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18-03-2012, 19:37
Hey there,

I was wondering what people might think of the following and whether they might be able to suggest what models to buy to make this work.

I have a pretty large Bretonnian Army and there's a bit of fluff in the book about the Red Duke of Mousillon. He turned into a vampire and went on a killing spree.

That got me thinking about how I could branch out with my Brets and create an undead Mousillon army.

I currently own 40 Men-at-arms. 27 Knights of the Realm. 6 Grail Knights. 9 Questing Knights. 40 Archers. Lots of Lords and Prophetesses/Damsels. Paladin BSB on foot. Two Trebs. 10 Pegasus Knights and a Pegasus Lord.

I was thinking of buying the VC Batallion and seeding the Men-at-arms with skellies and ghouls and using the Black Coach as a mount for a Necromancer. Two boxes of Black Knights and a Vamp Lord is where I was thinking of going after that. Any thoughts or suggestions? My mates and I usually play quite large games - 3000pts+

18-03-2012, 19:42
My buddy is doing the same thing.. It looks great

18-03-2012, 20:40
The problem with mixing your Brets with out-of-the-box VC units is that the VC units have a very distinctive, almost exotic style of weaponry and armour. The weapons in particular are very ornate, and wouldn't mesh well with the simple, utilitarian armaments featured on the Bret models. You'd probably want to do a fair bit of weapon swapping on the Skeletons/Black Knights to ensure that they all have straight blades or simple maces and axes, instead of the curved and winged sword blades that come with the kit.

As for Ghouls, I think the Mantic style of crazed peasants would fit better in the army than the hunchbacked degenerates in the GW kit. However, lots of people don't like the Mantic sculpts (I count myself among them) or would be reluctant to use them because they want to play in official GW environments. An alternate, GW-approved solution would be to put Ghoul heads on Flagellant bodies.

Men-at-arms make great Spirit Hosts, and ghostly peasants with scythes or flails almost make more sense than regular Wraiths do in the standard VC list.

Bats and wolves could be used straight out-of-the-box (though you might want to go with Fenrisian Wolves instead of Dire Wolves to promote the sense that your army is in better shape than most rotting Undead are). You could also do cool stuff like Pigeon/Crow Swarms or Fell Owls/Fell Falcons, as long as you're not confined to GW models.

Corpse Carts are really crappy mounts for Necromancers, so if I were you I'd use the Coach as a Mortis Engine instead. Its regen bonus could even represent some twisted version of the Lady's Blessing; imagine a once-favoured Prophetess locked into her coffin and magically compelled to channel a perverted aura of protection. Besides, the out-of-the-box Corpse Cart fits perfectly well in a Bretonnian setting with no modifications.

Thommy H
18-03-2012, 20:43
This may give you some ideas. (http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8469)

Also, for the record, the Red Duke is unrelated to Mousillon - he was just a random Duke that got turned into a Vampire during the Crusades and then started causing havoc when he came home. The possible Mousillon Vampire Dukes are Merovech who was briefly King of Bretonnia and was almost definitely a vamp, and Maldred, who caused the Affair of the False Grail and may or may not have been one. Part of the fun of playing in the sandpit that is Mousillon is that no one knows quite for sure who was a Vampire and who wasn't...

More information about the Cursed City. (http://warhammeronline.wikia.com/wiki/Mousillon)

18-03-2012, 20:49
If you do, make a plot of it so we can see the army come together.

18-03-2012, 21:20
For black knights in my VC army I used KotR with either blank helmets or heads from the Grave guard kit - you will need Ro pin the skeletal heads as they are quite a bit smaller than the armour. I filed off any residual bret heraldry and they look very good (if I say do myself)

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18-03-2012, 22:10
I think it is a very cool idea, but i woudl approach it differantly.

The Brettonian range is, quite frankly, not scaled correctly for the newer VC stuff. The New skellies are VERY small. i mean, there almost Lotr scale. Kit bashing them w/ Knights and men at arms would just be a bit off.

However, not to fear. For, the OLD skellies fit perfectly w/ the men at arms. And whiel the old VC skellies are no longer available, the TK ones are still here, and they would scale perfectly.

I would see the following "feudal" organisation of your army;

Vampire Lord w/ Offensive stuff - The red duke himself, who else
Blood knights - The red dukes Vampiric Bodyguard

(I would use the blood knights and this (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat720003a&prodId=prod1460022a) model, as I imagine, while the regular knights would keep there old armour (as there skellies), those given the kiss and who are actually vampires, would be more "vampiric". While, keeping the idea of indiviual knights)

Necromancers - EITHER; Evil damsels, or just necromancers. Or, Lahmian Vampires with more brettonian paint jobs?

Skellies - Men-at-arms w/ odd skellie heads, legs and arms.
Zombies - Zombies??
Black Knights - Thrall Bret-knights. Similar idea to the Men-at-arms (as there effectivly grave guard).
Grave Guard - Foot knights. Again, similar idea to the Men-at-arms. And left over knight bits coudl make a semi-decent units of grave guard.

hope that helps!


18-03-2012, 23:42
Cheers guys. I was having nightmares about building the obligatory unit of Grave Guard. I was thinking Empire Greatswords mixed and matched with mantic bits.