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10-02-2012, 15:05
I love the Blood slaughterer model and am thinking of getting some. I have some questions though, first one is what slot do they take up in a csm army? Are they single models or in squadrons (in the codex).

Also what are peoples experiences with the unit? And finally is there any other khorne units in the IA books that can be added to a csm force?

10-02-2012, 15:46
Blood slaughterers are a heavy support in a Daemon army or a CSM one which contains at least 1 unit of Khorne berserkers.

They are available in squads of 1-3. 3 is pretty overkill so I normally just use 1.

They are great. I use mine as an escort for my rhino mounted berserkers. Anybody who tries to put a speedbump in front of berserkers will think twice once he sees some blood slaughterers on the field.

As for other Khornate units you also get Zhufor, a Chaos lord with a couple of stat boosts and some nice toys. He also has the option to take a retinue of Khornate termys which dont take up an elite slot. Remember when Chaos lords could take retinues? Well with Zhufor you can again.

Contemptors can also be given marks which gives them God specific abilities.

10-02-2012, 15:57
Cheers Mannimarco as always your knowledge on all things Chaos is much appreciated. Your nurgle list is actual the one that is inspiring me to think about doing a WE list using the FW units.

10-02-2012, 16:46
Cheers I do enjoy all things Chaos.

Heres my current WE list. I wrote this one up before the contemptor came out and have never redone it to include one.


Lord Zhufor
retinue: 4 terminators
3 champs with twin lightning claws
terminator with icon of khorne


10 berserkers
skull champ with power fist

10 berserkers
skull champ with power fist

10 marines
champion with power fist
2 melta guns

10 marines
champion with power fist
2 melta guns


blood slaughterer

blood slaughterer

land raider

Somebody posted the contemptors abilities over on B&C. The could be worth a look but the Khornate one looks like its just going to be another slaughterer.

TL Heavy Bolter - 36" S5 AP4 Heavy 3, TL
Multi-Melta - 24" S8 AP1 Heavy 1
TL Heavy Flamer - Template S5 AP4 Heavy 1, TL
TL Autocannon - 48" S7 AP4 Heavy 2, TL
Plasma Cannon - 36" S7 AP2 Heavy 1, Blast
TL Lascannon - 48" S9 AP2 Heavy 1, TL
Heavy Conversion Beamer
DCCW w/ build in TLBolter
Chainfist w/ build in TLBolter

Exclusive Chaos Weapons:
Butcher Cannon - 36" S8 AP4 Heavy 4
Soulburner - 24" S5 AP5 Assault 1, 3" blast, Rending, Ignores Cover

DCCW Weapons:
Heavy Flamer - Template S5 AP4 Heavy 1
Plasma Blaster - 18" S7 AP2 Assault 2, TL

Additional Weapons:
Havoc Launcher 48" S5 AP5 Assault 1, TL, Blast

Special Rules:
4+ save against glancing hits
6 + save against penetrating hits
NO Insanity

Mark of Khorne - Rage and +D3 A on the charge
Slaanesh - Offensive and Defensive Grenades, I5
Nurgle - -1 to Damage Chart
Tzeentch - Bolter and Flamers become AP3, re-roll 1s in assault