View Full Version : Surprisingly good event program!

29-03-2012, 16:37
Hi guys.
I'm sure a few of you have this already, but I only discovered it for myself today. It's a java program that generates events for you, with tables for everything from the base game up to level ten. It has a few bugs, but for the most part works very well and would save a hell of a lot of time.

Here's the link.


30-03-2012, 15:36
Sounds like a great program to me, and although I'm too busy at the moment to try it out, I will certainly do so in the future. Also kudos to you for posting the source code.

05-04-2012, 00:24
I actually use this when playing rpg Quest (as opposed to 1-off, cards-in-the-box games) at home. It's great to use (especially as my copy of Roleplay book is on the CPU), comes with all the tables from the book AND the original cards. You can also choose which table to use as you like, so you can mix it up a bit.

If anyone can write xml, any chance they could write up the Lair of the Orc Lord and Catacombs of Terror tables/cards, as they don't come bundled with the basic program. I started writing up the Lair stuff but I don't have the patience for that sort of thing (I don't know xml) and only got 1/3 of the way through.