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18-02-2012, 17:28
Hi guys,

Basically what the title says; late this year early next I am planning on running a large warhammer 40k event. The reason I'm planning this so early is because I'll need to get the venue booked, plan, advertise etc.

I have no experience what-so-ever in running an event, so...

Where are the best places to book a large event in the UK (talking 40+ people)?
Rough costings of the above
Amount of people needed to run said event
The range of a ticket should cost

And any other advice you can give!


18-02-2012, 17:55
I've not run ( just attended) 40k events, but I have run far too many events of other kinds.

Size of venue you needs depends on how many people you are aiming for. Costs will then vary depending on size and location. So how large is large? 40-50, or 100+.
Village halls, social clubs of various sorts, schools are all good places to try.

You need to think about:
Parking spaces
Number of tables - you need more for reserves, books, drinks, etc
Internal space- you need to be able to move about
Facilities- kitchen, toilets, ventilation, local pubs, etc, etc
Can you book the venue for the entire time you want, so can leave things set up.
Terrain- you need lots- can you borrow a local clubs set?

If people are coming a long way, accommodation availability- one thing we often do for dance events is get the locals to offer up sofas, spare rooms, space for roll mats etc.

Costing. Venue + admin costs + prize costs (if any) / number of players, rounded up to a sensible number

One event I've been to was a stag apocalypse game over a weekend. Using the same premises as a gaming club ( so know location, facilities, and with terrain, tables etc) we had ~30 people running a big game. We had the venue for the whole weekend, so could leave the stuff set up overnight. Cost worked out at 10 each, plus pizza, beer, etc costs...

18-02-2012, 19:11
If you've never done anything like this before, i'd stringly advise volunteering on the committee of an established tourney first - that will teach you heaps.

18-02-2012, 20:53
Unfortunately you've been too vague.

For example - how do I hire a hall? Well that depends on many things. I've been to a few really good locally run events in a hall with enough room for 30 tables and not a lot more space, with 60 competitors and it prices at 30 which included lunch on both days. That was great. It had about 4 people running it with 2 of those prepared to step in should people drop out or if there was always going to be an odd number of competitors.

I think ultimately you need to approach your nearest club and get them on board first, if you just post a thread in the events section here and expect people to turn up, you won't get much momentum.