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16-02-2012, 02:25
Any good links or recommendations for sci-fi/40k style bridges?

Dark Elite
16-02-2012, 03:40
Why not just make one from scratch? It's a lot less expensive, fun, and oftentimes looks much better. Bridges especially are fairly easy to create.

16-02-2012, 04:32
There's some that come in those little bags of army men. They're a little too narrow, so you'll have to expenad them, but those bags are so cheap it doesn't really matter. Stock, they can hold a Dreadnought or landspeeder, and the latter does not need brdges.

Maxis Lithium
16-02-2012, 05:05
Depends on what you want. If you're going imperial, then I would use some basic card or fiber board as the base of the bridge, and use some cilinders to make the supports, to look like concrete pillard. anything will do. Toilet rolls cut down. dosen't have to be strong since your going to glue the thing to the bottom of the partical board.
Make the rail on the edge by putting popcicle sticks on their sides, making a core and then putting card over the front and back to make the outer surface. Fold another piece of card over the top to cover the gap and make a cap for the rail. If you want, add some bolts on top useing bits of plasticard or small blobs of putty pressed down. that's optional.

Spray it all down with black and paint to match what ever your working on. simple as that.

16-02-2012, 07:39
Pegasus Technobridge, 12" wide, 8" long. Pegasus products are kinda hard to find sometimes, though.

16-02-2012, 10:41
If you want to spend out a bit a bridge could be made from the parts in the cityfight buildings.

I'm thinking a piece of plasticard for the base ( you can get some lovely textured cards) and the short wall pieces for the bridge walls.

I was thinking of making some river sections for my city terrain a while ago. They were basically gonna be little walled off oblongs with water painted at the bottom. I could then just have gaps between them instead of bridges. Kinda more like an open drainage way.


16-02-2012, 11:38
How big ????
Our clubs bridge built by erik
Wide enough for a baneblade or warhound and over 6ft long


16-02-2012, 13:16
If you really want something that fits in with GW terrain, I would suggest mixing up a pile of mini skulls with some glue and moulding it into a bridge shape.

16-02-2012, 13:30
Pegasus Technobridge, 12" wide, 8" long. Pegasus products are kinda hard to find sometimes, though.

I second the Techno Bridge.

16-02-2012, 15:05
Armorcast makes a couple different styles of resin bridges. Just google Armorcast Products. They usually have a booth in the vendor room at the Adepticon Tournament in Chicago, IL.

16-02-2012, 15:45
This is for a campaign game coming up next week. Sadly I can't find any that really fit so it looks like we'll be using some stand in. I will start looking at plasticard to make my own for future cycles (I'm painting a ghost ark and a monolith this week and next week so really won't have time for a modeling project, was hoping to buy one)

16-02-2012, 16:23
A good one for the guard is quite simple.

Buy a chimera chassis artillery piece. Build it, and you're left with the top plate spare.

Using some plasti-card, stick a wide, flat plate on top of this- plasticard etc.. Make it look like a bridge . The rest of the tank is underwater.

You now have a tried and trusted, high speed, combat bridging vehicle. These were developed by the Russians and British in WW2, normally using tanks that had suffered major turret damage and were uneconomic to repair but their running gear was undamaged. You simply drive the tank into the river or dip, deploy simple ramps of each end, and then have others drive over the top of it. Simple, can keep up with the other vehicles, can deploy in seconds, and virtually unbreakable. Once you've had time to build a log or pontoon bridge, haul it out, and quite literally rinse and repeat. The T34 chassis is incredibly resilient to water and mud- there have been cases of them being pulled out of swamps after 50 or 60 years, and they'll run again with a charged battery, an oil change, and a tank of fuel.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Churchill_tank#Specialist_vehicles for the British version

17-02-2012, 03:18
If you want to spend out a bit a bridge could be made from the parts in the cityfight buildings.

I'd be tempted to go for the Bastion Kit as a Bridge rather than the CoD stuff, with a little bit of creative kitbashing and panel inversion, you should be able to make an incredibly Imperium styled fortified bridge (the only thing better than a bridge, is a bridge with guns!) with significantly fewer redundant pieces.

Depending on how big you want it, you might be able to do it for the cost of a single Bastion, though you're probably going to need some deck though as the floor panels for the bastion kit, while cool, are quite sparse.

Another possible resource for a 40K bridge is the Skyshield landing pad, it's got four heavy duty stanchions and the pad itself, with some imaginative chopping, could do a good enough job at being a detailed deck, look at the pictures of the completed model on the website here (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod20007a) and you can see that the large flat panel of the deck suggests a number of ways you can make several easy cuts to produce a large rectangular floor area (with Aquilas on). The off-cuts can be used to give the thing a bit more of a solid feel with some mass and if you're careful you can preserve the hinges for the petal sections to allow you to have either a guarded side wall to the bridge or some kind of barricade security measure at either end.

17-02-2012, 04:05
If you really want something that fits in with GW terrain, I would suggest mixing up a pile of mini skulls with some glue and moulding it into a bridge shape.

I feel that still wouldn't have enough skulls compared to GW terrain, perhaps some chains of skulls hanging from every possible spot along with a light dusting of tiny skull decals to finish it off?

17-02-2012, 04:52
I second the Techno Bridge.

I third the Pegasus technobridge. Its only limitation is the unchangeable 8" wide (well, short of some serious cutting and gluing) - you can link multiple kits to make a longer bridge if required.

17-02-2012, 17:28
Thanks for the heads up i'll look into that.

17-02-2012, 18:40
If you want to go the cheaper route you can grab a suitable sized piece of semi-transparent plasticard, anchor it with your choice of gothic bits, claim it's an energy bridge and call it a day. Bonus points if the plasticard is color shaded.

17-02-2012, 18:50
Yeah that actually sounds pretty useful. I will be looking into crafting my own. I ordered the Pegasus bridge. It goes on amazon for $9.50. Also picked up a ruin from Pegasus to add to my city collection.

18-02-2012, 01:15
Plain and simple. Use hardboard as the road, rough side up. Decoration baton as the supports and then wooden trim for the side barriers. Indoor decorational baton is fine handed or heat molded etc so grain isn't an issue. 30 & 30mins with a handsaw an a few pin nails/glue gun and you got enough bridge section for a 1" x 24" bridge. Few of cans of spray paint- black undercoat then go over lightly with a couple of different greys- job done. Can add details from kits to enhance the 40k feel or leave as is.

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