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07-02-2012, 18:57
So my friend who is my regular GM plays Descent and other board games at a local LAN and ran me up to see if I wanted to play some Quest down there with him, another friend who we introduced to the game last year, the owner of the LAN and a regular I've played Descent with there before. Obviously I said "YES!", quickly painted up a dwarf brewmaster, remembered I'd threatened to make a Quest thread last week, threw my camera in my bag and rocked up on Sunday morning. Excuse the poor quality of photos and minis, as I was taking pics on the fly (5 hour time limit + 2 complete n00bs = not a lot of time for photos) and my friend is one of those people who has played for almost 20 years, and picked up a paint brush about twice in that entire time...

My Brewmaster - still needs a little touching up and final highlight, but I'm quite pleased with how he came out

The rest of the guys - the GM friend played the warrior priest as leader rather than GMing, as he misses joining in

The quest was return the staff, and we used random dungeon cards, lvl 1 monster table and limited Unexpected events to max. of 1 at a time, unless the ogre and priest rolled double 1 or 2, where max. was 2.

1st room! And possibly the only photo that looks in focus...

Ambushed on the second turn! A mob of hobgoblins and beastmen jump out at us, taking the priest down to a single wound and, in his players own words, "sh*$%^ me up". Into the next corridor, we managed to hit a spike trap, finishing off the priest, forcing us to use up the elf's potion to get him up. Thank god for long ogre arms or even that wouldn't have worked!

Our next major fight came after clearing out the guard post (found a special ingredient in a barrel! Woohoo!). A shaman and his minions gave us our n00bs their first taste of proper magic. Notice the knight lying on the floor? That's because the ogre, being 'helpful', flung him down the corridor to take out the shaman, slamming the knight into the wall and causing him to lie dazed on the floor for a turn while the shaman gave him a good beating with a sword of destruction. Thankfully the ogre made up for this by forgetting to pick up the gold dropped by almost every monster he killed in the rest of the dungeon worth more than 90gc, making the rest of us relatively wealthy

Another shaman appeared before we got out of the gaurd post, and this is when we started to realise things weren't going to go our way: it took us EIGHT(8) turns to finish him off, due to the brewmasters weak strength, the ogre rolling really badly to hit and damage, and the knight managing to miss with EVERY. SINGLE. ATTACK.

Out of the frying pan, into the fryer. We were lucky the priest managed a couple of double 6's here to keep us alive. It was for the corpses of these minotaurs that my brewmaster managed to sniff out 6 bottles of 'fine elven wine' ("Tastes more like mule's **** to me") which was very fortuitous...

I foolishly run on ahead after the minotaurs are taken down, only for the rest of the party to get mobbed by snotlings. I ran back just in time to revive the knight with the 1st bottle of wine...

Second most scary moment of the game: there are no monsters in the corridor with us as we were trapped by the flames of Khazala. This photo was taken the turn after I had used the 2nd bottle of wine to revive the elf (taken out due to burning BOTH hands in the flames after both the priest and ogre had failed to free us). It was my turn to roll, and as the knight was going next (around 80-90% of his rolls so far had been 1s and 2s - hence why he was christened Sir ****), we were pretty nervous. Luckily, dwarven know-how came through and we were free!

Unfortunately, the next room contained more beastmen, which took us a while to kill due to the knight's incompetence and the fact the brewmaster had to waste 2 turns (and the 3rd and 4th bottles of mule's ****) keeping the ogre and elf on their feet.

Finally, we reveal the objective room... then immediately roll another unexpected event! Guess how we got the ogre back up after the priest failed his blessing and amulet rolls? That's right - bottle number 5.

On to the final room.............................................. ..............

07-02-2012, 18:59
During a brutal, BRUTAL battle against 4 groups of monsters (2 for objective room, 1 additional for mission and another unexpected event), during which the brewmaster had to choke down the 6th and final bottle of wine to get himself up, disaster strikes - ogre and brewmaster go down in the same turn! Eye widen, skin goes pale as the priest rolls for blessing - fail! Trembling fingers roll the dice for the Jade Amulet - a 6... a 5... and a 1. Dead, dead, deadity dead. Bugger, is the general feeling around the table, as the horde of skaven and snotlings the brewmaster had been holding back in the doorway surge through...

After a desperate fight back, in which we sadly lost the priest as he tried to cover the elf's back, just 5 skaven and a single snotling are left against an elf on a single wound and Sir ****... Not looking good then.

As expected, the elf goes down to the chittering fiends, but not before he takes a ratman and the snotling down. We all turn to look at our knight player, who shrugs and says "May as well go out in a blaze of glory." Sir **** charges down the steps, commending his soul to the Lady at the top of his voice...

...and decapitates all three skaven in a single, awe inspiring deathblow!

We decided our characters were only badly injured, and were rescued by Sir **** after placing the staff in the idols outstretched claw (otherwise would have been a pretty bad start to the campaign...). On the journey to town, we managed to roll 'Double Back' 4 times (twice by ogre player, once each from n00bs), taking us 12 weeks to eventually reach a village, where the ogre is promptly thrown out by the guards, being fleeced of all his cash on the way (he was NOT happy). The next day the priest was pelted with eggs and driven out of town for witchcraft and the knight was bedridden for 2 days. Just before my brewmaster made it to the fletchers to replenish his stock of ammo, some bumpkin farmer turned up claimed he'd got the man's pig of a daughter pregnant (despite only being in town for 3 days...) so he too was forced to flee the village that night...

A fun game, if a little rushed, that really points out how badly reliable healing is needed in this game. I struggle to see how any party can survive without a healing hands wizard to back them up! The owner said he enjoyed it, but didn't quite feel the connection to his character as we rushed through too fast for him to really learn what was going on in combat, which was pretty unfair of us, so gonna get him a copy of the rulebook to have a flick through and take it a bit slower (if we have the time) next time.

07-02-2012, 20:46
Looks like a fun game - though an Ogre getting downed by Snotlings? He should be embarrased!

Shas'El Tael
08-02-2012, 12:08
That was hilarious.. I think we should all switch on Benny Hill music and reread the adventuresome tale. This is why I enjoy Quest, complete anarchy, chaos and survival gameplay.

The brewmaster is well painted, I like the sharp contrasts and strong colour placement. Where on earth is the figure from?

08-02-2012, 16:57
Thanks for the compliment! I've been trying to improve my painting since the washes first came out (before that most of my stuff was just primer + details picked out). The model is a Dwarf Drunkard from Scibor (http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?art=618#i/krasnale__28mm_zywica/big/beczka01.jpg). I've wanted a Scibor model for ages, but never had a good reason to get one until I happened across this guy on Maelstrom (http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=scb_f28_dwf_adv_101_000)last month.

It was a funny game, although having to give away 600gc worth of gear to keep everyone else alive was a little grating ;). I'm hopeful for a follow up session in 2 weeks, maybe with time to prep the n00bs a little better. I'm trying to resist the urge to get the grail knight champion the bretonnian knight in Shas'el Tael's plog (if it's not a conversion) the grail knight champion (turns out Shas'el's knight is an amazing conversion) to paint up as Sir ****, but the temptation is very strong...

12-02-2012, 00:59
Sounds like a fun game! I really like the way that **** ended up saving the team! Deeming your characters "hurt" instead of dead is totally in the spirit of WHQ. These, "against all odds" showdowns and player narratives are what make this game so sweet!

The early levels in quest were the hardest for our group. The wizard and the healing hands spell really is a life saver and we do feel like the game was balanced with that spell in the equation. Some people even consider the spell "broken" because it's so good!

Get someone to play a wizard if anyone is interested. He is far from a heal bot, he unleashes the kind of fury only a dude with a beard and pointy hat can! From tearing gaping holes in the floor, to the classic fireball, he is pure win! He is the #1 gold earner too!

When the wizard visits town he can get a staff that allows one re-roll of a 1 in the power phase per adventure. This has saved us some serious pain pretty much every adventure!

Wizard. Don't leave town without one!

Can't wait to read about your next game!

15-02-2012, 16:50
Wizard. Don't leave town without one!

We always leave home without one, but we never go out without a Warrior Priest in residence. He's got that ring that lets him roll three dice at the end of every turn. Each die that comes up as a double or triple gets allocated to anyone in an adjacent hex as healed wounds, making him more of a healbot (though not as reliable as one would like).

And the Dwarf always has stonebread. Always! And some bugman's to wash it down.

05-03-2012, 20:57
So! I finally got to play that 2nd session with my Brewmaster (I still haven't given him a name I realised, any ideas?). The other guys had played a short dungeon after I left last time, and when I say short, I mean they hit 2 T-Junctions in the first 4 cards and picked the right way each time, so they weren't that far in front. Sir **** didn't join us, but I was introduced to two other new players, one with a Black Orc (personally I think the Black Orc rules are just a far more powerful Barbarian with no drawbacks, to the point where there is no point ever playing the barabarian, but that's me) and a wizard. Thank GOD, I thought, a decent healer! As soon as I sit down however, wizard man asks "What other characters are there?" and promptly dumps the wizard for a Chaos Warrior. DOH!

ASIDE: Wizard/Chaos Warrior guy has this bizarre ability to roll 13 on three dice. I have watched him freaking ppl out with this trick, and I can tell you, from my own 1st hand experience, he does it 40% of the time. They are random dice as well, just picked up off the table, brought in by the GM. So it should come as no surprise that, when rolling up the Chaos Warrior, he rolled 13 wounds...

We settled down to play, got 2 rooms in, and then I remembered I'd forgotten the camera! Bugger! I'll try and retell the tale as best I can (photos REALLY help to jog the memory, maybe I'll do some set ups with my own home-made stuff later on...):

Mission rolled was Fountain of Lost Souls (clean out fountain obj room, then take toughness test of 6+ to collect soul or die). Priest not pleased with mission at all (base T2), I'm loving it as Brewmaster is T5 at BL2. 1st chamber is collapsed corridor. We all exchange worried looks, as thin corridor + ogre = DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! True to form, after revealing the next room to be a passageway, ogre triggers event, and promptly falls down a pit trap, immediately followed by locked door. Deciding as a group a 2 room dungeon followed by 4+ rolls on the Hazards table is a pretty bad game, we agree the lock is weak and can be broken by a good headbutt from the orc. Strolling into the next corridor, we leave the ogre to jump out of the pit (long limbs come in handy)... which of course he fails.

What preceded this failure was the most static game of Warhammer Quest I have ever played - after 45 minutes, I realised I had not actually moved my brewmaster since those 1st 4 squares into the 2nd corridor. It would be another 30 minutes of shouting, arguing and dice-slinging before he finally made it to the end of the passageway... Due to having 6 players, from memory I believe we were assaulted by:
21 Black Orcs
18 Bats
10 Skeletons
7 Plague Bearers
4 Minotaurs
During the course of this epic battle, the ogre was stuck down the pit for at least 4 turns due to either failing his escape rolls or the pit being completely surrounded, the priest went down 3-4 times, using up nearly all our bandages (could not pass a single pinning roll, then the turn after failing would get mobbed) and the ogre, warrior priest and ogre were all reduced to 0 wounds by the plaguebearers - permanent -1T all round! Yay! It got to a point where we had to charge into the dungeon room after the passageway, triggering another event (18 rats, I believe...), just to force ourselves to get moving. The Priest then ran up into a corner to try to save himself, although had to run back when I pointed out he had just left the orc behind in the darkness back at the 1st corridor
"His own fault for running off without telling us!"
"You're the leader! It's your job to keep and eye on where we are and keep us together! GET BACK IN HERE!" (We're such an amazing team...)

Worst of all, in a single turn, Priest, Warrior and Ogre went down, all in a line, with monsters blocking the corridor between them and the Elf and Brewmaster. We did the maths (Elf blocked in by Orc and Brewmaster, Brewmaster with a single healing potion and needing a 5+ to break from pinning - Elf killed orc, Brewmaster broke from pinning to rez Warrior, Warrior had NOTHING), shouted at each other for a bit, and rummaged through the books for the escape rules, planning to leave the Priest and Ogre to their inevitable deaths, when the ogre player pipes up:
"I have a healing salve, so I could just rez myself and the Priest, as he's next to me." (Our rule is you can always use healing-effect potion-likes when you are down, but nothing else)
"Why the $%^&* did you not tell us that before?!?!"
"I wanted to see how much you'd panic."

Finally clearing the room (and getting some OK treasure - quite pleased with my potion of +D6 strength to go with the blade of leaping copper from last dungeon), we stepped into a T-junction, only to be confronted with a hooded stranger. The Chaos Warrior, being the helpful chap he is, ran forward to help the old chap when the hood falls back to reveal a face covered in pustulent buboes. Long story sort, Elf, Chaos Warrior, and Ogre all manage to contract Nurgle's Rot, giving us 2 characters now with a base Toughness of 1 (remember that mission objective?). Luckily the ogre gulped down a load of healing potions to keep himself at T4, so on we moved down the right hand junction...

Where we were promptly assaulted by 6 Chaos Hounds! I've never faced these guys before, and I'm very thankful the GM only had 6 models on him or we would have been a lot worse off. St4, T4, W8 and A2 with gang up is NASTY, especially if they ambush which, of course, they did... Being the desperate, battered adventurers that we were, we had somehow managed to fill the middle of the corridor with Elf and (T1) Priest at the front, Black Orc and Warrior in the middle (blocked in with no hounds to attack), and Brewmaster and Ogre at the rear. Swigging a tot of Bugmans and swinging his Blade of Leaping Copper, the Brewmaster made short work of the hounds next to him with the help of the ogre, and we were able to eventually able to keep the Priest upright with supplies from the Orc for long enough for him to heal himself beyond the hounds ability to hurt him.

Busting into the objective room, we finally remembered a thing called 'tactics', and made a solid wall of flesh around the priest, who had backed into a corner. 18 Snotlings, 4 minotaurs and another 6 warhounds assaulted us, but thanks to the restrictions of the chamber, we were able to filter them round the side of the fountain. My Brewmaster, smirking, knocked back his potion of stength, glugged down another tankard of Bugmans, pulled out his ogreslayer and got boosted with an additonal 2 attack by the priest (giving him 3 St10 attacks!). "Watch this lads!" Finishing off the minotaur in front of him, I eye up the 3 warhounds in a nice line for deathblowing - so much money - and then miss with all my attacks. What a waste! Seeing this, the ogre laughs and procedes to slaughter 2 hounds and a minotaur. However, a single snotling steps into the space vacated by the minotaur and gives the ogre such a massive whack on the toe - TIMMMMMBEEEEEEEEEER! For the record, that is 2 dungeons in a row that the ogre is taken out by snotlings...

We cleared the room with no further problems, then got to the soul stone stealing. Priest and Warrior are really worried, so I smugly say "I'll go first, I'm T5!" As the dice bounces across the table, someone says "Remember 1's always fail." So naturally, what do you think I rolled? Thank goodness for pedlars and their lucky charms! 3 others failed their tests, but they all had either luck points, charms of Marks of Chaos to get them through - T1 priest passed first time! Getting back to town, we levelled up, grabbed some armour and ammo, and went on a massive **** up! We managed to get the highest result on the binge table, grabbing ourselves some cash, booze, bonus wound and immunity to fear and terror for a dungeon. Nice. I also managed to get hold of the everlasting tankard, so now I never have to buy Bugmans again! Glory be, oh happy day!

Just in case, thought I'd point out we don't really hate each other, it's just we do tend to like screaming and shouting to ramp up the tension ;-)

05-03-2012, 22:47
Just in case, thought I'd point out we don't really hate each other, it's just we do tend to like screaming and shouting to ramp up the tension ;-)

Sounds quite a bit like our WFRP sessions! Was a good read do keep posting :)

Shas'El Tael
05-03-2012, 23:31
Enjoyed that, insane events.. I hear you on the camera at a session, tends to break up game flow. I'm thinking handy snaps, then "studio conditions" lighting later ; since I own all the pieces bar a couple. May have to ask politely to retain some player models ;)

11-06-2012, 01:07
Finally got another WHQ game in! Yay! Last few times we've played have been at a local LAN cafe. One of the guys who ran it has quit, but invited us to go round to his to play as he missed playing. Woohoo!

So the scenario was one I don't think I've played before - had to get to a magic fountain to get a glimpse into the future, then escape through a secret passageway. Apparently, the dude has spent some of the time since I last saw him painting, as had the 'GM' which is particularly amazing - I don't think he's fully painted a model in at least the last 8 years I've known him! Unfortunately, my Brewmaster sheet disappeared, so I had to grab my original one (before I transposed it onto my preferred sheet format) and regig it as best I could to lvl 3.

GM's is the warrior priest, Brewmaster is mine (of course) and the other 2 were painted by our host (as he didn't like the 40mm base on the ogre the GM supplied).

First room we appear in is the monster lair, where we are promptly set upon by 6 ghost! After a whistle-stop refresher in the rules (which involved a surprising amount of reading the roleplay book...), we were off!

...and predictably trudge through a corridor and a T-junction (cue cries of "Yay. A t-junction..." - we don't like them very much). Of course, to add to the mood, the ogre player manages to match the power dice so we get into our first proper fight - Stormvermin and a champion with a cutting blade. "What does that do again?" rustle rustle "Oh crap, +3 damage, nasty!"


Ogre rocks up and plays some splat the rat. This is just the beginning of the ogre complaining that his Armour of Dargan got vomited on last dungeon and all the treasure is rubbish compared to it. This goes on every 30 minutes or so for the whole dungeon. Did I mention he also has furs and a warhelm, as well as an ogreslayer - he's S6 and T8, but complaining he's not T12! Mind you, I complain about him stealing all my kills (as he goes right after my brewmaster) so it all balances out. Pretty easy combat, this, so we're feeling good about ourselves. Another boring corridor, turn a corner and what a surprise, another corridor. But what's this? A vicious horde of brutal Chaos Dwarves leaps from hiding to ambush us!


I fluff all my rolls, but thanks to the good old beer gut I absorb all the hits coming at me, while the elf and priest lay about them to clear a safe zone around the doorway. Ogre of course shouts "I'll smash the blunderbusses! They won't be blasting us! Mwhahahaha!" and pegs it past the corridor (nice that he can ignore smaller guys for pinning)...


See this picture? This is how he stayed for three turns. Could not hit a thing. I run back. "See how a true warrior does it, my friend." And of course, I miss with everything while the ogre suddenly finds his form and flattens the dwarves, outpacing me to race up to the next room with the appropriate "Hurr, hurrr, hurr". Bastrd. He rushes ahead into the next room, saying "Come at me, bro, let's see what you got". The rest of us hold back (me because I'm a slow dwarf, the other 2 to be defensive). We make some rolls, get an unexpected event, and minus 3-4 black orcs, this is what we faced:


Good luck with that, chap. Ogre manages to hold his own, luckily, while the rest of us spend a turn or two pummelling the other troll into submission. Brewmaster is a cool tank, especially when loaded up with booze. At last, the room is clear and we open the next door to find... the Fountain! W00t, nice simple dungeon. Or so we thought...

In we step, priest in the corner, me in front, with the elf against the back wall and ogre a little forward to absorb some pressure. Then we roll on the objective room table: a 1. Great. So that'll be:
1 Necromancer
7 Skellies with bows
2 Skellies with spears
2 Wights
6 Ghosts
1 Troll (go away nasty vomit beast!)
3 minotaurs
3 ogres (not a familiy reunion, unfortunately)
3 Rat Ogres

A time freeze ring, some XXXXXX, Volcanus Brew, Ring of Fireballing (can't remember proper name) and a horn we picked up earlier that makes enemies only hit us on 6's for a turn, and this is how far we've got:

Not too bad considering. Then, disaster. In quick sucession, the necro casts Deathchill (priest is now -2T until end of combat) and summons 2 mummies, who are to plague us relentlessly, and of course our ogre does what he normally does when the going gets really tough: he has a little nap. "At least it's not snotlings this time."

Thanks to some lucky rolling from the priest (Jade Amulet is crap!), the ogre spends the next hours or so yo-yoing up and down as we don't want him to risk being within Tomb Rot range of the mummy standing next to him, so he has to go down every turn or else he's a dead man. At one point, he ends a turn on 1 wound and we have a mini panic until he realises he didn't use his kick ability - "If I can boot that mummy over there, I'll be out of Rot-range!" Roll to hit: miss. "Luck point!": miss. Paniced looks around the table. "Wait, I have a lucky charm!" "You can't re-roll a re-roll..." "In this house he can! Do it!"... BOOT! With toilet roll/bandages trailing behind it, the mummy sails over my head, letting me take an additional D3 Tomb Rot instead. Great.

Meanwhile, thanks to Boots of Flight and Auto-breaking from pinning, the elf and priest are closing in on that Necro...

...who naturally spends the next 3 turns summoning more skeletons and ghouls to slow them down. By now, it's me and the ogre at the other end of the room desperately holding off 2 mummies, 6 wights (yay unexpected events) and the remaining ghosts, and it's getting a little more desperate every second. At the end of the last dungeon, I managed to get the magic tankard in the dwarf brewhouse (which I used on my Special Reserve healing brew, netting my 6 whole draughts for this dungeon!) and made a magnificent brew that the local brewmaster enjoyed so much he gave me 3 draughts of Bugmans Premier, the most awesome brew in the old world. Let's just say, by the end of this combat, I had used 5 of those Special Reserves (rolling a 6 twice to net me maxed out wound restoration) and necked 2 of my rare premier ales (which also restore all wounds). It was turning into a real slobberknocker, and the ogre player insisted I take this next picture:

"I'm not the only one who goes down!"

11-06-2012, 01:33
Lucky for us, the elf had a stash of potions and was able to get up and revive the priest (we let you feed each other potions, otherwise we'd be stuffed), who was able to get me up so I could drink that second Premier Ale. We just about manage to clear enough space for the ogre to get through to the other side of the room, leaving me to fend off the mummies (they are both still alive as I've been culling ghouls while the ogre finished off the wights):

"I'm coming to get you, Barbara!"

The priest goes down a second time just after the ogre joins the fight, and the elf is forced to use his last potion to revive him. It's getting pretty hairy but suddenly the priest pull of the most epic of turns. Rolling for the Jade Amulet to heal himself and the elf (2 wounds each), he manages to roll 1, 6 and... a 1. We think that's both of them down, but wait - "Luck reroll!" He takes one of those ones and rolls himself a 6! We're back in the game! With a smirk, he picks up his attack dice - "Let's finish this Necro, shall we?" and manages to get himself two critical hits (he has a weapon that gives him double damage on a 5+, as well as a Gauntlet of Drazhmar) and then proceeds to roll massively for those! That's 24 wounds of the (fully regened) Necro, leaving him on a single wound! Some happy shouts are quickly followed by a rather operatic cry of "Kill-steeeeeeal!" as the elf steps foward to finish off the Necro and deathblow another 4 skellies into the bargain. After this, the priest and ogre are able to race back and help me finish the mummies (having managed a not unimpressive 18 wounds in a single turn myself on one of them). With the room clear, we need to see if we can get a glimpse of this vision in the fountain. With a casual flick of the die, our priest rolls the 4+ needed straight off, and we're on to the escape.

Finding the secret door, we make a break into the corridor on the other side, but oh no! More of those blasted Chaos Dwarves leap out to confound us, with the full 8 blunderbusses! Luckily, we're on a roll, and the ogre stayed back, pushing the ranged mob back into the objective room (no space to deploy in the corridor and still be able to use their guns). A flurry of blows and a couple of shots from the elf's bow and my crossbow, and we've wittled them down.


"Come on! Follow the lantern!" The priest wastes no time and pushes on into the next corridor. The ogre can't be left behind, so he catches us up, while the last 2 blunderbuss-wielding dwarves chase us into the corridor. Firing an arrow through one of their eye sockets, the elf leave one last guy who can't actually hurt us and so we decide to leave him and finish these last few rooms quickly as we are low on health. What follows had us all singing the Benny Hill theme:

One Chaos Dwarf furiously trying to catch us up as we peg it around this U-shaped corridor. It's at this point that we realise we've made an excellent choice allowing him to live (although a little cheaty), as our house rule of only 1 unexpected event at a time means that, as the last one hasn't ended yet, all those 1's on the power dice can safely be ignored (we had just spend about 180 minutes trying to clear out an objective room, we were a little tired by now). The last room turned out to be a T-junction (happily, no deck to split) so the ogre decides to lay in wait for the last dwarf - "Hurr, hurr, hurr". Round the bend zooms the wee little chap... just in time to get an arrow to the knee from our eagle eyed elf, just before she hops out into the T-Junction. "Kill-steeeeeeeeeeeal!"

I have to say, the game started a little slowly (tired due to staying at parents house and being woken early by 5 month old niece also staying there with her mum for the weekend, as well as having to refresh on the rules) but that objective room certainly woke us up, and our little chase at the end put a smile on everyone's face. Top top it off, the ogre and elf discovered they had each earned about 5.5k in the dungeon and so had enough to get them to BL4. Shame we ended up in a plague town, where the elf spent 2 days in bed ill and my brewmaster managed to contract some symptoms of the plague and is now -1S for the next dungeon. Everyone else was fine, of course. Gits...

11-06-2012, 02:31
Thanks for posting your games! Looks really fun!

11-06-2012, 09:04
Brilliant. Just about managing to get out of the dungeon. Great stuff.