View Full Version : tyranid warriors devourer

20-02-2012, 19:00
This might seem like a bizarre question, but how do you equip warriors with devourer.

The devourer guns that comes with the gant seems way too small, and I can't fit them without it looking ankward.


20-02-2012, 19:44
I think the warriors kit comes with devourers that fit them, but if I remember right, it never comes with enough : /

Especially for those dakka fex/ dakka tyrants

Eddie Chaos
20-02-2012, 19:50
you could cut the ends of the devourer off and replace the ends of some regular warrior guns

20-02-2012, 20:20
as far as i remember, the warrior frames come with devourers. The monstrous ones are too big and one to an arm. I think they are the same size as tho gaunt ones tho. They do fit but you have to angle them up slightly

21-02-2012, 01:22
The devourers in the termagant- and warrior boxes are the exact same pieces. It's the same sprue in both boxes. They are designed to be a little too big for gants and a little too small for warriors so they could just make one mold and make it look not entirely misplaced on either model.

And there should be enough devourers in the box to outfit every Warrior unless one has fallen of the sprue before it got boxed or the box has an extra warrior body inside (which happened to me once :) )

If you don't like the way they look there is little you can do to fix it, unless you want to sculpt your own warrior arms. The arms provided with the weapons are just as long as scything talon- or deathspitter arms but more angled and the gun is smaller than your regular Warrior weapon. Trying other arms will just make the arms look oversized while holding a comically undersized gun.