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14-02-2012, 13:26
Ok, As I have said else where, after almost a 4 year break I am coming back to 40k, Warhammer. I have a strong Wood Elf army but my taste has changed, I am looking at Skaven ( as the box set gives a big chunck) or Chaos Warriors, I have some warriors as i aquired them when i traded some stuff several years back ( not enough, to make an army) but a core group. So any ideas, I don't want to do two armies as I am working on a Blood Angel army for 40k as well so I need to pick one or the other, never played either Chaos or Skaven and in fact I've only faced Chaos twice and never faced Skaven. I did play Lizardmen for a long time but sold the whole army a few years back. Thanks all.

14-02-2012, 13:31
Here is something to consider:

14-02-2012, 20:20
Here is something to consider:
http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=57They look good, how many do u get per unit? Also any word on Vermin units coming out?

14-02-2012, 21:17
My vote's for Chaos. Great models, lots of conversion opportunities, and just break the Skaven trend. Seems like everyone is starting up Skaven lol they're awesome nonetheless.

Captain Collius
14-02-2012, 21:41
Kill-Kill for the Great Horned Rat

Skaven all the way mate

Evil Hypnotist
15-02-2012, 10:49
Well, if you have other painting projects on the go I would suggest Chaos, you need a lot less miniatures for a start!

From a gaming perspective they are very different, Chaos are elite, hard hitting and easy to play. Skaven are the classic horde army, cheap, expendable troops and experimental weapons. Both have access to some powerful rare choices and decent magic.

The advice I tend to give people is to have a look at the models and decide what you like the best, it's so much easier to paint models you like! :)

15-02-2012, 11:10
Is say chaos are easy to be ok with but challenging to be very good with.when you start out with them walking in straight lines gets you a few wins but before long your lack of shooting and predictability makes you easily out maneuvered.they are an army of subtleties are chaos...
My vote goes to warriors,mainly due to how easy and rewarding they are to paint.

15-02-2012, 11:54
Well, as is right now I have 10 Chaos Mauraders on Horseback, 1 Chaos Champion on Horseback, Chaos Charriot. I know u get a chunk of Skaven with the new box set, I have been looking at the models both look good, I may purchase the box set, see if I can trade the High Elves to someone for their Skaven, which will be a lot of an army, and then buy some special units for the Skaven. As for Chaos I think It might be my choice, as I said I have a few models and I am dying to start painting them, have to get some new paints to do it., thanks to everyone. If anyone who plays chaos has any tips please let me know which units I should concentrate on first. I figured I'll paint up what I have, then get a box of Chaos Warriors, with a Lord. Then as i paint the unit ill keep adding.

15-02-2012, 18:56
I'll cast my vote for the rats.
Grab a starter, trade off the HEs like you said (Try to get a friend to buy a starter too and get all of his rats), buy a warp-lightning cannon, a doomwheel and a grey seer.
Just the 2 starters will give you 80 rats, 4 ogres, 2 Warlock Engineers, 2 Warpfire throwers and Plaguewind Mortars and 2 Warlords. Add in the other stuff and you've got a nice little force for under 2 bills.
Grab a couple more boxes of rats and another rare choice, (an HPA or a second cannon/wheel) and you've got a full army for around $300.

16-02-2012, 04:37
Easiest choice ever for me. I'm a WoC player, and Skaven **** me off because they're kinda broken strong at the moment.

WoC all the way.

16-02-2012, 08:36
WoC all the way, they have become both my main and favourite army since i started them last december and we have great models alot of good units and to be honest our units do not really need magic buffs as they are equal to if not better than most armies elites

16-02-2012, 08:58
If you want a quirky hit or miss army, Skaven is the way to go, If you want to have a reliable force that although low in number will muller most things they touch, chaos is the way forward.

I must also note that it seems if you believe the rumours chaos are due for a new book later this year.