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05-06-2005, 16:37
I currently have a khorne bezerker army and a deathwing and I have 72 slots in my carry case that need filling urgently.
I'll never be able to stop wargaming if they are not filled.
(Yeah, I'm planning to stop wargaming again...just humour me, ok?)

I have 72 infantry slots.

Can you guys please come up with some armylists for me. I do not wish to expand my current armies.
The army can be anything you like, but cannot have any tanks, but may have walkers. Sentinels take up 2 slots, eldar walkers take up 3 slots, marine dreads take up 4 slots.

I'd like an army of 1000pts or 1,500pts. Cost is not an issue. Go wild!

Who ever comes up with the best list shall have the army commander named after tham and (if possible) modelled in the likeness of their userpic.

++Darkzeer out++

Puffin Magician
05-06-2005, 17:00
Intriguing choice of a title...

Since you have Khorne Berzerker and Deathwing army, it's a bit hard to tell what sort of gameplay you're after. Do you want an army that plays like one of them, or something completely different [Dark Eldar, Tau]?

I think Ulthwé Eldar is a safe bet, since Black Guardians are relatively cheap to buy and 40 Bs4 shuriken shots is truly a force to be reckoned with at only 160pts per squad.

Seer Council: - 251pts
Farseer w/ Witchblade, ShurPistol, Runes of Witnessing, Guide
Farseer w/ Witchblade, ShurPistol, Runes of Witnessing, Fortune
Warlock w/ CCW, ShurPistol, Destructor
Warlock w/ CCW, ShurPistol, Destructor
Warlock w/ CCW, ShurPistol, Enhance
Warlock w/ CCW, ShurPistol, Augment

9 Fire Dragons + Exarch w/ Firepike & Tank Hunter - 214pts

20 Black Guardians; Warlock w/ Conceal, CCW, ShurPistol - 193pts
20 Black Guardians; Warlock w/ Conceal, CCW, ShurPistol - 193pts

3 War Walkers w/ Bright Lances & Missile Launchers - 330pts
4 Dark Reapers + Exarch w/ Reaper Launcher, Fast Shot - 223pts

Only 1400pts, but whatever. I'd use it.

05-06-2005, 17:00
You want to start another army to stop wargaming? :wtf:

Anyway, the new army shouldn't be powerarmoured since you already have 2 of those. I would suggest either Tau or IG, whatever suits you. The "no tanks"-restriction is tough anyway. Some more guide lines would be nice.


Commander (2-3 slots, I assume)
Ethereal (1 slot)

3 Crisis Suits (6 slots)
5 Stealth suits (5 slots)


10 Fire Warriors (10 slots)

10 Fire Warriors (10 slots)

8 Fire Warriors (8 slots)

10 Kroot (10 slots)

4 Kroot hounds (4 slots)
6 attack drones (6 slots)

1 Broadside (3 slots)
1 Broadside (3 slots)
1 Broadside (3 slots)

this would be 72 slots, a basic static Tau army with a mobile element and unfortunately no vehicles, but your opponents will never see that coming!

I'm looking forward to that Tau commander with a squirrel head.

05-06-2005, 17:07
I'm not fussy what army it may be. Just throw up your lists and specify if they are 1000 or 1,500pts and I shall review.

I'm glad you approve of the title Puffin Magician :D

05-06-2005, 23:20
Title sounds like a fun nite out...

05-06-2005, 23:47
Title sounds like a fun nite out...

Or a really unfortunate one, depending on which side of the fence you are on....


personally I wouldnt limit myself to an infantry based force these days, as the vehicles are simply too nice to pass up.

If you do want a different style like that, try for an elite imperial guard force, like get a fair few sentinels, and bulk out with the heavy weapon squads, then go for some nice kasrkin/stormtroopers, and fill out with the basic infantry choices. But I do believe that will take you over the 72 block setting.

Or have you considered doing a themed army?
Like lots of rough riders, all kitted up to be Deathkorps or similar?

Pop for something different to what you have, and you may enjoy the different gameplay, like thousand sons. Or am I just pushing my own personal fave.... ;)

Honestly, I can see the lack of vehicles being a hindrance unless you bump for maybe catachan, where you dont have vehicles, and you can get demolition charges and heavy flamers. (havent read the new GW pdf so this may not be an option anymore)

I am only suggesting Imp Guard as you dont currently have an army like it, and it will give you a different style of play in your games.

grave digger
06-06-2005, 02:39
Hey DS,

did not know that you were this serious to make a new army.

Sent you a list (my Mark I as it were) for a 13th Company. Pretty much sets you up for an all infantry army.

Only other things that pop into my mind would be a Radical WH army (lots of Stormtroopers), a Sisters heavy army (lots of faith), or an Ulthwe Strike Force army.

You could also make a really nice Harlequin army as well ;)

Good luck to you,


5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
06-06-2005, 03:46
hmmm....these numbers are from my head, i dont have the codex near me, but ill do my best (this is an IG army):

Doctrines: carapace armour, close order drill, drop troops (for the veterans, if you want)

Senior officer, 1 grenade launcher, missile launcher team, medic, carapace armour

missile launcher squad, 3 missile launcher teams, carapace armour

junior officer, missile launcher squad, 1 grenade launcher, medic, carapace armour

veteran sergeant w/ storm bolter and ccw, missile launcher team, plasma gun, carapace armour

veteran sergeant w/ storm bolter and ccw, missile launcher team, melta gun, carapace armour

Junior officer, missile launcher team, 1 grenade launcher, medic, carapace armour

veteran sergeant w/ storm bolter and ccw, autocannon team, grenade launcher, carapace armour

veteran sergeant w/ storm bolter and ccw, autocannon team, flamer, carapace armour

Hardened veterans w/ plasma gun, melta gun, flamer, carapace armour

That whole list should come out to 996, and it takes up 71 spaces so you have only one space left, which you should fill in with a commissar or something of the like. Should be a cool army, i play with something like this in 1500 points, jsut with more guys, and it does very well.

grave digger
06-06-2005, 04:26
I forgot about a drop troop IG army. Now that could be fun and allow you to add extras later (Allied =I=, Witch Hunters, Grey Knights, etc.).

Good thought 5upr3m3 h4xx0rz


PS: What the hell is that name suppose to mean? :wtf:

06-06-2005, 07:04
Supreme Hacker (in l33t speak)
I never understood the need for leet, when peope can type in english perfectly well.

Thanks for your help Diggs.
Have you played a game with the harlequins yet?

06-06-2005, 09:41
I don't have acess to the new codex yet so I can't give you exact points values but as for 72 spaces...

6 Tyranid Warriors (2 spaces each)
3 Raveners (2 spaces each)
3 Ripper Swarms (probably more comfortable in 2 spaces)
16 Geenstealers
16 Hormagaunts
16 Termagants

72 spaces exactly

Depending on what weapons you give them you should end up wih something like 1200 pts

06-06-2005, 10:20
Guys, it doesn't have to fill 72 space exactly.

I also want to stay away from any units that require flying bases

The Dragon Reborn
06-06-2005, 18:36
it would be fun to have and IW army with no tanks

tooled lord 130 points

6 terminators 2 reaper autocannons 256

6 terminators 2 reaper autocannons 256

3 obliterators 210

10 marines lascannon, plasma gun 165

10 marines lascannon, plasma gun 165

10 marines lascannon, plasma gun 165

are bikes ok? if so

8 bikes 2 plasma 292

1 dread lascannon, missle 135

1 dread lascannon, missle 135

8 havocs 4 missle, 192

8 havocs 4 autocannons 192

haha its alittle bit over 1500, its about 2500 but i think its a fun list with no tanks
and its has 72 models

one more question why are you quiting wargamming?

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
06-06-2005, 20:16
you fools gots problems wit da l337?!

Anyway, that wasnt really meant as a drop troops army, but it can be if you want. The hardened vets have the chance to either infiltrate or drop into the battle, and they have a large array of weapons so they are ready for whatever.

06-06-2005, 20:27
I know someone who's amrine army goes a bit like this:


3 Terminator Squads

2 Marine Squads

2 Dreadnoughts.

I'd suggest something like that.