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21-03-2012, 20:22
Hi there.
After having a lot of trouble to get along with GK due to low model count i started to paint (after a lot of play-testing) my army of SW but using DA models instead because they are just plain cool and intimidating to face in battle.
i build a solid army about 2k but my only problem with the miniatures is that i cant think anything to make thunder-wolves fit in my all robe-marines.My first thought was to to buy bikes to represent them and since the bases are more than large for the bikes i would place them on some kind of rock and add tyranids attacking them so the bike-miniatures would stand out.

How you thing about this idea?it was the only one i could think off. maybe you can toss some other ideas here?

The whole army is DA veterans so all the models are robed.Tnx in advance!

sorry wrong page i how can i delete this? i posted on the right one in 40k

22-03-2012, 01:54
I know a marine is a marine is marine (Lion El'Johnson is spinning in his fictional grave), but I think using DA bikers as Thunderwolfers is a proxy too far. An idea might be to use Chaos Juggers, but file off all the chaos insignia and replace the head with something more robot-y, like an unmasked defiler head or the head off the necron-scorpion-thing (Tomb Spyder?). Alternatively, use a WHFB monstrous mount, like the mournfangs, large horses (Archaon's massive horse for example) or something.