well, within the 40k universe).