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12-02-2012, 23:41
hey all, I've finally got round to making a start with SBG. With the re-release it seems to be a lot easier to get started with the source books and other gamers taking the plunge. The only problem I have is which list to go with. So far I'm thinking Isengard or Rohan but don't know which would be the best one to start with, I'll be building to 500/750 eventually.

I'm wondering which one lends itself to a solid starting force and will give me some variety as I expand? Any help is much appreciated.

Whitwort Stormbringer
13-02-2012, 02:33
Between those two, I (and I think most, probably) would say that Isengard is probably a bit more solid, and with greater variety. They have a fair number of named captains, the troop types are moderately varied (basic uruk-hai, scouts, feral uruk-hai, orcs, warg riders, trolls, dunlendings and wildmen). Rohan is a lot more limited in their troop choices, and generally a little lackluster compared to some of the other armies which unfortunately sounds like it is a problem that hasn't realy been fixed with the new sourcebooks.

To start with Isengard, I'd think a box of uruk-hai warriors and captain and a box of uruk-hai scouts with one of the named captains would probably be a decent start.

The Marshel
13-02-2012, 07:55
No reason why you couldnt do both actually. collecting a decent sized lotr army isnt that hard and having a good and evil army makes getting games much easier. Given Rohan and Isengard were heavily featured in the movies they're very easy to find on ebay. Nice thematic combo too between rohan and isengard.

Spiney Norman
13-02-2012, 08:12
Both are good forces with plastic infantry and cavalry, and some fun elites to get your teeth into. At the end of the day it depends which army you like the feel of more. I own bth these armies, and I certainly think that isengard is the easier one to paint, but it depends if that matters for you or not. I personally prefer Rohan, but that's totally down to army theme, nothing to do with gameplay.

With isengard you'll need to decide between scout uruks or fighting urukhai (heavy armoured version). The problem you'll face with fighting uruks is their ballistic troops, while very powerful they are also very, very expensive as they're one of the few lotr troops to be made in finecast.

13-02-2012, 08:30
Thanks guys, I have been leaning toward Isengard, but do love Rohan, no reason why I couldn't collect both. I'll start with Isengard although I've just noticed that Mordor has some interesting units going on, am I right in thinking that I could ally them with Isengard in regular games?

13-02-2012, 14:04
Yeah. There's no real restriction in allying evil with evil, etc.

15-02-2012, 13:57
Well guys, just found out that a lot of people starting locally have gone for Isengard as an evil force, most have a good force though.

I have now been looking at Easterlings and thinking of having Amdur, 6 Kataphrakts, 2x10 or 12 Easterlings, Dragon Knight and War Priest. How do you guys rate them and what sort of setup should I look at for the basic warriors?

I think I'll take up Rohan when they're done unless they would be better as a starting point?

Thanks. :)

The Marshel
15-02-2012, 14:28
Well guys, just found out that a lot of people starting locally have gone for Isengard as an evil force, most have a good force though.

I have now been looking at Easterlings and thinking of having Amdur, 6 Kataphrakts, 2x10 or 12 Easterlings, Dragon Knight and War Priest. How do you guys rate them and what sort of setup should I look at for the basic warriors?

I think I'll take up Rohan when they're done unless they would be better as a starting point?

Thanks. :)

If you're playing warbands i'd skip out on the dragon knight. Easterlings are expensive and not that killy. the key to victory is in outlasting your opponent, which is not something most evil forces do. As such its vital that you have as many warriors as possible and a hero that can't take a warband is going to seriously hurt you there. All in all the dragon knight isnt that much more powerful then a captain anyway. the swap wont lose you a great deal in power, but does gain you a great deal in numbers, which will be more important to a mono easterling army.

Easterling archery isn't that notable. If you can get some in its handy, but tbh i wouldnt be too bothered by it. the core of the army are it's spear blocks. the phalanx rules makes your spears count as pikes without stopping you from using shields Spearmen can be difficult to get a hold of, but having pike support in the right places is what makes easterlings easterlings.

The black dragons upgrade is a must on kataphracts. Without it they're terrible. With it they're acceptable. You may want to consider the upgrade for your front line warriors too. the upgrade is essentially the easterling substitute for elite units. Black Dragons are your elites, just not in the form of an entirely different unit. You really want a solid number of f4 in the army, and for mono easterlings that's the only way to get it.

I reckon if you can get 3 fullish easterling warbands into 500 points, you should do alright

17-02-2012, 19:57
@Marshel - Thanks for the tips, I think there are only 2 Spears in each 10 man box, how many were you suggesting per Warband?

In the meantime a friend of mine is in the process of acquiring a whole bunch of Moria and Easterling stuff, at least I'll get to play around with them before I commit.:)

Beside Rohan (which seem to be very well represented already, along with Isengard:rolleyes:), the only real 'Good' idea I like the look of is a ranger force. How feasible is this? There seems to be a decent amount of choice and some good heroes, I always liked the idea of Faramir and Madril and haven't seen or heard it mentioned by anyone at all.

Edit: Just realised the 1/3 cap on bows, so I guess an all ranger force won't work unless there's a way of removing bows, which I doubt. I'll just have to et ink about how to work around it with other choices.

18-02-2012, 00:13
Doomseer, I'm looking at the current issue of White Dwarf (#385) and on page 44 they discuss the Kingdoms of Men sourcebook. Near the bottom of the page, there's mention of the Grey Company warband in which all of you models may be armed with bows. I'm not Tolkien expert though, so I'm not sure if the Grey Company is the same as the Rangers that you've mentioned above. Thought this was worth a quick mention. ;)

18-02-2012, 16:39
I don't see the Grey Company mentioned in the Kingdoms of Men. It is in WotR and automatically comes equiped with longbows. Also, all of the Ranger profiles I see have bows automatically assigned. I may be missing something though, as I only picked up the KoM book yesterday.

The only way I can see to take an all Ranger force is to take most of them (2/3's) as 'Dunedain' or 'Ranger of the North'. The reason why that works, technically, is that each of them is considered an 'Independant Hero'. That means that each one is it's own warband of one, and under the bow limit rule it says 'Bows carried by Heroes do not count towards an army's Bow Limit.' You will run into weird deployments, though, as some senarios are random per warband.

Interestingly, the figure picture for Rangers of the North in the KoM book is the same image as the Grey Company in the WotR book.

Whitwort Stormbringer
18-02-2012, 18:03
Are the Grey Company in the Free Peoples book? I was under the impression that one was pretty much elves, dwarves, and any other miscellaneous good guys.

18-02-2012, 18:17
Grey Company, fluff wise, should be in the Arnor list. There you have the Dunadain, Rangers of the North, Rangers of Arnor... but I only have the KoM sourcebook so far.

Edit: Free Peoples armies are listed as:
Eregion and Rivendell
Lothlorien and Mirkwood
The Fellowship
The Shire
Wanderers in the Wild
The White Council
Durin's Folk

I suppose they could be included in Either Eregion and Rivendell or Wanderers in the Wild, but then so should either the Rangers of the North or the Dunedain, in that case.
Halbarad is listed as leading the Grey Company in the WotR book, and is part of the Arnor list here.

18-02-2012, 18:44
Just found the rules for Grey Company in the KoM book... it was at the first of the Arnor list rather than among the profiles.

You may opt to take a Grey Company force. If so you can take up to 4 Rangers of Arnor for each Ranger of the North or Dunedain even if this would take it above normal bow limits.

As said before, Dunedain and Rangers of the North are Independant heroes, so you still need a captain for the Rangers of Arnor. Those two heroes are always Warbands of one. It would be nice if it Aragorn (their leader), or Halbarad (their captain) could make the rangers Grey Company as well.... oh well.

I guess what that means is that if I have a regular Arnor hero with a full 12 Rangers in his Warband, I can ignore them for Bow Limit if I have three of the Grey Company heroes in the general army list..... Hmmmmm.... I might look closer at the Arnor list now. I'd probably suppliment with Rangers of the North, as their defense is a little higher. Right now I'd have to use Aragorn as their captain, but I might also look at Elladan and Elrohir or Halbarad in the future.

Funny thing, you can buy 3 Rangers of the North, 3 Dunedain, or 3 Grey Co. for the same price. When you look up the Grey Co. figures, the profile is listed as Rangers of the North for SBG.

18-02-2012, 20:18
Thanks for the replies:)

I took the plunge model-wise today by purchasing Mines of Moria, the Free Peoples source book and the Galadhrim Commanders box. (Ended up with 2 Commander boxes due to failcast!:))

I've opted for Galadhrim/Wood Elves and will add Rangers in later as I expand.

@Peregrin - I had just read the entry about Heroes and them not affecting bow limit in the FP book. Thanks for the further info, I will definitely be getting the KoM book and hopefully I'll get my Aragorn led Ranger force! :)

18-02-2012, 20:43
If you're starting with elves, it certainly can be reasoned that Aragorn and his arnor rangers would be fighting along side them.

18-02-2012, 22:18
That's what I was thinking. I can get the Elves up and running quickly too.