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26-04-2006, 14:20
Inspired by all the great projects, it is time to post my own. A new wargaming table.

I've put up what I've got so far on this page:


Hope it is not against the rules to just post a link on this forum. Any advice or critique is most welcome!


26-04-2006, 17:15
If you're not planning on making it portable, it'll work out really well for wargaming. But as soon as you try to move a 6x4' table, you'll see a problem ;)

I posted a thread recently and am making my own board, but I'm breaking it into 2'x2' squares, so I can disassemble it and move it around for gaming :)

26-04-2006, 21:01
It is broken down into three pieces; what you see is only one third: 2x4. I'll post more pics later on...

29-04-2006, 14:26
Updates! Follow the link on top...

Wolf Scout Ewan
29-04-2006, 15:32
Use envirotex light for the water filled sections. Resin melts polystyrene if you havent sealed it properly!

Always paint your board the colour of the soil then add flock. Green soil makes me cringe hehe.

29-04-2006, 18:02
Oops, I forgot to actually upload it on the internet...

Well, the changes are there now, and in colour and everything...

Black DH templ.
29-04-2006, 19:14
Looks cool and flexible man, maybe a bit flat (in lattitude) though.

29-04-2006, 20:01
It is very flat. I will add higher hills as an optional feature. And woods as well...

Anvils Hammer
30-04-2006, 10:42
looks very nice so far, my advice, add a few larger terrain fetures, and have them in the middle if you can, rather than at the edges.

30-04-2006, 15:26
Thanks Anvil. You were my main source of inspiration. I have made this terrain rather flat so I can put other bits and pieces on top. I will make some large hills, modelled like the current small hillocks but larger.

Later I'm going to make more boards with river and swamp terrain and so on but I went with generic pieces for starters...