View Full Version : Kansas City Area Tournament

19-02-2012, 15:03
31st Century Games will be hosting a 2500 point Fantasy Tournament! No composition score and no painting requirement. No restrictions, your army simply needs to meet the BRB/Codex rules for a valid army. We are breaking up the three games over three weeks. The same lists/lores will be required for all three weeks so please bring a copy of your list for the tournament officiators to keep on hand. Closed list tournament with the expectation that any surprises/magic items be revealed on your list at the appropriate time during gaming.

Game One - Thursday 2/23 7pm
Game Two- Thursday 3/1 7pm
Game Three- Thursday 3/8 7pm

Please respond if you are interested or have questions so that we can work with 31st Century Games to ensure tables are available. Historically we've had good luck with this style and have friendly, consistent gamers that make these tournaments a lot of fun!

21-02-2012, 03:01
We are nearing capacity for the tournament so please make sure you've claimed your spot if you have an interest!