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King Thurgun
16-02-2012, 18:23
So flipping through the new Vampire Counts book, I was struck with inspiration: a Vampire Counts Sorcerous Pact, with a Dwarven Theme. The leader of the pact would be a Runelord versed in forbidden runic lore, who can command fallen dwarves to rise from their burial cairns to fight for their Hold in death. The way I imagined it, its not necromancy so much as it is invoking runes of oath and honor so powerful that they bring the dwarves back from the dead, to settle their grudges one last time.

So, here were the ideas I had for translating the Vampire Counts list into Dwarven models:

Master Necromancer- Runelord, the Avatars of War runelord with the mask will fit the bill nicely!

Tomb Banshee- The last Queen of her hold, she haunts the ruined halls, singing songs of lament and grief for all her fallen children. I love this particular idea, however, I know of no female dwarven models, nor any that would look especially good floating or painted up all undead-style. Suggestions welcome!

Grave Guard with Great Weapons- Undead Hammerers! Their hammers are inscribed with ancient runes carved during the War of the Beard, runes of vengeance and destruction, thus granting them killing blow.

Ghouls- I struggled to find a core choice appropriate for this army, as I'd like to avoid models that dont have T4. Dead or not, they're still dwarves! So i figured ghouls would be fine as undead slayers. 2 Attacks, no armor, T4, and poisoned attacks, representing runes of accuracy and hate on their old axes. I'm welcome to other ideas however.

Mortis Engine- A horrible, moving, floating anvil of doom!

Any further ideas on modeling or unit selections are welcome!

16-02-2012, 18:47
I love it!!!!:D Grave Guard with hand/weapon shields could represent Ironbreakers, if you convert them enough, and change their colour scheme! :)
Good Luck,

16-02-2012, 18:56
The old GW "Queen Helga" model is the only female dwarf I've seen.

Dis Pater
17-02-2012, 05:39
Reaper have a bunch of female dwarves as well, though I dunno how suitable any of them would be for your banshee. I haven't been able to get their Figure Finder to work lately, but a search for 'dwarf female' appears to show all of them.

17-02-2012, 10:36
I love it too, its crazy enough to work. I think it is a good idea to make up your own theme, thats part of the appeal of fantasy.

As for female Dwarf, Scibor miniature has a really good one:


17-02-2012, 10:54
I don't think undead slayers is a good idea, the whole idea of slayers is that they wish to die so resurrecting them to defend the hold just seems mean, not to mention that few slayers would have proper funerals anyways meaning he would need to search the mountains and find the trollgnawed bones of slayers before resurrecting them.

I'd go with skeleton dwarfs even though they only have T3, the skin and muscles are obviously part of the dwarfs toughness so it's little wonder that they have lower toughness without it. In addition maybe taking a vampire (not a vampire lord mind you) instead of a master necromancer would fit the runelord better, that way he can wear armour which a runelord should and fight better than a normal wizard (which runesmiths/lords also do).

Von Wibble
17-02-2012, 13:13
Considering female dwarfs also have beards surely any model is a suitable one?

17-02-2012, 13:19
Hah, I like the idea! Would be hard to find suitably undead models though, unless you just cut off the faces of dwarves and replace them with skulls. As for a banshee, why not just use a banshee model and add some dwarven runes and medallions? It's not as if you can see the feet of the floating banshee, just shorten the body a bit if you have to.

Edit: crosspost with Von Wibble. WFB dwarves doesn't have beards.

17-02-2012, 16:32
Well, female ones don't, at least :p

17-02-2012, 19:10
So, are you mixing units from both armies? Rules? I'm slightly confused, though I love the idea.

17-02-2012, 21:35
So, are you mixing units from both armies? Rules? I'm slightly confused, though I love the idea.
Just converting to fit the theme, using VC rules...
I tend to think these things up every now and then, i still want to do red Khorne orcs lol