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09-02-2012, 21:43
So ...

I have my rule book - Awesome, I am happy and reading through it in between the myriad of busy life. The BRB I got from eBay is practically in new condition so - well worth shopping around away from the local GW store. Have to say I think the content is pretty awesome for someone alien from Warhammer let alone general GW'ness. I think I have settled on an army - not quite 100% but very close to making a decision!

Anyway I'm trying to work out the best way to tackle starting up. Depending on the staff member I get, I either get thrown a battalion in my hand plus an army book plus a hero, or I end up painting (well it is fun :) ). So I come to you - fellow Warseerian's who have been a treasure in my journey so far.

I guess i have several starting options but would love your input.

1) Buy a battalion and then buy the glue and some of the common paints out there and brushes, as well as primer - possibly not stopping and getting army book. (Big outlay to start with)

2) Buy a small unit of troops and again some common paints and brushes to start up (less initial spend but doesn't save me money in the long term?)

3) Other options ?

I'm more comfortable slowly(i.e over some months) to build my army and slowly spend as and when - but also don't want to lose touch with the GW store - I'm conscious of trying to keep up appearances to my GW store so that when I'm actually ready to go to a game night, I am least familiar with the staff? Again I don't know anyone into the hobby and I'm slightly older - 30. I don't really want to pay their prices to be honest either but I will on some of the smaller items as and when I need too, knowing as well it does help support the store. In the end it isn't because I don't have the money - I just rather spend chunks of money on other things and do this in a small bite sized chunks?

4) Even with a battalion, is that enough to join a game night? I'm given the impression not so but the staff will give me a game if no one else will ? I've been warned off the beginner sessions on the weekend now because of my age but I didn't think it would be that bad - and would probably allow me to bring in a tiny army - even if some of the games are not taken seriously ?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated :)

09-02-2012, 23:27
Deciding on getting a battleforce or not really depends on the army. Some offer good savings while others include units which are really specific to certain builds and may not help out at all. I'd buy the book first at the very least and hit up the tactics forum with your lists if you want advice. Then buy either the battalion if it contains what you want, or buy units you want.

As for playing. Look on the web for any local clubs that you could attend. Also, it might be a good idea to lure someone else into the hobby just to have someone to play with. The starter set (island of blood) is great for this if you both like the armies. Looking up battle reports and video reports on youtube may also help with learning the rules. Most fantasy players seem to play with 2000 points or more, so it probably wouldn't be much help if you just showed up with a smaller army. Most people are willing to downsize their armies though if you give them ample time to prepare. So it might be a good idea to talk to some players and just make an appointment to play a game later on.

Hope that helps :)

09-02-2012, 23:35
Cool to see you´ve started and are enjoying your early steps into the hobby. If everything turns out the way you plan you´ll have a hobby you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

Anyway, for your questions:

If I were you, and you mentioned you wanted to start slowly, I'd start by buying some Core infantry unit, some glue, a brush and some paints. It doesn't matter which army you'll play, none of the battalions out there will give you enough troops for even the smallest of armies. Battalions are great value for collecting your army, but unfortunately aren't armies by itself. That said, you might as well just start off by buying one set, focus on painting and assembling that and then moving on to the next set. It's every gamer's curse that we always buy more than we paint, so let me warn you about that little pitfall in advance! Once you've done a decent amount of work on your first unit you can then buy the next one.
I suggest the core infantry because that is something you will undoubtably find a use for no matter how your eventual army looks.
As long as you're not too bothered with not owning the armybook you might hold off on that. I love armybooks, personally, but the rulebook is a great read and should keep you busy enough for a while yet!
As for the GW Game Night, I can't help you there. There's no official GW store near me so no idea what those are like.

As a small suggestion: maybe it's an idea to just buy paints and the occasional boxed set from the GW store to show you're supporting them and ordering the more expensive stuff online and thus save money?

Lastly, and feel free to ignore this as it's a shameless plug, I've just wrote a bit on my blog about choosing a new army for Warhammer Fantasy. Click the below if you're interested!

10-02-2012, 01:35
read through the BRB and see what army fits with what you want to do. Some armies are more flexible than others and some are fluffy and good role play armies. For instance you wont find any Cavalry in the Dwarf army and Bretonnians do cavalry better than anyone. for a starter army i recomend either Empire or Orcs and Goblins as both are really beginner friendly and are very forgiving in play style.

And playing at your local GW is great as you get a wealth of information and play experiance

10-02-2012, 01:44
Before getting any models, i would recommend getting the relevant army book first. Make some lists at various point sizes (like initial, 1000, 1500 and 2k) and ask around (like here) what people think of them. Then when you're satisfied with how it looks on paper, start to think about collecting the actual models. On a side note, think about what colour scheme/s you'll want, so you have an idea what paints you'll need to get.

I would suggest looking online to get the best prices for the models you'll need. The particular staff at your local gw may be friendly, but the actual bodycorporate of gw is not. But its your money, just giving my 2 cents. :)

10-02-2012, 05:07
I would go buy the book of the army you want. a box maby 2 of a core unit. Ask other player in the schop and the staff whits core unit is the most forgiving to play with. get the basic paints ant primar ( and get devlan mud I empty a bottle every month on painting )

10-02-2012, 05:37
Option 3a) Internet. Use it to your advantage. You can often find stuff much cheaper online. EBay is your friend. Every now and then, search for warhammer "race" army in ebay and sometimes you find good results. Other places give discounts for online sales; sometimes you can still save even if it is overseas (e.g. Wayland Games). That is, unless you live in the U.K.; Then it isn't really overseas.

I'd say get a battalion box. It's better for the price. Usually you can get them about $20 off too buy buying online. If you get High Elves or Skaven they come in a starter set called Island of Blood. You can get the whole thing for about 80 or each army for about 35. That is a really good deal. Shop smart and you can save a lot of army.

Also, like quietus1986 says, figure out which army you like and get the army book. See if you can look at a few store/player copies. armycreator.com has 12 of the 15 armies up and you can build lists for free there. It is pretty cool. Test it out before you commit. Nothing worse than having partial units of armies you don't play that you regret buying.

Have fun! Besides, half the active players at our store are over 30. Just don't ask how many active players we have ;)

10-02-2012, 05:42
The age is no problem you have to have money to play this game. So allot of starters are over 20years old. But GW always looks like there are allot of kids because allot of the older one's play in clubs.
Haven's played in my local gw for a long time.

10-02-2012, 07:31
What army are you leaning towards? That might help in picking from battalion or basic box of troops. And where in uk are you? If your starting small, your could probably find local people from this very message board to have beginner games with you of 500 points or so. Regardless of the army you buy, you'll need a general, so even pick up a character and some paints to practice on (one model versus a whole box or battalion). Some battalions are better than others, and there are some armies where you only use the core troops 'because you have to'. As for beginners days, I can see thier point about suggesting you don't attend. One 30 year old male standing in a sea of 'children' can look a little.....disturbing (for the parents). As an adult, dropping by the stores on a week day should be fine, given at your army won't be large and you may find the staff themselves would have time to tutor you in a game.

10-02-2012, 07:53
Thanks for your responses. I'm heading towards Lizardmen now Lantern and i'm in the South West - between Exeter & Taunton.

10-02-2012, 08:47
I'm heading towards Lizardmen

Hi Foxtrick - it's always good to see more people getting interested in the hobby! It's great that you're taking your time to consider and plan, too.
Now, you're wondering why I quoted that particular part of your post. Here's why: I'm selling my Lizardmen stuff. I've got what used to be in the old battalion set (which is a helping of Saurus warriors, skinks, and saurus cavalry), maybe some extra saurus, plus a Skink Priest and a Saurus Oldblood. There's also an old-metal Stegadon but to be honest, i wouldn't really charge for that, hah! I'd be selling it all pretty cheap, trying to get rid of it pretty quickly (moving house in a few weeks, and it saves me packing extra stuff). It's a small army but it would give you a good start.

If you are interested, give me a wee PM and we can discuss it. If not, no problem! I figured I'd offer it all to someone here before sticking it on eBay.

Whatever you decide to do with your hobby, good luck!

10-02-2012, 09:02
pity, I'm about the same age as you but im South East UK, I'm lucky I have a group of friends that all play but i have played in the local GW a few times, quite often the store runs fun events for small armies for example I went to 1 where every1 took 1 hero and 1 unit, good races on 1 side evil races on the other and neutral races were used to roughly even out the pts on each side, was good fun and that since you only use a small amount easier to pick up and play.

Also if your concerned about the beginner games being too young, go along to the older (or as my gw calls it veterans) nights and watch a few games, you'll be surprised how much you can learn that way and people are normallly happy to answer questions.

10-02-2012, 09:38
imho... paints/brushes and a single box of core unit are the way forwards; getting hold of some undercoating spray paint is also a godsend.

All together you're looking at ~ £60-75 if you buy from GW direct which is a huge outlay from the start but it means that when you do purchase the batalion or expand your army via ebay you'll have all the tools to paint it :)

Just make sure you get a selection of washes the starter set doesn't come with any and they are ideal for a painter just starting out.

11-02-2012, 07:58
I'd suggest getting an army book and that's it.

Before buying anything I'd suggest coming up with an army. I do not however recommend posting it online.

As you're in the UK. Wayland games gives pretty decent discounts on boxes.

Once you have an army you're aiming for you can order at your leisure.

Another shop I recommend is Letthedicedecide.Com you can buy bits there. Because gw boxes often come with multiple weapon options but only one set of bodies. For some armies you can get another set of bodies for 1/4 of the price of a box. Very useful if you want similar units with different weapon options.

11-02-2012, 09:11
Besides glue and paint you'll probably want to pick up a hobby knife and maybe a set of clippers.

The knife is pretty much indispensable; model parts come with mould lines on them that should be scraped off to improve their final appearance. Sometimes beginners overlook this, but sooner or later you'll come around (and there's nothing worse than regretting the paint job you slaved over on a model because you forget/neglected to remove the mould lines).

Clippers are less essential (I was probably into the hobby for six or seven years before I finally bought a pair, but now I would never go back). They really help when it comes to removing fragile and delicate parts from the sprue without damaging them.

11-02-2012, 09:50
Buy the army book. Without it, it's harder to choose what you want.

The starter hobby set will get you a decent selection of paints, a clipper and the rest. Yes, you can get the bits separately cheaper, but a) its convenient, and b) it gets you going without too much "And then you need this AND this AND this ...(which you will, but one thing at a time...) Look at the colours in the starter sets and treat any figures as freebies - If you like the lord of the rings colours better than the fantasy colours, buy that box and start a bits box with the "free" goblins.

The army box seems like a reasonable deal - I haven't played lizardmen for a while - son sold his army a while back - but I can't think of anything there I wouldn't use. Add a general and you certainly have enough for starter games. Here I disagree with some of the commenters above. Go into GW with a small army. Play some small games - I played 1000 pts yesterday against a 20something - I'm 50 - ages in the store ranged from me to 12. Granted, two other fantasy players were playing 3000 points each , but you dont have to. If you're learning, smaller is easier and faster. As you learn, you can grow your army.

I'd ramble on a bit more but it's time for dad's taxi. Enjoy!

11-02-2012, 21:54
Thanks for the advice guys, some good suggestions.

My plan is to buy a unit of Skinks or Saurus - depending on what is around on eBay at a good price. I was really suprised to see a Lizardmen Battalion set go for £28 - it had been opened and two models had been assembled but that was all.. And a Army Book in good condition for £6.60 :)

Anyway, I'm in no rush (not out of choice mind), I barely get time to read the BRB at the moment. Once I get something though I'll start a plog and see if I can seek in some help.

At the moment I'm more interested in painting than anything(and assembling of course), I've seen some real good inspiration for fillers just to make an army or a core unit look special or unique.

Though one question eludes me - is a filler considered a scorable unit like anything else or is it ignored and considered an empty space

Thanks again.

11-02-2012, 22:04
Unit fillers count as the number of models they replace. So make sure the filler takes up a whole number of bases.

I think getting a unit of saurus or skinks would be a great way to start. Before you build them it might be a good idea to check which equipments options are best for them.

11-02-2012, 22:59
Fillers are ok so long as you done overdo it. Having a 20 man unit with only 5 actual figures would be a stretch, so be careful to strike the right balance.
Ive been gaming for years, but I started lizardmen fairly recently. Obviously, I know a little more of the game than you at this point, but I found 2 battalions and a saurus old blood or slann mage priest got me a sizable force (in fact, I havent even finished painting one of the units yet). That would tally in at over 1000 points, a great start after which you can start buying the 'fun stuff' (although slann mage priests are pretty fun already). In terms of painting, is start with your skinks, smaller, cheaper, easier to replace. Its a good idea to follow the painting guides for learning, then as you increase in skill and confidence, you can mess around with what youve learned.

12-02-2012, 15:25
This may seem like a shameless plug, but if you go to the army list section and look at my Lizardmen lists (alternatively, search for all posts made by me and look at it from there) I tend to make fun, friendly lists that aren't the typical WAAC that you mostly get there (apologies if that offends anyone, but it's how I feel most people come across when saying stuff like "you need 3 of unit x, and you're wasting your time taking unit y." etc)

For example, I love Skink Cohorts. Everyone pretty much says they suck unless you put Krox in them, but I like running the little buggars about with Chieftains in them as they pack a surprising punch and can dish out some decent shooting despite being ranked up. They tend to do better than my big block of Saurus...

You can also see my plog to see how my army shaped up (they're still not based, but that's because I can't decide how to base them.)

THE \/ince