View Full Version : Pure, ridiculous, 6000pt fun.

18-02-2012, 20:47
Skaven. 6000pts. = 100 naked warlock engineers. OR, six naked Grey Seers. Feel free to scam, and have a horde of 100 warlock engineers. Just get a unit of 10 stormvermin, and add the 100 warlock engineers, and you've got yourself some fun. Or, have a long lasting group of level 1 wizards (30) or a gun line of 50 warlock engineers with warpmuskets. Add 75 jezzials, and those idiots will be dead before you said the word go. But that is 3000 pts out of 6000. To see the look on their faces.

18-02-2012, 20:49
And a -lot- of $$$