View Full Version : Looking for alternative Wildmen of Dunland in plastic.

Getifa Ubazza
16-02-2012, 16:57
I really like the idea of adding some Wildmen of Dunland to my evil army, But don't really like GW's prices on the metal ones, plus I just like plastic better. I had a look at some Celts, Germanics and Vikings on the Warlord site, But the Wildmen of Dunland seem to be kinda like Celts, But dressed for winter.

Any Ideas for alternate plastic models for them? Just to add. I'm useless at converting, so plastic historical/fantasy models I can just paint to look more like Wildmen of Dunland would be ideal.

If not, I might just go for some plastic Celts and paint them up as plainly as possible.


Whitwort Stormbringer
16-02-2012, 19:29
I'd go for Warlord's plastic Germanic Tribesmen set, rather than the Celts. It's the same plastic frames as the celts, but you also get several metal torsos that are wearing furs (although they're also shirtless, so maybe not totally dressed for winter) and you also get more hairy heads. If you like the lime-washed-spikey-hair-with-big-mustaches Celt look then you could get the Warlord Ancient Britons set, which comes with several metal heads in that style.

Paint 'em up in drab browns, greys, greens, etc. and you'll probably have a decent bunch of wildmen.

Conversely, Wagames Factory's unarmored Vikings or Saxons, or their Germanic Tribesmen, would also make good Wildmen. They're not as crisp in detail as the Warlord minis but they're a bit cheaper.

If you're looking for the armored Dunlendings, I'd say either Gripping Beast or WGF plastic vikings for sure.