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25-02-2012, 16:41
Its time for yet another White Dwarf Feedback thread, this time for the March 2012 issue (US 386, UK 387 etc).

If any of you wish to make more general comments about WD, please will you make them in the General White Dwarf Feedback Thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23972).

I would like to make a couple of other requests. If you post the score you have given to the current WD on the thread, would you please explain why especially if you have voted 1 or 10. I think this is useful (and interesting) for other WarSeer members reading the thread, it also provides useful feedback for others who read the thread which may include GW Staffers.

The other request is related to the previous one. Do not criticise people for posting their score and views about WD, I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions without the the fear of them being criticised.

As always, all off-topic posts and spam will be deleted without notice.

The WarSeer Inquisition

Phantom Dusclops'92
25-02-2012, 21:15
First to review? Nice.

So... this number is weird. New editorial design, no Battle Report (although is said that it will be in next issue). Huh.

I was waiting for the Tervigon release for starting Tyranids... and now is time to do so.

The models are fine, but I'll wait for a while before buying the Tervigon. The Hive Tyrant on the other hand will be mine ASAP since the frustration I had when I built the metal one was enough to stop me from playing 'Nids. This will be nice. I also preordered the swords set for Warriors.

Nothing to say about SW.

Finecast Hellcannon? Damn GW, you'll have my money. Only later, since I'm filled with preorders of everything in this period.

Pics of Nids. Nice.

*stuff about Swarmlord and other big stuff*

Painting guide. Since I want to do a Behemoth Hivefleet army, is nice.

*SW stuff I don't care, Chaos Marines and BA are the only good Marines for me. Although that kitbashed Chaos SW at page 56 is a great thing*

*Standard Bearer where Jervis says he can't say certain things*

*Some LoTR stuff*

Third part of Civil War. I say the Bretonnia part is funny.

Citadel Glories: Empire Magicians. Also a callback to the 2009 challenge. Martin Footitt's Amethyst Wizard is still awesome.

Slayer Sword Galleries: HOLY **** THAT SPINNING DIORAMA. Nice thing: the Blood Dragons regiment at page 91 is a friend of mine's trophy-winning job.

FOUR PLAYERS COMEBACK! I'd like to do a 40k one with some other guys. Starting my Tyranids with a challenge:fine.

And a nice Ogre army is after that.

Then the usual phone list, a two-page splash of the FW Hierophant and a scale picture of Tyranids.

This scores a 6 for me.

Lord Damocles
25-02-2012, 22:00
Oh look, the dude on the spine has a Combi-Plasma. That's so much more useful than listing the CONTENTS.

- Double page spread of Space Wolves and Tyranids. In b4 Contents n00bs! -

Contents - What did In learn from this? Nothing. Nothing at all. I still don't even know who would win a fight between a Space Wolf and a Tyranid; and that's, like, serious business.

News/New Releases - Double page spreads of doooom!
OK (or is it Poor? I tend to rate Poor as OK as a matter of course nowadays *sigh*)

- Double page spread of Tyranids -

Devourer of Worlds (Tyranid... Background (?)) - Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathan get a little write up and some pictures of models. Meh. Jormungandr, Ouroboros and Hydra get no background (*slow clap*), but at least even though they've been seen before (hehe, note how all the Broodlords have Feeder Tendrils modelled - guess the edition they were made under!) they're not the studio models AGAIN (page 33 and I'm sick of them already...)
Is this a good article? Remember whatsit (Sherman?) Bishop's Tyranid background articles? They were awesome (although to be fair, small green text on a black background made your eyes bleed) The background here isn't as good as those. Remember the Hive Fleet Moloch article(s)? They were awesome. The armies here aren't as interesting as those; focusing heavily on the new releases as they do. The double page spread at the start doesn't help.

- Double page spread of Tyranid products that you must buy now. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT -

Herald of the Great Devourerer (Swarmlord background) - There is some new background here (basicly the Swarmlord was behind all the big tyranid battles :eyebrows:). Only half of the article is text. The rest is massive pictures.
Heroes and Villains of the 41st Millenium *sigh*

Horrors of the Hive Fleets (Tervigon/Tyranofex) - They're awesome. Buy them. What the hell are you still reading for?! You should be on your way to a GW store!
The rules extracts... Codex: Tyranids has been out for about two years now, right? Who doesn't know how great proxied Carnifexes Tervigons are?

Painting Workshop (Tervigon) - Heh, it's OK if you want to paint bright red Behemoth.

- Double page spread of Space Wolves and Tyranids. Deja vu -

A Company of Wolves (Space Wolves background) - In between the MASSIVE pictures, all of the text is ripped straight from Codex: Space Wolves if I'm not mistaken.
Anyone remember the 'Lost Great Companies' article? The in-universe study of the Chapter? This is laughable compared to those.

Saga of Harald Deathwolf - At least it's actually new background, even if it is just 'Harald beat down '. Still, it's over half pictures by area, and the last page is pointless waffle. The little box on what gear ol' Harald should have made me make the comparison with the Gideon Lorr article of yester-year. It wasn't a favourable one.

- Double page spread of Tyranid Space Wolf products that you must buy now. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. The in-store events are all 'go in to GW store and ask them to sell you new stuff' again (are they always like this? I should never have started reading them last month) -

Painting Workshop (Thunderwolf Cavalry) - I could compare it to the 'Eavy Metal guide to painting Canis Wolfborn, but then I'd have to dig it out.

Standard Bearer - 'I go to Games Day (BUY IY BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT) and totally avoid answering questions I'm asked'. Erm, OK. So, when're you gonna update my army?

Ambush at Amon Sul (scenario and battle report) - It's been done before, but to be fair, it was the best part of a decade ago, so perhaps I'll let them off on that front. The report itself is very brief (three pages minus pictures), and as this month's only battle report, is rather disappointing. Then again, I'd probably have just moaned about it anyway...

- Page of Finecast LoTR models -

Warhammer Civil War - Well they certainly spun that out well.

Citadel Hall of Fame (plastic Empire Wizard(s)) - Interesting that even though the intent wasn't for certain parts to go with certain magical Orders, both of the Bright Wizards have the same staff, and both of the Celestial Wizards have the same head, collar, orb, and staff top.

Games Day Golden Daemon 2011 Slayer Sword Gallery - When was the last Games Day in 2011? I'm trying to think of a reason for this article not being published closer to, erm, well, 2011.
several of the entries really would have benefitted from more pictures from different angles.

- Page of LOTR box game we should buy -

A tale of Four Gamers (LoTR) - Ah, perhaps they've learnt from the terrible abomination that was the last ToFG series. Lets see...
No. No they haven't.
Why all the pictures of models not in the armies they're now making? Why no budget (well, OK, we can all get that one), why no shopping list(s) (I think Simon grant should have a load of Gondorian archers left over, no?), has nobody heard of textured plasticard in Nottingham?
It's not like it was in the [I]Good Old days (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheyChangedItNowItSucks)™
I don't want to just rate it Poor just because it's not like it used to be, but, well, it's not as good as it used to be...
OK (at least they're not studio models)

Armies on Parade (Ogres) - They're pretty, but the models and board are pretty much just the basic out-of-the-box variety, which for me at least makes them a bit boring to look at.

Stuff and Stores and Lists and Events - It's stuff and stores and lists and events. It sucks.

Forgeworld Heirophant - As with the Reaver Titan double page like this, this could have been expanded into a cool article, but as it is, the word 'Heirophant' isn't even present. Which is odd.
Now then, the 'Know Thy Enemy' page notes that the holo-slate was provided by Magos Biologis Darvus - him from Xenology - but Xenology is set in the early 9th century, M.41, and ends with Darvus being taken hostage (effectively) by Necrons, and committing suicide in the collector's edition extra booklet. The Death Leaper didn't pop up until the battle for Medusa V in 999.M41, by which time, Darvus would be long dead.
Alright, I'll get my anorak and make my own way out...

In conclusion then, this issue had promise, but failed to live up to what it could have been.
There's background, non-studio armies, a new (sort of) scenario, new rules, Tale of Four Gamers, which could all have been great, but none of them were anything like as good as previous similar articles. Obviously I wouldn't just want a reprint of an old article (although a few of the real classics, used sparingly, would probably be OK), but I'm just not willing to accept that White Dwarf either can't or shouldn't be at least matching the quality of old content.

A 4 from me this month.

26-02-2012, 09:50
I find myself without much to say about this issue.

There's a lot of stuff about Tyranids and a lot of stuff about Space Wolves. There's a painting guide for each, which are actually quite decent and go to a pretty good standard. (I'd have forgiven one guide being for beginners and another being more advanced; they're both quite advanced). Conversions are still a dirty word though - in fact, at one point they mention that you can use rocks from one of the Basing Kits for the base, but don't worry if you haven't got any. Hey, here's a shocker of an idea - why not pick up a rock from your garden! But of course that won't get GW any money, so they don't mention it.

There's also some fluff about each of the armies (the Swarmlord did everything and Space Wolf Lords killed everything that was left), and endless photos of the new models. Nothing much to report.

There's some LotR stuff, most of which I glossed over; if anything what I did see highlighted the problem with LotR in a monthly magazine: it's so limited in what you can do. Hey, it's Aragorn and the Hobbits on Weathertop again! The Four Gamers article started out like it could be something interesting but I soon started skimming... without the monthly budget (so you can see exactly what's involved) and encouraging conversions and personalisation (which WD doesn't like any more) which together made the original series so compelling, it just becomes "here's some armies we're making" which is yawnsome.


So it's one of the most formulaic WDs ever basically. New releases? Check. Painting guide? Check. Jervis selling Games Day tickets? Check. Shop lists? Check. It's White Dwarf by numbers... the most soulless hobby magazine you can imagine... but hey, it's still better than some of the recent issues. 4/10. The only difference from any previous month is a redesigned editorial/contents spread. It's not much, but given the recent grapevine chatter that the WD team were all invited to reapply for their jobs, perhaps it's the first sign of change... but then... we've all heard promises of a "new White Dwarf!!!" before.

27-02-2012, 08:45
I gave it a 5. Much improved on last month. However, the wordy stuff on Tyranids and Space Wolves seems to be cut and paste out of the codices. Jervis' bit was a complete waste of time - can we have something that doesn't read like thinly disguised corporate bumf?
Nice to see a couple of painting articles, but why on the wolves were we not told how to paint the light gray variant that was the best looking? Instead we get two brown versions that look fairly dull

Evil Hypnotist
27-02-2012, 08:54
General observations from this issue:

- Artwork on the cover is pretty cool, and synoymous with both main releases this month

- Nice to see a return to photos of contributors next to the editorial at the beginning, at least we know what these guys look like now.

- Almost the first half of the issue is Tyranids, considering they don't have a new codex, it's a bit overkill, and in case you don't have the old codex they printed out the entries for the new big kit. Still, it's a nice new big kit!

- Less, but still enough, on the new Thunderwolves but it's the Saga of Harald Deathwolf that impresses me the most. Whole new background, plus they have gone to lengths to get pictures to go with the sagas, most noticeably the Traitor Space Wolf conversion.

- Back to the usual on the LOTR front after last issue, although Tale of Four Gamers expands it a bit. Really disappointed with this, pictures of models that aren't part of the tale, no reasoning behind what they did for their first entry, nor what they planned to do next. Lord Damocles sums it up nicely.

- Standard Bearer was rubbish this month; 'here's a bunch of questions I'm usually asked and here are the non-answers I give to people to fob them off', what was the point? The only answer he gave was his favourite army is Ogres, but then also said that would change, with WD being written 3 months before release, even this is wrong now lol

- Golden Daemon. Always, always, blown away with what people's imagination can achieve. The muscial box goes beyond anything I have seen before in this hobby. Awesome.

- No battle report? WTF!

- The Citadel Hall of Fame's focus seems to have moved away from "what makes this a great sculpt", to "what makes this a good reason to buy it", which dilutes the earlier entires somewhat IMO

EDIT: Ooops, forgot to vote. I went for 4/10. The lack of a battle report really dragged this issue down for me, but there are a few good reasons to pick up the issue, if only to make sure you have all the Civil War rules. Clever GW ;)

27-02-2012, 10:56
I'm surely not the only who was reading through it and expecting a Tyranid vs SW battle report. It's quite baffling.

28-02-2012, 10:05
Well, I was expecting that too. A little disappointed and thus a lesser score then I would otherwise.
But on the plus-side, I rather like the new layout. I also like the return of Tale of 4 Gamers, though they could have done with less pictures of armies they've painted before and more on the task at hand, money or model-wise. I recently re-read the previous 40K Tale, so was pleasantly surprised when it showed up again. We'll just have to wait and see what next month will bring. Since I don't play SBG, and do WotR, I hope they will do something on that too.

Because of the lack of a Battle Report, only a 6 this time.

29-02-2012, 08:32
My impression of the magazine:

-Opening the magazine is a splash page of Tyranids vs. Wolves. It's a nice picture with the new models featured in it.

-New Editorial page. These straight on photos of the contributors staring into my soul creep me out. I miss the old photo style of the employees gazing out in the distance, looking at nothing in particular. Otherwise this editorial page isn't any better than the previous one. Maybe minus points for squeezing the GW team names at the very bottom.

-New Releases! I like these pictures. But the size inflation is still present in some of the models. They also don't need 4 pages for the tervigon/tyrannofex. Or 2 pages for the wolf cav. They're all over the rest of the magazine. There's also 2 pages about glue. This guy gluing the models should cut his nails.

-Tyranid Section. Some stuff about the main hive fleets. And EM commentary. Several pages dedicated to employee armies. Not bad. 2 page advertising spread. Now that's a waste of space. Minus points for that. Tyranid commentary from Robin Cruddace along with some rules and tactics. Also not bad, much better than the Vamp issue. Painting guide. Not a bad guide. But i'd prefer EM masterclass. They could have easily combined the guide and the Hive fleets section to do an EM guide that covered the 3 hive fleets and techniques to paint them.

-2 page add to announce grand openings of hobby centers. Another waste of space. Isn't this what the back ten pages are for?

-Space Wolves section. Similar to the Tyranid section they give some EM commentary along with fluff about Wolf companies. Harald Deathwolf fiction. I like fiction, so i like this section. Turns out the FC wolf is Harald. Painting guide. I don't like this guide. It's an imitation guide of the EM paint jobs. You have the EM paint team at your disposal GW, why is there an imitation guide? Bowerman isn't a bad painter and if I saw his scheme on a blog or something I would go "oh, that's a good paint job." But this isn't a blog. It's a 9 dollar magazine so put your best foot forward GW and start cranking out some EM masterclasses and not pale imitation hobby guides. If people are telling you, GW, "I don't like the EM guides, they're complicated waahhh" don't listen to them. Also, poor choice of guide. You just fluffed out Harald, now would be a good time to show how to paint him with his icy axe and trolly cloak. There was also another two pages of ads in the middle somewhere. Complete waste of space. So far 6 pages of wasted space on ads. I already bought your magazine. I know where to buy your products. It's not like I can get White Dwarf at any magazine stand in the US.

-Standard Bearer. What a strange article. He pretty much dodges all the questions or gives very vague, noncommittal answers. Almost like a horoscope in a newspaper. The favorite army question he could have easily said Vampire Counts since he mentioned having an army of them in previous standard bearers. His most concrete answer is about being a games designer and at least having to know GW's game systems. I guess this entire article could have just been put on a quarter page with a general "I can't answer any of your questions because we're on a blackout right now and i'll be found redundant if I do."

-LotR Battle. No surprise there's a 1 page ad at the end of it.

-Civil War rules.

-Citadel Hall of Fame. I like Citadel Hall of Fame and there's a nice look at the past Wizards Challenge. Are they priming us for the future Empire release with this? Sculpt the wizards not in the kit Brian Nelson? Is that a wink wink, nudge nudge?

-Slayer Swords! Nice pictures. Some commentary from the actual artists would have been nice. All the Swords from 2011 were excellent. Extra 2 pages of Vamp entries. Much better use of 2 pages. I was expecting GW to do a double page spread advertising Games Day 2012.

-LotR Tale of 4 Gamers. I'm not too interested in LotR.

-Armies on Parade. 2 page spread on Christian Byrne's Ogres. Is he still an employee? Kind of weird to just put an ogre army in this issue.

-Hobby store stuff. AKA more waste of space.

-Forgeworld Spread. Or rather Forgeworld ad. GW should think about cutting Hobby store stuff in half and expanding their FW coverage into real coverage. Like spotlight new releases and talk to designers.

-Surprise Tyranid size chart! I liked this. Much more than the 20 pages of dumb ad space.

Overall: 5/10. The paper quality and picture quality is still good. But there's still a lot of ads that really don't need to be in the magazine. Plus some strange content choices.

29-02-2012, 16:20
There's also 2 pages about glue. This guy gluing the models should cut his nails.

Oh God, you're right. That was so gross. Another weird thing was the picture of the girl on page 69 (!). I think they should have cropped out the pink bandaid on her arm. Although maybe it just serves to make us aware that GW sucks blood from their own employees as well as their customers.

I agree that this issue > the last one, which was dire. I'd give it 5/10 mainly because we now have a Tervigon kit which looks awesome... and this (barely) offsets the retardedness of giants in power armour riding huge wolves... BAREBACK. Also like the return of To4G. Poor Dan Harden must have been gutted when he saw how much better a job Simon Grant did of making paving-stone bases. Dan's looked really bad but again echoing earlier comments - never heard of textured plasticard???

Last month I thought that Jervis could sink no lower than his paean to tape measures (shades of Adrian Mole?) and templates. But this month he broke out the shovel and we get "here are questions I am always asked and the non-answers I give to them." If I ever see him in person I will now know not to ask any such questions, but rather will ask "aren't you ashamed that your column in WD is so terrible, when it could be really cool?"

29-02-2012, 17:27
Excellent cover, dissapointed at no Bat.rep (I do look forward to the grim and retarded forces they pick!)
Some nice tutorials, a bit of background which was ok, JJ basically asking people not to ask him about the future, A tale of four gamers on LoTR which will keep new line cinema happy but noone else is bothered/interested. The feature on Golden Daemon was really dissapointing, they usually give out a booklet which showcases angles, interviews etc, now its reduced to a few pages only of the top entry from each country. I would comment on the models (which are excellent) but thats GW not WD.

All in all it took 5 mins to flick through, 2 hours to read and i doubt i'll ever pick up the issue again :(

29-02-2012, 18:35
I haven't read anything yet, but went through it and it seems they are changing the layout a bit. Perhaps in a good direction? Everything is in one place now, grouped by a game system. I didn't mind the old, more "chaotic" layout though.

The painting guides seem to be SOMEWHAT improving, at least they contain schemes with more than 4 steps. This was also the case in the Jan issue as well. While far from the old Masterclasses, I hope this is a move in the right direction. Nice that for SW they didn't stop at the armour and silver but also included some schemes for the wolves.

I like the tyranid model list/display at the very end of the issue, showing each model in the army. It's kinda cool from a collector's point of view to have a nice picture of all the different models.

I like that page with the Ogre art - it's cool to have some full-page art piece with no advert on it. You could even rip it out and make a poster. Small thing, but nice.

The Tyranid timelines seems nice, too, from a fluff point of view.

I didn't rate because I haven't read anything yet but I'm hoping for interesting design notes like for Dark Eldar - or am I dreaming here? :)

Note that I am a collector/painter only so any rules articles and bat-reps don't add much value for me :)

29-02-2012, 22:02
There was also another two pages of ads in the middle somewhere. Complete waste of space. So far 6 pages of wasted space on ads. I already bought your magazine. I know where to buy your products. It's not like I can get White Dwarf at any magazine stand in the US.

Agree completely. All these ads would make sense in other magazines. The New Releases section is ad enough.

01-03-2012, 03:35
I didn't rate because I haven't read anything yet but I'm hoping for interesting design notes like for Dark Eldar - or am I dreaming here? :)

The entire Dark Eldar release was well done. Not only WD with the excellent Masterclass guide for DE but also on the website with Jes Goodwin's commentary and all the CAD shots and the YT sitdown with Kelly and Goodwin being interviewed. It was amazing. There hasn't been anything like that from GW since, well, the Dark Eldar.

01-03-2012, 06:38
I gave it a 6, more than I wa expecting to be honest. I found the Tyranid section on all the hive fleets and various peoples own armies (I love Phil Kellys Hive Flet Jormungandr army, first time I've ever been tempted to collect 'nids) surprisingly interesting. The painting articles actually gavesolutions to a couple of things I've been struggling with (a nice, glistening fleshy read and different kinds of fur) and the Civil War article addressed two of my WFB armies and I really loved the ideas they came up with for both.

I thought the STandard Bearer was actually good, particularly confirmation of what we've been hearing from a few sources that the design team picks things by what they feel enthused to do rather than some imposed schedule.

01-03-2012, 10:24
This issue had great potential, until they didn't have a tyranid vs space wolves battle report AFTER they set it up in the editorial! I felt quite outraged, its generally my favourite part. Still, they had background (I only own the codex I play so seeing bits from other codices isn't such a bad thing in my opinion), pictures of peoples, non-studio armies (great! I love seeing peoples armies), painting articles (good!), more civil war (I still approve of publishing expansions in WD, even if spreading it across 4 issues is a little sneaky), and some LotR stuff again. I vote 6, but if they'd put in the battle report it would have been 8.