View Full Version : Good place to trade unwanted Warhammer??

15-02-2012, 14:28
Forgive if not the right spot to post, don't want to offend, but just got done digging through my shed and found some Warhammer Fantasy stuff, I wanted to trade it for something I can use. So if its ok to post here I will if not, please close this and if someone can point me to the right spot, would be greatful.

15-02-2012, 14:30
Have you tried here?


15-02-2012, 14:39
Have you tried here?


thank you kind sir, if a mod can delete this i would be greatful.

Col. Dash
15-02-2012, 20:39
Bartertown is a good place too. Has a lot more traffic I would hazard than these forums alone.

20-02-2012, 06:00
Here would probably work. What army type you looking to unload?

20-02-2012, 09:40
Hi there!

I would recommend ebay. Still, it's the best place to sell unwanted miniatures. Recently I sold Blood Angels army, and some Warmachine minis. So, I would recommend trying there if you are looking for fast transaction!

See Ya1

Col. Dash
20-02-2012, 14:02
Problem with ebay is that massive surcharge they tack on. You have to raise the price of your shipping to get around it. Bartertown has no such thing and even has a trader reference area. If you price to sell quickly it will, it is a fairly busy community.