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17-02-2012, 18:05
Alright so, opinion question for everyone. Im not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere so, if so please re-direct me accordingly.
But, is it just me or are a good number of the large LOTR range models not quite to scale? I don’t say this to complain I’m just curious and it’s something I’ve noticed lately. I love the sculpts but a lot of them seem a bit small.

Best examples I’ve got are the Mumak and the Ent. I could list more but these will do. Look at the Mumakil first. A Rider of Rohan, mounted, comes up to a bit under the Mumak’s knee joint. In the films, they were about 2/3 that height, and the Mumak legs were thicker…thick enough to flatten a Rider, horse and all, by stepping on them. I don’t know about you but if my Mumak tried to step on a Rider he’s end up with a broken leg.

Second example is the Ent. They look great in photos, but comparatively…again the stepping-on point is my one noticeable thing. In the film even the smallest Pine-tree end had legs thick enough and was tall enough to squash-flat two Orcs when he jumped off the wall. Now the Orcs are definitely a teeny bit tall (tall as Uruk-hai) but that aside…my ent seems extremely thin and maybe 1/5th or ¼ too short.

I’m not sure if this is even true…am I just seeing things?
If it is true..I wonder why? I mean, none of the differences seem major enough that a sculpt of that size would be impossible to do or that much different from the current version. Especially with the Ent. And I know the Perrys are great at scale accuracy... why shrink some of the bigger models?

18-02-2012, 00:20
You know, I never really noticed this until reading your post. Although, I'm sure the size is meant more for playability than anything else. Can you imagine how large of a model a "properly" scaled Mumak would be if you're referring to the movies? You'd have to increase the table size just to give it a chance to stay on the board during a move! LOL I think the scales, although not exact work well for the game though. The Ents could be a project for you though. the existing models would provide a good framework to essentially "fatten up." Just start tacking on green stuff and watch your tree grow! :D

18-02-2012, 03:16
lol actually I'd thought of that. Get two ent boxes and hack pieces together to make a 'Great Ent' model lol.

Not sure it would work well with the Mumak though ;-)

18-02-2012, 17:00
As you said, not to complain about the films, but Jackson's digital crew seem to have a beast of a time maintaining scale themselves. The most obvious example is the Moria cave troll. It seems to change size every time the camera changes angles.

I agree with you for the Mumak for sure. It is already one of the biggest models they make, yet it's feet should be the size of the cavalry bases. That would make it unplayable, IMO. The ents, however... depends on the scene. The Treebeard model with the hobbits seems only a bit small for some of the shots where he was carrying them, but Treebeard is much noticably larger in some of the long shots. It seems that the ents got bigger on the way to the Seige of Isengard.

22-02-2012, 12:20
Yeah…I guess I take the part where it’s dead and lying-down as the most definitive in size. Lol at least it’s not moving then. ;-)

Right. Eh, I dunno. It could work. I mean to be REALLY to scale, boards would have to be like 12 feet long anyway.
Lol maybe they grew in their rage?
Still, I’ve often thought they should make a bigger, Oak-ent sculpt, like 1 ½ to 2x the size of the current one. Hehehhe. A mumak-sized ent = win.

22-02-2012, 13:25
Can't argue with that. There are a lot of shots of huge ents.