View Full Version : Island of Blood Clanrats

23-02-2012, 16:29
I have a question about the island of blood clanrats that I can't find through searches. Do the arms on the normal skaven clanrat boxes fit into the bodies of the skaven clanrats in the island of blood? I was looking at buying a couple of boxes of clanrats but picking up an island of blood set seemed like a better deal. The only problem is I would never want spears on my clanrats/slaves and picking that up would only make sense if I could use extra arms from the other main boxes to make them all with hand weapons. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Warlord Gnashgrod
23-02-2012, 16:39
You can put the clanrat box arms on the models from the Island of blood box. I have done this myself, although they aren't really meant to be compatible. The IOB clanrats have holes in the bodies with round pegs on the arms that go in, while the clanrat box models have instead a round area there. You just need to use glue.

I've also altered the spear arms with some cutting so that they can be considered basic hand weapons. If done right, it works well too. I also don't care for spears on my clanrats. ;)

de Selby
23-02-2012, 16:40
You'll need to do some simple conversion work: the IOB arms are push-fit, the clanrats ball and socket.