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29-02-2012, 10:39
I know that the next Ork dex is a long way off but I would like to entertain new ideas for units.

For instance:

Troops Choice:

Shoota Boyz Mob.

Mob Upgrade: Big Shootas. +5 pts per model.

Upgrade 1 Shoota Boy to: Nob.

Nob may have a Big Choppa or Powerklaw for X points. (This means the Nob may have a Big Shoota as well)

Nob may have a Boss Pole for X points.

Shoota boyz are great, but could be even better as a home objective unit or be used as a core for an entire army with Str 5 Ap 5 Assault 3 36" weapons. (90 shots!)

Could use these bad boyz in a Battlewagon and be able to cut down enemies more effectively while using the Wagon as more of a defensive bunker rather than a spearhead unit.

A mob of 30 Big Shoota boyz would average out to 370 points if upgraded with a Powerklaw/Boss Pole Nob. The could also unintentionally make Flash Gitz mobs and Lootas cry. :evilgrin:

29-02-2012, 20:19
I think that one in every ten Boyz being able to have on is plenty enough. What I'd prefer to see is more options for Nobz. Big Shootaz, Twin-Linked Shootaz, Blastas (something bigger than a Shoota that isn't a Big Shoota), Kombi-Shootaz, etc. Also, Big Choppas as power weapons instead of a Strength boost, or perhaps power weapon with +1S instead of just a normal CC weapon at +2S. Bigger Orkz tend to have better stuff because they are bigger. Not being able to give Nobz leading units things to show how much betta' they are dan dem ovver boyz is...not Orky enough. Other than that, Shootaz (and Slugga/Choppa) Boyz are just fine.

EDIT: Oh, and get rid of the silly limit of one unit of 'Ard Boyz per army. You're paying for the upgrade, so, it's not like it's free. And an army of a Klan like Bad Moonz would all be up-armored anyway. If they could afford it.

Herman the Heathen
29-02-2012, 21:39
That would make the Shoota Boys a long range fire support unit, and we already have lootas and big guns for that, and the SAG for those who find it amusing (ie: ME!).

The shoota boyz is a close range support/assault unit, and that's what I think most ork unit should be.

And I'm sorry to say this but I don't like stuff encouraging to use the battlewagons as bunkers, they SHOULD be moving, they got enginges and that mean that the ork driving WILL clamp his boot as hard as possible on the pedal.

Make the Flash Gits better instead, they're rather poor as it is compared to the shoota boys that's still brilliant at what they do!

29-02-2012, 21:45
I agree, along with everyone, about flash gitz. If they had big shootas instead of blasta's that would be fine enough but when the lore says they have access to Deffguns but not in the dex, I think that was quite the wiff. Although if they had Deffgunz no one would use Lootas.

29-02-2012, 22:29
Flashgitz ought to be in Elites, with more erratic weapons. Say S d6 AP d6 rolled at the start of the game, with buyable options to bump strength up a point and/or AP down a point. Range 24", Assault 2, options to twin link and to increase to Assault 3.
Lootas ought to be in HS.
Madboyz ought to come back, at least as a retinue choice for WyrdBoyz.
Bring back the hopsplat gun
Squiggoths in HS as MCs with transport or gun options for the howdah.
Ork Fightas and/or Fightabombas.

Gorbad Ironclaw
01-03-2012, 07:57
Say S d6 AP d6 rolled at the start of the game,

Random strength/AP like that does not work if it's a one time roll. Rolling Str 1 AP 6, even if you have bought upgrades to turn it into Str 2 AP 5, just means you have a unit that's useless for the whole game. Overall I'd be very careful with that much randomness for a unit that's undoubtedly going to be fairly expensive. You can have some randomness no problem but you need to give people some sort of baseline to work with.